WM – Chapter 54: Takatsuki Makoto speaks with the Princess

“The Makkaren Adventurer, Takatsuki Makoto, don’t make Princess Noel wait!” 

You don’t need to call me by full name each time. I hear you.

“Do I have to go?” (Makoto)

I try asking my comrades.

“Of course you have to!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-sama, you must not make a careless mistake.” (Nina)

“Do your best~.” (Aya)

Sa-san who is gulping down roast beef waves her hand at me.

Damn it, treating this as if it is someone else’s business.

I walk with heavy steps towards the place where the knight order and the noble-like bunch is gathered. 

I feel like the tables and food are completely different from those of the Hero Bar.

Intricately designed tables, extravagant-looking bottles of wine, and exquisite dishes lined up. Can I grab a few?

“Hey there, Takatsuki-kun.” (Sakurai)

“Aah, Sakurai-kun. I was called here for some reason.” (Makoto)

“I was talking about Takatsuki-kun to Princess Noel, and she said she would love to have a talk with you.” (Sakurai)

So it was your fault!

I look at him with resentful eyes and he went ‘sorry sorry’ and apologized. And then, I was brought in front of an elegant woman.

At her side there’s the old man that has been managing this event for a while now.

If I remember correctly, the prime minister counselor? 

“You are Takatsuki Makoto, huh. Hmph, that’s no attire to have in front of a princess.” 


What is this old man saying after calling me here all of a sudden? 

“What’s your profession?” 

“…Apprentice magician.” (Makoto)

I am a Spirit User, but even if I have the Skill, it isn’t accepted as a profession.

So, I speak out the profession that’s written in my Soul Book.

“Apprentice, you say?! You are not one of the comrades that came with the heroes from the parallel world?! To think a lowly commoner like you is—” 

“Robert, I called him. Stand back.” 

“Yes, my apologies.” 

The old man named Robert reluctantly takes a step back.

I don’t think I can get along with that guy.

“Nice to meet you, Makoto-sama. I am the Sun Princess, Noel Highland. Your help in the subjugation of the Taboo Dragons was a great achievement.” (Noel)

Her clear voice is like a musical instrument and it passed through my ears pleasantly.

She has beautiful blonde hair and big blue eyes.

A princess drawn in paintings was right in front of me.

“I am Takatsuki Makoto. Thank you very much. But Sakurai-kun defeated the Taboo Dragons on his own.” (Makoto)

“That’s not true. It is thanks to Takatsuki-kun that there wasn’t a single casualty.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun came from the side.

“Oh my, you two get along well.” (Noel)

Noel-ojousama is all smiles.

Her smile is charming, and it even made me wonder whether it actually had charm magic on it.

I heard that she is one of the most influential people from the biggest country of this continent, but she is a lot more straightforward of a person than I imagined.

“I will be giving you our thanks officially eventually. This time around, it is only for greetings.” (Noel)

“Uhm, I am honored to be able to speak with you.” (Makoto)

No good, I don’t know what to even say. 

Sakurai-kun! Save me!

I glanced at my classmate.

“Princess Noel, he is a skilled mage. How about inviting him to the kingdom as a guest?” (Sakurai)

No! That’s not what I was asking, Sakurai-kun.

Read the mood! 

“It is rare for Ryousuke-sama to say that. But he is a citizen of the Water Country of Rozes. We would get scolded by Sofia-sama, you know? Isn’t that right, Sofia-sama?” (Noel)

Geh, now that she mentions it, she is indeed here.

I glanced for a bit, and there was the princess of Rozes, the Water Oracle, Princess Sofia standing there.

“Yes, he is part of our country. Nice to meet you, Takatsuki Makoto. Thanks for your hard work on this occasion.” (Sofia)


This girl, has she forgotten about me?

Well, there’s no way a princess would remember the face of each person she has met only once.

Should I be saying ‘nice to meet you’ here too? While I was thinking that, the knight at her side shouted at me.

Aah, it is that guy.

It has been a while.

“How insolent! You are in the presence of Princess Sofia! Kneel!” 

Ah, was it wrong to be standing in front of the princess?

I glance at Princess Noel.

“Today is a formality free day”, is what Princess Noel says with a smile.

Hm, how benevolent.

Princess Noel has a lot of flexibility.

Princess Sofia doesn’t show a single smile as she continues.

“It is okay, Takatsuki Makoto. I’ve heard you are an exemplar mage. I will grant you the divine protection of our Goddess. We will welcome you as a mage of our honorable Water Country.” (Sofia)

Huh? What is this woman saying?

“Be grateful for the generosity of Princess Sofia! I will be wringing you out from today on.” 

The haughty knight at her side is saying something.

It is pissing me off.

My anger of 2 years ago is coming back up.

“No thanks.” (Makoto)


The knight of Princess Sofia draws nearer.

“You bastard, do you understand your own standing?” 

“Takatsuki Makoto, what is it you are unsatisfied about?” (Sofia)

Ah, these people…

Brazenly saying all that.

“2 years ago, when I desperately pleaded to become a believer of the Water Goddess, you didn’t even spare me a glance, and yet, this time around you are telling me to become your ally? That’s quite shameless there.” (Makoto)

No, that’s not it.

These guys are royalty and nobility and all that stuff, so they are important. 

That’s why it is natural that they act in whatever way they want, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to go against them here.

But wagging my tail here and becoming their subordinate…isn’t something I am looking forward to.

“…Could you possibly be…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia seems to have remembered something.

“You bastard! What a way to speak to Princess Sofia! Don’t think you can stay in Rozes!” 

The knight by her side was threatening me blatantly.

“Then, I will leave. There’s no way in hell I would work for the sake of a bunch like you.” (Makoto)

Aah, I said it.

(Oh my, Makoto, you are quite quick tempered, huh.) (Noah)

I lack the experience, Goddess-sama.

“Oh, Takatsuki-sama. If you don’t have a place to go to, you are always welcome in Highland, you know.” (Noel)

Princess Noel proposes with a smile.

Princess Sofia at the side is making a displeased expression.

“Takatsuki-kun…if you are troubled by anything, please tell me anytime.” (Sakurai)

“Yeah…thanks, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

I lowered my head lightly to Princess Noel and Sakurai-kun.

And without meeting eyes with Princess Sofia and the knight at her side, I left the place.

Hmm, did I mess up there?

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