WM – Chapter 304: Takatsuki Makoto speaks with a Hero

“It seems like the Rozes Legendary Hero-kun hasn’t changed much.” (Olga)

Olga-san, who has battle armor with a lot of exposed skin as usual and is more mature-looking than in my memories, approached me. 

The first time I met her, she attacked us suddenly in the capital of Great Keith, but I can’t feel that here at all.

“Makoto said he has stopped aging in his outward appearance.” (Lucy)

“Isn’t that just not fair, Olga-chan?” (Aya)

“…Eh? H-He doesn’t age? I-I see…?” (Olga)

Olga-san made a  vague smile at the explanation of Lucy and Sa-san.

She must have thought they were joking here. 

Also, I have returned to the present, so I should be able to get older normally now. 

…Right, Ira-sama?

“Because of the effects of the Time Slip magic of Ira-sama, I was in this appearance for around 3 years. It is apparently the side-effect of the Goddess’s Miracle.” (Makoto)

“The side-effect of the Destiny Goddess-sama… 3 years?! That’s amazing!” (Olga)

The eyes of Olga-san began to sparkle.

“Tell me about it! You met the Savior-sama and the Great Demon Lord, right?!” (Olga)

“Now that I think about it, I don’t think I have heard in detail about what happened 1,000 years ago.” (Lucy)

“We were so happy we met him again that we haven’t heard about it yet, right, Lu-chan?” (Aya)

And so, it ended up with me telling them about what happened 1,000 years in the past.


At one of the meeting rooms that’s not being used…

“Uwah…! The Immortal King was trouble! I am impressed you could win.” (Olga)

“I see, so my great grandfather was that kind of person, huh…” (Lucy)

“The Great Sage-san was that little girl?!” (Aya)

“Eh…? My Holy Sword had broken 1,000 years ago too? No way…” (Olga)

“It was more hectic than I thought, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“I thought the Savior-sama was a lot more super strong, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Olga-san, Lucy, and Sa-san were excited at my slightly dramatized story. 

It made me feel it was worth working hard. 

“By the way, can you tell me what the Great Demon Lord has been doing recently?” (Makoto)

It was now my turn to ask a question.

When I did, Olga-san looked at Lucy and Sa-san in wonder.

“You two haven’t explained to him?” (Olga)

“Somewhat, but…we don’t know more than what happened before the 3rd Northern Expedition.” (Lucy)

“Yeah yeah, our information source is Sofia-chan and Fu-chan after all.” (Aya)

“…Isn’t that the princess of the Water Country and the Queen of the Moon Country? Isn’t that sufficient?” (Olga)

Olga-san sighed as if baffled by this. 

“Unfortunately, I have similar information only. I am sorry I can’t provide information to the Legendary Hero-kun.” (Olga)

She said and made a truly apologetic look. 

Olga-san has gotten less edgier. 

“I see. I thought for sure you knew about the details regarding the Great Demon Lord planning a surprise attack against Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

I leaked out the information that the Destiny Goddess-sama told me last night. 

“W-Why do you know about that?!” (Olga)

Olga-san stood up with so much force it could drop the seat. 

“Eh? What’s that?” (Lucy)

“Is that true, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

It seems like this is completely the first time Lucy and Sa-san have heard about this, they were making shocked expressions. 

“E-Even though that is highly classified information that is only known to a number of Heroes and the higher ups of Highland…” (Olga)

Olga-san had opened her eyes wide to an amusing degree. 

Looks like what I said was information of absolute secrecy. 

“W-Where did you get that information?! There’s no way you would tell me… Uhm, but I can’t just beat it out of the Legendary Hero of the Water Country… What to do…” (Olga)

Olga-san was getting all flustered here. 

“You are having an interesting conversation there.” 

The door suddenly opened with a *bang!*

Someone was coming here with a rude entrance. 

Sharp eyes and golden armor. 

General Geralt Valentine; the highest in charge in the frontline base.

“Takatsuki Makoto, the attack of the Great Demon Lord and the subjugation plan of that is a military strategy of utmost secrecy to steady the standing of Highland. Please tell us the person that provided you with the information…is what I would say, but I kind of have an idea who told you.” (Geralt)

Gera-san is making the most serious expression I have seen until now. 

