WM – Chapter 89: Takatsuki Makoto explores the capital (9th District)

“Takatsuki-kun, it suits you.” (Aya)

Sa-san was happy for some reason.

My current form is that of a racoon beastkin.

The result after testing out my Transformation Skill in a variety of ways was that this one was the one that clicked the best. 

When deceiving people, it’s gotta be a racoon, right?

“And you Sa-san are in the form when we met at Laberintos, huh.” (Makoto)

Sa-san is not in her usual human form but has bluish skin like that time in Laberintos.

Fishkin, was it?

We are currently in the 9th District of Symphonia.

◇A few hours ago◇

At first, Lucy said ‘I will also go!’ and wasn’t listening to reason.

“Lucy-sama! You can’t go to the 9th District!” (Nina)

“Lucy-dono, you will get attacked by hoodlums, 100%!” (Fuji)

She was met with the strong opposition of Nina-san and Fuji-yan.

Lucy-san has high temperature, so she always goes with clothes that expose a lot of skin.

The beautiful appearance of an elf and bright red hair. 

She stands out greatly.

“A beautiful woman like Lucy-san going to the slums would be like giving meat to a pack of hungry wolves.” (Chris)

“Ugh…” (Lucy)

Chris-san also chimed in.

The result was that Sa-san and I would be the ones heading to the 9th District. 

Using the Transformation Skill, we changed our appearances.

“Maybe I should try learning it too…” (Lucy)

Lucy wasn’t content.

Sorry, Lucy.

Let’s go somewhere together another time.

By the way…

“Fuji-yan, I heard you learned who the leaders of the rebellion are.” (Makoto)

I confirm what I heard from Noah-sama.

“Where did you hear that from?” (Chris)

Chris-san was surprised.

“The Goddess told me.” (Makoto)

“As expected of a Goddess. We were about to go to Sofia-sama to consult with her-desu zo.” (Fuji)

According to Fuji-yan, it seems like the influential people putting order to the demi-humans in the 8th District are suspicious.

But the first person that planned this is still unknown.

“I heard from the man of the Snake Church that the next target would be Symphonia.” (Makoto)

It is something I heard when I went to the underground prison of Horun with Princess Sofia.

“Yeah, you told me before, Takki-dono. I am also suspecting the involvement of the devilkin, but…” (Fuji)

“That part is still unknown…” (Nina)

Fuji-yan and Nina-san had regretful expressions.

“I will go investigate the 9th District. I was advised by the Goddess after all.” (Makoto)

“We don’t have many acquaintances in the 9th District, so it helps us out, but…” (Nina)

“It is a dangerous place, Makoto-sama.” (Chris)

Nina-san and Chris-san were worried about us.

Is it that dangerous of a place?

“Takatsuki-kun, I will be going with you, so it will be okay.” (Aya)

Sa-san was swinging her brand new giant hammer.

I don’t want to be in a situation where she has to use that…

“Please be careful… We will be having a meeting with Princess Sofia to discuss our future plans.” (Fuji)

“Got it. I will investigate moderately and round it up.” (Makoto)

We will gather today in the evening, and exchange information then.


“It is kinda dim here…” (Aya)

Sa-san mutters.

The moment we entered the 9th District, it felt like the air changed. 

“I heard that the place right after passing the gate is the most developed part though…” (Makoto)

There’s a number of store-looking places here and there, but…there’s no liveliness anywhere.

There’s a lot of empty stores.

People lying at the side of the street.

People who are standing in place spaced-out.

There’s an air of deterioration wafting about.

“What a strange scent…” (Aya)

Sa-san frowns.

It certainly does smell.

The first would be the smell of the drainage and trash that’s not being properly cleaned and maintained.

On top of that, this sweet scent…

“Weed…” (Makoto)

The same scent as that time in the Horun bar and the circus.

Fuji-yan has shown me the actual thing once. 

At a glance, it has the shape of tobacco.

(There was one yesterday at the store of the tiger beastkin shopkeeper who took care of Nina-san…) (Makoto)

Is it circulating in Symphonia too?

