WM – Chapter 88: Takatsuki Makoto listens to the past talk of Princess Noel

TLN: There was a mistake in the previous chapter. Makoto didn’t actually mention the Goddess explicitly. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Princess Noel was looking at me with slightly cold eyes.

“Hero Makoto-sama, are you imitating the Savior-sama’s legend there?” (Noel)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

She suddenly said something weird.

“Legend of the Savior-sama?” (Makoto)

“…You don’t know about it? It is a famous story though.” (Noel)

Princess Noel told me.

The Savior Abel who defeated the Great Demon Lord and brought peace to the world 1,000 years ago.

This legendary hero, Abel, gathered the surviving humans and founded the Sun Country of Highland.

That would be the year 0 of the Salvation Era.

The people of Highland wanted Abel to become their King.

But Savior Abel said ‘there’s someone waiting for me’ and left.

No one had seen him after that. 

That’s the legend.

“…I didn’t know.” (Makoto)

Aah, is it that. 

She thought that I was trying to act cool by imitating that.

That does sound cringy.

I can understand why Noel-sama would look at me coldly from that.

“So you really didn’t know.” (Noel)

Her cold expression returned to her normal one.

“Makoto-sama, I hate this story! If you were copying it, I thought I should get angry.” (Noel)

She placed her hands on her waist and puffed up her cheeks.

Her expressions really are bountiful.

“Why do you hate it?” (Makoto)

“Cause you know…” (Noel)

Noel-sama directs eyes as if sulking.

“Savior Abel-sama had a splendid girlfriend like the Holy Maiden Anna-sama, you know? And yet, he said ‘I have someone waiting for me’. That’s hurtful for the other girls, don’t you think?!” (Noel)

“Aah.” (Makoto)

I see.

She does have a point.

So Savior-sama had some other girl, huh.

“In history books, it is stated that Savior Abel-sama had an elderly mother, and passed his remaining years of life in a modest manner.” (Noel)

“Hoh, is that so.” (Makoto)

“Is the kind of postscript that was created.” (Noel)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

It is made-up?

“What happened to the Savior-sama is completely unknown after all. So they had to create a plausible conclusion. The first ruler, Anna-sama, having her lover be taken by another woman is absolutely unacceptable!” (Noel)

“Sounds troublesome…” (Makoto)

This country of Highland has been having troubles since its founding, huh.

“Doesn’t the Great Sage-sama know in more detail?” (Makoto)

She was part of their party after all.

“The Great Sage-sama said she also doesn’t know what happened after the Savior-sama disappeared…” (Noel)

“I see…” (Makoto)

I feel like she definitely knows though.

Did something happen?

“That’s why the lineage of Ryosuke-sama who has the same Light Hero Skill as the Savior-sama is absolutely necessary in the Highland royalty. Skills appear more often when they are from the same lineage after all.” (Noel)

“An owner of the Light Hero Skill hasn’t appeared for 1,000 years after all.” (Makoto)

“Yeah…a serious wound in the royalty of Highland.” (Noel)

“So it was only after 1,000 years that an otherworlder like Sakurai-kun appeared…” (Makoto)

I sighed.

At any rate, Skills are decided from their lineage? 

No wonder royalty like Princess Sofia and Prince Leonard have powerful Skills.

Thanks to that, Sakurai-kun has 20 wives.

It…could be considered a harem.

Oh, his dance partner changed again.

What number is she, I wonder.

(But the next to the throne is Princess Noel, so…the next in line would be the child of Princess Noel, right?) (Makoto)

I ended up looking at Princess Noel at my side.

Could it be that Sakurai-kun has also…with this neat and clean Princess Noel…?

He really is blessed.


She must have noticed my gaze, she looked at my face and made a teasing expression.

“Oh my? Makoto-sama, could it be that you were thinking about why I am not having a child?” (Noel)

“?! N-No no. In no way did I…” (Makoto)

Did she notice that I am thinking something stupid?! 

Princess Noel made a suggestive face as she looked at me.

“The Oracles of the Goddesses have to stay pure. I cannot have a child yet.” (Noel)

“Uhm…” (Makoto)

What does she mean by that?

She saw my questioning look, and she slid closer to me.

“Oracles have to stay as virgins. That’s why I don’t have experience.” (Noel)

She whispered in my ear.

