WM – Chapter 205: Takatsuki Makoto gets embroiled

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“Oi, Rozes Hero, why are you together with my little sister?” (Geralt)

Woops, we have encountered a problematic one. 

“Gera-chi, what’s the matter?”

The one who peeked her head at the back of Geralt-san was a familiar brown skinned exotic beauty, the Fire Hero, Olga-san.

…What a peculiar combination.

“N-Nii-sama, you were together with Olga-sama, huh.” (Janet)

Janet-san was slightly agitated, but responded calmly.

“Oh? Janet-chan~. Are you together with a man? What a girl, ui ui~.” (Olga)

“O-Olga-sama? Are you drunk?” (Janet)

“I will be getting drunk from here on☆.” (Olga)

Was Olga-san this kind of character?

“Oi, Rozes Hero, are you listening?!” (Geralt)

“Aah, yes, I am listening~.” (Makoto)

Oops, my brain just froze there. 

“Let me in. That’s fine with you, right?” (Geralt)

“G-Go ahead.” (Makoto)

Doesn’t sound like I can refuse anyways.

Since there’s the chance, let’s get along better with two Heroes. 

They are both scary people that beat me up real bad in the past though.


“Nii-sama, can you please go over there?” (Janet)

“Wa?! Janet?” (Geralt)

Janet-san said in a cold tone, and Geralt-san took a step back as if taken aback by this.

“Gera-chi, you shouldn’t do that. Getting in the way of your little sister. See ya, Janet-chan, Rozes Hero-san~.” (Olga)

“O-Oi.” (Geralt)

Olga-san dragged Geralt-san away. 

Eh? We are not gonna be eating together? 

“Sorry about my brother.” (Janet)

“Is it okay to not eat with them?” (Makoto)

“It is okay!” (Janet)

“I see… By the way, Geralt-san and Olga-san get along well, huh.” (Makoto)

“It seems like they were fighting closeby at the battle with the demon lord army, so it was since then… They have interacted with each other in the past though.” (Janet)

“I see.” (Makoto)

“Olga-sama has been staying in the room of my brother for a long while as of late…” (Janet)

Janet-san said awkwardly. 

“Staying long…?” (Makoto)

“Yes. As in, till morning…” (Janet)

Janet-san glares at me as if telling me ‘get it already’.

Aah, till morning huh! 


Geralt-san and Olga-san were in that kind of relationship?! 

I didn’t know…

I glance at Geralt-san and Olga-san who are sitting slightly further away from us, and it is more like Olga-san is the one who is proactively approaching him.

Geralt-san is looking as if he is finding that annoying, but he is conversing with her as if having fun.

They are most likely compatible with them being battle junkies and all that. 

Ah, Gera-san glared at me as if going ‘hah?’.

I hurriedly avert my gaze.

“Takatsuki Makoto, isn’t the matter of my brother fine already? You are together with me right now.” (Janet)

Saying this, Janet-san held my hand.

…The eyes of Geralt-san grew even sharper. 

“Janet-san, are you drunk?” (Makoto)

“Fufu, I haven’t drunk that much.” (Janet)

She says that as she places her head on my shoulder. 

Aah, this is the same move as Lucy when she is drunk.

Hmm…I am scared of looking at where Geralt-san is.

I say that, but with Perspective Change, I glance for a bit at the seats over there…and Olga-san was making Gera-san drink. 

He isn’t looking over here.

Safe safe.

“Takatsuki Makoto, your mind is elsewhere.” (Janet)

“…That’s not true.” (Makoto)

“Please look at me.” (Janet)

She placed a hand on my cheek and my head was made to face Janet-san.

Janet-san’s head was on my shoulder, so her breath was so close it could reach me. 

Her glossy blonde hair brushed my face. 

Her long eyelashes and slanted eyes on her beautiful face was looking up at me. 

“You have time today, right?” (Janet)

She whispered in my ear. 

“…Well, a bit of time.” (Makoto)

“Then, keep me company, okay?” (Janet)

I did make her accompany me to the sudden visit of Esther-san. 