“It is strange that there’s a clear smell of narcotics in the main street…” (Aya)

“Are there no cops?” (Makoto)

In the West Continent, the Templars serve the role of police.

The Templar Order is an organization that’s managed by the Six Great Goddesses Churches.

In the cities where there’s the church, the Templars would protect public order.

They are in Makkaren too, but they were always drinking till dropping together with the adventurers. 

Makkaren is a peaceful place after all.

In the 9th District…there’s no sight of knights.

“…Aren’t we being watched?” (Aya)

“Yeah…I can feel gazes.” (Makoto)

The people that are not doing anything here.

They are looking over here.

Why? We have the proper slum look though.

There were people slowly walking over here.

There were also people following behind us.

Geh, the path at our front is blocked.

They are mumbling something.

“Let’s run!” (Makoto)

“Okay!” (Aya)

We go from the main street to a path at the side.

Relying on Detection and Escape, we ran through the path.

By the way, Sa-san is faster than me even without using Skills.

Hey, wait for me!


“Sa-san, you are way too fast…” (Makoto)

“After getting all the way here, no people are chasing us anymore.” (Aya)

We arrived at an open place with few people.

A spacious and declining place.

There’s a sloppy fence, with a field of vegetables inside, and chickens in the open.

“A farm, maybe? It feels strange to have one at a place like this.” (Aya)

“Seems like it. I have never seen the vegetables grown here though.” (Makoto)

A different atmosphere from the showy capital and the slum entrance.

It is…a bit different from idyllic, but there’s a slight peaceful atmosphere.

What was deep inside it was a crumbling church.

“…A church, huh.” (Makoto)

“A church in the slums sounds rough.” (Aya)

We advance while talking about that.

“Stop!” “We were the ones who grew this!” “Please stop, it is the little amount of food we have.” 

I could hear the voice of people arguing.

“Huuh?! As if I care!” 

“Whose compassion do you think you are getting to be allowed to live here, you brats of dirty blood?!” 

Children and an elderly woman were raising desperate voices.

The other voices were violent men.

Is their field being robbed?

“Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

Sa-san ran off.


For now, I chase after Sa-san.

[Will you save the children?]

Yes ←


(Figures.) (Makoto)

[RPG Player] is reading the atmosphere.

(Well, this time around, I don’t even have to choose.) (Makoto)

“You guys! Bullying such small children, you are the worst!” (Aya)

When children are in trouble, Sa-san would definitely go to their rescue after all.

Sa-san had returned to her usual human form and made a pose.

But Sa-san is small and cute, so even if she says that, it is not threatening at all.

“Huuh?” “What’s with you?” “Now that I take a good look at you, you are cute.” “You are a pedophile?” “I am not!” “What’s so good about that chestless girl?” 

(Ah, Sa-san snapped at being made fun of her chest.) (Makoto)

If you are going to get angry at that, you can just transform into a woman with big boobs though.

When I said that, she scolded me saying ‘That’s not the issue, Takatsuki-kun!’.

She apparently can’t accept faking that with her Change Skill.

A mysterious fixation.

“…You guys, prepare yourselves.” (Aya)

Her voice had bloodlust to the point that I could even hear the *gogogo* SFX.

Sa-san’s [Intimidation] is activated.

(Scary!) (Makoto)

Even I who am at the back am getting chills from that pressure.

“Hiih!” “W-What’s with this girl?!” “W-We are gonna be killed!” 

The men raised screams as they ran away.

Your opponent was bad.

“Hmph, what boring people!” (Aya)

Sa-san crossed her arms.

“Sa-san, Sa-san, here, here.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Aya)

She looked the other way.

All the children had fallen on their butts.

There were even children who had fainted.

“Aaaaah! Sorry, sorry!” (Aya)

“Sorry about our Sa-san.” (Makoto)

We apologized with our all.


Sa-san and I were guided to the inside of the church.

The inside of the church is old like its outside appearance.

But it is maintained, and I could tell that people are living here.

