WM – Chapter 220: The Great Demon Lord’s revival

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“Now, let’s go.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia grabs my arm, and we head to the Holy Maiden Anna’s Great Church. 

The objective is to talk about the plans for the future with the related parties due to the return of the Great Demon Lord.

Why the Great Church?

In the attack of the Demon Lord from before, we gathered at the Highland Castle though…

There’s also one other thing that bothered me.

“U-Uhm…Sofia-san? There’s no need to grab my hand so tightly.” (Makoto)

“No. You immediately end up at the side of some other woman after all.” (Sofia)

“No, that’s…” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia is fuming.

I look at my back.

Lucy was whistling.

Sa-san had a bitter smile with both hands together as if apologetic.

Furiae-san was blushing and averting her gaze.

These people…

Looks like no one is saving me.

Well, I am the one at fault…

“Sofia-san…” (Makoto)

She went ‘hmph’ and faced the other way.

I should wait for the princess to be in a better mood.

I was checking out the sights around while walking.

The sky is cloudy, making it dark.

I feel like there’s less people than usual. 

It hasn’t been announced to the general populace that the Great Demon Lord is resurrecting.

But I could already see the lack energy from the faces of the people.

I could see the ashen colored statue of Savior Abel raising his sword that’s at the entrance of the capital from between the buildings of the city.

-I felt something was off.

I couldn’t put it in words, but it was a powerful churning feeling.

“Sofia.” (Makoto)

“What is it? I am not angr—” (Sofia)

“That statue was always that color?” (Makoto)

“? Yeah…that’s right. It is the statue of Hero Abel-sama, right?” (Sofia)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I doubted my ears.

Leaving aside me and Sa-san who came from another world, Lucy and Princess Sofia would call Hero Abel as Savior-sama.

That’s because Savior Abel and the regular Heroes are clearly placed in different categories.

For the people in this world, the name Savior-sama is definite.

Princess Sofia is the Oracle of a Goddess, so there’s no way she would mistake it…

“Hero Makoto, let’s hurry. Noel-sama is waiting.” (Sofia)

“Y-Yes.” (Makoto)

In the end, I couldn’t talk in detail about the identity of this strange feeling and her words, and we hurried to the Great Church.


There were already a lot of people gathered at the Holy Maiden Anna’s Great Church.

The royals of the nations, big nobles, Heroes, Oracles, well-known knights…etc.

There are familiar faces and also unknown ones.

At the front of the Great Church there’s a platform and the statue of the Sun Goddess Althena-sama.

Princess Noel and Esther-san were standing on top of the platform.

“Noel-sama is currently the Pope of the Goddess Church.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia whispered to me.

I see, so the previous Pope has already been dismissed.

I didn’t want to meet him, so this is good.

“Takatsuki Makoto!” 

“Janet-san?” (Makoto)

A female knight wearing golden armor ran my way.

“You seem to be doing well. What battlefield are you going to be stationed at? If it hasn’t been decided, I could try to convince them to place us in the same place…” (Janet)

“He will most likely be placed in the same place as the Light Hero-sama. Noel-sama stated as such after all.” (Sofia)

The one who answered the question of Janet-san was Princess Sofia.

“Is that so…” (Makoto)

By the way, this is the first I heard about this.

“Yes, I heard this was the request of the Light Hero-sama.” (Sofia)

“The same as the Light Hero… The main force that’s led by General Yuwein then. Fufu, then it will be easy to adjust. Hero Makoto, I will fight together with you.” (Janet)

Janet-san smiled suggestively.

“Janet, I leave Hero Makoto under your care.” (Sofia)

“Oh?” (Janet)

Janet-san made a surprised face at Princess Sofia’s words.

“You won’t be against me getting close to Takatsuki Makoto, right?” (Janet)

“I won’t… I can’t go to the battlefield after all. Please keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t do anything reckless.” (Sofia)

“Right… I will follow him so it doesn’t end up like before! Leave it to me!” (Janet)

Janet-san answered with a reliable smile.

Princess Sofia smiled…and directed a meaningful gaze at me.

“By the way, the women of Hero Makoto’s party have all put a hand on him, so I think it will be hard for you to get in.” (Sofia)


Janet-san made a shocked expression at Princess Sofia’s words.

