WM – Chapter 230: Takatsuki Makoto is a Spirit User

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“Momo, as an apology for being late to get you, I will avenge you.” (Makoto)

I said to Momo.

“Eh?” (Momo)

She raised her voice and her cheeks dyed pink.

Did I act a bit too cool there?

“…Did I hear wrong there? I thought I heard the foolish nonsense of livestock.” (Balam)

Balam furrowed his brows in displeasure.

Looks like he can hear me.

“Abel-san, can I leave Momo to you?” (Makoto)

I entrust Momo to Hero Abel.

“Please wait, Makoto-san!” (Abel)

“Makoto-sama!” (Momo)

The two are still flustered, but I faced the Impenetrable Demon Balam.

“Kill everyone except the Hero.” (Balam)

Balam gave his order bluntly.

“““Yes sir!”””


The demons and monsters jumped at us at the same time.

“Kuh!” (Abel)

“Hiiih!” (Momo)

Hero Abel is protecting Momo who is screaming.

I call to the surroundings.

“XXXXXXXX (Spirit-sans, please do).” (Makoto)


I requested to the Water Spirits in Spirit Language.

Right before the swarm of monsters crush us…

“[Ice World].” (Makoto)

The monsters closeby were frozen.

But there’s still a lot of enemies.

I could hear Balam going ‘Hooh…’ impressed.


A demon holding a pitch black giant scythe jumped at us.

“That’s…?!” (Momo)

“The Vampire Commander!” (Abel)

I heard Momo and Hero Abel.

Is it a famous demon?

“XXXXXXX (Undine, please).” (Makoto)

(Yes, if it is the request of our King.) 

It seems to be a strong enemy, so I ask Undine.

…What’s with the ‘our King’?

I should confirm that later.

“Water Magic: [Frozen Barrier].” (Makoto)

I use the mana of Undine to use Saint Rank Water Magic.


The Vampire Commander person was frozen with barrier and all.

It has been one dimensional for a while now…

Well, that’s fine.

Freezing them is the most efficient method after all.

“Attack them all at once.” (Balam)

Balam ordered to his subordinates with a slightly angered tone.

The monsters and demons rush at us like a tsunami.

I borrow the mana of the Water Spirits and Undine to fight them back.

The mana of Spirits is infinite.

But I lost control in the past and the Great Sage-sama got angry at me though…

Is it thanks to my 999 Water Magic Proficiency?

I can easily use any spell.

I glance at Hero Abel and Momo.

The two had their mouths wide open.

When my eyes met with Momo’s, she said ‘That’s incredible, Makoto-sama!’ with sparkling eyes.

Her looks are that of the Great Sage-sama, so it feels weird…

“You bastard! Where are you looking?!” 

“[Ice World].” (Makoto)

An excited demon jumped at me, so I froze him.

There’s still a lot of enemies.

Let’s do this without lowering my guard.

◇POV of a certain Demon Lord Confidant◇

I am called the Impenetrable Demon, Balam. I have been serving Bifrons-sama for 500 years.

I have ended uncountable fools who aimed for the Demon Lord-sama.

This time around it was the execution of the Heroes Setekh captured.

The stupid gargoyles ended up letting a number of Heroes escape, but one of them brazenly came back.

‘Definitely kill the Light Hero’.

That’s the order of the Great Demon Lord-sama.

It has been over 1,000 years since the world has become peaceful for the demons.

If this so-called Light Hero is a worthy enemy, I would like to cross blades with them.

But I have no expectations.

Only few can pose a threat to the Demon Lord-samas.

I haven’t even met a decent fighter in 100 years.

Until today.

My subordinates are being frozen one after the other.

“Interesting…” (Balam)

An opponent with backbone.

People who are acting rude right by the vicinity of Bifrons-sama.

However, compared to the Lightning Hero who is trembling, he is acting completely composed here.

“I am the Impenetrable Demon Balam! The first confidant of the Demon Lord Bifrons-sama!” (Balam)

I unsheathe the magic sword at my waist.

This is my first time introducing myself to a human.

The human mage glanced at me, but didn’t answer.

“Introduce yourself!” (Balam)

I shouted, but there was no response.

I was disappointed.

In the end, he is just a lowly human.

To think he can’t even do honorable introductions as warriors.

Then, I will cut you down in one stroke.

“Impenetrable Sword: [Darkness Cut].” (Balam)

A giant dark sword wave was released from my magic sword.


That mage speaks in unfamiliar words and a giant barrier blocked the sword wave.

