WM – Chapter 176: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to the Destiny Oracle

“Was leaving your comrades okay?” (Janet)

Janet-san looks at me worried.

“It didn’t look like we could have a calm talk with how things were going.” (Makoto)

When I told Lucy, Sa-san, and Furiae-san I would go meet the Destiny Oracle, they all were against it. 

“Makoto! Meeting a person like that, what are you thinking?!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, I will go too. If that Hero Alex of before attacks, I will beat him up!” (Aya)

“My Knight, it has been exposed that you are an Evil God Apostle, you know?! Stay put!” (Furiae)

They all had incredibly threatening attitudes.

“It is okay.” (Makoto)

I convinced my agitated comrades, and Janet-san and I were now walking around Symphonia. 

We are heading to the residence where the Destiny Oracle supposedly is at.

It is apparently the headquarters of the big nobles of Camelon.

“By the way…I wasn’t there, but I heard that the Oracle Esther was holding quite the animosity towards you guys. Is it really going to be okay?” (Janet)

Even Janet-san asked me in an insecure tone. 

“The one with the high animosity towards the Evil God Apostle was the Pope-sama.” (Makoto)

The old man that glared at me with killing intent. 

It would be best not to approach him.

But it didn’t feel like Oracle Esther was that interested in me. 

I would say her aim was Furiae-san.

Well, there’s the chance that I am mistaken and she will suddenly throw that Hero at me though…

I would have wanted to have someone with a strong standing to accompany as insurance.

I was thinking about Sakurai-kun or General Tariska, but the young lady of the Valentine household isn’t bad either.

“We are here. This is the residence of the number one noble family of Camelon, the Berkley household.” (Janet)

“Big…” (Makoto)

This residence was giving out a conspicuous presence even within the noble district of Symphonia. 

An overly big garden.

A giant fountain and sculpture. 

There’s a whole lot of gardeners busily tending things.

The maintenance cost feels like it would be incredible…

“I have gotten an appointment. Let’s go.” (Janet)

“Okay, thanks a lot.” (Makoto)

I thank Janet-san and cross the gate of the residence.

When Janet-san told her name to the gatekeeper, we were easily allowed in. 

As expected of the young lady of the Valentine household.

We were guided by a butler and entered the residence. 


“Evil God Apostle, Makoto, to think that you would brazenly come here. Are the screws in your head okay?” 

Harsh words suddenly flew my way. 

In the guest room we were let in, the Destiny Oracle Esther was waiting there to my surprise.

Her usual ice cold gaze.

“I thank you for giving us your time despite the sudden visit.” (Janet)

“I don’t mind, Janet-san. But you really should learn to choose your man, you know?” (Esther)

“I am doing this because I want to.” (Janet)

“Is that so… You have bad taste.” (Esther)

You two, can you please stop that when I am present? 


“Fufu.” (Esther)

Oracle Esther must have noticed my stare, she grinned at me. 

This woman…she really does have a bad personality. 

“There’s no time to waste in pointless chatter. State your business.” (Esther)

The voice of Esther was endlessly light. 

No, you are the one who began the pointless chatter, you know?

Well, fine.

Let’s fulfill our objective.

“‘The Moon Oracle Furiae-san will bring disaster to this world’, that’s what the Destiny Goddess Ira-sama said, right?” (Makoto)

I speak out what Esther said before in the meeting room.

“Yes, that’s right. That’s why you should confine the Moon Oracle at once.” (Esther)

“That I can’t do.” (Makoto)

I say that and prepare my next words.

The one in front of me is the Destiny Goddess’s Oracle. 

The one who can hear the voice of the Goddess Ira-sama who is said to be able to see all the futures of this world.

The meaning of her words are heavy. 

“I want you to tell me in detail what that disaster is.” (Makoto)

This is the objective of my visit.

Confining Furiae-san is definitely not allowed.

But if it is a future that we already know will happen, it should be stoppable. 


Oracle Esther doesn’t answer.

“Esther-sama? I ask this of you, too. Please tell us.” (Janet)

Janet-san and I waited patiently. 

“…The 7 Goddesses that govern the elements of this world. Do you know that there’s an exception within them?” (Esther)


She suddenly began talking about something unrelated.

“It is related. Just answer already.” (Esther)

“Are you talking about the Moon Goddess Naia-sama?” (Janet)

Janet-san answered the question of Esther.

“That’s right. The Moon Goddess Naia isn’t from this world, but from an outside world. She is a different divine being from the Holy Gods who use the moon as their territory.” (Esther)

“…I didn’t know.” (Makoto)

In the temple they didn’t teach me properly about moon magic and the Moon Goddess.

Their stance was that it was better to know nothing about it.

