WM – Chapter 21: The Gatekeeper Beast (1)

“Chimera…?” (Lucy)

Lucy mutters this. 

A giant beast is lying there.

Has two heads, a lion and a goat, and has a tail with the head of a snake at its end. The fur on its whole body is a deep gray. 

It looks like it is sleeping, but it feels like it might wake up the moment we get closer.

A gatekeeper protecting the door I suppose.

It seems like this guy is also a created magic creature.  

“How about we try fighting it for now?” (Nina)

Nina-san has no hesitation.

“Now now, wait. I will check the monster with [Appraisal] first.” (Fujiwara)

“It does look strong. Fuji-yan, please do.” (Makoto)

“Leave it to me… Fumu fumu, it looks like it is a Chimera indeed. Its weakness seems to be Fire.” (Fujiwara)

“My time to shine!” (Lucy)

Lucy suddenly got her energy back.

“Also, it seems like it was born 10 years Before the Salvation Era-desu zo. Quite the long living monster.” (Fujiwara)


Lucy and Nina-san raised voices of shock.

“Ooh…a monster of 1,000 years ago. That would have been dangerous.” (Nina)

“Wait, isn’t this bad?” (Lucy)

Nina-san and Lucy were getting agitated.

“Lucy, what’s so bad?” (Makoto)

“Is that monster strong, Nina-dono?” (Fujiwara)

The Isekai duo don’t understand.

“Goshujin-sama, in the dark times before the Savior liberated this world 1,000 years ago, the monsters were a lot stronger than the ones now. You know that, right?” (Nina)

“I have heard about it.” (Fujiwara)

I know that too.

“The monsters from that time were more vicious because of the influence of the Great Demon Lord, and it is said that the elves and humans of those times were stronger than the swordsmen and mages of now.” (Nina)

“In other words, this guy has been living since before those 1,000 years, so he must be quite strong, huh. How strong compared to a normal Chimera?” (Makoto)

“It is said that the monsters 1,000 years ago were 3-4 times stronger.” (Nina)

“Doesn’t that make them fall into a completely different classification then?” (Makoto)

Those times a 1,000 years ago were way too dangerous.

“I have heard stories about veteran adventurer parties getting wiped out thinking it was a normal monster but turning out it was a monster of 1,000 years ago.” (Nina)

“What should we do? Give up and leave?” (Makoto)

I honestly don’t want to push it too much.

“No, let’s go”, Nina-san proposes.

“Nina-dono, is there a chance to win?” (Fujiwara)

“Those kinds of monsters mostly cannot move from in front of their ‘gate’. If we cannot match it, then we can run away.” (Nina)

‘Hmm’, Fuji-yan nods.

“I have an item called Escape Card that lets us move out from a dungeon. When it gets dangerous, let’s run away from the dungeon.” (Fujiwara)

“I see.” (Makoto)

Sounds safe then.

“I will provide support to Nina-san then. XXXXXXXXXXX [Water Overflow].” (Makoto)

I use Spirit Magic to generate water.

[Water Current].

I control the generated water and create a giant water ball.

The downside of this is that it is considerably slower to activate magic compared to if I were to use my own mana.

“You should begin chanting your Fire Magic too, Lucy.” (Makoto)

“Got it.” (Lucy)

The last time, if the magic of Lucy didn’t hit Griffon, we wouldn’t have won.

I feel like this time around, the attack power of Lucy’s magic will be important.

“Ah, also, Fuji-yan, I am counting on you with that if push comes to shove.” (Makoto)

“Understood-desu zo.” (Fujiwara)

We have prepared a secret move of sorts this time around.

It is nice to have several extra things you can do with more party members.

“Then, I will be going first.” (Nina)

Nina-san approaches the Chimera with light steps.

I follow after her a bit behind.

Fuji-yan and Lucy are staying close to the stairs.

Lucy is chanting.

The Chimera slowly stands up

As expected, it wasn’t sleeping.

It is the gatekeeper after all.

“Go!” (Nina)

Nina-san closes the distance in an instant and releases a kick onto the Chimera.

