WM – 231.5: Gossip – The depression of a certain holy maiden

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◇Furiae POV◇

It has been a month since My Knight left.

My Knight Makoto, who has been by my side the whole time, is not here.

He traveled 1,000 years into the past.

I am in the ruins of the Moon Country, Laphroaig.

No, former ruins.

“Furiae-sama!! The church will be finished soon!” 

“Holy Maiden-sama! The road and waterway has expanded all the way here!” 

“Furiae-sama, we are grateful for you making rounds, but please don’t push yourself!” 

“Holy Maiden-sama, you are as beautiful today as well…” 

I was spoken to one after the other, and I waved my hand with a smile I am not used to making.

There’s several tens of knights as bodyguards following me. 

I am not used to this lifestyle…

There was nothing here 1 month ago.

The capital that was destroyed 1,000 years ago, the weed and trees that would grow as they pleased; that’s all it was.

But now…

“This is impressive. A road has been made in just 1 month, many buildings have been constructed, and it is becoming a splendid city.” 

I heard that voice from my back and I looked back in an instant.

“Princess Sofia…-sama. You came. We are grateful to Rozes. For providing us -devilkin- who are lacking in technique with manpower…” (Furiae)

I hurriedly lowered my head and gave my thanks as the representative of the new Laphroaig.

“Holy Maiden Furiae, I told you it is okay to not give me such stiff greetings.” (Sofia)

“Yeah, but…I truly am grateful.” (Furiae)

I return the smile of Princess Sofia with a wry smile.

Many devilkin have gathered in order to revive Laphroaig.

Making a country requires money. 

Camelon is currently assisting us with the funds.

Next is the capable people.

There’s a lot of devilkin that can’t even read, so there aren’t any people who can lead groups. 

The Water Country of Rozes has been sending capable people who can lead others.

Princess Sofia herself gathered people and has come to the Moon Country.

My gratitude towards her is unending.

“But is it really okay to be making a city all carefreely…? Even though the Great Demon Lord has resurrected just recently…” (Furiae)

I look north where the Demonic Continent is located at.

“Ira-sama said that this isn’t the time to attack, so it can’t be helped.” (Sofia)

“Are the predictions of that Goddess really reliable…?” (Furiae)

Because of past events, I don’t trust in the Destiny Goddess.

“You must not be like that, Furiae. That very Goddess-sama is the one assisting Laphroaig to an explosive extent.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia hurriedly covered my mouth.

Right, most of the funds of the revival of the Moon Country are being shouldered by the Commercial Country…that the Destiny Goddess has instructed to do.

But this is reparations for what she has done in the past.

It is natural to receive this.

“If Highland were to help out, the city would be made faster though.” (Sofia)

“I don’t wanna.” (Furiae)

I immediately rejected it.

Princess Sofia sighed.

“Right, the Moon Country people have negative emotions towards the Sun Country. I am sure it wouldn’t go well… Noel-sama offered to assist though…” (Sofia)

“I won’t borrow the help of the Sun Country or that woman.” (Furiae)

I said bluntly. 

It is completely unnecessary. 

I definitely won’t have the help of the Sun Country and the Goddess Church that has been oppressing devilkin.

“Furiae…you and Noel-sama are this generation’s Holy Maidens, you know? Wouldn’t it be better to get along a little bit bet—” (Sofia)

“Not in a million years!” (Furiae)

“Haaah…I see. Well, I am not in a position to tell you what to do. By the way, is that because of the Light Hero-sama?” (Sofia)


I could feel my eyebrows twitch at the words of Princess Sofia.

When I looked at her eyes, I could see that she was giving me a questioning look.

“Princess Sofia…I will tell you one thing. The one I want by my side when the Moon Country is back in form is…My Knight. No one else.” (Furiae)

I felt my cheeks heat up while I said this.

Princess Sofia looked at me with an ice-like smile at what I said with all my courage.

“Oh my, it is just like Lucy-san and Aya-san told me. You have become quite honest, Furiae.” (Sofia)

“…T-That’s right. Got a problem?” (Furiae)

“No, I don’t. But…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia said straight.

