WM – Chapter 169: Takatsuki Makoto becomes a Spirit

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Pain ran through my arm.

At that moment, lightning roared.

When I looked up at the sky, there wasn’t a shadow of the good weather of before, and there were thick clouds covering the sky. 

The color of those clouds were getting darker and darker. 

“Did…Makoto do that?” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, the weather changed…” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san’s voices reached my ears, but it was taking my all to control the mana that’s gathering in my arm, so I couldn’t respond.

Something fell on my cheek. 

Drops of water?

Right after, a downpour began to fall as if a bucket of water had been turned over.

“Hya!” “Kya!” 

I heard Sa-san and Lucy scream.

“Hero-dono! That!” 

The Enforcement Knight points at the sky. 

When I direct my gaze there, there’s several hundreds of Water Dragons swimming in the sky.

As if ascending through the rain that felt like a waterfall.

(…Did I do that?) (Makoto)

My magic is going haywire.

This is bad.

I have to stop it. 

Clear Mind.

I drop the noise in my mind, and concentrate fully.

But it doesn’t go well.


What surfaced in my mind was the conversation of Noah-sama and Eir-sama the other day.

◇A few days ago inside the dream◇

“I am thinking about transforming into a Spirit.” (Makoto)

I tell Noah-sama and Eir-sama about my idea in the dream.


The two beautiful Goddesses opened their mouths wide.

“A-Are you an idiot?!” (Noah)

Noah-sama smacked my head.

“Are you stupid? Do you want to die?” (Eir)

Eir-sama was badmouthing me.

“Hmm, is it no good?” (Makoto)

I scratched my head.

Rosalie-san seems to cover her body with Spirits, but I can’t copy that with my low Stats.

Then, maybe I should just become the Spirit itself, is what I had in mind.

I thought it was a good idea.

“You must not. That’s the type of greedy human thought about wanting to obtain power easily, you know? In the first place, if you want to turn into a Spirit, you would need at least 300 Proficiency…huh?” (Eir)

“Sadly to say, Makoto is closing in on the 300 Proficiency mark.” (Noah)

“No way! Then he can!” (Eir)

Noah-sama retorts to the words of Eir-sama. 

“Does that mean…” (Makoto)

That it is possible?

“It is impossible! In the past, there were millions of people who would try to gain power outside their hands and failed. You will die, Mako-kun! Sofia-chan will cry! I won’t forgive you!” (Eir)

Eir-sama wasn’t breaking her negative stance against it. 

Noah-sama crossed her arms and made a complicated expression.

I looked at the Goddess I follow.

“Makoto, if you want to transform into a Spirit, make sure you can perfectly utilize Clear Mind.” (Noah)

“Noah?!” (Eir)

Noah-sama said silently with her arms still crossed. 

Eir-sama criticizes her. 

“Does that mean…using 100% of Clear Mind?” (Makoto)

But the mind stabilization Skills like Clear Mind have a max of 99%, is what I learned in the Water Temple…

100% is possible? 

“Humans have anger, sadness, and happiness. They are imperfect beings that can’t control their emotions. That’s why the highest of mind stabilization Skills is 99%, which is the correct form of it. It is the concept of the Goddess Church -on the front, that is.” (Noah)

Noah-sama said silently. 

“That’s…something you shouldn’t say.” (Eir)

Eir-sama grimaces.

“Eir-sama, is 100% really possible?” (Makoto)

“It is. It is, but…is that really okay, Noah? If you overuse mind stabilizing Skills, there’s the risk of losing your emotions, you know?” (Eir)

Eir-sama showed displeasure at my question.

“Right. But if he were to use Transform while still unable to control Spirits, he will no doubt cause a natural calamity.” (Noah)

“Well, that’s right…” (Eir)

The two Goddesses look at each other troubled.

“Understood. I will polish Clear Mind first, okay?” (Makoto)

I said to the two Goddesses confidently.

“If possible, I would like you to not try though.” (Eir)

“That’s pointless, Eir. This boy doesn’t listen in the end.” (Noah)

“He is your believer, right? Your believers really have strong individual traits.” (Eir)

“Shut up. Your children are the ones who are way too weak.” (Noah)

“That’s fine~. I am a pacifist, so it is fine to be weak~.” (Eir)

The two Goddesses were arguing about their believers. 

Does that mean I was praised?

““We are not praising you.””

That wasn’t the case.

“Makoto, unless it is something really big, don’t try Spirit Transformation. You will most likely fail.” (Noah)

“I want you to not try it in the first place though…” (Eir)

The two Goddesses warn me.


…The pain in my arm isn’t receding.

The weather is growing worse by the second, and it doesn’t show signs of calming down.

The rain fell as if pressing down on us, and the Water Dragons were rampaging here and there.

(Why…can’t I control it at all?) (Makoto)

Until now, no matter what Water Magic it was, I felt like something could be done.

But this time, I don’t feel the same way.

It is as if it is not listening to me at all.

Was it as Noah-sama and Eir-sama warned me? 

Is this really something that was too much for me to handle? 

Then, I have to at least make it so it doesn’t trouble the ones around me.


Anger welled up for an instant, making my heart shake.

Ah, shit.

Clear Mind stopped being 100%…

At that moment…

Darkness covered the place.

(Huh?) (Makoto)

I look at both of my sides.

I can’t see anything.

It is complete darkness.

Darkness extended far and beyond.

When I looked up, I saw the only ray of light.