It even gave the feeling of ‘if you don’t tell me honestly, I can’t assure you what I will do here’.

…Not like I have any intention of hiding it though.

“It was Ira-sama.” (Makoto)

“……Hm?” (Geralt)

When I said that, Gera-san made a face as if he didn’t expect that one. 

“Not the Goddess Noah?” (Geralt)

Gera-san asked me dubiously.

Ah, right. 

I am the Apostle of Noah-sama after all.

“Noah-sama doesn’t give me detailed information. It is normally Ira-sama who tells me that stuff.” (Makoto)

“Wait! Does that mean you can speak to two Goddesses?! Woah, that’s awesome!” (Lucy)

Lucy made a ‘wow’ expression at my words.

“Eir-sama is normally together with Noah-sama, so I would say 3 are the ones who I normally hear the voices of.” (Makoto)


Gera-san, Olga-san, and Lucy fall silent.

“Hey hey, Olga-chan, is that impressive?” (Aya)

“…It would normally be thought of as the nonsense of a lunatic.” (Olga)

Sa-san wasn’t really getting it, so she asked Olga-san.

I also learned in the Water Temple just how sacred the voice of a Goddess is. 

If I were to say that I can hear the voices of 3 Goddesses, I would normally be seen as a lunatic and sent straight to an asylum.

(But the Goddesses show up nonchalantly in my dreams, you know…) (Makoto)

Moreover, Eir-sama loves talking a whole lot. 

Ira-sama speaks out important information just like that.

And Noah-sama is…as free as always.

“Got it. If it is information directly from the Destiny Goddess, that means the information is not leaking from anywhere, right? …No, it is still a problem in itself.” (Geralt)

Gera-san puts fingers on his temples as if he were enduring a headache. 


That Gera-san is looking like a troubled adult! 

“Takatsuki Makoto…you are thinking of something rude, aren’t you?” (Geralt)

“Notreally!” (Makoto)

That was close!

Even Gera-san can read my face now! 

“By the way, how do you plan on defeating the Great Demon Lord? Ira-sama didn’t tell me the exact place and the details of the plan.” (Makoto)

When I asked this…

“We can’t! Even if you are a Legendary Hero, we can’t tell you!” (Olga)

Olga-san made an X with her arms.

So it really was a no, huh.

(Can’t be helped. I will try asking someone with a loose mouth like maybe Eir-sama.) (Makoto)

“Oi, Takatsuki Makoto… You look like you have a way to learn about it, huh.” (Geralt)

Gera-san slides my way. 

“…Who knows.” (Makoto)

I avert my gaze.

Why is everything getting discovered? 

“…This is between us here.” (Geralt)

“Eh?! Gera-chi, are you going to say it?!” (Olga)

“It is pointless to hide stuff to a guy that can hear the voice of 3 Goddesses. It would be the worst if he were to get vague information and act upon it, creating unexpected situations for the plan. It would be safer to just give him accurate information.” (Geralt)

And so, we got detailed information of the plan from Gera-san.


“…The Great Demon Lord is going to show up in the capital of the Sun Country?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. It is the oracle of the Destiny Goddess.” (Geralt)

“So we are in the middle of creating a giant barrier with Symphonia as the center. Or so I say, but it is already completed and it is in the middle of being reinforced. It is a Quasi God Level barrier magic that can weaken all of the demons that the Great Demon Lord leads. Once it is completed, it can apparently protect all of the West Continent. The Holy Maiden Noel-chan is doing her best there.” (Olga)

The details of the plan were truly simple. 

The Great Demon Lord will be targeting the Light Hero Sakurai-kun who is the only one who can defeat him.

Because of that, they won’t be moving the Light Hero from the Sun Country’s capital which is the safest place. 

On top of that, many Heroes and adventurers are hardening the defenses around the Light Hero. 

It is true that Maximillian-san and Prince Leonard were in Symphonia. 

Furthermore, Queen Noel is using the power of a Holy Maiden to create a giant barrier. 

Apparently, she is using the Holy Maiden’s Skill, [March of Victory], to buff the barrier users in the whole Sun Country. 