“Thank you very much… To help out people like us…” 

The elderly woman has tattered clothes, but it looks like she is a sister.

““““Thank you very much!””””

The polite children were also wearing shabby clothes.

“No, we didn’t do much. They are such terrible people treating young children like that.” (Aya)

“Why did they go out of their way to do something like that?” (Makoto)

The elderly sister begins speaking.

“The church here acts as an orphanage. The children here all have the blood of demons… They hate us who have the blood of demons…no, they look down on us.” 

“Devilkin…” (Makoto)

“Yes…or also ‘dirty blood’. I am one of them too.” 

When the sister took off her headdress, a small horn was in view.

She once again puts it on.

“But well, the demon blood is pretty thin now. We don’t have any special power. We are simply a bit different in appearance compared to other humans… All the children here are the same.” 

The sister speaks sadly.

“We don’t know the faces of our parents…” 

“We have dirty blood after all…” 

“The children that you can tell are demons from their appearance are all thrown away.” 

“We have to be grateful that we were at least allowed to live…” 

The expressions of the children are gloom.

“…What’s with that?” (Aya)

Sa-san face stiffens.

“Can’t you just leave the capital?” (Makoto)

If they go to a place that’s not Highland which has a strict hierarchical system, wouldn’t it get better?

“There’s more than 50 orphans here… And there’s abandoned children every few months…” 

“I…see…” (Makoto)

It is not so simple, obviously.

In the first place, they don’t look like they have the money for that.

They seem to be self-sustained.

“If it is in Makkaren, couldn’t they get the help of Fujiwara-kun and Chris-san…?” (Aya)

Sa-san looks over here with a face that hasn’t given up.


I understand how you feel, but…it won’t be easy to look after a large group like this.

Even if we are talking about Fuji-yan, it is not like he is running a charity here.

“Makkaren? Could it be that you know adventurers by the name of Jean and Emily?” 


“We do. We have adventured together.” (Makoto)

“Is that so! Are they doing well?” 

Sister made a happy expression for the first time.

So Jean and Emily came from this orphanage.

Now that I think about it, they did say that they were from an orphanage of the Sun Country.

Hm? Then that means…

“Those guys…were devilkin?” (Makoto)


The sister made a shocked expression.

She must have thought she slipped there.

“Ah, we are otherworlders. We don’t mind that.” (Makoto)

I said this beforehand.

“O-Otherworlders? Could it be the legendary Hero-sama?!” 

“No, I am a Hero that’s not legendary.” (Makoto)


For now, I give a simple self-introduction.

“Wow! You are the Hero-sama of the Water Country of Rozes?” 

“Amazing, Nii-chan~.” “So cool~.” “Hero-sama…” 

The gazes of the children were passionate.

This is embarrassing.

“You are grinning, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“Isn’t it fine to enjoy it a little bit?” (Makoto)

“Yup yup, it is fun, right?!” (Aya)

Sa-san seems to be having fun too.

“So Jean and Emily are doing well. Even though it hasn’t been long since they have become adventurers, they are sending us money at fixed times. Despite that life they have definitely not being easy either…” 

The sister smiles.

Jean…you were doing that?

I didn’t know at all.

After that, we talked for a while about Jean and Emily.

The sister smiled happily.

“I see, Jean and Emily are now a couple.” 

“Were they not like that before?” (Makoto)

I have been thinking they were going out with each other the first time I met them.

It seems it was recent that they began going out.

“In the orphanage, Emily was more of a big sister. Jean was saying ‘I will become an adventurer and make it big!’, and Emily went together with him in worry.” 

The sister speaks as if nostalgic.

“I see. I will tease Jean with this next time.” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-kun, so evil~.” (Aya)

Let’s have a talk about this church and the sister too.

We now have a good story to tell when going back.

But we didn’t come here to have idle chatter.

This place is a devilkin orphanage.

They might have information. 

“This church…is it for the Sun Goddess?” (Makoto)

I say this as I look up at the statue of the Sun Goddess Althena-sama.

“There’s no church in Highland aside from ones of the religion of Althena-sama.” 

