WM – Chapter 285: Takatsuki Makoto meets the Great Demon Lord

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Seeing that which was in the middle of the tower, I furrowed my brows.

(What’s this?) (Makoto)

Those were the first words that surfaced in my mind. 

That place that’s located higher than where I am standing would be where the throne is? 

The Queen of the Moon Country and Calamity Witch, Nevia, was standing by at the side. 

“Everyone, you are in the presence of the great Iblis-sama.” (Nevia)

She informed us. 

—The Great Demon Lord Iblis.

The boss of the Demon Lords that rule the world.

Stories that say it is an immortal monster that’s immune to all attacks.

Stories that say it is a blasphemous being that can even revive the dead. 

Stories that say it has a fearsome appearance that makes any who see it tremble in terror. 

There’s a lot of those, but no one knows in detail. 

I have also heard that it is an immaterial being that doesn’t have a set form. 


“You are the Great Demon Lord?” (Makoto)

Even when hearing what the Calamity Witch said, I asked this to ‘that’ still unconvinced.

It doesn’t have the shape of a person.

Or more like, it doesn’t even have the shape of a living being. 

If I had to put it in words, it is a lump of meat floating in the air. A grotesque monster that has the heads, arms, and legs of people, monsters, and insects attached haphazardly. 

Rather than calling it a living being, it would make more sense if it were called a work of art in a museum.

But that lump of meat was pulsating, and was certainly alive. 

The color of that lump of meat was a mess as if paint buckets of red, blue, and yellow had been splattered all over it. The colors were so loud that just looking at it was tiring my eyes.

The arms attached to the lump of meat were constantly moving like they were tentacles, and it stirred my disgust even further. 

The many mouths on it were constantly letting out ‘kiiii…kiiii…’ unpleasant noises.

But what pulled my attention the most were the eyes of varying sizes that were attached everywhere in the lump of meat. 

They were shining rainbow, and their gazes were restlessly swimming around.

A number of the eyes were looking here, and I felt goosebumps when our eyes made contact.

(It is kinda…like a Taboo Monster…) (Makoto)

The monsters that were outside Eden were plenty creepy already, but they are cute compared to what’s in front of us.

It is ironic that now a part of me can even agree with what the Moon Queen said about them being cute.

Can we even have a conversation with this? 

I was waiting for a response to my question and…

“Oh my!” (Nevia)

The Moon Queen raised her voice in happiness.

“That’s splendid! Only you are not losing your consciousness after seeing Iblis-sama, huh!” (Nevia)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I felt something off from what she said and looked back.

“Geh.” (Makoto)

My comrades have collapsed.

Anna-san, Momo, and even Mel-san were prostrated.

Oi! Why has even Cain collapsed?!

The only one who is maintaining consciousness with a knee on the ground was Johnny-san.

Looks like it paid off that he didn’t see it directly. 

“Anna-san, get a hold of yourself! Johnny-san, are you okay?!” (Makoto)

I hurriedly hold Anna-san up, and call Johnny-san.

“Yeah, I was simply hit by the miasma…” (Johnny)

A response came from Johnny-san.

He is waking up Momo and the White Dragon-san.

I will leave that to him.

I readied myself thinking we would be attacked in this opportunity, but the Calamity Witch and the Great Demon Lord didn’t do anything. 

They are looking down here with smiles.

“Ma…koto…-san…” (Anna)

Anna-san speaks with a pale white face.

Her eyes had no light and were unfocused.

I softly place a hand on her forehead and mutter.

“Sun Magic: [Synchronization].” (Makoto)

I used the Elementary Sun Magic spell Heal.

It has low potency, but using it on her while synchronizing with her made the light in her eyes slowly come back.

“Anna-san, now that you regained consciousness, use sun magic to recover yourself.” (Makoto)

“O-Okay… What will you do Makoto-sa—” (Anna)

Before Anna-san asked me, I stretched my right hand to the front and shot a Water Ball.

The water ball that was the size of a basketball hit right on the face of the Black Knight.

“Hah!” (Cain)

Cain jumped up after being splashed water on him.

“Did I lose consciousness?!” (Cain)

“…Don’t go giving me that…” (Makoto)

Didn’t you say you met it several times already? 

I looked down at him coldly and Demon Lord Cain tried to explain flustered. 

“That’s not it! That’s…I have never seen that!” (Cain)

“…That’s right. The Great Demon Lord I know doesn’t look like that…” (Mel)

The White Dragon-san responded to the shout of Cain.


We got the wrong Great Demon Lord?

I once again look at the Calamity Witch and the Great Demon Lord.

When I did, the many rainbow shining eyes closed, and a black haze covered the Great Demon Lord. 

That feeling of disgust disappeared a bit. 

