WM – Chapter 77: Takatsuki Makoto remembers

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I had a dream.

Strangely, it isn’t the place of Noah-sama. It was an actual dream.

—A room in a low class apartment building in Higashishinagawa.

A room that doesn’t have much in things and somewhat lacks any defining features, my room.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun, your parents are always away.” 

At the time when I was in middle school…

A dream of the time when I played games with Sa-san alone together.

“Both of my parents have jobs, and they return to the house late in the night everyday. Thanks to that, I can play games as much as I want.” (Makoto)

“…Isn’t that lonely?” (Aya)

“Not really. It is always like this, so I am used to it.” (Makoto)

Even if my parents were present, we don’t have anything to talk about.

Being alone let’s me relax more.

“In your place, you have 3 little brothers, right?” (Makoto)

“Four. They are so noisy.” (Aya)

“But you get along well, right? I am an only child, so I don’t understand that feeling though.” (Makoto)

“Well, we do get along. But not that long ago, they were really attached to me, yet now, they don’t play games with me lately.” (Aya)

Sa-san puffs her cheeks as if she didn’t like that.

“So that’s why you come to my place, huh. Don’t you have girls you can play games with?” (Makoto)

“I do, but…I don’t have any girls that like to play the action games I like.” (Aya)

“I am not that good at action games either though.” (Makoto)

“Isn’t that fine? I am accompanying you in your RPGs too, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“Well, yeah.” (Makoto)

I learned just recently that just being together like this is fun.

Sa-san was munching on pockys by my side.

Sa-san likes sweet stuff, so she always brings snacks with her.

I myself like potato chips and the salty stuff.

We are sharing our snacks as we eat.

“By the way, Takatsuki-kun, aren’t you taking way too much time in between boss battles? Getting all those weapons and armor, and buying all the items.” (Aya)

“Really? Isn’t this normal?” (Makoto)

“Eeh? Shouldn’t it be okay to just fight them once and confirm how strong they are first? If you wipe out, you can just choose Continue.” (Aya)

“I hate that kind of playstyle.” (Makoto)

“I see.” (Aya)

I try my best to not get a Game Over in RPGs.

That seems to be irritating for Sa-san.

Well, Sa-san likes action games where the playstyle is mainly focused on Continues after all.

“Hey hey, when you defeat this boss, the next one will be my game, okay?” (Aya)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

Sa-san brings games to my house.

We alternately play the games we want to play.

It is the rule we have been keeping up since the first year of middle school.

In the game, I came all the way till before the boss.

[There’s a boss in this room! Are you ready?]



At the screen, there would be a cute anime-looking heroine speaking to the main character. 

Her eyes and boobs are big. A heroine that has a lot of exposed skin in her sensational outfit. 

Hmm, if I had to choose, I don’t really like the RPGs that emphasize the illustrations of the characters that much.

“Takatsuki-kun, do you like this kind of characters?” (Aya)

“…No.” (Makoto)

“But this girl is cute. You actually like it, don’t you?” (Aya)

Damn it, she is teasing me. 

You are prepared for the retaliation, right?

“Hmm, I like girls who don’t have that much chest.” (Makoto)

I glance at Sa-san.

The chest of Sa-san in her second year of middle school was incredibly modest. 

Even in her first year of high school, it wasn’t that big.

“…Why are you looking over here?” (Aya)

“Because I like them small.” (Makoto)

I grin. It is important so I said it twice.

“Wanna get slapped, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“I’m against violence.” (Makoto)

Since I finished retaliating, I go back to challenging the boss.

Because I had prepared completely, I defeated it without any dangers.

I saved, and finished the game I was playing.

“Then, this time, what I brought today was wa****ne.” (Aya)

“Ooh! The one that came out yesterday?” (Makoto)

“My little brother bought it. Today I was coming to your house, so I had him lend it to me!” (Aya)

“…I pity your little brother.” (Makoto)

It seems like it does happen when you have older siblings.

It is that kind of usual scene in our times at middle school.

How nostalgic.

Aah, the scenery is getting hazy. 

I feel like I am gonna wake up soon.

Why did I see a dream like this?

…Now that I think about it, that heroine looked a little bit like Lucy.

I thought this right before waking up.


I woke up.

This is the room of the Hero (me) in the Rozes Castle. 

I have been staying here since yesterday. 

The bed is king size…is that how it is called?

It is plain big.

Is this bed as big as my room in my original world?

“Takatsuki-kun! I found a delicious crepe store!” 

Sa-san appeared while I rubbed my eyes on the bed.

She likes her sweet stuff as always. 

I look at Sa-san who hasn’t changed much from how she was in my dream.

She actually reincarnated as a monster though.

Right, I remembered something important from the dream.

I have been pursuing my own self-improvement lately.

But that’s not right.

We are a party.

That’s why we have to aim for our best condition as a party.

We gotta buy the best equipment and get as many items as possible!

That’s my playstyle!

“Sa-san, let’s go shopping!” (Makoto)

“Hm?” (Aya)

Her confused little critter expression of hers really hasn’t changed from her time in middle school.