“Y-You…could it be that you even put your hands on the Moon Oracle Furiae? …Moreover, she is currently a Holy Maiden, right?!” (Janet)

“That logic won’t work on Hero Makoto… I saw them sleeping in the same bed.” (Sofia)

“What a horrible man… Sofia, you must have it rough…” (Janet)

“Janet, this is also the duty of royalty…” (Sofia)

“I am your ally.” (Janet)

“Fufu, that’s reassuring.” (Sofia)

These two are getting along with me as the collateral.

At that moment…

“Everyone! Please be quiet!” 

A Templar raised his voice, the giant doors of the Great Church made a heavy sound and were locked.

“The related parties have gathered.” (Noel)

Princess Noel speaks with a voice that travels well.

There’s space for several hundreds of people in the Great Church, but today it is close to full.

At the walls of the Great Church there’s knights lined up on alert who are most likely the guards.

There were also templars outside the Great Church strengthening the defense, so this is most likely the most important base currently.

We sat at the seats furthest back.

Janet-san sat close to us as well.

Is it okay to not go to where the Valentine Household is?

“Today we have had you gathered here because there’s an important announcement from the Goddess-sama regarding the resurrection of the Great Demon Lord Iblis.” (Noel)

Esther-san is by the side of Princess Noel…no, my eyes met with the Destiny Goddess Ira-sama. 

The next instant, the body of Esther-san shone, and massive mana filled the church.

Several light wings appear from the back of Esther-san.

Every single person in the church lowered their heads.

(She is acting as if she descended right at this moment, but that was Ira-sama from the very beginning, right…?) (Makoto)

I followed the people around and lowered my head, and I peeked at the face of Ira-sama.

Ah, she glared at me.

She might have read my mind.

…Ira-sama looks tired.

“Raise your heads.” (Ira)

Ira-sama speaks weighty words.

The people in the church look at her.

“There’s something I have to tell everyone.” (Ira)

Ira-sama continued speaking.

“You may have heard already, but the Great Demon Lord will be resurrecting after 1,000 years.” (Ira)

Murmur occurs.

“But the Great Demon Lord’s power is still not enough, and there’s only 2 remaining Demon Lords in the Demonic Continent. It is very different from the situation 1,000 years ago. On the other hand, we have prepared plenty enough for the war. If we were to fight upfront, there’s no doubt of our victory.” (Ira)

‘Oooh’, voices of relief were raised.

They have been preparing for several years after all.

The noble-looking people and the soldiers were saying brave stuff like: ‘The time has finally come…’, ‘We will defeat the Great Demon Lord and obtain true peace…’, ‘I am looking forward to this battle…’.

The morale is high.

But Princess Noel who is at the side of Ira-sama has a dark grim expression.

Is she worried about Sakurai-kun?

I searched for Sakurai-kun, and I saw him at the very front seats, at the side of General Yuwein.

“The alliance army of the human race surpasses them in national power. They have lost a Demon Lord, and the Great Demon Lord hasn’t recovered their original power. If we were to attack, it…was supposed to have been now.” (Ira)



The flow of things have changed.

The inside of the church stirs up.

When I look closely, I could see the expression of Ira-sama is grave.

“The resurrected Great Demon Lord was not without a plan… The demon lord army that is inferior in power has pulled a low move… The effect of that has already reached our country… No, it has reached the whole continent. The evil power of the demon lord is threatening the life of everyone…” (Ira)

Wait a minute, Ira-sama!

Where’s the fighting mood of before?! 

The people around were also confused from the sudden change.

“I will be clear here. At this rate, we won’t be able to win against the Great Demon Lord… It won’t even be a fight.” (Ira)

“W-What do you mean by that?!” 

One of the nobles of the Sun Country raised his voice.

“I will explain…but before that, I have someone I have to call.” (Ira)

Ira-sama raised a hand and a giant magic circle appeared.

A magic circle that shines rainbow.

I have seen it before; a summoning circle.

I may be familiar with it, but it is by no means a spell that a human can use.

A god rank summoning spell that would be impossible to activate without the Divinity of Ira-sama.

The one who showed up was a familiar tall and beautiful Goddess.

(Is it okay to come to the mortal realm so frequently…?) (Makoto)

The one who appeared was the Sun Goddess that I met just the other day.

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