“This is so saddening. The only one who can look at the sacred figure of Iblis-sama is Takatsuki-san, huh.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch sighed heavily. 

“What does that mean?” (Makoto)

I asked, but having seen how Anna-san and the White Dragon-san ended up just a few moments ago, I had an idea of what it was.

I know a similar situation.

It was like the time when everyone saw the figure of Noah-sama at the Great Church in the Sun Country. 

“Why…is someone like you here?!” 

A beautiful female voice resonated inside the tower.

“W-Who is it?” (Momo)

“Who goes there?” (Cain)

Momo and Cain raised their heads and looked around restlessly. 

But I wasn’t that surprised.

It is a voice I am already used to hearing.

“Ira-sama?” (Makoto)

The voice of the Goddess that I normally can only hear in thought transmission.

“Oh my, is it okay for a Goddess of the Divine Realm to interfere in the Mortal Realm? You are going to get punished, you know?” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch asks as if poking fun at her. 

“Moon Oracle Nevia! Why are you together with someone like this?! What is the Moon Goddess Naia doing?!” (Ira)

“Fufufu, the Moon Goddess-sama doesn’t interfere with the Mortal Realm at all. You should know that, right, Destiny Goddess-sama?” (Nevia)

The shoulders of Anna-san shook at the shout of the Destiny Goddess.

I rubbed her back lightly to calm her down. 

“Why are you so agitated here, Ira-sama?” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki Makoto…” (Ira)

Ira-sama’s voice carried hesitation.

No, what’s weird is that Ira-sama’s voice is even reaching here in the first place. 

The voice of the Divine Realm doesn’t reach the Mortal Realm.

That’s why I communicate with Ira-sama through the magic necklace I got from her. 

“The inside of this tower has a barrier that is comparable to God Rank Magic. That’s why my voice can reach.” (Ira)

“This tower has a god rank barrier…” (Makoto)

I did feel something was off the moment I entered it. 

But there was no harm to the intruders. 

To prove that, even I who has abysmal stats didn’t feel any inconveniences. 

“What is that barrier for?” (Makoto)

“That’s—” (Ira)

“This personage can only live inside this barrier.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch cuts off the words of Ira-sama.

That expression of hers changed to a sad one. 

“What…do you mean by that?” (Anna)

Anna-san stood up by my side and readied her sword.

She still isn’t looking good.

“Ira-sama, please tell us.” (Makoto)

I waited for the words of the Goddess.

“…The Great Demon Lord is a Disposed God. The shadow of a God. That Devil God Typhon…it didn’t summon a Demon Lord from a parallel world…it summoned a God to this world… To think it had done such a clear breach in the Divine Realm Regulations as this.” (Ira)

“God…?” (Makoto)

I once again look at the lump of meat that is floating in the air. 

I could hardly see that thing that has arm shaped tentacles undulating as a holy being. 

No matter how you cut it, that’s a distasteful monster. 

In the first place, it hasn’t said anything for a while now. Does it even have any proper intelligence?

“…What a rude man.” 

A ghost-like beautiful half-transparent boy suddenly appeared in front of the lump of meat.

“You are…?” (Makoto)

“Iblis. I have been telling you that for a while now.” (Iblis)

I was about to say this is the first time he speaks, but then I noticed…

Could it be that the unpleasant kiikii it was making was actually him talking to us?

“Looks like the words didn’t reach you, huh. Because of that, I have no choice but to take this inconvenient soul form.” (Iblis)

The boy that’s calling himself the Great Demon Lord said this regretfully.

“Also, Destiny Goddess, one point I have to correct you about. It is not like I am here because the Devil God ordered me to. I am simply a Disposed God that escaped from Hell. You are correct in the part that I can’t live outside this tower though. Mana density in the air of the Mortal Realm is so thin that it is poisonous for me. I am barely managing to survive inside this tower.” (Iblis)

“I see…” (Makoto)

In that case, we can defeat the Great Demon Lord if we destroy this tower…?

“I would like you to not destroy this tower. If you do that, I will attack seriously.” (Iblis)

He read my mind. 

The same as Noah-sama and the Water Goddess.

But what is he thinking revealing his own weak point? 

I prepare myself to activate God Rank Magic at any moment. 

Even though the Great Demon Lord should be able to read my mind, he still directed a calm smile at me with his boy form.

“The Rozes Hero of the Water Country from 1,000 years in the future, Takatsuki Makoto.” (Iblis)

“What is it?” (Makoto)

Anna-san by my side and my comrades at the back were surprised by this, but I wasn’t.

We are dealing with a God here. 

He must have known my circumstances a long time ago.