“I see…it is the same as Rozes in that regard.” (Makoto)

Being a country strict in their religion is just as I heard, huh.

“By the way…” (Makoto)

I try to bring out the topic casually.

“Do you know about the Snake Church?” (Makoto)

The moment I said that, the face of the sister got stern.

“Do you think we are believers of the Evil Devil?” 

“N-No no.” (Maktoo)

“Even though those horrendous acts of theirs are bringing harm to our brethrens…! They attack humans indiscriminately, spread a terrifying drug like the weed, and bring chaos into the world. The spears of hate from the people who have been hurt by them are directed at us powerless devilkin…” 

The sister groans weakly at the end.

I see, the people here are victims from the Snake Church…

Hm? There’s one point that bothers me.

“The weed is something that the Snake Church is spreading?” (Makoto)

“Yeah… The residents of the 9th District all know this. The Snake Church is getting their funds from the sales of the weed. There was one time when a man said he was related to the church asking whether we would want to cultivate the plant that’s the source of the weed.” 

“No way…towards these children? Unforgivable.” (Aya)

Sa-san was angered.

I see.

The Snake Church and weed.

It was connected, huh.

“We are searching for the Snake Church. A man of that church made monsters rampage in the capital of the Water Country the other day. They said they were targeting this capital next.” (Makoto)

“…No way.” 

The sister made a bitter expression.

“Anything is fine. Do you know something?” (Makoto)

“How about the underground canals…?” 

A child who was listening to our talk muttered this.

““Underground canals?””

Sa-san and I tilt our heads.

“Symphonia has complex underground canals that serve as drainages.” 

“There’s a…rumor saying that there’s the hideout of the mafia and the Snake Church there.”

“It is said there’s kidnappers there, so children shouldn’t get close to that place…”

Sounds suspicious.

There’s a place like that?

“An underground canal in Symphonia, huh…” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-kun…could it be that you are going?” (Aya)

“Eh? You won’t be going, Sa-san?” (Makoto)

Sa-san looks at me surprised.

Did I say something weird?

“Even though you are the careful player type, Takatsuki-kun, you poke your head into dangerous places, huh.” (Aya)

“The underground canals of the capital, sounds like a dungeon. Don’t you think it could be fun?” (Makoto)

“Haah…” (Aya)

She sighed.

But it is a place that’s even further down than the slums.

I feel like we are going deeper and deeper.

[Will you go to the underground canals of Symphonia?]

Yes ←


Today is a day with a lot of choices, huh.

“Sa-san, let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Yes yes, got it~.” (Aya)

Sa-san smiles with a troubled expression.

We head to the underground canals of Symphonia.

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        3. not just slum people though…. if you check out out some stats a lot (relatively speaking) of crime is directly or indirectly connected to ALCOHOL binging and withdrawal. so idk why you mentioned slum people here…

        Its just super weird how the author is fixating on weed, shouldve just used some imaginary hardcore drug…

        sorry to break it to you but maybe you shouldnt be saying “you dont get it at all” so lightly to others when you dont know anything. “Confidently wrong” is what people call this right? 🙂

        1. Nah you don’t know shit. You clearly only know of weed from people who know how to use it responsibly. We’re talking about poor people here (read: slum dwellers and the like), who don’t have enough education to learn the consequences, who don’t have the money to go to rehab, and who don’t know the word restraint. Is it a wonder why poor families on average have more kids than a rich one? “They don’t have access to condoms” is not the answer, because even countries with widespread condom use will still have poor people having more kids on average.

          1. Weed is banned while alcohol isn’t because alcohol is more socially acceptable. If you knew more than me, you shouldn’t have replied with this point. Anybody who smokes knows this contradiction already.

          2. Weed IS a gateway drug. Alcohol is not considered as one. Tobacco isn’t either. I also didn’t misunderstand the vamp sister, she’s clearly mad about weed being in-reach of children, or at least the proposal to plant it on the church’s yard. Looks like you’re the one living in your own world, one full of echo-chambers with promises of a utopia.

