WM – Chapter 233: Takatsuki Makoto meets Johnny

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Johnny Walker. 

He is the great grandfather of Lucy, and the grandfather of Rosalie-san.

When putting it like that, he sounds like a close person, but in the Legend of Hero Abel, there’s not much information about him.

It wasn’t written when he became his comrade.

He suddenly appeared around the middle part of the picture book.

That’s why I didn’t think I would meet him this soon.

(Well, this in itself is convenient…) (Makoto)

The ones who will defeat the Great Demon Lord are the Light Hero Abel, the Holy Maiden Anna, the Great Sage, the Magic Archer Johnny.

That’s the history that I was told numerous times in the Water Temple.

Johnny Walker is without doubt one of the most important people.

I have managed to confirm his safety.

Hero Abel and the Great Sage-sama have become comrades already.

What’s left is the Holy Maiden Anna.

(This is quite the problem…) (Makoto)

Some stories say that Hero Abel and the Holy Maiden Anna were born in the same village and were childhood friends.

In other words, it would be strange for them to not be together already.

But as of now, the name of the Holy Maiden Anna hasn’t come out from the mouth of Volkh-san, Julietta-san, or Hero Abel.

(Could it be that she died just like the Fire Hero-san…?) (Makoto)

No no, I’m being too hasty here.

Hero Abel being captured at the Demon Lord Castle didn’t show in the picture book, so it should be better to assume that history is already being changed.

I am sure the Holy Maiden Anna is doing well somewhere…I want to believe that’s the case.

I would like to casually get the information out from someone like Julietta-san…

If I use the information of the future too much, my identity will be suspected.

It is fine if I am just suspected, but if I were to explain it as ‘I came from 1,000 years in the future’, they would think I am crazy.

And so, I will leave the matter of the Holy Maiden Anna for later.

More importantly, Johnny Walker comes first.

The legendary magic archer.

But he seems to have a sword hanging around his waist.

I don’t see a bow.

He is surrounded by a lot of people and is eating.

He is an influential person of this city, and it is one of the ‘true comrades’ of the Great Demon Lord subjugation.

It would be better to know him.

Should I greet him?

“I will be going for a bit.” (Makoto)

“Eh? Makoto-sama?” (Momo)

“Makoto-dono, where are you going?” (Volkh)

When I stand up, Momo and Volkh-san ask me.

“I will greet Johnny-san.” (Makoto)

“Eeh~, you have weird taste, Makoto-kun. That guy isn’t courteous -especially to men.” (Julietta)

“Rea…lly?” (Makoto)

But they did say he is a womanizer, so it does sound plausible.

Nothing will begin if I don’t talk to him though.

I slowly approach the big table Johnny is eating at.

There’s a lot of women around him.

Beautiful elves, cat eared and bunny eared cute beastkin girls were surrounding him and pouring him alcohol. 

They are all talking loudly, exchanging drinks, and having fun.

It kinda…reminds me of the group of Sakurai-kun in middle school.


Didn’t I live my life avoiding those types of people?

While at it, even though Johnny is in the middle of that noisy group, he is drinking alcohol as if he is terribly bored.

I can understand why they call him unfriendly.

You would need courage to talk to him within that group…

A while after hesitating, someone slapped my shoulder.

“Oi, Brother, I heard you are the one who saved Volkh and Julietta?” 

When I turned around, there was an old man with a thick beard.

Judging from physical traits, I think he is a dwarf.

His face is packed with personality, but the aura clad around his body also gives out a thick presence.

I can tell that he is a seasoned warrior.

“My name is Makoto. Nice to meet you.” (Makoto)

“I am the Iron Hero, Deckel. Looking forward to working with you.” (Deckel)


The Iron Hero! 

The leader of the other faction I heard of, huh.

He looks really strong, and the mana covering his body is dense. He doesn’t look like the type of Hero that would give up the subjugation of Demon Lords…

“Y-Yeah, same here.” (Makoto)

I shook the hand he stretched out.

“Volkh praised you to high heavens, but you don’t look strong at all! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” (Deckel)

“I see…” (Makoto)

I was laughed at.

Well, I am used to being seen as weak, so that’s fine though.

“Hey, please stop Volkh and Julietta. They are saying they want to challenge the Demon Lord one more time. Honestly speaking, even the Fire Hero Olga that was so strong wasn’t a match. Defeating a Demon Lord is just delusional.” (Deckel)

“Uhm…” (Makoto)

“Also, I have a daughter that’s about to turn 7 years old. I have to stay alive until she gets big! We should stop the reckless battles! Don’t you think the same?” (Deckel)

“Your daughter…” (Makoto)

I see.

Him not challenging the Demon Lords, him giving up on defeating the Demon Lords, is not because he doesn’t have the courage…

There’s cases where one has a family, and they have something to protect.