The reason she was tired when I met her might have been because of that.

Anyways, I understand the details of the plan now. 

It means that they are going to be setting a trap for the Great Demon Lord. 

“By the way, Gera-san, why are you not in the capital?” (Makoto)

I thought for sure he would want to fight the Great Demon Lord.

“Gera-chi said that a plan that’s just waiting doesn’t suit him. Of course you wouldn’t want to be close to your ex-girlfriend, right?” (Olga)

Olga-san smacks the shoulder of Gera-san with a grin, and his expression turns incredibly annoyed.

“If there’s too many Heroes gathered in the capital, it could be suspected as a trap. We need the Great Demon Lord to attack the Light Hero as the Destiny Goddess has foreseen. We need battle power in the frontlines anyways. There’s the need for someone to watch the Ancient Dragon King after all… Noel has nothing to do with this.” (Geralt)

So it seems.

Now that she mentions it, Gera-san was the former fiance of Prince Noel, right…?

I see.

So the Great Demon Lord will be coming if we wait in the capital…

Would it have been better for me to stay there too?

But I still have my promise for a rematch with the Ancient Dragon King.

While I was pondering about this…

“I want to make an official request as a general of the Sun Country. Please keep that information somewhere inside you and don’t leak it anywhere. You will be compensated. Do you have anything you would want? If it is something that I can manage to do, I can accept about anything.” (Geralt)

Gera-san proposed that. 

Gera-san is the Lightning Hero and the Northern Sky Knight Captain.

And also the next heir of the Valentine household from the Sacred Nobles. 

I feel like he really would be able to grant almost anything…

I look at Lucy and Sa-san.

“Nothing from me.” (Lucy)

“You decide, Takatsuki-kun~.” (Aya)

“Nothing from me either. But I won’t be telling anyone, you know?” (Makoto)

When Lucy, Sa-san, and I answered this, Gera-san and Olga-san looked at each other.

“They are saying it is fine to do it for free, Gera-chi.” (Olga)

“There’s no way that can fly! …I will be contacting the diplomatic ambassador of Rozes, Princess Sofia, later. I will reduce the cost for the Northern Knights that we are lending the Water Country for defense. Is that okay with you, Takatsuki Makoto?” (Geralt)

Gera-san denied Olga-san who took our answer straight.

I see, so it can be used for that kind of negotiation.

…Even though it was just information that Ira-sama leaked out. 

“Ok.” (Makoto)

“Thanks, that’s great. Let’s go, Olga. It is about time for the regular meeting.” (Geralt)

“Eeh~, I want to hear more stories from the Legendary Hero-kun, and I wanted to talk more with Aya and Lucy~.” (Olga)

After Gera-san thanked us, Olga-san was dragged off.

Olga-san goes ‘see ya later’ and left while wrapping her arms around Gera-san.

Lucy, Sa-san, and I were left in the meeting room.

There’s no point in us staying here, so we returned to our rooms for now. 


I throw myself onto the bed in my own room. 

“An attack from the Great Demon Lord, huh…” (Makoto)

I am remembering the talk of Gera-san just now. 

Of course, it is not like there’s something I can do.

I myself will be facing the strongest Demon Lord that is the Ancient Dragon King, so I should throw away any unnecessary noise in my mind.

But I still do worry about my acquaintances that are in the capital.

At that moment…

“Hey, Makoto, what are we going to do from now on?” (Lucy)

“Any plans, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

I was spoken to.

Lucy and Sa-san were in my room as if natural.

“No plans.” (Makoto)

I answered shortly. 

By the way, even though I described it as a decently big room, it is a simple room on the level of a business hotel with 2 beds and a closet. It is too small for 3 people. 

Even though the bed is for one person, Lucy and Sa-san are lying on it skilfully. 

I was wondering if it wasn’t cramped there, and Sa-san looked impishly over here. 

“By the way, Takatsuki-kun, about Olga-chan…” (Aya)

By the time I noticed, Sa-san had moved on top of my bed. 

Is Sa-san remembering the talk of before too?