          3. There is a lot of crime connected to alcohol, yes. But again, alcohol is legalized while weed isn’t. It’s that simple.

          It’s not super weird that the author is fixating on weed, it’s because you kids don’t know shit about the real world but you pretend you do. The author at least knows what he’s talking about.

          1. oh no youre getting insulting, so probably wont be properly reading what I say but Ill try to reason with you anyways…
            Kids are a type of pension insurance since old times, the more you have the safer you are in old age. thats at least one of the main reasons for poorer people to have more children. Yeah not being educated is another big reason but not the biggest.

            1. yes alcohol is more scoially accaptable. but scientifically its worse, society is just retarded. tbh I dont quite understand what you wanna say here so I may have misunderstood your intent on this one
            BUT 3-4%(? Dont have a study of this in front of me atm so not sure on the exact number) of 12 years or older US citizens suffer from AUD thats quite a number…

            2. Weed is CONSIDERED a gateway drug by society, not scientifally. 60% of opium users drank alcohol before, 60% smoked before and 30% smoked weed before, of those 30% 90% drank alcohol before. AND Alcohol is the gateway drug to smoking and weed too according to several studies.

            3. still dont know why legalization matters, opium was legal too but that didnt mean it wasnt a drug right? science matters not social acceptance. my points still stand

            again “you kids” youre being kinda weird on that…. but yeah I dont know anything right? just science and facts, but what do those matter in the “real world” right? 😉

            Edit: weed was legal too for a long time (depending on the country still is, without problems mind you) but this fact must also confuse you alot since legal = not a drug

          2. No, you don’t know shit, period. The fact that you mention alcohol as deadlier when the subject is about weed proves that all your googling is just that, google. Zero experience. Experience + knowledge = wisdom.

            The pension insurance is not applicable to everything, not all governments have the budget to give their poor insurance. Education IS the biggest reason lmao. For example, the reason why poor people had lots of kids before the Industrial Revolution was to avail of more helping hands on the farms, and that logic still applies today to most agricultural economies. However, it doesn’t apply to slum people who don’t own farms.

            1 – 2 – 3: Despite all your research you still don’t understand that the issue is societal, not scientific. If you don’t know why legalization matters, then you should shut up and drop the sarcastic act. Sarcasm only works if you know what you’re talking about.

            Ofc you don’t know anything. I’ve been on both sides of the fence when it comes to weed, have you? Lmao.

            I know that weed was legal for a long time before the 1900s, at least in the USA. But again, this is because of societal issues. Do your research and find out why. Here’s a clue: Prohibition.

            Don’t take it personally. I’ve been in your shoes before. Just because we know how to google doesn’t mean we can discern the truth that doesn’t fit with our biases.

          3. again youre assuming quite a lot about me. the way you think/write about others really reaflect your own character.
            non of youre points make sense either, but it seems like even if I explain it to you you wont understand. It seems like you want to end this here and frankly I too dont wanna continue this either.

            Also I strongly doubt “youve been in my shoes”…

          4. I’ve been a teenager to young adult before. Believe me, I’ve been in your shoes.

            If none of my points make sense to you, then you gotta get out there and experience the real world. Not everything depends on “fact”, sometimes fact is distorted for ambition. Not everything is “righteous”, sometimes righteousness is naivete. Just keep safe though, it’s Coronavirus out there.

          5. … gotta love this convo when weed was only made illegal so that the government at the time could attack and invade those who could possibly hurt their power, love ya reagan, anywho… Canadian here and I dislike mind altering substances personally, BUT marijuana is less dangerous and less addictive than alcohol and tobacco. There have been too many unbiased studies attesting to this and… I’ve also seen this with my own eyes, I have many friends who toke up and they do not do it as often as I see people drink and smoke, hell I’ve noticed that people drink and DEFINITELY smoke more than get high off mary jane, smoking every day specifically many cigs a day and drinking almost every day, when you compare that to the toking up maybe a 1-2 times a week? Also, as Seki previously pointed out… you have in no way, shape or form shown anything conclusive, you’ve basically just said “nah, facts ain’t right” when again, when we talk about studies… this ain’t the 20th century, most studies are now peer-reviewed and looked over by others in the scientific community while also being forced to be as non-biased as possible. Now… while your “personal experience” can vary… you probably don’t have access to the habits of thousands to tens of thousands of people.