“?! N-Noel-sama?” (Makoto)

My temperature rose at those words and her breath in my ears.

M-My face is burning! 

Isn’t this person way too straight?! 

“Oh my, that was improper of me. Pardon me.” (Noel)

Princess Noel giggles.

Princess, you are way too mischievous!

But, I see.

He has a whole lot of wives, but his most beautiful one that is Princess Noel is not on the table yet, huh. 

That’s a shame.

But well…

(You really do have to get the Princess after you defeat the Demon Lord and save the world, Sakurai-kun.) (Makoto)

My friendship points towards him increased.

(That’s just how it works for you, Makoto.) (Noah)

Isn’t that okay, Noah-sama?

That’s favorable in my eyes.

“You look like you are having fun, Hero Makoto, Noel-sama.” 

A cold voice.

Even the temperature around decreased.


“P-Princess Sofia?” (Makoto)

“O-Oh my, Sofia-sama.” (Noel)

Princess Noel and I take distance from each other instantly.

“Since when did you get so close?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia was giving me eyes as cold as that time when she discovered that Lucy stayed in my room for a night.

“I just didn’t have anyone to talk to, so she came to keep me company. Thanks, Noel-sama.” (Makoto)

“It is the duty of an organizer to entertain their guests. I will be taking my leave now, Makoto-sama.” (Noel)

I thank Princess Noel and Princess Noel left immediately.

“…If you had come to me, I would have been your conversation partner.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia muttered, but…I can’t go to the royalty area, you know?

After that, I spoke to Princess Sofia and Prince Leonard, the Templars that Sa-san had gotten along with, and the noble ladies that Lucy ended up getting along with. 

In the second half, it had turned into quite the lively party.

At the end, I was made to do a speech as a new-coming Hero. 

I didn’t hear about this, Noel-sama! 

I was biting my nails there.

Don’t make me do something so crazy all of a sudden…

Highland really does put me on edge.


 That night.

I was in the space of the Goddess.

“Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

“Hello~, Makoto.” (Noah)

The one who appeared was Noah-sama in a party dress?

Did you feel like wearing that after seeing the party just now?

It does suit her though.

“What’s with that outfit?” (Makoto)

“Fufufu, cute, right?” (Noah)

Noah-sama spins.

Hey! If you move so much, I will end up seeing inside your skirt…

I-I can’t see! 

The absolute territory of the Goddess is still alive, huh.

“You seem to be in a good mood.” (Makoto)

“Makoto, you are indoctrinating the Oracle and the Heroes reasonably.” (Noah)


She really does use bad sounding words as always.

We are getting along well.

“Are you talking about Sakurai-kun and Princess Noel?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Their affection points are high, you know? Keep it that way, my cute Makoto.” (Noah)

“Eeh~? The Sun Country is tiring, so I want to go back already though.” (Makoto)

The incredibly stiff hierarchical system.

The hot-blooded Hero.

The nobles that hate me unreasonably and speak behind my back as if amusing.

On top of that, the rebellion from the demi-humans.

Way too much trouble. 

Now that I think about it, did Fuji-yan get some information?

In the end, I didn’t meet him today.

“It looks like he found a number of the leaders within the demi-human rebellion plan.” (Noah)

“Fast!” (Makoto)

It hasn’t even been 24 hours though! 

Is he from the FBI?

Is he Jack Bauer? <Protagonist of the series 24. Worked with the FBI to prevent major terrorist attacks.>

Or more like, Noah-sama…

“Please don’t give me spoilers.” (Makoto)

“I am a Goddess. My job is to guide my Apostle. Makoto, are you thinking of me as a walkthrough Wiki or something?” (Noah)

She made a discontent expression.

“T-That’s not true.” (Makoto)

I actually did.

“Hey!” (Noah)

“Anyways, what’s the matter?” (Makoto)

If Noah-sama has shown up, it must be an Event, right?

“Can you please stop treating Me Showing = Beginning of an Event?!” (Noah)

But it is mostly like that, right?

“Geez, the gamer brain of the RPG Game Player Skill users is just…” (Noah)

Noah-sama mutters her complaints.

“So, we are going to be talking about our objectives from here on, right?” (Makoto)

“Yeah yeah! Let’s hear your opinions, Makoto.” (Noah)

She snaps her fingers and a whiteboard appears in midair.