“You have a young little sister with you too, don’t you, Brother?” (Deckel)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Little sister?

I have no siblings.

I am an only child.

“Makoto-sama?” (Momo)

“You have a cute little sister like this.” (Deckel)

Momo came, maybe because we were getting noisy.

Aah, so he thought Momo was my little sister.

We don’t look alike at all though.

Also, I wouldn’t have my sister call me with ‘-sama’.

“Hey, Deckel, don’t put weird stuff in the head of Makoto-kun. We are going to challenge the Demon Lords on our own will!” (Julietta)

Even Julietta-san came.

“You say that, but it was dangerous this time around, right? You should stop.” (Deckel)

“Don’t wanna! If Heroes were to give up, that’s when the world really is done for!” (Julietta)

“Oi oi, Deckel, Julietta, calm down.” (Volkh)

Volkh-san calms the two who were arguing.

Hero Abel is not participating in this and simply watching.

“Hey, you are going to give up on defeating the Demon Lords, right?” (Deckel)

“You are going to be fighting the Demon Lords, right, Makoto-kun?!” (Julietta)

Deckel-san and Julietta-san were pushing on on me.

Words floated in front of me.

[Which side will you take?]

-Iron Hero

-Wood Hero


But I tilted my head.

Defeat the Demon Lords? Don’t defeat them?

No no no, that’s not it right, RPG Player-san? 

My answer is…

“I will defeat the Demon Lords, and then defeat the Great Demon Lord, you know?” (Makoto)

That should be the right choice.

We have the Savior Abel with us after all.

But the moment I said that, the two had shocked faces.

The conversations around stopped.

Everyone in the dining hall looked over here.

“No no, Brother, no matter how you slice it, that’s…” (Deckel)

“Y-Yeah… The Great Demon Lord is the God of the demons, you know? That’s just…” (Julietta)


Are there no people who would say they want to defeat the Great Demon Lord?

Looks like my answer wasn’t the right one.

“Ooh, human Hero-sans, I don’t mind you guys getting heated up on your own, but this is the city of us demi-humans. I will have people who cause trouble leave, got it?” 

A number of beastkin men heard our conversation and came our way.

People that were at the table of Johnny-san.

“Don’t think something as stupid as fighting the Demon Lords. Humans are weak after all.” 

“In the first place, before speaking about the Great Demon Lord and the Demon Lords, you haven’t even defeated their generals.” 

“How about speaking nonsense after freeing the people of the human farm?” 

The other beastkin that were around Johnny-san also came.

Judging from the aura around their bodies, they are all quite the strong ones.

Deckel-san and Julietta-san were making awkward expressions.

Looks like the standing of the Heroes is low…

At that moment, someone came to the front.

“Makoto-san has defeated one of the generals of a Demon Lord. The Impenetrable Demon Balam!” (Abel)

“That’s right! Makoto-sama is super strong!” (Momo)

Hero Abel and Momo.


Every one of the Heroes made surprised expressions beginning with Volkh-san.

Wait, I didn’t want you to say that! 

I don’t want to spread my name in this era.

…I should have them keep their mouths shut next time.

“You…defeated the Impenetrable Demon Balam…?” 

“Well, yeah…” (Makoto)

One of the beastkin asked, and I answered reluctantly. 

“I can’t believe that!” 

“Is this skinny dude really that strong?” 

“The Impenetrable Demon Balam was one of the oldest generals of the Demon Lords.” 

“Okay, then I will test his mettle. I who is said to be the right arm of Johnny-sama!” 

I feel like this is going to turn troublesome.

“Wait wait, you must not. Makoto-kun is tired from the long journey.” (Julietta)

“He is the powerful warrior that defeated a Demon Lord General, right? This is just some light workout.” 

Julietta-san tried to stop it, but the beastkin were burning.

This reminds me of that time with Geralt-san.

Or more like, this beastkin-san seems really strong judging from his aura.

‘Can I avoid this encounter somehow?’, is what I was thinking when…

“E-Enemy attaaaack!!” 

The lookout ran in with a pale white face.

“E-Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Everyone, run away!!” 

Everyone in the dungeon city stirred up at this.

The Earth Hero-san and the Wood Hero-san’s expressions changed.

Same for the beastkin people and the Iron Hero-san.

Everyone is putting their hands on their weapons.

“Well, don’t panic. We have the patriarch right now.” 

“What came? A dragon? Demons?” 

“Don’t make that pathetic face. Johnny-sama is here after all…”

The elves and the beastkin must trust Johnny-san a lot. They were slightly calm.

But the next words made them change the color of their faces.

“D-Demon Lord! The Demon Lord Cain has come!!” 

Screams echoed in the dungeon city.

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