“Not really. It is because I managed to revive 1,000 years in the future and interfere with the past that I thought of eliminating the Light Hero, but…to think they would send an assassin from the future. Moreover, an otherworlder Spirit User…” (Iblis)

The Great Demon Lord muttered ‘that was unexpected’.

“You managed to revive in the future, so you should have just worked hard there.” (Makoto)

It is because you are doing something like interfering with the past that I had to time travel here. 

“You know, right? The rulers of the Mortal Realm in the future are humans. The demons are driven away to the Northern Continent, and there’s only a few remaining Demon Lords. Our chances of victory are slim.” (Iblis)


He says this as if sad, but it stinks of a lie. 

Eir-sama said before that it is a 50-50 whether we can win against the Great Demon Lord.

“Makoto-sama…” (Momo)

“Takatsuki Makoto…” (Cain)

While I was having a conversation with the Great Demon Lord to buy time, Momo and Cain had recovered.

At least I have now confirmed my allies are okay.

But this is troubling.

It would be problematic if they were to lose consciousness when the Great Demon Lord turns into that monster form again.

“Takatsuki Makoto, use God Rank Magic to destroy the tower. If you do that, the Great Demon Lord won’t be able to show its original form or show his full power. You just need to leave the rest to the Light Hero-chan after that.” (Ira)

I nodded at the advice of the Destiny Goddess.

So we really gotta do this.

—I hold the necklace hanging from my neck that Ira-sama had given me.

“Are you going to use the Divinity you finally managed to get in such a wasteful manner?” (Iblis)

The one who stopped me was the Great Demon Lord.

“Wasteful?” (Makoto)

That way of saying it bothered me.

Is he saying there’s a better way to use it? 

“Of course. Rather than destroying this tower, just use the Divinity to make yourself stronger. You can become an invincible warrior or the strongest mage in existence -whatever you wish. God Rank Magic can grant any Miracle after all.” (Iblis)

“You can even use it like that, Ira-sama?” (Makoto)


I couldn’t just believe the words of the Great Demon Lord, so I asked the Goddess, but she didn’t answer.

“In the first place, if you were to wish for immortality, you could even return to 1,000 years in the future. That’s your number one wish, right?” (Iblis)


I was taken aback.

Since I came to the past with time travel, I have been thinking until now that it was necessary for me to return with time travel too.

But if I myself become immortal, I can return to the future. 

I can achieve that with God Rank Magic…

“T-Takatsuki Makoto…that’s…” (Ira)

The voice of Ira-sama was trembling. 

“Looks like the Destiny Goddess doesn’t wish for you to use it in that way. It is the Divinity that she gave to you through her own mistake after all. If you were to become a demigod-like existence, it would be inconvenient for her.” (Iblis)


I had no rebuttal for the Great Demon Lord.

Is he correct?

(The method to return to 1,000 years in the future…) (Makoto)

I had obtained it without noticing it. 

If I were to use up the Divinity here, I would return to square one. 

Maybe noticing my state of mind, the Great Demon Lord continued.

“How about it? Have you lost faith in the Goddesses that are just pushing unreasonable tasks onto you? Won’t you become my ally?” (Iblis)

“The spot of Demon Lord for the West Continent is open.” (Nevia)

The Great Demon Lord and the Calamity Witch were inviting me all smiles. 

The reason why they haven’t attacked us and have been talking all this time must be because this is the main topic. 

“Makoto-san…” (Anna)

Anna-san grabbed my arm tightly. 

When I look back, Cain and the White Dragon-san were looking here uneasy. 

The answer is obvious.

“Sorry to say but…I must not become a Demon Lord, you see.” (Makoto)

I refused the invitation.

The Calamity Witch goes ‘I see…’ and makes a face of pity. 

The boy form Great Demon Lord didn’t change his expression.

“Figures. You are accompanying the Light Hero who defeated me in the original timeline and have the Divinity of the Destiny Goddess. The seat of a Demon Lord wouldn’t be enough.” (Iblis)

The Great Demon Lord floated till he was right in front of me. 

Different from the lump of meat at the throne, I couldn’t feel any pressure from this form.

The boy with a beautiful appearance as if sculpted said this cheerfully.

“Takatsuki Makoto, how about I give you half of the world if you become my ally?” (Iblis)

“Wa?! Are you serious, Iblis-sama?!” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch at the side raised her voice in shock.


Anna-san and the others opened their mouths wide.

I was a bit surprised too.

“Quite generous there.” (Makoto)

“You are worth that much. There’s no need to return to being the Country Designated Hero of a weak country in the future. You are a ruler of this world.” (Iblis)

The clear voice of the Great Demon Lord resonated sweetly in my ears.

“Now, take my hand. Let’s rule the world together.” (Iblis)

Letters appear at the side of the smiling Great Demon Lord.

[Will you receive half of the world from the Great Demon Lord?




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