Refusing this would be unfair. 

“…It is okay.” (Makoto)

“Fufufu, I have gained consent.” (Janet)

Janet-san said something ominous which made me feel slightly uneasy. Her cheeks are slightly pink, so it is just her being weak to alcohol, right? Just when I was thinking about this…

“…What are you doing?” 

A cold voice like that of a blizzard.

At the opposite side of Janet-san.

Someone had sat on the neighboring seat. 

Who is it? 

Before I could confirm, my arm had been taken and my body was pulled over to that side.

After that, I finally managed to turn and confirm her face.

“P-Princess Sofia?” (Makoto)

“I have been searching for you, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

The Water Oracle that had an icy smile had a tight grip on my arm. 

Could it be that she is alone?

I thought that, but a number of knights were standing at the entrance.

“W-Why are you here?” (Makoto)

“You were taking too long to come back, so I came to get you. Now, let’s go back.” (Sofa)

No, I was asking how you knew I was here.

Ah, Nina-san is making a face of ‘crap!’ and hid her face.

So Nina-san was the informant, huh.

(She did say she wouldn’t be telling Lucy and Sa-san, but she didn’t say she wouldn’t tell Princess Sofia…) (Makoto)

Nina-san is the wife of Fuji-yan.

Fuji-yan is a noble of the Water Country. 

If she were to get asked by the royalty of Rozes that’s the superior of her husband, she would have no choice but to answer…

Princess Sofia and Janet-san are currently glaring at each other with me in between.

“Oh my, Sofia. Right now Makoto and I are having a meal. Can you please not?” (Janet)

“You must have had it rough being entangled by a weird woman. Now, let’s leave, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

“A restrictive woman ends up having her man run away, you know?” (Janet)

“Can you please not try to wile my fiance?” (Sofia)

“Oh? He said that he would be accompanying me until morning. He already promised that.” (Janet)


The face of Princess Sofia snapped my way.

We didn’t promise till how long though.

“L-Let’s have a meal with us three!” (Makoto)

I am the employed Hero of the Water Country.

Moreover, Princess Sofia is my fiancee, so it should be better to listen to what she says, but I told Janet-san that I would keep her company, so I didn’t want to go back on my word.

“If Hero Makoto says so…” (Sofia)

“Can’t be helped…” (Janet)

I thought I would get scolded by this, but the two accepted it. 


I will have them eat tasty food! 

“N-Nina-san!” (Makoto)

“Yes, Takatsuki-sama!” (Nina)

Nina-san who was checking out the state here all the time came flying.

“A drink for Sofia!” (Makoto)

“Already prepared!” (Nina)

I ordered a drink, and for some reason, a drink was already placed.

“Sofia-sama, it is the usual!” (Nina)

“Oh my, thank you very much.” (Sofia)


Princess Sofia ordered ‘the usual’! 

She is a regular! (I don’t think that’s the case though)

Nina-san already has a grasp of what Princess Sofia likes, huh… That’s impressive.

“Takatsuki-sama, the food will be coming out soon!” (Nina)

Saying this, Nina-san hopped and disappeared deeper inside the place.

…I feel bad for making her go through this.

I should apologize to her later.

“Here, Takatsuki Makoto, your glass is feeling lonely.” (Janet)

“Hero Makoto, come closer here.” (Sofia)

“Sofia, aren’t you acting in an improper manner as a princess?” (Janet)

“What about you, Janet? Trying so hard to seduce someone.” (Sofia)

“What?” (Janet)

“What is it?” (Sofia)

“Now now now.” (Makoto)

I hurriedly try to calm the two of them down. 

…Is this going to be okay? 

A meal with the rare combination that is Princess Sofia and Janet-san had begun.


“That’s why Hero Makoto doesn’t take time for me at all!” (Sofia)

“You have it tough, Sofia. Hey, Takatsuki Makoto, you are a contributor in the Demon Lord subjugation, so how about you settle down?” (Janet)

“Janet, I had the wrong impression of you. I am sorry for saying you were an overdue woman…” (Sofia)

“There’s no need to say it every time. Father complained to me just a while ago after all…” (Janet)

“Should I introduce you to someone, Janet?” (Sofia)

“…Someone stronger than Geralt-niisama?” (Janet)

“…Can’t you do something about that condition?” (Sofia)

By the time I noticed, Princess Sofia and Janet-san had gotten along.