Ice World, huh.

It is impressive, but it is not as if he has infinite mana.

When you run out of mana, it is your end.

I used my magic sword to continue my attack.

Now, how long will you last?


“Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible…” (Balam)

My slash, stabs, magic; everything was blocked by his magic.

By the time I noticed, my subordinates had been wiped out.

Just how many spells did he even use?

Why is his mana not running out?

It doesn’t make sense.

He hasn’t moved one step from his position.

He continues shooting spells with a cold face.


He has been talking in a language I have never heard before in a direction no one is in.

…No, is that the Spirit Language that Cain-sama uses rarely…?

Is he a Spirit User?

But even if that’s the case…

He looked over here with eyes that I can’t read…

He slowly walks towards me.

“C-Come!” (Balam)

I take stance with the magic sword that has been passed down for generations, and pour all of my mana into it.

“Uooooooooooohhhh!!” (Balam)

My ultimate technique that lowers my lifespan when used.

I put my all in this attack through my magic sword.

99 slashes that cut down any enemy into small pieces attack him.


“[Frozen Barrier].” (Makoto)

My ultimate technique was blocked by a heartless ice barrier.

My blade stopped without even reaching him.

“Kuh!” (Balam)

I fell on my knees after unleashing my strongest technique.

The ground was frozen.

A cold wave was slowly creeping up.

And he approached me.

Why is a mage closing the distance…?

But this is my chance.

M-My last resort…

It is an underhanded technique that’s unlike a warrior…

“Don’t, Makoto-san! The eyes of Balam are the magic eyes of fear! If you look at his eyes, you can’t move from the fear!” 

The Lightning Hero shouts, but it is too late.

“This is the end!!” (Balam)

I activate the Magic Eyes of Fear, and look at his eyes.

He stopped moving…or was supposed to.

This is the first time I felt fear after I made contact with the eyes of an enemy.


I couldn’t speak.

He hasn’t been responding to me for a while now no matter how many times I called him.

I understand now.

Livestock that doesn’t even know how to introduce himself.

That’s how I looked down on him.

That in the end he was just a barbarian and not a warrior.

But that wasn’t it.

His eyes…the eyes he is using to look at me…were those of someone looking at an ant crawling on the ground.

Or a mosquito flying close to the ear.

The person that I acknowledged as my enemy was looking at me as if I were just a mere pebble on the road.

He had no interest in me.

He…didn’t think of me as his enemy.

I couldn’t move.

My body has been frozen from water magic.

But my body that has been given the blood of Bifrons-sama is undying.

No one can kill me…is what I thought.

And yet, what’s this feeling?

I will be killed.

Despairing fear was attacking me.

That man unsheathed the dagger at his waist and raised it high.

“Water Goddess Eir-sama…I offer it to you.” (Makoto)

Water Goddess Eir! 

So you are the Water Hero, huh! 

But the Water Hero should have been killed by Cain-sama…

A new Hero was born?

No matter how you see it, that’s way too fast! 

No, in the first place, the Water Hero is the weakest of Heroes that always gets killed first.

He should be the Water Hero, but…

Just…what in the world are you?

My head was in chaos, but I couldn’t move my body.

The small dagger pierced my body.

The next instant, small lights surround the area.


(Kya! Kya!)


They suddenly appeared in front of me…babies with small wings.

Servants of the heavens that were smiling uglily with their teeth in full view -Angels.

They began to eat my body.


I screamed.

I am being eaten alive.

The pain, fear, and most of all, my instincts understood that my soul itself was being eaten.

This is impossible.

Even if I have received an undying body from the blood of the Demon Lord-sama, if my soul is eaten, I can’t revive.

“Momo, Abel-san, I am done.” 

He turned around and was returning to his comrades.

“…W-Wait! …Who in the world are you?!” (Balam)

I wrung out the last of my strength to ask this.

There was no response.

But he looked back.

And then, he looked at me as if in wonder.

“You can still talk?” 

He muttered as if pitying me.


He is no Hero.

The Heroes I have confronted until now have righteous indignation, had hatred because of the oppressed humans, were avengers that had their loved ones killed; all of them would move from powerful emotions.

But he is different.

Sense of righteousness, hatred, revenge; he has none of those.

It was as if this were his ‘job’.

He kills demons as if it were breathing.

A death god.

A death god for demons.

Please be careful, Bifrons-sama.

The abominable Gods of the heavens have sent an assassin.

Please forgive me for perishing here.

I was eaten by the spell of the human that I looked down on as livestock…and died.

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