WM – Chapter 258: The worry of the Sage Momo

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◇Momo’s POV◇

Master Makoto-sama has left. 

He is apparently going to be training at a place called the Deep Sea Temple.

I thought ‘isn’t this place safer?’, but Master Makoto-sama is someone that is strict with himself, so he must want to put himself in an even harsher environment.

“Haah…Makoto-san…” (Anna)

Anna-san was sighing charmingly over there.

That was already a maiden in love.

The person herself is adamantly denying it though.

“Little one, it seems as if your mind is elsewhere.” (Mel)

The White Dragon Master came. 

“N-No, I am training!” (Momo)

I chant for a wood spell.

“Wood Magic: [Restraining Ivy]!” (Momo)


Tree roots stretched out from all sides, and wrapped around a scarecrow dressed as an enemy. 

It is a plain spell, but it is apparently a spell that can even capture a small dragon.

“I did it, White Dragon Master!” (Momo)

“Fumu, as expected of someone who has the Sage Skill. You learn fast.” (Mel)

“Yay! …But why is it not offensive magic?” (Momo)

I tilt my head.

The one Makoto-sama is trying to fight is the Demon Lords.

They are fearsome enemies.

There’s also the one who made me a vampire. 

That’s why, wouldn’t it be better to learn stronger offensive spells?

“Bifrons has a lot of undead subordinates. Sun magic which is the holy element is the most desireable in this scenario, but…it isn’t suitable for you since you are a half-vampire. It would be better to obstruct them instead of doing attack spells that won’t be showing much effectiveness.” (Mel)

The White Dragon Master answered without any doubts.

“I see…” (Momo)

“Also, we have a Strategic Mage. Leaving the attack to them would be best.” (Mel)

“Strategic Mage…?” (Momo)

I tilt my head at the unfamiliar words.

“There was a time when Spirit Users were called that. They are not called that anymore though.” (Mel)

“Are you talking about Makoto-san?” (Anna)

Anna-san had joined the conversation by the time I noticed.

“White Dragon Master, what is strategic magic?” (Momo)

“Magic which is aimed at destroying cities or countries… The other name it was called as was Indiscriminate Murder Magic.” (Mel)


Anna-san and I look at each other.

An unbelievably dangerous name showed up.

“Children, elderly; it is magic that destroys everything without care.” (Mel)

“M-Makoto-san wouldn’t do something like that!” (Abel)

“That’s right! Master Makoto-sama is a kind person!” (Momo)

The White Dragon Master sighed at our objection. 

“It is not a matter of want to do or not, it is that ‘it can only do that’. The minute control of Spirit Magic is extremely difficult. If used, that’s the end. It will swallow anything and everything regardless of enemy or ally… That’s the kind of magic it is.” (Mel)

“But Makoto-san wouldn’t drag us into…ah.” (Anna)

“Have you forgotten about what happened in Laberintos, Hero-kun? You almost died because of Undine.” (Mel)

“…Yes.” (Anna)

“But Master Makoto-sama has been very careful since then!” (Momo)

When I say this, the White Dragon Master nodded lightly. 

“That’s exactly right. The Spirit User-kun is using Spirit Magic in a way that it doesn’t drag us in it. You normally can’t use it that way though.” (Mel)

“I knew it! That means Master Makoto-sama is amazing!” (Momo)

When I say this, the White Dragon Master made a complicated expression.

“The magic we use is ultimately an imitation of the God’s Miracles. It would be strange to not have the Divine Protection of a strong God somewhere with how much power he has.” (Mel)

“Makoto-san said he isn’t the believer of any God.” (Anna)

I couldn’t understand the importance of Anna-san’s words.

Because I also am not a believer of any God.

“That’s not all. The Goddesses living in the Divine Realm hate Spirit Magic.” (Mel)

“The Goddesses do…?” (Anna)

Anna-san mutters anxiously. 

That bothered even me.

What does it mean that the Goddesses hate it?

“It is because the damage spirit magic causes is too big. It is basically something that can bring a calamity on purpose. The people with the talent to be a Spirit User decreased with the flow of time. The Goddesses made it so that a Skill like that isn’t conferred.” (Mel)

“But Makoto-san said he received an oracle from the Goddess-sama…” (Anna)

“He did say that…” (Mel)

The White Dragon Master furrowed her brows and placed a hand on her chin.

“I think the Spirit User-kun isn’t someone from this world.” (Mel)

“Not someone from this world?” (Anna)

“W-What do you mean by that…?” (Momo)

“When I speak to the Spirit User-kun, I feel like he lacks the common sense of this world. And he is an abnormal spirit magic user so strong he feels like a sudden mutation. He fits the bill for the traits of an otherworlder that shows up around once every several centuries.” (Mel)

“Makoto-san is…” (Anna)

“An otherworlder?” (Momo)

My brain couldn’t keep up because of the word I didn’t even imagine would come out. 

“This is purely my own speculation. I might be completely wrong. You can ask the person himself if you are interested in it.” (Mel)

“It does bother me. But the person himself isn’t saying anything, he must want to hide it.” (Anna)

“Hmm.” (Mel)

I want to know. 

If it is about Master Makoto-sama, I want to know everything.


I should ask him about it when he is back.

Now that I think about it, he hasn’t been reading the book he was reading often when we first met. 

I have been learning how to read and write recently in between my training, so maybe I could get him to lend it to me.

Since then, we have waited for the return of Master Makoto-sama while training everyday. 

“Can’t wait for him to return, right, Anna-san?” (Momo)

“Yeah—eh?! No…I don’t really…” (Anna)

“Just admit it already -that you love Master Makoto-sama.” (Momo)

“T-That’s not it! I admire him, but love?!” (Anna)

“You were sleep-talking about Master Makoto-sama before, you know?” (Momo)

“Eh?! L-Lies! Y-You are lying, right, Momo-chan?!” (Anna)

“Who knows~.” (Momo)

Well, Anna-san only said ‘Makoto-san…’ once in her sleep though.

The flustered Anna-san was amusing, so I didn’t explain it in detail.

—It eventually came the day for Master Makoto-sama’s return.

The White Dragon Master headed to the rendezvous point to get him.

I waited with bated breath for his return.

(He is back!) (Momo)

Anna-san and I hurried to welcome him…and when we saw Master Makoto-sama’s figure, we were at a loss for words. 

His expression was dark and his eyes were blank.

I have never seen him with a face like that…

His attire that he always keeps clean was in tatters. 

His steps were unsteady, and he walked with those very steps to the temple. 

“Uhm…Master Makoto-sama…?” (Momo)

I spoke to him flustered, but I got no response, and Master Makoto-sama laid down on the bed as if collapsing onto it.

Master Makoto-sama?! What happened?! 

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