“What. I thought it was an invitation to a date.” (Aya)

“It is like a date, don’t you think?” (Makoto)

“Eeh? You wouldn’t go to a weapon store on a date, Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

Sa-san puffs her cheeks.

That was a bit sly, huh.

“So, which do you like?” (Makoto)

Sword, axe, and spear.

The weapon stores of the capital have a lot of selection compared to Makkaren.

If I use the title of Hero, the Rozes Royalty pays for it.

Isn’t that great?!

“Hmmm… I am not that good with bladed things…” (Aya)

Sa-san says with a complicated expression.

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I hear her out on why that is, and it seems like, aside from me who likes fantasy stuff originally, japanese highschool girls like Sa-san wouldn’t find it comfortable to swing around things like a knife or a sword.

Well, of course that would be the case.

It couldn’t be helped when she was living in Laberintos, but it is not like she wants to use bladed weapons to cut down monsters.

And so, Sa-san mostly goes barehanded.

“But there’s times when you can’t touch monsters with your bare hands like the time with the Taboo Giant.” (Makoto)

“Yeah…” (Aya)

The two of us let out a deep sighs.

“Then, how about we check around for armor and items?” (Makoto)

“Okay. Sorry, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“It is fine. There’s no point in forcing yourself to use a weapon you are not comfortable with.” (Makoto)

Sa-san bought a complete set of clothes for martial arts use, and an accessory that has magic defensive effects.

I bought healing items that wouldn’t get bulky.

On the tab of the Rozes Royalty.

 “Makoto-san, Aya-san, you are back.” 

Just as we were returning to the room of the Rozes Castle, we met with Prince Leonard.

“I was doing magic training with Lucy-san today.” (Leonard)

“Did our Lucy cause you any troubles…?” (Makoto)

She said she was going to be training her magic the whole day, so I wasn’t that worried, but her magic hasn’t gone wild, I hope.

The fireball of Lucy could burn all the flowers of the garden.

“Haha! It is okay. Just that, it seems she got mana dizzy, so she is currently resting in her room.” (Leonard)

Hmm, she works too hard.

Let’s check out her state later.

“By the way, were you two out shopping?” (Leonard)

“Yeah, we bought a whole lot of things like clothes, items, and such!” (Aya)

Sa-san says this all gleefully, but the one who is paying the bill is the boy(royalty) in front of her though. 

“I actually wanted to look for weapons though.” (Makoto)

When I say this, Prince Leonard’s face shines suddenly.

“Then, how about checking out the royal family’s treasury room? If it is the Hero Makoto-san and Aya-san, there’s no problem in using it.” (Leonard)


“Wow, I want to look, I want to look!” (Aya)

Sa-san hops in place.

“In that case, it is over here.” (Leonard)

I should have consulted with Prince Leonard to begin with! 

We were guided to the treasury room at the basement of the castle. 


Opening a big metal door, we enter a dark room.

“It is kinda…dusty.” (Aya)

“Yeah…but the mana of the weapons and armor here are incredible. Each and every one of them are magic weapons.” 

A room made of stone with weapons that at a glance look like they are lined up haphazardly and would most likely be expensive enough to buy a house.

“It is okay to freely look around, but please tell me before you touch anything. Especially the clothed and chained ones that have been tightly sealed are weapons that are cursed, so be careful.” (Leonard)

“Y-Yes.” (Aya)

Sa-san was about to touch one already!

I should be careful too.

I looked around for a while.

“Prince Leonard, what’s this sword?” (Makoto)

“That’s the Holy Sword, Ice Sword. Want to try using it?” (Leonard)

“T-This is an Ice Sword…” (Makoto)

The Ice Sword I have been wishing for…

“Can I hold it?” (Makoto)

“Go ahead, go ahead.” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard gives his okay all smiles. 

I take the sword off its sheath.

The long and slender blade was shining bluish and it was beautiful.

So this is a Holy Sword, huh… Heavy.

“Takatsuki-kun, are you okay?” (Aya)

“Yeah, thanks.” (Makoto)

She supports me who was wobbling.

“Was it…a bit too heavy?” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard chuckles.

“Looks like it doesn’t fit me.” (Makoto)

I returned it to where it was.

Haah…I couldn’t get the Ice Sword I longed for.

“Prince, what is this?” (Aya)

Sa-san seems to have found something.

“Is that a hammer, Sa-san?” (Makoto)

The shape wasn’t like the ones that carpenters use, but more of a pikopiko hammer. 

Piko piko

At a glance it looks like it is made of copper, but it also looks like it could be a pinkish gold.

Did Sa-san choose because of the color?

“Wa?!” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard showed a face of shock.

“What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“A-Aya-san! You can hold that up with one hand?” (Leonard)

“Eh? What?” (Aya)

Sa-san swings the hammer left and right.

Is that also a magic weapon?

“Show that to me for a bit.” (Makoto)

“Okay, but it is a bit heavy, you know?” (Aya)

“Is that so, let’s see—UAAAAAH!” (Makoto)

She threw it to me with one hand, and the moment I received it, it dragged me to the ground, and I had to let go of it. 