As for me, I was sipping my drink slowly while snacking on what seemed to be green soybeans.

“Gera-chi, ooi.” (Olga)

At the other table, there’s Geralt-san that had drunk till he collapsed.

So he is weak to alcohol…

Alright, next time he challenges me, let’s make it a drinking bout. 

I silently decided in my heart.

Olga-san was bringing back Geralt-san. 

Princess Sofia and Janet-san’s conversation has been looping for a while now.

It is about time we get going too here.

“Now now, you two must be tired. We have prepared a carriage for your return-desu zo.” (Fuji) 

Fuji-yan had returned, and he wrapped things up. 

As expected of the mind reader.

Princess Sofia when she was about to go back…

“I have said it many times already, but tomorrow is your medal awarding ceremony. Please come to the Highland Castle without forgetting, okay?” (Sofia)

“Yes, I know.” (Makoto)

Alcohol had gotten into my system, so I nodded several times as I waved my hand.

The Guardian Knight old man and the other knights were standing there.

“Old man, sorry for having you guys wait all this time outside.” (Makoto)

I did invite them once to come inside, but they refused. 

“Sofia-sama is a person that doesn’t know how to find time to take a break. It is only at the times when she meets Makoto-dono every now and then that she is the happiest!” 

He laughed heartily. 

I waved my hand and saw the carriage of Princess Sofia off.

“Captain Janet, we are going back.” 

“Where’sh my pegashus? I don’t shee it.” (Janet)

“What are you saying when you are drunk?! You are going to get caught for riding while drunk!” 

Janet-san was shouldered by a person of her unit, and they returned by carriage. 

So it is illegal to ride a pegasus while drunk.

Of course it is, huh.

I returned to my table and stretched real good.

“Aah, that was rough.” (Makoto)

I slouch on my seat. 


“What we should be saying.” 

I heard begrudging voices from my back.

Fuji-yan and Nina-san were glaring at me.

“I’m sorry!” (Makoto)

I prostrated to Fuji-yan and Nina-san.

After that, I was made to taste test the dried sardines ramen that Fuji-yan had made to introduce as a new entry in the menu.

“How’s the taste, Takki-dono?” (Fuji)

“Way too tasty… Where did you get dried sardines?” (Makoto)

“Made it…Danna-sama did.” (Nina)

Nina-san sighed a deep ‘haaah’.

Looks like it is ramen that gets them in the negatives.

But it is tasty. 

The nice smell of the dried sardine broth was giving great taste to the noodles. 

The toppings are roasted pork fillet, menma, narutomaki, and spring onions. 

Right right, simple is nice. 

I drank all the broth without leaving a drop.

By the time I returned to the inn, it was already past midnight. 

◇Sasaki Aya POV◇

“My Knight is late.” (Furiae)

Fu-chan who was reading a book muttered this. 

“This is the third time you said this, Furi.” (Lucy)

Lu-chan was making a variety of poses with her staff to train (?) her magic.

It seems like it is training for her pose when she nails it. 

Watching the training of Lu-chan is amusing. 

Takatsuki-kun’s training is like watching a statue.

“Sofi-chan went to search for him, so I think he is going to come back soon.” (Aya)

I was making the preparations for breakfast tomorrow.

“Maybe they will be disappearing into the night city just like that.” (Lucy)

“She is not you, Lu-chan.” (Aya)

“Eh?! That’s not true! …I would.” (Lucy)

“I won’t forgive you, Lu-chan…” (Aya)

I raised my kitchen knife as I said this.

“Aya, don’t point the kitchen knife here. It is boring without Makoto here, so let’s drink today. Aya, Furi, accompany me!” (Lucy)

Lu-chan brought out a strong drink from somewhere.