A sparkling light that was waving like the surface of water, shining down over here.

(My body isn’t moving…it is sinking.) (Makoto)

I couldn’t move a single finger.

The light up there slowly got smaller, got further away, and I could tell that my body was falling down.

I could tell that things would be bad at this rate, but I couldn’t do anything about it. 

Panic didn’t surface.

There’s nothing I can do.

My body was falling deep down…deep down.

No good, I can’t move.

Is this as far as I can go…?

“Geez, what are you doing, Makoto?” 

At that moment, someone grabbed my right arm.

(Eh?) (Makoto)

I couldn’t even let out my voice as I was pulled all the way into the other side of the shining light.

My sight was turned completely white. 

By the time I noticed, I was back to my previous location, to the highest floor of the colosseum.

But this is strange.

There’s no sound.

The mages that were shooting magic at the comet.

The screams of the people running away from the comet. 

And even more so, the rain that was coming down heavily from the sky was hanging in the air, several raindrops stopped in place.

Even though the city was as it is, a silent world as if time had stopped spread before my eyes.

“Good grief, that’s no good. You are not using Spirits well at all.” 

A familiar voice rang at my right side.

Flowing silver hair, deep blue eyes, white skin that felt as if it were shining; a beautiful woman that can’t be described in words was by my side.

“N-Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

The colosseum of the Fire Country. 

Even though it isn’t inside a dream, Noah-sama was there.

(Noah, hurry! I can only fool it for an instant!) (Eir)

The voice of Eir-sama rang in my head.

Eir-sama was the same as usual.

“Okay okay, I know. How long has it been since I have come to the Mortal Realm.” (Noah)

Noah-sama chuckled as if finding this amusing. 

As if reacting to her voice, the air trembled.

I couldn’t see it, but I am sure it was the Wind Spirits showing their happiness.

“Uhm…how did you come here?” (Makoto)

I nervously ask the Goddess.

“I asked Eir, and she allowed me to come to the Mortal Realm for a 100th of a second. By warping the space between you and me, we are slowing the passing of time, but we can’t stay like this for long.” (Noah)

“O-Okay…” (Makoto)

She said something unbelievable nonchalantly.

Controlling time?

“Now, Makoto. We are doing something about that, right?” (Noah)

Noah-sama points with her slender fingers to the front of her.

“U-Uwa…” (Makoto)

The comet was already on the verge of crashing here.

A giant mass that is far bigger than even the Great Keith Castle had gotten close, and it was giving out an unbelievable pressure. 

“Noah-sama, can you do something about it?” (Makoto)

“I can’t. Gods can’t interfere directly in the fates of humans.” (Noah)

I think I heard that a long time ago.

“We don’t have time, so this is the first lesson.” (Noah)

Saying this, Noah-sama lightly touched my right hand.

The place she touched me felt like it was burning for an instant.

“Listen well, Makoto.” (Noah)

Noah-sama’s pleasant voice reached my ears.

“If you want to turn into a Spirit, throw away the notion of controlling them. You just have to imagine you want to do this. The trick is to do it as if it were natural. Right, for example…” (Noah)

Noah-sama placed a finger on her chin as if pondering.

And then, as if she thought of something, she looked up at the sky.

“Clear up.” (Noah)

At that instant, the thick clouds that were covering the sky dispersed, and the sun once again showed up.

The weather changed in an instant.

At the same time, the atmosphere and ground. 

The mana of the whole world shook greatly as if trembling in joy. 

As if the world itself had been Charmed.

“How’s that?” (Noah)

“E-Even if you say ‘how’s that?’…” (Makoto)

I had a hard time answering the smiling Noah-sama.

I couldn’t understand anything.

There was no need for a chant or a magic circle. She simply wished for it, and it happened.

That’s the magic of a God…

(Noah, I am already at my limit!) (Eir)

“Eeh, already? Can’t be helped. Then, Makoto, do your best.” (Noah)

“O-Okay.” (Makoto)

Noah-sama smiled and disappeared into the light.

At that instant, the heavy downpour and the strong light of the sun happened at the same time. 

“Makoto!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

I heard the scream of Lucy and Sa-san.

There’s still only a little bit left till the comet crashes.

“It is okay now.” (Makoto)

I said to the two and faced the comet again.

I couldn’t understand the magic of Noah-sama…

That’s most likely something that a human can’t comprehend.

But I could experience it right by my side.

The magic of Noah-sama just now, I can copy it just as I saw it. 

That’s all I have to do.

But when I look at the comet right in front of me that’s like a gigantic wall, my body couldn’t help but falter.

(In that case…) (Makoto)

I used the Perspective Change of RPG Player, and changed the perspective to as far up as I could.

I look at the whole capital. 

I could see the whole picture of the capital, as if it were a miniature model. 

And the giant comet falling down at it. 

As if it were not my problem, as if I were a God watching the mortal world from the sky…

Alright, let’s do this.

“Spirit-sans, Spirit-sans.” (Makoto)

I call the Spirits kindly like the first time I used Spirit Magic.

Right now a part of my body is a Spirit, so this might be a bit weird though.

The comet is falling at astounding speed.

But in my current perspective, it is as if a softball ball was falling down on a diorama. 

Aah, if it is this much, it won’t be a big deal.

I used my Spirit right arm to grab it

The giant comet that was dropping its shadow on the whole capital…that mass of ice…with a hand bigger than that comet, I grabbed it gently. 

The comet stopped right before it destroyed the capital…

And the capital was saved.

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