WM – Chapter 195: Takatsuki Makoto faces a Demon Lord

Beast King Zagan.

If asked to describe him in words, it would be ‘a giant silver lion’.

“Or more like, isn’t it too big?” (Makoto)

I ended up saying that out loud.

That’s how big it is. 

In front of this guy, dragons and giants are like small rats.

Isn’t its size bigger than 100 meters?

If I didn’t have information beforehand, I would have thought this was a kaiju the likes of Godzilla.

Isn’t it breaking the isekai immersion like this? 

(I explained to you, right? The Beast King has the blood of the Earth Divine Beast, Behemoth. He is on a different plane from your average monster and dragon.) (Noah)

Noah-sama’s voice resonated.

Information I was told of before arriving here.

Apparently, after the war at the Divine Realm ended, the Divine Beast Behemoth that stayed in the mortal realm impregnated monsters around, and those descendants became Demon Lords.

So problematic…

By the way, where’s Behemoth? 

(He has been sleeping for around 15,000,000 years in the Demonic Continent. He won’t be waking up, so don’t worry about it. In terms of a map, he is a location called the Hazel Mountain Range.) (Noah)

He is being treated as a mountain range.

Just how big is he…

(Divine Beasts are mostly like that, you know. More importantly, concentrate on the Demon Lord in front of you.) (Noah)

This isn’t the time to be having idle chatter. 

“Sakurai-kun, do you think you can win?” (Makoto)

“Yeah…is what I want to say, but I won against the previous Beast King when I had the sun on my side. Right now…” (Sakurai)

The sky is covered in black clouds. 

The light of the sun isn’t reaching at all.

What to do.

At that moment…


The Beast King Zagan spoke.

The air shook as if his voice itself was an attack.

The Demon Lord was saying something in a low and dignified voice.


“Sakurai-kun, what is the Demon Lord saying?” (Makoto)

I didn’t understand what he said at all.

It is not human tongue, and it is obviously not Spirit Language either.

“…It is apparently a language of demons. I don’t understand it either.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun answered apologetically. 

The Demon Lord continued speaking.


No, if you are trying to convey something, say it in words that we can understand! 

I think he is saying something to the human side…

Bifrons-san and Setekh were talking in human language, you know?! 

(Bifrons and Setekh ruled the West Continent 1,000 years ago after all. They can’t manage it without knowing the tongue of humans, right? The Beast King is always in the Demonic Continent, so he can only speak the demon tongue.) (Noah)

I see, so that’s how it is.

By the way, do you understand demon tongue, Noah-sama?

(Huh?! You plan on having me translate for you?!) (Noah)

Ah, sorry.

Of course that’s not good.

(Geez, can’t be helped, Makoto. Only this once, okay?) (Noah)

Looks like she will translate for me.

(Let’s see: ‘Foolish humans… After 1,000 years of making up for our losses, we demons will once again rule the world…’, is what he is saying in a long-winded manner. Also: ‘Light Hero, I will accept your duel with me, the Demon Lord Zagan’.) (Noah)

He isn’t saying anything important.

Also, what’s that about a duel after you set a trap on him! 

That’s angering.

“Oi, Sakurai-kun, let’s hit the Demon Lord with a preemptive strike while he is having his speech.” (Makoto)

“E-Eh? …Is that okay?” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun made a troubled expression at my suggestion.

Oi oi, there’s a limit to how much of a good guy you can be.

“By the way, I have been trying to control the pitch black clouds to clear the sky for a while now, but it isn’t going well. Even when I manage to control the clouds, it just ends up going back.” (Makoto)

Changing the weather by using my Spirit Arm. 

It really doesn’t work on the pitch black clouds.

I say that, but I think I would be able to restore the weather temporarily for around 30 minutes.

That would just be like throwing a pebble in a lake, huh…

“At the time when we defeated the previous Beast King, we somehow managed to defeat him by teaming up with General Yuwein, the Great Sage-sama, and the Country Designated Hero of Highland. But…” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun directs his gaze to the distance.

At that place there’s the six nation alliance army and the demon lord army fighting intensely.

There’s no signs of them coming to assist us.

Or more like, the black barrier has disappeared, but our side doesn’t seem to have noticed that Sakurai-kun is okay. 

What stands out the most around us is the gigantic Demon Lord.

There’s no idiot who would rush to a completely healthy Demon Lord.

“Want to try running away to regroup, then?” (Makoto)

“…It would be nice if he were an enemy that would allow that though.” (Sakurai)

We look at the giant silver beast in front of us.

He is so big that I can’t even tell properly where he is looking, but I think he is looking at us.

He most likely knows where we are…

(Makoto! He said that if there’s no answer, he will be the one coming at you!) (Noah)

What answer?! 

Tell us in words we understand! 

“Sakurai-kun, he is coming!” (Makoto)

“A-Alright!” (Sakurai)

We prepared for the enemy’s attack.

The Beast King opened his mouth wide. 

Light gathers into the mouth of the Beast King.

