WM – Chapter 147: Takatsuki Makoto learns about the Goddess

The Goddess’s space.

“Hello~☆. Good work, Mako-kun.” 

The Water Goddess-sama smiles without a single remorse.

“Hello there…Eir-sama.” (Makoto)

Why did Eir-sama speak to me before Noah-sama who is the one I am a believer of?

“Makoto.” (Noah)

Noah-sama was standing there with arms crossed and a meek expression.

“Noah-sama, I have safely stopped the revival of the Demon Lord. Thank you very much for the God Armor spell.” (Makoto)

I kneeled and gave my thanks.

But the expression of Noah-sama didn’t cheer up.

“Sorry about that. I even had you use your lifespan, and it ended up with you having to save Spring Log. Even though there was no reason for you to fight.” (Noah)

Is she bothered about that?

“My comrades are safe, and it ended with Makkaren and Rozes coming out without any harm, so isn’t it okay? By the way, I was petrified. Am I okay?” (Makoto)

That petrification…didn’t kill me, right?

“No problem with that. Furiae-chan is undoing the petrification curse on the warriors of Spring Log. The priests of the Wood Country are also helping, but the Moon Oracle is in another league. She has already undone the petrification of several tens of people.” (Noah)

Heeh, I really am glad she stayed. 

Or more like, Setekh, you petrified too much…

“And so, Eir…” (Noah)

Noah-sama glares at the Goddess.

“Oh my, what is it?” (Eir)

“Don’t play dumb! The Water Country perishing was a lie, and you said you would lend Makoto a hand, and yet, you were just having Makoto gather the souls of demons! How dare you use Makoto!” (Noah)

Noah-sama raises both arms and goes ‘Kiih!’ in anger.

“Yeah, Eir-sama. There was no real need to hide that.” (Makoto)


Noah-sama and Eir-sama turn around at the same time.

“Mako-kun, you are not angry?” (Eir)

“Not really.” (Makoto)

I managed to meet the Wood Hero, Maximilian-san, learned about the crazy battle power of Lucy’s mother, and managed to talk with a Demon Lord.

It was a fruitful adventure.

“…Hey, Noah, Mako-kun is a bit of a weirdo, isn’t he?” (Eir)

“He lacks any sense of danger. Makoto, you being happy about meeting a Demon Lord is pretty deranged, you know?” (Noah)

What’s with you people, treating me like I am a nutcase.

“By the way, the demon soul that I offered, did you reincarnate it, Eir-sama?” (Makoto)

I remember the words of Bifrons.

The living being sacrificed by the Sacrificial Technique: Offering are apparently made to be reborn by the Holy Gods. 

“That’s right. When a powerful demon’s soul is reborn, they become strong warriors after all☆. Gotta make good use of them. The demon Shuri-chan that you defeated will be reborn into a splendid Hero.” (Eir)

The Water Goddess answers with a cute ‘kya’.

“Haah, well, if that’s going to make the Water Country stronger, I guess that’s fine…” (Makoto)

Honestly speaking, the fact that someone like me is the strongest fighting force for the Water Country is already a big issue.

Even so, does that mean Shuri-san will work with me in the future?

“…About that, Eir. A High Rank Demon into a Hero; is a soul cleansing to someone on such a drastic opposite side of the spectrum going to go well?” (Noah)

Noah-sama asks as if to confirm.

“Noah-sama, what do you mean by that?” (Makoto)

“Hmm, the souls of demons have received the Divine Protection of the Devils, and their souls are dyed to that side. If they were to make that into a Hero of the Holy Gods, they will become unstable existences.” (Noah)

Heeh, Noah-sama really knows a lot.

“Normally, their souls would slowly be cleansed without holding much power though… This Shuri that Makoto defeated, if she were to suddenly be reincarnated into a Hero, wouldn’t it drive her mad immediately?” (Noah)

“Wa?” (Makoto)

I was shocked by this and looked at the smiling Eir-sama.

“Hmmm, right… Well, there’s a high chance.” (Eir)

Eir-sama says nonchalantly. 

“What a terrible personality.” (Noah)

Noah-sama gives her an unamused gaze.

