WM – Chapter 247: Takatsuki Makoto meets them again

“Please come over here.” 

The suspicious person that spoke to us guided us deeper and deeper into the city. 

“Makoto-san…is it okay to follow them?” (Abel)

“Isn’t there a chance that this is…a trap, Master?” (Momo)

“It is most likely okay.” (Makoto)

Hero Abel and Momo said this in worry, but I had an inkling of what’s going on here.

The crest at the back of the hand of the robed person that spoke to me…isn’t from the Moon Goddess Naia-sama that’s the religion of Laphroaig.

That crest is…

(Dia, please be ready for battle just in case.) (Makoto)

(Yes, Our King.) (Dia)

I speak to Dia just in case. 

“Hey, Spirit User-kun. Does Takatsuki refer to you?” (Mel)

“It is my family name, Mel-san.” (Makoto)

“Hooh…so you had a family name? Could it be that you are a noble from the East Continent?” (Mel)

“Wrong.” (Makoto)

“Muh, so that’s not it, huh.” (Mel)

She told me not to tell her my identity, but it seems like she does have an interest in it.

Momo joined in that conversation. 

“Master, why were you hiding your family name?” (Momo)

“Well, various circumstances. Call me as you have always had until now, Momo.” (Makoto)

“O-Okay… Uuh, Master has a lot of mysteries.” (Momo)

“…More hidden information about Makoto-san… There’s even more hidden…” (Abel)

“Abel-san? Did you say something?” (Makoto)

“N-No, it is nothing!” (Abel)

While we were having that casual talk, we had at some point come to a dark street corner -a slum-looking place.

Every part of Laphroaig’s capital had a bright atmosphere, but it is not like everything is assured to be that way. 

 The place we were guided to was a building that looked like they were part of some ruins. 

It was in tatters on the outside, but it was clean on the inside. 

We advanced through the corridor that was illuminated by candles.

There was a big door shone on by the light of the moon.

“Master-sama is waiting at the other side.” 

The robed woman said this and left. 

Hero Abel and Momo looked nervous. 

The White Dragon-san was as usual.

I slowly open the door. 


“I have been waiting, Heroes.” 

What was reflected in our eyes after opening the door was a shrine-looking place for worship, and there’s one woman at the rostrum in the deepest part of the room.

Is she in her late teens?

Her small but well sculpted appearance was like that of a beautiful doll.

Her eyes that gave off a slightly cold impression were looking down at us.

This is obviously our first time meeting, but I felt like she resembled a certain someone. 

“I am Takatsuki Makoto.” (Makoto)

I slowly approach that person and introduce myself.

“Yes, I know. I have heard of you from the Destiny Goddess Ira-sama. I am the Destiny Oracle, Esther.” 


Abel and Momo made surprised faces.

The White Dragon-san seemed to be slightly surprised too.

The Destiny Oracle…Esther-sama…huh.

So the name of the Oracle 1,000 years ago is the same.

Is it the kind that inherits the name each generation? 

“Go ahead and take a seat.” (Esther)

I was offered to take a seat, and I sat at the very front seat of the rostrum.

Momo who sat by my side had her body stiff from the tension.

Now then, we finally met, so I have a mountain of things to ask. 

“Uhm…by the way, I want to speak to Ira-sama…” (Makoto)

“Wait for a bit. Let’s begin with the Hero first.” (Esther)

She gave a sweeping glance at us.

The Oracle-sama went down from the platform and approached Hero Abel.

“Hero Abel, it must have been a rough journey. It is a delight to see you have come all the way here.” (Esther)

“Y-Yes… Makoto-san saved me when I was in trouble.” (Abel)

“Please put your hand out.” (Esther)

Hero Abel did as told and brought his hand out. 

A few seconds after, Oracle Esther touches it. 

What is she doing?

“Fumu, I see.” (Esther)

“Uhm…Oracle-sama?” (Abel)

Esther-san ignored Abel who had a dubious look.