It feels like school.

“So I really do have to stop the rebellion?” (Makoto)

The Great Demon Lord’s revival is close, so this is no time to be fighting amongst yourselves, right?

The person that took care of Nina-san before seems to be participating in this rebellion too.

“Right, it is also a problem of how you stop it. A method that leaves grudges between the humans and demi-humans will become disadvantageous when in the war against the Great Demon Lord army.” (Noah)

She writes it on the whiteboard.

She went out of her way to write it in japanese.

“Now then, the problem comes here. Why do you think the rebellion happened at this timing?” (Noah)

“Because the discontent towards the hierarchical system accumulated and…” (Makoto)

No, is it really that? 

The districts that humans and demi-humans live in are divided clearly.

It feels like it would be hard for trouble to occur, and the young nobles in today’s party were amiable towards a female elf like Lucy.

It seems like they are trying to learn since Princess Noel is against this system.

Princess Noel doesn’t give me the vibes that she would discriminate  because of race.

“It is not simply because of their dissatisfaction towards the system…?” (Makoto)

“Probably. Have any ideas in mind?” (Noah)

Noah-sama taps the whiteboard with her black marker.

The rebellion planned in Symphonia.

The ones benefiting from this are…

“The devilkin… The Snake Church?” (Makoto)

“I think it is worth investigating.” (Noah)

The Goddess winks at me.

I look at her with apathetic eyes.

“You know everything, don’t you, Goddess-sama? If a rebellion like this happens, the amount of casualties will increase, so please tell me everything.” (Makoto)

“W-What, don’t make that face.” (Noah)

Noah-sama takes a step back as if flustered.

“There’s a lot of fanatics of the Demon God King in the Snake Church, so I can’t read their movements as I am an unrelated God! I think that’s the same for the Holy God believers.” (Noah)

“Then that means the Goddesses can’t tell Princess Noel and Princess Sofia about this?” (Makoto)

I see…

When their religious faith is strong, the other Gods can’t see them. 

“Noel-chan doesn’t only have the power of a Goddess Oracle, but has the authority to move the Templars, and due to her standing as royalty, she should have the most information.” (Noah)

“I see, I should have asked her at the party.” (Makoto)

“…Talking about the Snake Church and the rebellion of the demi-humans would be lacking in tact by quite a lot though.” (Noah)

She was looking at me as if I were a pitiful child.

What, it is better to get information in an efficient manner, right? 

Now that I think about it, the Old Man Giant once told me this.

“Is it an option to have the comrade of Noah-sama, the God Giant Old Man, help us?” (Makoto)

“Aah, Jii <old man>. Yeah, it would be difficult. The Titans have high battle power, but they are not good when it comes to minute work. In the first place, Gods are prohibited from getting involved directly with the mortal plane.” (Noah)

“Is that so.” (Makoto)

From what I heard, Gods can provide items and Divine Protection, but are prohibited from directly getting involved with the battles in the mortal plane.

“If the Holy Gods, Devils, and Titan Gods were to fight directly, the mortal plane would end up being a complete mess after all. In the Divine Realm War, Titanomachia, and the God Giants War, Gigantomachia, the mortal plane got destroyed once after all.” (Noah)

“…That’s no good then.” (Makoto)

It would create an even bigger war if he helps out.

“When you want to ask for Jii’s help, it would be at the time when you want to give someone Divine Protection, or when you want a powerful earth element item.” (Noah)

The Titans apparently have the power of the Earth Spirits. 

Right now I have no need for that…

Sa-san doesn’t have any compatibility with magic. 

Lucy has already received an enhancement in her items.

This method will have to be postponed.

“Ah, right right. There’s 1 thing I have to warn you about.” (Noah)

“What is it?” (Makoto)

“I don’t get along with the Sun Goddess, Althena.” (Noah)

“…Really?” (Makoto)

“That girl is a straightlaced Goddess with a really hard head who doesn’t listen after all. So I won’t be able to negotiate in the back like the time with the Water Country. Be careful.” (Noah)

In Rozes I didn’t need to convert even though I became a Hero.

Because Noah-sama had a talk with the Water Goddess, Eir-sama. 

Looks like that’s complicated in Highland.

“From within the six Goddesses, the Sun Goddess religion has the most amount of hard-headed people, so be careful.” (Noah)

When I look at the Sun Oracle, Princess Noel, I can’t imagine that though.