“The clairvoyance of the Destiny Goddess Ira-sama is solely connected to the things of this world. She can’t see the future of the Moon Goddess’s Oracle, Furiae.” (Esther)

“Oi, doesn’t that mean…” (Makoto)

What was that about ‘the Moon Oracle will bring disaster’?

That’s a big fat lie! 

“Esther-sama, then when you said that the Moon Oracle will bring disaster—” (Janet)

Janet-san asked as if criticizing her, but it was cut off by the next words.

“After the Great Demon Lord resurrects, the Light Hero will die, and the world will once again fall into servitude.” (Esther)


Janet-san opened her eyes wide in surprise.

I most likely have the same face.

Eir-sama also said something similar.

That the chances of us losing in the war against demons was higher. 

But when the Destiny Oracle says it so clearly…

“I-Is that…an unavoidable future?” (Janet)

Janet-san’s voice is trembling.

Hearing this, Esther smiled lightly. 

“The future can be changed.” (Esther)

Oracle Esther stated powerfully. 

“That’s what I am here for. The reason why I proposed the Northern Expedition was because it was a set up move for our victory. I won’t let the Great Demon Lord do as it wishes.” (Esther)

“So you were the one who proposed the Northern Expedition.” (Makoto)

I thought for sure it was someone from the Sun Country. 

“It is all for the sake of humanity.” (Esther)

The gentle smile of Oracle Ester was filled with affection like that of a Goddess. 

She should keep that face the whole time. 

Esther soon returned to a cold one.

“However, I still see the future of the Light Hero being pierced in the chest by a sword. I…can’t see who did it.” (Esther)

“Can’t see…” (Makoto)

The dots have been connected.

The being that the Destiny Goddess cannot see.

There’s a high chance it has to do with a person that’s involved with a god from an outside world.

In other words, there’s a high chance it has to do with someone connected to the Moon Goddess, huh…

“But Furiae-san and Sakurai-kun like each other, you know? I really can’t imagine Furiae-san doing something like that.” (Makoto)

My opinion was laughed at by Oracle Esther as if making fun of me. 

That’s exactly why. Love related problems are common, right?” (Esther)

“No, this is not a morning drama…” (Makoto)

“It is similar.” (Esther)

“Is it?” (Makoto)

“Uhm…what are you talking about?” (Janet)

Janet-san retorted to our conversation.

Of course she wouldn’t know what a morning drama is.

Why did Esther get it? 

“And so, what will you do? Will you listen to what I say?” (Esther)

“As I said, I refuse.” (Makoto)

“What a stubborn man -for a damn Evil God Apostle.” (Esther)

“…By the way, what are the chances of me being the culprit?” (Makoto)

She has been pushing the logic that Furiae-san is the culprit for a while now, but from an objective point of view, aren’t I also suspicious?

My predecessor is the Crazed Hero that was famous for being the Hero Killer after all.

“The weak Apostle of Noah from this generation can’t hurt the Light Hero. In the first place, you can’t even swing a sword properly, right?” (Esther)

“…You are absolutely correct.” (Makoto)

My stats are so low, I can’t equip a sword.

“Moreover, Typhon deceived Noah 1,000 years ago. If she is going to take the side of the Great Demon Lord again, she would be quite the idiot. Well, Noah being an idiot isn’t anything new though.” (Esther)

“…Aren’t you going too far?” (Makoto)

She is slandering you there, Noah-sama.

(Kiih! What’s with this woman?!) (Noah)

Now now, calm down.

“Then, you are saying I am not the culprit?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Moreover, Eir-neesa—Eir-sama is watching over Noah in the Deep Sea Temple. If there’s any suspicious moves from her, she will be able to tell immediately.” (Esther)

“But it seems like she hasn’t been to the Deep Sea Temple lately, you know?” (Makoto)

“…Eh? That’s not good. A lookout is required for Noah. I will confirm.” (Esther)

Hm? Did I say something unnecessary?

(At any rate, this Oracle…) (Noah)

Judging from her way of speaking and her words, could it be…

“Anyways, my actions are all in order to have humanity win against the Great Demon Lord. If you understand, leave already.” (Esther)

She made a shoo shoo gesture. 

This woman…

“Then, I will be leaving. Thank you for the information.” (Makoto)

I decided to thank her and leave.

“Oh? You are obedient. Then, one last thing. If you stop being the Apostle of Noah and follow the Destiny Goddess Ira-sama, I can be a little more kind to you.” (Esther)

A tone as if poking fun at me.

It is most likely a joke.

“I am fateful to Noah-sama, you see.” (Makoto)

“Oh, that’s a pity.” (Esther)

She said it without a single sign of pity.