The hammer landed on the ground, making the room tremble slightly. 

W-What’s this? 

“M-Makoto-san, that’s the Hammer of the Fierce God. It was used by a certain Hero-sama 1,000 years ago, but because of the unbelievable weight, it is a weapon that hasn’t had a user for 1,000 years.” (Leonard)

“…Isn’t it a bit too excessive?” (Makoto)

Even though it looks small, the weight feels like it could go as far as 100 kilos.

“I will be showing you the true form of that weapon, okay? …Uhm, you turn it around here, and…” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard turns around the corner of the handle, and…

“Waah.” “Oooh.” 

The hammer changes into a crazy big hammer of more than 2 meters in size.

I see, a weapon you can freely change its size, huh.

This isn’t on the level of just 100 kilos.

Sa-san was swinging that thing around with one hand…?

“Heeh, that’s interesting. The design is also cute.” (Aya)

“Cute?” (Makoto)

She swings the gigantified hammer just like she did before.

Woah, that’s dangerous!

“I-If you have taken a liking to it, you can take it. I will tell Nee-sama myself.” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard was a bit pulled back by this.

Having a Hero get scared of you, how should I be taking that?

“What will you do, Sa-san?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, I will be taking this.” (Aya)

The hammer shrinks.

“When it is the smallest size, it turns the size of an accessory, and it gets lighter. When you are not using it as a weapon, please carry it around like that.” (Leonard)

“Okay~.” (Aya)

Hoh, that’s convenient.

But the amount of people that can use it are truly limited. 

It is great that Sa-san took a liking to it.


“Lucy, are you okay?” (Makoto)

“Makoto…?” (Lucy)

Sa-san and I went our ways, and when I thought about going magic training, I met with Lucy who was wobbling.

Her clothes seemed to be more disheveled than normal.

Isn’t she showing too much shoulder there?

“I heard that you used too much mana and got mana dizzy.” (Makoto)

“Yeah…I slept for a bit. I am okay now.” (Lucy)

She looks at me with spaced out eyes.

She is still half-asleep.

“Keep it moderate.” (Makoto)

“You train all the time though, Makoto.” (Lucy)

She puffs her cheeks and groans with a ‘muuh’.

“I will return to my room and train. Want to come, Lucy?” (Makoto)

I do have something I want to talk with Lucy about anyways.

“Makoto’s room?! O-Okay, I will go.” (Lucy)

Why are you getting that surprised? 

It is just a borrowed room, you know? 


“Lucy, want to learn a Skill before doing magic training?” (Makoto)

“Eh, why?” (Lucy)

“At the time when the Taboo Monster showed up, the mages were all rendered powerless, right? If you learn a Skill like Clear Mind, I thought that it would be useful the next time we fought one.” (Makoto)

Or more like, this isn’t something limited to Lucy, the mages of the kingdom and adventurers should be doing this as well.

I should consult with Princess Sofia or Prince Leonard about this.

“Makoto…Clear Mind is a rare Skill you know?” (Lucy)

“Eh?” (Makoto)


“There’s a variety of mind stabilizing Skills, but the Skill you have is one of the Superior ones. If I were to learn one, it would be the Calm Skill.” (Lucy)

“I see, so there’s a variety, huh. Also, I use [Clear Mind] the whole day, but I feel like my concentration doesn’t drop.” (Makoto)

“…You use it the whole day?” (Lucy)

She looked at me as if I were mental.

“I think it has the same effect as the [Concentration] Skill… I see, so maybe using Skills while training would be more effective?” (Lucy)

“I didn’t pay it much mind, but it might be the case.” (Makoto)

I simply used the Skill in order to hold down my uneasiness of seeing my classmates going away one after the other in the time at the Water Temple though…

Maybe it had an effect I didn’t know.

“Yeah, but it might be as you say, Makoto. I have been training my magic one-sidedly, but it might be better if I were to learn the [Calm] and [Concentration] Skills first! Thanks, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“No problem.” (Makoto)

With this, the next time a Taboo Monster attacks us, I can fight together with Lucy.

Sa-san has gotten a weapon too.

Yeah, it seems there’s a lot that we can do.

“Then, let’s train.” (Makoto)

“Okay!” (Lucy)


 “…Zzzz.” (Lucy)

“She fell asleep, huh.” (Makoto)

We did our best for a while, but maybe training Skills makes you sleepy?

Lucy had fallen asleep in my bed. I put the blanket on her and let her sleep just like that.

I would feel bad waking her up after all.

Lucy seems to be sleeping pleasantly.

I felt like I would get in a weird mood if I were to continue watching her sleeping face, so I returned to my training.

“Spirit-sans, Spirit-sans.” (Makoto)

I deactivate Clear Mind and use Spirit Magic.


I hear a voice again.

Is this that?

Is it the voice of the Spirits?

Did my Spirit Magic evolve?

Yeah…I can’t tell…

We are inside a room, so I can’t use big magic.

…I am sleepy.

I at some point in time also fell asleep in the bed.

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