It looks like because of how diligent the believers of the Sun Goddess religion are, it would be troublesome if they were to have their eyes on me.

I should try to be careful not to cause troubles…

I am from a minor religion (only one) after all.

“Now then, one last thing.” (Noah)

As if saying this is the main topic, she wrote 9th District. 

“Go check out the 9th District, the Slum District.” (Noah)

“The Slum District?” (Makoto)


The 9th District is the slums?

This is a must explore area in RPGs!

“There’s no treasure chests, okay? But there might be hidden passages.” (Noah)

She grins.

As expected of Noah-sama.

She gets me.

“But why investigate the slums?” (Makoto)

“The devilkins live in the 9th District.” (Noah)

“?! The devilkin are in the capital?” (Makoto)

“If it is just living there, it is possible. It is the District where criminals and the mafia live in, so it wouldn’t be pleasant though. But there’s no other place where they can live in. They really are doing something stupid.” (Noah)

Noah-sama says unamused.

I see…the deepest area of Symphonia.

If it is the city where devilkins live, we might be able to learn something about the Snake Church.

“Understood. I will head to the 9th District as Noah-sama advises.” (Makoto)

“Makoto, there’s dangerous places as well, so be careful.” (Noah)

After saying this, Noah-sama disappears.

…Dangerous, huh.

But it smells like an adventure.

The next place to go has been decided.

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    Right back at you buddy

  18. Well, Makoto’s going to the slums then. That disguise skill looks mighty handy.

    Also, the resemblance of Makoto’s resolve and the Savior’s last deeds are too much to be unimportant. Plot point found.

    1. Re-reading : isn’t it suspicious that the first king (or maybe the first prince-consort) is never specifically named? Seriously he might not be Abel, but you’d think he’s important enough to at least have his name mentioned.

      Also this : “Geez, the gamer brain of the RPG Game Player Skill users is just…” (Noah)

      Note the plural, assuming this isn’t Reigokai’s TL goof, the implications oh my. Another otherworlder from even before 1000 years ago? Was Makoto actually a reincarnated and twice-otherworlder?

      1. The Japanese actually developed that big headed and big eyed ANIME/MANGA style just before WW2 if I recall correctly and it was based on copying American Disney style characters and the likes of Max Fleischer’s ‘Betty Boop’ cartoon character.
        It became super popular because you can show more emotions with less lines drawn and apparently we are psychologically programmed to be attracted to big round eyes (like on babies and kittens) so it bypasses or critical thinking center.
        I kinda know what you mean though, because when I first saw manga I wasn’t keen on the artwork myself…and then it got under my skin somehow and now I can’t get enough of it while finding myself critical of western comic art?
        Although western comics and cartoons have really gone to hell these last few years…

        1. I love some manga artwork, I think it looks great, just not these ones so much… Took me a while to get used to those big eyes though, now I am like you almost. I have not been reading or watching any westen comics for over 10 years I think, but I will take your word for it 🙂

  19. That’s why the lineage of Ryosuke-sama who has the same Light Hero Skill as the Savior-sama is absolutely necessary in the Highland royalty. Skills appear more often when they are from the same lineage after all.

    I wanted to retort, but I held back…. >_<
    I feel bad for Ryosuke here

  20. “He has a whole lot of wives, but his most beautiful one that is Princess Noel is not on the table yet, huh.
    That’s a shame.” – It’s lines like these that make me think Makoto is still seeing everything as a ‘game’ and is treating real people as acquisitions? In the same vain as he was almost going to go smashing vases and robbing chests earlier… It’s like he has some kind of disconnect where he just see’s it as other people’s problems?
    He was like this in the beginning on the bus, even as they were all dying.
    Methinks his ‘Clear Mind’ skill is some kind of trauma defence mechanism from his previous life?
    I can see him losing his mind if someone he does love gets killed…

    1. Too bad he have to actually use it when around women. He will never mature if he continues to use it around people

      1. Very true! That’s exactly the problem with these kinds of defence mechanisms and I think maybe that’s what the author is setting him (Makoto) up for…? Although I might be reading the tea leaves wrong there? ; )

  21. “The devilkins live in the 9th District.” (Noah)

    “?! The devilkin are in the capital?” (Makoto)

    You don’t say….

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