A heavy *pang!* sound was made, but the Chimera simply staggered a bit.

As if paying her back for that, the Chimera swings its forefoot, and Nina-san evades it while going ‘wawa!’.

[Water Magic: Ice Arrow].

I shoot magic to hinder the Chimera.

*Tang! Tang! Tang! Tang!* All shots connected.


“It had no effect.” (Nina)

Nina-san scratches her cheek.

The Chimera didn’t even avoid my spell.

It reacted as if saying ‘was there a mosquito?’.

D-Damn it, it pisses me off.

After that, Nina-san goes around to the back and the side of the monster to attack it, but the Chimera had no openings.

The goat, lion, and snake heads were always on guard.

“Hmm, it really is a lot stronger than the regular Chimera.” (Nina)

Nina-san takes a bit of distance and says this with a troubled expression.

“Really?” (Makoto)

“I can defeat a normal Chimera with my kicks, but this one isn’t faltering.” (Nina)

“It doesn’t even care about evading my magic…” (Makoto)

I haven’t mastered the use of Spirit Magic at all yet either.

“Hm! As expected, you guys can’t do anything without me!” (Lucy)

I hear the voice of Lucy.

Looks like she is happy that her turn has finally come.

“Oi, help us out here too, Lucy.” (Makoto)

“Leave it to me! [Fire Magic: Fire Arrow]!” (Lucy)

“Is it really an arrow…?” (Fujiwara)

I heard the mutter of Fuji-yan.

It was too thick to be called an arrow, it was more like a fire pillar, and it headed towards the Chimera.

The Chimera didn’t show interest in my magic, and yet, it avoided this one.

The fire pillar hits the crystal wall and the fire spreads in all directions.

Fire of varying sizes rained…on the Chimera…and Nina-san and I.

The Chimera raised an annoyed ‘grrr!’, but we didn’t have the leisure to mind that right now.

“Wawawa!’, Nina-san runs around.

“Hiiih!” (Makoto)

The trauma of my recent burns made me hurry to the side of Lucy and Fuji-yan.

Nina-san was already closeby by the time I noticed.

The Chimera isn’t chasing us for some reason.

It might be getting cautious of the fire magic of Lucy.

It takes 3 minutes to activate again though.

“Oi, Lucy.” (Makoto)

“E-Eh?” (Lucy)

The mage that had made the fire spread everywhere tilted her head cutely.

This girl…

“The magic of Lucy-dono has impressive power. Nina-dono, are you okay?” (Fujiwara)

“It really caught me by surprise.” (Nina)

Nina-san doesn’t seem to be angry, and instead is laughing.

“I-I’m sorry”, even Lucy apologized for that.

“Well, let’s be careful next time. It looks like the crystals of this dungeon repel magic.” (Makoto)

“It would be dangerous to shoot in numbers.” (Fujiwara)

“What should we do…” (Makoto)

Looks like we don’t have any moves in the current situation, so let’s move to the next one.

“Fuji-yan, please do that.” (Makoto)

“Oh, that? That was fast.” (Fujiwara)

“No point dragging it.” (Makoto)

“True. Then…” (Fujiwara)

Fuji-yan pushes his right hand out.

“[Storage Magic: Take out].” (Fujiwara)

At that moment, water gushes out from Fuji-yan’s right hand like a waterfall.

The amount cannot even be compared to my Spirit Magic.

The floor visibly filled with water.

Filled to the point that it reached all the way to our knees together with the Chimera.

When I asked Fuji-yan before ‘How much water would you be able to store in your Storage Magic?’, he said ‘I could easily store a 50 meter long pool’.

When I heard that, I thought ‘this is it!’.

“The magic of Goshujin-sama is impressive’, Nina-san says in admiration.

“Even if there’s no other way, would you use such a forceful method?’, Lucy says amazed.

“You think up interesting things.” (Fujiwara)

“Gotta do all you can do!” (Makoto)

I am the weakest mage apprentice after all. 

The shine of the crystal walls and ceiling reflect on the surface of the water and are creating an even more fascinating sight.

The Chimera was glaring at us a few ways away.

Okay, let’s do this.

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