“Hero Makoto is my fiance, the fiance of the Water Country’s princess. I won’t allow you to be the one at his side.” (Sofia)

She smiled at me elegantly, and I let out an ‘ugh’ and choked on my words.

“By the way, I have brought the teaching staff of the Water Country today. I have heard that the devilkin children don’t get a decent education.” (Sofia)

“Y-Yeah. I will guide you to where the children are…” (Furiae)

I guide Princess Sofia and her bodyguards.

On the way, I glanced at the profile of Princess Sofia.

A face filled with confidence.

(Is this the confidence of the legal wife…?) (Furiae)

I don’t feel like I can confront her at all.

I sighed inside my heart.


I spoke with Princess Sofia about a number of plans for the future, and consulted with her about the workforce that will be needed.

It seems like she will arrange for them immediately.

I really can’t thank her enough.

“How about resting at least for one day…?” (Furiae)

I said, but…

“No, I have other work to do. I don’t mind getting my sleep in the flying ship.” (Sofia)

Saying this, she returned to Rozes on the flying ship of the royal family. 

That figure of hers doing exhaustive work aloofly reminds me of My Knight who trains without sleeping.

Kuh, they kinda fit each other which irritated me.

-In the evening.

The sun was already going down so it was dark.

Monsters get active at night, so it is a dangerous time.

Because of that, there’s lookouts on shifts.

I should go give my appreciation for their work.

The moment I thought this, the people of the city began to make a ruckus.

“Ooi! The Hero-sama and Witch-sama have returned!” 

“Really?! What did they hunt down this time around?!” 

“Wow, I have never seen something like that!” 

“What? What?” 

“Let’s go!!” 

The people began to run to the outside of the city. 

I head in that same direction.

A crowd of people formed outside.

“What’s this…?” (Furiae)

What was lying down outside the city was the corpse of a giant dragon.

The Moon Country has a lot of monsters, so dragons aren’t rare, but that size is abnormal.

Isn’t this dragon bigger than our city? 

Something like this was close to the city?

“An Ancient Dragon!!!” 

“If the materials of this guy were to be sold, you could play around for seven generations…” 

“No, how do you even defeat something like this?” 

“It would definitely be impossible unless it is those two…” 

In front of the Ancient Dragon’s corpse, there’s a familiar red haired elf and a girl in an attire like that of a town girl.

“Oi, Furi! We are back!” 

“I am tired~. Fu-chan, I want to take a bath~.” 

Lucy-san and Aya-san waved their hands at me.

I hurriedly ran towards them.

“Wait! What’s this? Weren’t you just going to drive away the monsters that were close to the city?!” (Furiae)

Lucy-san and Aya-san have taken the job of hunting the monsters close to the city.

If I remember correctly, they said a few days ago ‘we will defeat the monsters around here!’.

“Hmm, we were defeating the pack of monsters, and there was someone who was giving them orders.” (Lucy)

“And then there was a guy who gave orders to the one giving orders. Then, as we defeated them in order, in the end, a giant dragon came out, Fu-chan.” (Aya)

“Ah, the biggest one was this one, so we only brought this one back, but we also defeated all the monsters that were in his turf, so can you get the materials later?” (Lucy)

The Moon Country’s people nodded at the two.

“Uhm, how many monsters were there…?” 

One of them asked nervously. 

“Around a thousand, was it, Aya?” (Lucy)

“Weren’t there a bit more, Lu-chan?” (Aya)


Everyone was at a loss for words.

Including me.

“Alright, we are drinking today!” (Lucy)

“A bath before that! Fu-chan, you come too!” (Aya)

“O-Okay…” (Furiae)

I followed the two while pulled by Aya.

There’s normally no one who would be able to speak to me casually since I am a Holy Maiden.

But even when these two act familiar with me, no one complains.

Or more like, they can’t.

Even if all the devilkin here were to join forces, they wouldn’t be a match for Lucy-san and Aya-san.

The two stalwart fighters that wiped out the many monsters that were acting as they pleased in the ruins of the Moon Country. 