Despite everything, I managed to get a lot of information.

I am grateful for that.

We thank Oracle Esther and left the residence.


Janet-san and I look back at the conversation of before as we walk.

“Is it true…that the Light Hero will fall?” (Janet)

The voice of Janet-san was sullen.

“I really find it hard to imagine Sakurai-kun losing.” (Makoto)

I don’t want to imagine a scenario where my childhood friend dies.

“Well, let’s put our hopes on the Destiny Oracle. It seems like she is serious in doing something about the Great Demon Lord.” (Makoto)

“About that, in the latter half, it even felt as if you were pretty close to each other -you and Esther-sama.” (Janet)

“Really?” (Makoto)

Janet-san said with a slight glare.

Janet-san and I were walking slowly in the noble district of Symphonia. 

“By the way, Takatsuki Makoto, you will at least accompany me to a meal, right?” (Janet)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I wanted to return to the inn quickly if possible to tell everyone what I learned though…

“There’s no way you will just use me as a free pass and end it with that, right?” (Janet)

Her glare strengthens.

“O-Of course no.” (Makoto)

“Good.” (Janet)

She nodded repeatedly.

You are scary, Janet-san.

She is a different scary from Gera-san.

“Now, let’s go.” (Janet)

“Okay~.” (Makoto)

Janet-san pulled me by the arm, and was brought to an expensive-looking restaurant. 

The place I was brought to must be a regular for the Valentine household, when they saw the face of Janet-san, we were given the best table.

“Please wait for a moment”, is what Janet-san said as she went deeper in.

What is it?

“Sorry for the wait.” (Janet)

Janet-san had returned…and had changed into a dress for nobles.

Why does she have a change of clothes…?

Did she prepare it?

I left the menu to Janet-san while being nervous, and waited for the dishes to come. 

Janet-san, who was looking over here with a smile on her face, was the very picture of a young lady from a prosperous family. 

And that’s exactly how it is.

“Hey, Takatsuki Makoto…” (Janet)

“W-What is it?” (Makoto)

Janet-san had her chin resting on her hand and was directing an impish smile at me. 

It is different from her usual straight and serious female knight side, and it made my heart skip a beat. 

“I have decided from way before that if I am to marry someone, it has to be someone stronger than Nii-san.” (Janet)

“…The candidates are way too few.” (Makoto)

The brother of Janet-san, Geralt Valentine, is ranked 3rd in the continent.

The 2nd is Hero Olga, and 1st is Sakurai-kun.

If we were to leave out the Heroes, the strong ones would be the Great Sage-sama and the Crimson Witch Rosalie-san…all women.

The women in this world are strong.

“Then there’s no other one than Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

When I said this, Janet-san warped her face in displeasure. 

“Don’t be stupid. He is the man that stole Noel-neesama from Nii-san, you know? …Moreover, I don’t want to have the same husband as Noel-neesama.” (Janet)

“…My bad.” (Makoto)

I lacked tact.

I have heard that Princess Noel and her were close like sisters, but they have been estranged as of late. 

It is a bit sad.

“Normally, I would be at an age where it would be natural for me to have a fiance though…” (Janet)

Janet-san muttered this slightly sullen.

It seems she hasn’t had anyone because of her high standards, but the pressure of her parents is apparently strong. 

…It sounds like a story I have heard in my world too.

“Fufu, there’s people who have been ridiculing me behind my back, calling me ‘the expired knight’…” (Janet)

“T-There’s fearsome people out there, huh…” (Makoto)

I am surprised they can even say that to the young lady of the Five Sacred Nobles.

“Well, that’s from the Pegasus Knights of the Second Division though.” (Janet)

Janet-san is the captain of the first division.

Pegasus Knights are required to have a light weight, so it turned into them being all women by nature. 

The first and second division are apparently in a rival relationship and don’t get along.

A workplace of solely women…is scary.

While I was silently trembling in fear, Janet-san said ‘By the way…’ in a cheerful tone as if trying to change the mood.

“There’s a man in front of me who defeated my brother, you know.” (Janet)

Janet-san looks over here with a steamy look.

T-This is…

“That was an unofficial match, and…he didn’t have his holy sword, so it doesn’t count, right?” (Makoto)

“It is okay. Even if it wasn’t official, you won against my brother. My brother, who doesn’t have holding back in his dictionary.” (Janet)

“…Shouldn’t it be better to add it?” (Makoto)

I was beaten up real bad at first after all.

Gera-san is way too much of a battle junkie. 

“Takatsuki Makoto.” (Janet)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

Janet-san called my name with a straight expression.

“I have taken a liking to you. Be my husband.” (Janet)

“…Wa?” (Makoto)

A sudden marriage proposal.

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