“What of Olga-san?” (Makoto)

“She is lovey-dovey with Geralt-kun! Jealous, right?!” (Aya)

I was completely wrong.

“Lovey-dovey?” (Makoto)

“It means the two of them are an item. You didn’t know, Makoto?” (Aya)

“…Now that you mention it, I think I heard about that before.” (Makoto)

I have a faint memory of it. 

(Hm?) (Makoto)

She did say ‘ex-girlfriend’ even though Olga-san is the girlfriend of Gera-san.

I feel like there’s a deep meaning behind it and it is scary…

Is that the reason why Gera-san made a complicated expression at that?

“Olga-chan apparently sleeps together with Geralt-kun every night. That’s so nice.” (Aya)

At some point in time, Sa-san had gotten on top of my body like a cat.

“Isn’t that fine, Aya? It is someone else’s business anyways. Well, the constant lovestruck talk of Olga was a bit annoying though.” (Lucy)

Lucy places a hand on the buttons of my clothes while saying this. 

“Uhm…Sa-san? Lucy?” (Makoto)

Sa-san took away the freedom of my body, and Lucy was taking off my clothes. 

I was lying on the bed, and Sa-san and Lucy were looking down at me like carnivores. 

T-This is…!

(Oh, the time to finally become a man has come, Makoto!) (Noah)

(Achaa, so Lucy-chan and Aya-chan are digging in first, huh.) (Eir)

The voices of Noah-sama and Eir-sama resonate.

…It seems like they are watching.

(This is a bit exciting, isn’t it, Eir? They are finally going to be devouring him.) (Noah)

(I am on the side of Sofia-chan, but the earnestness of Lucy-chan and Aya-chan make me want to root for them.) (Eir)

Can you seriously please shut up?

You Goddesses.

“Makoto, aren’t you calm here?” (Lucy)

“I feel like Takatsuki-kun is a bit cold since coming back from the past.” (Aya)

“R-Really…?” (Makoto)

Sorry, it is because of the Goddesses that are peeking.

Seeing that sight of me, Lucy smiled faintly. 

“But it is okay. Makoto is here now after all!” (Lucy)

Lucy creeped into my bed and hugged me. 

My clothes have been unbuttoned and my underwear is in sight.

“Right… We can now be together forever…” (Aya)

Sa-san entrusted her body.

Their clothes are also opened up and they are looking pretty risque here. 

My heart was beginning to drum fast and noisily. 

It seems the two heard that sound.

“Hey, Aya, Makoto’s heart is racing…” (Lucy)

“Yeah…that’s a relief.” (Aya)

I couldn’t take my eyes of Lucy and Sa-san who were looking here with heart-melting smiles. 

My first comrade since coming to this world, Lucy.

My friend since middle school who I managed to reunite with in this parallel world, Sa-san.

These two who have been waiting for me this whole time…

“Hey, Makoto…” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun…” (Aya)

“Lucy, Sa-san…” (Makoto)

I hugged them softly.

Lucy and Sa-san follow lead and also wrap their arms around me. 

Lucy’s temperature was high as usual.

Sa-san’s low temperature even felt as if it was going up.

“…It is okay, right, Makoto?” (Lucy)

“…Takatsuki-kun…take me…” (Aya)

The whispers of the two were making my head dizzy. 

Is my resistance towards Charm magic gone? 

No…this is not Charm, but true love magic. 

Is the stupid thing that my brain thought of.

Even in that span of time, the two were about to take all of my clothes off, and the two would be…




I heard a ruckus from afar. 

There’s also the sound of a syren mixed into it. 


But the sound of the breathing of Lucy and Sa-san were erasing them.

Or maybe my own breathing.

The outside was noisy, but there was no effect on this room.

That’s how it should have been.


The door was opened.

“Aya! Lucy! I am sure you are here anyways! This is bad! The demon lord army is atta—” (Olga)


…Silence fell.

Olga-san had opened the door and met eyes with our half-naked selves.

She averts her gaze as if feeling awkward.

“Ah…sorry. I will tell Gera-chi that the Legendary Hero-kun, Aya, and Lucy will be late for around 2 hours.” (Olga)

She said this and closed the door.

She showed consideration.

No, wait! 

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