Lu-chan has been becoming hearty lately. 

It is like she is beginning to resemble her mother. 

“Can’t be helped. I will prepare the snacks.” (Aya)

If I remember correctly, we had bacon, cheese, and crackers. 

“Girls-only time! We are drinking till we drop!” (Lucy)

“Lu-chan, if you eat too much at night, you will get fat, you know?” (Aya)

“It is okay! If I shoot a number of monarch spells, I would basically go back to 0 calories!” (Lucy)

That’s not how it works. 

But Lu-chan doesn’t get fat at all.

Lu-chan was waving her staff around.

Her chest is shaking as she does that.

…Hasn’t it gotten bigger than before? 

I get closer to Lu-chan.

“What’s the matter, Aya…? Your eyes are scary—Gya!” (Lucy)

I grabbed the boobs of Lu-chan and she let out a scream that didn’t have a bit of allure.

I fondle them just like that.

“Hmm, they really have gotten a bit bigger.” (Aya)

“What are you doing, Aya?!” (Lucy)

“Wawa!” (Aya)

Lu-chan pushed me over and I fell onto the bed.

And then she put her hands inside my clothes.

“Wait, Lu-chan! Stop stop!” (Aya)

“I will make them bigger!” (Lucy)

“Kya!” (Aya)

Lu-chan and I were playing around like usual.

“Fuu…My Knight is late.” (Furiae)

Fu-chan sighed languidly. 

This is the fourth time she mutters about Takatsuki-kun.


Lu-chan and I stopped our tussle and looked at each other.

We whispered to each other.

{Hey, Aya, Furi is acting weird.} (Lucy)

{…That’s already a maiden in love.} (Aya)

{Aah…that Makoto…} (Lucy)

{It can’t be helped…} (Aya)

{Alright…now that it has come to this, we will have her spill it out!} (Lucy)

“Furi! Don’t just sigh all the time over there, and tell us about Makoto!” (Lucy)

“Fu-chan, let’s talk~.” (Aya)

“T-Talk about what?!” (Furiae)

Lu-chan and I approached Fu-chan, and she jumped back at this. 

That night, we heard about Takatsuki-kun from Fu-chan.

Fu-chan didn’t admit that she liked Takatsuki-kun.



I opened my eyes in bed and stretched widely. 

I look at the bed by the side.

“Aah, she undressed again.” (Aya)

Lu-chan’s pajamas were opened up a lot. 

I fixed her messy clothes. 

Further back, there’s Fu-chan in a beautiful sleeping posture—wait, eh? 

“Fu-chan’s not there?” (Aya)

Fu-chan is normally the type who wakes up late, but her bed is empty. 


Well, that’s fine.

“Hnnn~~~!!” (Aya)

I stretched once again, and got off from bed. 

The outside of the window is still darkish.

I washed my face, and fixed myself up in front of the mirror. 

And then, I slowly opened the door to the neighboring room. 

Takatsuki-kun must have fallen asleep while training, he was sleeping while sitting. 

“Geez…” (Aya)

I had Takatsuki-kun sleep on the bed and put the blanket on him.

I watch the sleeping face of Takatsuki-kun.

“You really work hard.” (Aya)

I kissed the forehead of Takatsuki-kun and left the room. 

Then, I went to the kitchen and did preparations for breakfast. 

The usual morning.

Maybe I will make some eggs and ham today. 

Bread is fine too, but…Takatsuki-kun likes japanese-style meals, so I guess it is gotta be rice. 

While I was thinking that, I saw someone in the kitchen early morning where no one is supposed to be.

A slender dress and long black hair. 

“…Good morning, Warrior-san.” (Furiae)

“Good morning, Fu-chan. You got up early today.” (Aya)

She greeted me like she is still sleepy. 

She really isn’t an early riser. 

“Can I help out in making breakfast?” (Furiae)

“Of course! But why so sudden?” (Aya)

When I asked, Fu-chan fidgeted for a bit and said…

“…I was thinking about making something for My Knight.” (Furiae)


Wa! A maiden in love!

Just admit it already! 

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