The Red Haired Witch and the Small Hero Girl.

There’s no one in this city that doesn’t know of Lucy-san and Sa-san.


“Puhaaah, I am back to life!” (Lucy)

Lucy-san was sitting cross-legged on the chair, and chugged down the ale in one go.

She has gotten hearty lately. 

Like she has gotten sturdier. 

That seems to be the same for Aya-san.

“Lu-chan has gotten cool lately. A girl confessed to her not that long ago.” (Aya)

“Eh? Really?!” (Furiae)

I was surprised.

“Aah, the girl that I saved from a pack of griffons, right? Falling in love with just that much is…” (Lucy)

“I see…” (Furiae)

She is like My Knight Makoto.

“That’s not good, Lu-chan. Sending loving glances to girls other than me.” (Aya)

“How stupid. There’s no way I would be swayed by other women aside from Aya, right?” (Lucy)

“Kya, Lu-chan, so cool! Take me!” (Aya)

“I won’t let you sleep tonight~.” (Lucy)

Aya-san and Lucy-san hugged and flirted around.

These two get along so well the whole time, it is envying.

Seeing my expression, the two turned at me and went ‘‘Hm?’’.

“Furi, not feeling well?” (Lucy)

“It would be nice if Fu-chan could go on adventures together with us though.” (Aya)

These two are always the ones who worry about me.

At the time when My Knight Makoto was still here.

It is so nostalgic and heartrending.

“I am doing well. I am just a bit busy, that’s all.” (Furiae)

I smile faintly.

It isn’t a lie.

My times talking without any worries are relaxing times for me.

When I talk to these two, I get more energetic.

We enjoyed dinner while having casual talks.

“Right right, we are thinking about going on an expedition for a while.” (Lucy)

“E-Expedition?” (Furiae)

Lucy-san suddenly said this.

“It seems the Ancient Dragon that we defeated was the boss of the monsters around here. That’s why there’s no strong monsters now. It won’t serve as training, so Lu-chan said we should go find strong monsters.” (Aya)

“I-I see…” (Furiae)

I felt sad at what Aya-san said.

Going on an expedition means that the two will be leaving the Moon Country. 

I am sure they will be gone for more than a month.

…I will be lonely.

No, I can’t be complaining here.

I am the representative of the Moon Country.

I have to do my best even if alone.

“And so, we were thinking about clearing Laberintos where Makoto and I went in the past. Aya knows about it in detail, so she can be the guide.” (Lucy)

“Rather than saying ‘know in detail’, I was born in Laberintos, Lucy.” (Aya)

“Right…we are going to Laberintos.” (Lucy)

I felt heavier at the words of the two.

Laberintos is a dungeon in Rozes.

There’s the Moon Country, then the Sun Country, and at the other side of that there’s the Water Country.

It is not a distance that they can easily just go and return.

“And so, we will be leaving the Moon Country for 3 days, so be well.” (Lucy)

Lucy-san said as if nothing.

“Huh? 3 days?” (Furiae)

Did she just say 3 days?

Not 3 months?

“Yeah. We will move with Teleport, then spend two days in Laberintos, and repeat.” (Lucy)

“The Teleport of Lu-chan is so handy~. It is an instant no matter where we want to go.” (Aya)



Lucy-san is now one of the few prominent Teleport users of the continent.

Moreover, as My Knight Makoto says, she has ‘bottomless mana’.

“T-Then, you will only be away for 3 days…?” (Furiae)

“Yeah. Cause it would be bad if the strong monsters of the Demonic Continent were to attack this city, right?” (Lucy)

“If you are in trouble, call us at once, okay?! We will come flying!” (Aya)

Lucy-san and Aya-san smile as if saying ‘ain’t that obvious?!’.

How reliable.

My insecurities and loneliness were blown away completely.

…My Knight Makoto…your comrades are here, so I am okay. 

I am sure Laphroaig will manage to come back.

I will be waiting for you in the new Moon Country. 

(That’s why…make sure to come back.) (Furiae)

I didn’t say that out loud, but I etched it in my heart. 

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