“It can’t be helped. The Water Country is lacking in fighting power. Our winning chance against the demons is lower than 50%.” (Eir)

(Eh?) (Makoto)

“Idiot! Don’t talk about the future in front of Makoto!” (Noah)

“It is okay. You put a barrier so that the eyes in the Divine Realm can’t reach the Deep Sea Temple, right? Fufufu, this place works really well for secret talks.” (Eir)

A conversation about a lot of dangerous topics has been going on for a while now. 

And what bothered me the most… 

“Eir-sama, the chances of the humans losing are high?” (Makoto) 

“Yeah, according to the prediction of the Destiny Goddess Ira, that is. But the future isn’t set.” (Eir) 

“And so, Eir is gathering forces for the scenario when humans lose. Even if Eir were to make powerful Heroes now, it wouldn’t make it in time after all.” (Noah) 

Noah-sama adds to the explanation of Eir-sama. 

“That’s why I want you to offer me a whole lot more souls of demons, Mako-kun☆. If we make 10 Heroes, even if we lose the war, we can get them back later. Well, there might be less than 5 people who can even function properly though. The remaining ones would be crazy in the head and would die, I guess?” (Eir) 


This Water Goddess is pitch black! 

This is bad. Isn’t this one more of an Evil God? 

“…I-Is it okay to be treating lives so lightly…?” (Makoto) 

I may be called disrespectful here. I ended up using a tone as if criticizing her. 

Even so, the expression of Eir-sama was peaceful. 

She says in a gentle tone: “It is okay, because…”

We are the rulers of the world.”

The eyes of Eir-sama when saying this were cold. 

Eyes as if directing them at ants crawling on the ground. 

Is this that? 

(For the Gods, mortals are just insects?) (Makoto) 

“…Tch.” (Noah) 

Noah-sama crossed her arms in displeasure and faced the other way. 

“Makoto, leave the Water Country of Rozes. They will be done for once their Country Designated Hero is gone anyways.” (Noah) 

“But if I were to leave the Water Country, there’s no other place…” (Makoto) 

If we talk about big countries, it would be the Sun Country, but…the hierarchy system there is strict. 

“What are you talking about? You saved the Wood Country. The Wood Oracle, the Wind Tree Hero, and even the legendary hero, Rosalie-chan; they are all your allies, Makoto. Move there with everyone. And while at it, cancel your marriage with the Water Oracle.” (Noah) 

Noah-sama also changes what she says a lot. 

You were the one who told me to get along with the Oracles, you know? 

” W-Wait! N-Not that! Sofia-chan will cry!” (Eir) 

Eir-sama suddenly gets flustered. 

“Ha! Even if that’s the case, as if I will let you use Makoto as a convenient tool!” (Noah) 

“M-Mako-kun~, I will be honest with you from now on, so at the very least please don’t cancel the marriage with Sofia-chan…” (Eir) 

Eir-sama is getting incredibly awkward?! 

I scratch my cheek and think for a bit. 

(…In the first place, the marriage with Princess Sofia is more of a verbal agreement. Is there no need to sign any documents?) (Makoto) 

“I will continue my Hero work, and my relationship with Princess Sofia will—” (Makoto) 

I was going to say ‘stay the same’…but then I realized. 

(Eir-sama seemed kind at a glance, but she had a pitch black side to her like just now, so maybe her Oracle, Princess Sofia, also has a dark side…) (Makoto) 

“Wait, Mako-kun! That’s a misunderstanding! Sofia-chan is different from me. She really is an innocent girl!” (Eir) 

Ah, she read my mind. 

Eir-sama just said ‘different from me’.

I direct my gaze at Noah-sama. 

“I can’t say for certain since Sofia-chan is not my believer, but…that girl is probably okay. Just because the Goddess has a bad personality doesn’t mean that the believers are the same. Especially Eir who has a perfect public face.” (Noah) 

“Oh my, how cruel. But Sofia-chan is always so worried about Mako-kun, she prays about him every night, you know? Isn’t she cute? That’s why, treasure her, okay?” (Eir) 

“Is it okay to tell me that?” (Makoto) 

It will be hard to look at her in the face. 

“I will lend you my strength from now on too, okay?! I am the Water Goddess, so don’t we have a good affinity, Mako-kun?” (Eir) 

“Don’t lie too much, okay?” (Makoto) 

I can’t trust her. 

