WM – Chapter 70: Takatsuki Makoto heads to the royal castle again

“Well then, it is about time we go to the Sun Country, Highland.” (Makoto)

I proposed this to everyone in the evening.

There’s no reason to stay here for long anyways.

“Because there are no goblins?” (Lucy)

Lucy says this, peeking upwards at my face.

I avert my face.

“There are too few Spirits here and it doesn’t help out in my training.” (Makoto)

Well, there being no monsters around is also a big factor though.

It is boring.

“I’m fine with that.” (Aya)

Sa-san agrees with me while fiddling with her hair.

Sa-san knocked down all the knights, so it gets pretty awkward between them.

You meet the patrolling knights walking around the city pretty often.

“Then, it would be best to go to the castle to report this.” (Fujiwara)

Fuji-yan warns me.

Is that how it works?

“I will go give my greetings at the royal castle then.” (Chris)

Seems like Chris-san will be going.

“Chris-sama, want me to accompany you?” (Nina)

“Nina, I told you not to add ‘-sama’. Now, let’s go.” (Chris)

“Yes, Chris. I will go get ready first.” (Nina)

Hm, Nina-san and Chris-san are getting along better than ever before.

What was the prickly atmosphere of just a few days ago?

We prepared to depart, and waited for Chris-san and Nina-san to return.

 “…I told them that we will be departing to the Sun Country, and they told me that they want to hold a dinner together with us, so come tonight to the Rozes Castle, is the message I was given.” (Chris)

Chris-san returned with a troubled expression.

“Are they trying to stop us…?” (Fujiwara)

Fuji-yan mutters.

“Do we have to go…?” (Makoto)

“Ma-ko-to.” (Lucy)

Lucy shakes her head to the sides.

Yeah, I should know already.

This is a forced event.

“Will there be a lot of delicious food?” (Aya)

Sa-san seems to be looking forward to it, different from everyone else. 

“The royal cuisine of the Water Country is said to be of high level.” (Nina)

Ah, Nina-san seems to be in that band too.

The girls that like eating.

With all that said, we head to the Rozes Castle once again.


“Waah, so tasty~.” 

“This is a delicacy!” 

I underestimated the cooking of the Rozes royalty.

It is crazy delicious.

That’s a touristic country’s capital for ya.

A steak that I can cut with chopsticks, a platter of sashimi that was prepared from a whole fish that’s as big as a skipjack tuna (and there’s something similar to soy sauce!).

Crab, prawn, vegetable tempura, and the many fresh types of salads.

The fact that there’s quite a lot of japanese-like food here bothers me though.

…No, this was probably done to match our taste.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun! The sweets corner over there is amazing!” (Aya)

“Alright! Let’s go!” (Makoto)

It is a buffet, so we can take as much as we want, and Sa-san is all merry.

Me too.

Man, I am glad we came.

“Makoto-san, how is it? Did the food of the Rozes Castle meet your taste?” 

Prince Leonard.

I prop myself up so to not be rude.

It worries me that Sa-san is chugging down wine at the back.

Must not make a blunder.

“This is the first time I’ve had such delicious food.” (Makoto)

This isn’t flattery, I really think so.

“This dinner was something that I asked Nee-sama to open. I wanted to talk with Makoto-san one more time.” (Leonard)

Looking at me with those glittering eyes is embarrassing me.

“Can you show me your magic one more time?” (Leonard)

“Uhm…right. Then, over here.” (Makoto)

I can’t be stingy when showing magic for the Prince.

We come close to the fountain that is at the castle’s garden.

(Uhm, Water Magic: [Dance of Animals]!) (Makoto)

Using the water of the fountain, I create mermaids, birds, horses, and other animal forms at random, and have them dance.

It is like a water show.

The people that were doing a musical performance at the party venue began to play their instruments to match this.

There’s few Spirits, but as expected of the fountain of the royal castle, it is good water that has mana in it.

It reminds me of the Water Temple.

Now that I think about it, this is technically the head temple of the Water Temples.

“W-Wow! Just how much do you have to train to master water magic to this extent!” (Leonard)

Looks like Prince Leonard is enjoying this.