Geh…could it be…


A giant beam was shot from the mouth of the Demon Lord.

I felt as if the sun had been thrown at us.


Aren’t we dead here…?

“Holy Swordsmanship: [Explosion]!” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun swung his sword, and the attack of the Beast King was offset. 

The two attacks clashed in the air, and exploded. 

“Sakurai-kun, that’s impressive! With this…” (Makoto)

“Haaah…Haaah…Haaah…” (Sakurai)

The usually relaxed Sakurai-kun was breathing heavily. 

“Sakurai-kun…are you okay?” (Makoto)

“Without the sun, I can’t replenish my mana or my aura, so…it might be rough on me if that just now were to come a number of times more.” (Sakurai)

That would be bad.

“Let’s hide for now.” (Makoto)

“Got it.” (Sakurai)

I use Stealth on Sakurai-kun and myself, and take distance from the Beast King.

“[Mist].” (Makoto)

I don’t know if this will work to inhibit his vision, but I cover the surroundings with heavy fog.

Won’t we be able to escape if it goes well?


The roar of a beast resonated.

The next instant, a tremor that felt like it could turn over the ground happened.

“Takatsuki-kun! Grab on!” (Sakurai)

“Thanks!” (Makoto)

I was supported by Sakurai-kun when I couldn’t stay on my feet, and somehow managed to endure it.

At that moment, something weird jumped into my vision.

There’s a wall.

We were surrounded by a giant wall. 

To prevent us from running away, huh.

Or more like, he managed to make a wall like this in an instant. Isn’t he on the level of the Titan Old Man? 

(The Demon Lord Zagan has the blood of the Earth Divine Beast, Behemoth. Think of the ground itself as the weapon of Zagan.) (Noah)

Thanks for the explanation, Noah-sama, but is there no method to clear this scenario?

(The best way to defeat a Demon Lord is with a Hero that has the Divine Protection of a Goddess. That’s why you have no choice but to borrow the help of the Light Hero-kun, but…) (Noah)

Hearing this, I glanced at Sakurai-kun.

Sakurai-kun also looks over here. 

“Sakurai-kun, I will clear up the sky for an instant. Please test out if you can do something with that.” (Makoto)

“Got it!” (Sakurai)

“[Spirit Arm].” (Makoto)


A hole opened up in the black clouds, and the light of the sun peeks in.

Sakurai-kun raised his sword and light covered the blade and Sakurai-kun.


(It is getting pushed back!) (Makoto)

The pitch black clouds that are most likely shaped by mana cannot be controlled properly with my water magic.

I should think of the pitch black cloud itself as a spell from another mage.

No matter how high my proficiency is, I can’t control the spell of someone else.

“Takatsuki-kun! The Demon Lord has noticed we are here!” (Sakurai)

“Geh.” (Makoto)

The Demon Lord opened its mouth and was about to shoot the same lazer-looking attack of before.

You…even though you have that big of a body, you are the long range spammer type?!

Are you really Godzilla?! 


A beam was shot again.

“Holy Swordsmanship: [Grand Cross]!” (Sakurai)

The light wave that Sakurai-kun shot from his sword clashed against the attack…and an explosion occurs.

“Uwa!” (Makoto)

And I was blown away.

“Takatsuki-kun?!” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun somehow managed to grab me. 

This method is no good.

And I am being a hindrance. 

Should I move separately…?

The moment I thought that…

A giant something landed from above.

The giant face of a lion was looking over here. 

It raised its big leg and it was falling onto us. 

The giant claws on that leg were burning like magma.

This is bad! 

Sakurai-kun is currently grabbing me and has a bad posture right now.

We can’t avoid it. 

As if Sakurai-kun had resolved himself, I could see from the corner of my eye that he had placed his sword in front to ready himself. 

This…we might have messed up here.

Clear Mind 100%.

I thought for a second whether there’s anything that can be done, and unconsciously moved my hand to the dagger of Noah-sama…




Someone suddenly called us from the back, and Sakurai-kun and I were pulled.

The surroundings blurred. 

And then, the scenery stabilized in an instant.

“Oi oi, that was quite the trouble you were in there.” 

An exasperated voice resonated.

By the time I noticed, Sakurai-kun and I were being grabbed by the collar and were hanging in the air.

There was a giant crater where we were standing just before, and the ground was burning.

What an attack…

If we had been there, it would have been bad.

But we moved in an instant.

I know this feeling.

The spell that Lucy used to bring me here.

However, the mana used was several tens of times more polished than the one of that time.

Chantless Teleport. 

There’s only a few people who could accomplish that even if you were to search the whole continent.

I moved my head and somehow managed to direct my eyes to my back.

Pure white hair and white robe. 

Dimly shining crimson eyes.

“So you came…” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun let out a voice filled with relief.

I also sighed in relief.

Haah…we are saved.

“Let’s defeat the Demon Lord.” 

The owner of that reliable voice is from the legendary hero since 1,000 years ago, the Great Sage-sama.

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