Well, Noah-sama did hide that she was an Evil God though. 

Goddesses are liars! 

Don’t know if that applies to all of them though! 

“Ah, Makoto, looks like Furiae-chan has undone the petrification. You are about to wake up.” (Noah) 

“O-Oh, I see. I wanted to talk for a bit more though.” (Makoto) 

Especially about the war with the demons. 

The participation of the Heroes is compulsory after all… 

I really don’t want a war that has a high chance of losing… 

While I was thinking that, the figures of Noah-sama and Eir-sama grew dimmer. 

Looks like I am close to waking up. 

“Ah, right! A message from the Wood Goddess Freya! She asked me to thank you! She was grateful.” (Eir) 

I faintly hear that from Eir-sama. 

My vision was dyed pure white, and my consciousness grew distant.

I feel a rough sensation from my cheek. 

I look at my side and see that a black cat is licking my cheek. 

“…Tsui, huh.” (Makoto) 

Did she get worried about me? 

“Oh, you woke up, Statue Hero-san.” 


Right as I woke up, someone threw me a sarcastic comment with a pretty voice. 

That lovely face that’s like that of a secluded lady is… 

“Princess, huh…” (Makoto) 

“You… Why is it that I was able to undo the curse from the other elves and knights immediately, and yet, my own knight took a week? Are you underestimating zero magic resistance?” (Furiae) 

Furiae-san sighs with an exasperated tone. 

“There’s nothing I can do about it. No matter how much I level up, my Stats don’t go up at all.” (Makoto) 

I try to get up, and my body felt heavy like lead. 

It feels like the times when I have a fever of over 39 degrees. 

“Just stay down. You are still not in perfect shape.” (Furiae) 

Furiae-san forcefully lied me down again. 

I feel something soft on the back of my head. 


Now that I think about it, Furiae-san is looking down on me from the side. 

Could this position be… 

When I use the Perspective Change to look from the outside, there was me being given a lap pillow by Furiae-san. 

(T-This is a bit embarrassing.) (Makoto) 

“No, I’m okay already.” (Makoto) 

I tried my best to get up. 

“Huuh? Is my Knight getting embarrassed here? Well, looking at the world’s most beautiful face from up-close, it can’t be helped that you would feel that way. You should get charmed already.” (Furiae) 

Furiae-san seems to be having fun.

(World’s most beautiful, huh…) (Makoto) 

I remember Noah-sama and Eir-sama who I saw just recently in my dream. 

The two of them had beauty that surpassed common sense. 


(I shouldn’t compare her to them.) (Makoto) 

To put it bluntly, if I were to make the comparison with those two, Furiae-san would look normal. 

“What’s with that face?” (Furiae) 

Furiae-san makes a face of suspicion. 

Oops, it showed in my face.

“…You are beautiful no matter how many times I look at you, Princess.” (Makoto)

“Hey! Why are you saying that as if trying to get out of it?! Your gaze as if pitying me is irritating!” (Furiae)

She drums my head.

Tsui must have been surprised by the voice of Furiae-san, it left somewhere.

“Wait, it plain hurts!” (Makoto)

There’s no way my weakling body can take the drumming of one of the strongest of humanity, an Oracle! 

But Furiae-san doesn’t stop.

“I really can’t forgive you! You took the Mage-san and Warrior-san, and left only me behind. And my Knight came back all nonchalantly as a statue!” (Furiae)

“Aah, you were worried, huh. Thanks, Princess.” (Makoto)

“Shut up, shut up! Next time, bring me too!” (Furiae)

“No, can’t do.” (Makoto)

Bringing an Oracle to the battlefield should be a no.

(But well, I feel bad for making her worry.) (Makoto)

I tried to calm down Furiae-san who continues drumming my head, and I thought about not pushing myself so much in the future.

I just woke up and my head was still half-asleep.

That’s why I didn’t notice a person approaching.

“You seem to be having fun, Hero Makoto.” 

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia was looking down at me with cold eyes and tone.

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      3. The mc is not weird , he is just a wuss who will accept anything if it comes from a beautiful female whether from a goddess a sage an oracle or whatever

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