That’s a relief.

“Hey hey, Makoto, what’s your water magic proficiency now?” (Lucy)

Lucy pokes my cheek with champagne in one hand.

The red dress that reveals her shoulders suits her.

The fact that she can mix well even in places like this is just like her.

“More than 150.” (Makoto)

I whisper it to her.

The Soul Book modification is against the law, so I can’t say it out loud.

The official number of my Water Magic Proficiency is 99.

Lucy moans with a low ‘hau!’.

“I-I am still at 30…” (Lucy)

“No, the first time you weren’t even at 10, you know.” (Makoto)

You have grown.

It seems like Proficiency tends to increase more quickly with weak Magic Skill.

To increase Proficiency, it is needed to increase the amount of times you use magic.

But when it is someone like Lucy who is a Monarch Mage, just using 1 spell is already hard.

Because she has to control an astounding amount of mana every time.

In that point, someone like me who is an Apprentice Mage with my pathetic amount of mana, I can easily…saying it myself is already making me sad.

“Makoto-san! Can you teach me magic?!” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard asks me with clear eyes.

Oh, that’s unexpected.

[Will you accept the request of Prince Leonard?]


No ←

It has been a while since I have gotten the choices.

What to do…

If I choose [Yes], I would have to stay in Horun for a while.

If I choose [No]…in the first place, is it okay to refuse the request of the Prince?

I don’t hate Prince Leonard.

He is amiable and I can tell that he admires me.

Just that, his sister Sofia is scary.

While I was thinking about this…

“Leo, what are you doing?” 

A refreshing voice resonated from the back.


 -Princess Sofia POV-

I set tonight’s dinner at the request of Leo.

But I can’t understand if Takatsuki Makoto has that much appeal to merit it.

He is simply a mage that can use water magic decently.

If it is that much, we have a lot of those in this country.

“That’s not it, Nee-sama! Can’t you tell the delicate control of Makoto-san’s water magic?! They move like they are alive!” (Leonard)

Leo speaks passionately, but…good grief.

Would something like that be useful in the subjugation of the Great Demon Lord?

That just serves for show.

Even so, the hero candidates of the parallel world that I had my eyes on all left the country.

In that regard, it was my blunder.

The people from the other world have low religious belief towards the Gods.

Forcing the rules of this country on them without noticing this, was a mistake.

In that point, Princess Noel from the Sun Country is doing it well.

She provides them money, land, and even lovers.

“Sofia, you are going to bring back the Light Hero to Rozes with your beauty!” 

Mother even spread a weird rumor to pull the interest of the Light Hero.

I’m sure that will prove pointless…

In the first place, the opponent is the Light Oracle that’s called the Princess that Illuminates the Heavens <Amaterasu>, Princess Noel. 

There’s no way I can win against that.

Oh my? It seems like Leonard is talking to Takatsuki Makoto.

I hope he is not putting anything weird in his head.

“Nee-sama! I am asking Makoto-san if he can teach me magic!” (Leonard)

“Good evening, Princess Sofia.” (Makoto)

Leo has a wide smile, and Takatsuki Makoto an uncomfortable smile.

“Leo, he is an adventurer. You must not ask for the unreasonable.” (Sofia)

A prince asking for the magic teachings of an adventurer?

Moreover, that man is an apprentice mage.

Just what is he thinking…?

“Prince Leonard, if you want to learn magic, there should be a whole lot of mages that are more suited than me.” (Makoto)

That’s a good answer that shows you understand your own standing, Takatsuki Makoto.

“Leo, let’s call for a High Rank Mage of the royal castle later.” (Sofia)

The fact that we don’t even have a Superior Rank Mage is the sad part of our country.

“That’s not it, Nee-sama! Makoto-san’s water magic is art. It is different from the other people.” (Leonard)

“No, you are putting it way too high.” (Makoto)

“Leo…you can’t defeat monsters and demons with art.” (Sofia)

What’s with this? It is like Takatsuki Makoto and I are cooperating to convince Leo.

When I was thinking about how to calm him down…

“Reporting! Monsters have appeared in the city!” 

A loud voice that stopped the party resonated in the venue.

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