            In summary: belittling your opponent in a debate does not guarantee you win and makes you look desperate and grasping at straws

          6. Not reading the convo properly isn’t impressive either. The angle was never about the rate of addiction, but WHY Mary Jane is prohibited while alcohol isn’t. Your friend is the one who got desperate who tried lecturing me about stuff that I already know, and acted like I was one of the guys who signed weed back into the Stone Ages.

            Belittling an opponent doesn’t guarantee you the win, I agree. But you’re both revealing your ages when you inject emotion into your arguments. Asking me to ignore that is a tall order, especially when your friend tried arguing against my point from a moral standpoint.

            I said he didn’t know shit not from an emotional standpoint, but from an experience standpoint. What’s the use of telling me addiction rates and how weed should be as legal as alcohol, should a random WM reader do something about it? Cmon now.

            Acknowledging that both alcohol and weed have pros and cons should’ve been the first thing your friend did, but he started going on this impassioned speech about weed, framing it like this all-safe drug look ma no hands type of stuff. If that’s the case then cars should be outlawed, seeing as more car accidents than gun deaths happen (in the US). Sigh.

      2. Are you saying you can’t have sex when you are 15? That was normal around my friends. I was 16 and that was absolutely not too young. I am tired andrunk, migh have missed the point. I am just saying, sex when you are 15 is fine if you want

        1. It’s just a difference in perspective. I had sex for the first time when I was 11 and I think people should hold off until they get married. Because to me, while it’s normal for teens to behave like that even at 15, it’s not the *right* thing to do. Raising a kid ain’t a walk in the park, and even if it’s just the sex the people involved aren’t mentally mature enough for it. I should effing know lol.

    3. its weed, but it may not be the same weed – like this is a fantasy world – also don’t people seem too high for it to be just that?

    4. Haha I was going to say that the first time it was mentioned way back. I thought Fuji-yan would say something like ” Oh, but it is not as harmless as “weed” back on Earth, this is really baad stuff” something like that.
      If I was high, and monsters attacked, I would only panick more probably. Weed is for afterwards, to relax and enjoy food and music

    5. That’s because you are reading weed as a synonym of marijuana. But we don’t know what kind of weed/plant/drug this is. We only know that is really bad news. Although any kind of drug should be bad news, regardless of how addictive it is, in my humble opinion.

  19. LOL~ REEFER MADNESS. Really author?
    The author reveals classic middle class values that ignore the grinding poverty and social inequalities of slum life and try to blame it on a handy excuse like “the weed” for instance?
    It was a bad joke in the 1920’s and 1930’s when they actually called it that aforementioned “Reefer Madness.”
    Look it up, it’s kinda funny!

    1. Actually no
      Remember the first time Makoto’s remarks about this?
      He said because people were in fear thinking about the end of the world due to demon king’s resurrection, so they ran to this.

      Also with how the snake church spreading this in some ways to the unknown masses for likely more sinister and nefarious purpose?

      See there? There’s already social inequity and problems such as global depression, with bad guys using these to further spreads chaos.

      All that we can infer from those is that author position is around “It’s a symptom, not the cause”. So not the moral panic you’re thinking of.

    2. It’s the opposite man. They resorted to weed because they’re already poor, rather than being poor because of it. The snake church is taking advantage of their state and the worry from the demon lord’s awakening to spread it. From where did you get that evaluation btw?? You need to top up your language and reading comprehension I think.

  20. MC – Disguises and goes into slums to search for info
    Also MC – Immediately happily reveals his full identity

    Well… he is young. I guess some level of retardedness should be allowed? That way of ‘helping’ the kids too – it’ll only make things worse for them later.

  21. RE reading this after knowing how RPG player´s options work gives so much more clues of how thing developed.

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