“Next is the small Sage over there. You must have had it rough too.” (Esther)

“Y-Yes! But Master was with me!” (Momo)

“Master?” (Esther)

“Uhm, Makoto-sama and White Dragon Master!” (Momo)

The Oracle-sama looked at both me and the White Dragon-san in wonder. 

She soon nodded as if reaching an understanding.

“Looks like you have been guided by good masters.” (Esther)

Saying this, she lightly touched the head of Momo.

Lastly, the White Dragon Helemerck.” (Esther)

“Yes, Oracle-sama.” (Mel)

It is rare to see the White Dragon-san nervous.


What about me?

“Oracle-sama, I have been helped out by Ira-sama in the past.” (Mel)

“Yes, Ira-sama remembers that. The Goddess is happy that the young dragon has become such a splendid one now.” (Esther)

“I am blessed to hear that…” (Mel)

The voice of the White Dragon-san was trembling slightly. 

I see, so the White Dragon-san was acquainted with Ira-sama, huh.

In that case, I could have talked about Ira-sama.

Oracle Esther held the hand of the White Dragon-san for an instant just like Abel.

And then, she went up the rostrum again.

She didn’t come to me.

“Uhm~, Esther-sama?” (Makoto)

“Just calm down, you.” (Esther)

“O-Okay…” (Makoto)

She got angry. 

There’s no need to say that in such an irritated tone…

While I was thinking that, I felt that this person…could it be…

“Now then, you all will be facing the Demon Lords, so your current equipment probably isn’t too reassuring. I have prepared your weapons here. Choose whichever you like.” (Esther)

After saying that, a number of robed people came in and began to line up weapons, shields, and armors. 

Ooh…what’s with this fancy development?

There were weapons that look like they are made from mithril, and armor of sturdy material shining there. 

“Uwaah…” (Abel)

“Wawa! It is sparkly, Master!” (Momo)

“Hooh…this is…” (Mel)

Hero Abel, Great Sage-sama, and the White Dragon-san opened their eyes wide.

That’s so nice. Is it okay for me to choose too?

The moment I was going to go there with unsteady steps, my sleeve was pulled.

When I look back, the one there was…

“Esther-sama?” (Makoto)

“…Takatsuki Makoto, I have something to speak to you about separately. Come here.” (Esther)

“Only me?” (Makoto)

“That’s right, only you. Come already.” (Esther)

Saying this, the Destiny Oracle-sama left into a room deeper in.

“Wow, this mantle has protection magic for 4 elements!” (Abel)

“This was made from the mane of a Heaven Lion. Take it, Hero-kun.” (Mel) 

“T-This is…?!” (Abel)

“White Dragon Master, I can feel overwhelming mana from this staff…” (Momo)

“That one is made from the branch of the World Tree. A person with half-assed mana wouldn’t be able to use it, but I think you would be okay, Little One.” (Mel)

“B-By World Tree, do you mean the one that shows up in myths?!” (Abel)

“The seedling of the World Tree is in the Floating Continent, so it isn’t that rare of a thing, you know? I would say processing it is harder.” (Mel)

“You know everything, White Dragon Master!” (Momo)

“I don’t know everything.” (Mel)

I could hear merry voices.

Mel-san was detailing everything.

The amount of information she has is outstanding.

I would also like to check out the weapons and armors with them…

“Takatsuki Makoto-sama, over here. The Oracle-sama is waiting.” 

“…Yes.” (Makoto)

A robed person pushed me.

I had no choice but to go to the room.

It was a small room with no windows.

I could see the back of the Destiny Oracle standing there.

“Close the door.” (Esther)

The Oracle-sama said.


The robed person closed the door.

A loud sound was made from the door closing.

With this, this room is a completely sealed room.

So secure…

This is not a trap, right?

I feel a bit uneasy here.

“Uhm, Oracle-sama, what did you want to talk about…?” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki Makotoooooo!!” (Esther)

The next instant, the Destiny Oracle hugged me.

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