WM – Chapter 171: 7th Arc Epilogue

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“You look like you are having fun, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

Sa-san and Lucy are on top of the bed.

Princess Sofia was looking down at me as if I were a pig before being sent to the slaughter. 

No, I exaggerated there. 

Those eyes weren’t as cold as that.

“Hero-dono, you have woken up, huh.” 

The one who appeared at the back of Princess Sofia was General Tariska.

He looks unfriendly as always, but it seems like he was thanking me on the name of the Fire Country. 

Now that he mentions it, I lost consciousness after using Spirit Magic, but is the capital okay?

By the way, Sa-san, Lucy, and Princess Sofia looked at each other, and then after a while, they left the room —from the window.

This is the third floor though… (Sa-san carried Lucy as she jumped off).

The quarrel between free people.

“Hero-dono, I can’t thank you enough for your help this time around towards the Fire Country. On top of that, your comrade, Sasaki Aya-dono, has become the new Country Designated Hero of Great Keith. From here on, the Fire Country and the Water Country will take hands and…” (Tariska)

General Tariska spoke his gratitude. 

(So much blabber.) (Makoto)

I half-listened to what he said.

To summarize what he said…

Until now, in times of emergency, due to the difference in national power, the standing of Rozes was weak.

The Water Country doesn’t have a strong army. 

Even in the treaties between countries, the Water Country would mostly be on the slightly disadvantageous side. 

This was talk about revising this and having an equal cooperative relationship between neighboring countries in the future. 

While at it, he also told me to get along with the other Heroes. 

It was about how her daughter caused me trouble.

…Is what I understood, but the General was so roundabout and used complicated terms of this world which made it hard for me to understand a lot of parts. 

I should ask Princess Sofia later to explain it to me. 

“Hero Makoto-dono, if you have some sort of wish, please do tell me.” (Tariska) 

General Tariska asked. 

I glanced at Princess Sofia and she had a face as if saying ‘I leave it to you’.

Well, if it is not good, she will stop me. 

It is all about trying, so I decided to ask. 

“General, there’s something I would like to request.” (Makoto)

“Hoh, what is it?” (Tariska)

The eyes of General Tariska grew sharper at my words.

“My friend that came from the same world as me has become a slave. If possible, I want to free her…” (Makoto)

My classmate Kawakita-san has become a slave, and I told him that it has been planned that she will be bought by an influential noble. 

However, when I said that, General Tariska made a grim expression.

“…If I remember correctly, that matter…” (Tariska)

“General, I will tell him. Hero Makoto, your friend Kawakita Keiko-san has been freed already.” (Sofia)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

From what they told me, it was about the Holy Sword Balmung that was broken at the Martial Arts Tournament. 

Sa-san had broken the treasured sword of Great Keith.

But this is a country of military men.

It was the result of a duel that Hero Olga proposed herself, so it had been deemed as her own fault. 

However, a problem remained.

Even though the Great Demon Lord’s battle is on the horizon, the holy sword that serves as a trump card is unusable, which is troubling. 

There’s the need to repair it at once, but when it is a holy sword, your average blacksmith can’t repair it. 

There’s the need for a Saint Rank blacksmith.

But the amount of Saint Rank blacksmiths in the continent can be counted with a hand.

All of them have a lot of customers, and their schedules are filled up for several years ahead. 

Moreover, Saint Rank blacksmiths are people that have the peak of craftsmen spirit, so even if you prepare an exorbitant amount of money, they won’t easily agree.

Even if the requester is a big country like the Fire Country.

At worst, Hero Olga might not be able to participate in the battle against the Great Demon Lord, which made the faces of the higher ups of Great Keith pale.

The one who showed up there was Fuji-yan.

Fuji-yan has a variety of connections as a merchant, and had gotten his hand on a reserved spot for the Saint Rank blacksmith that’s said to be the number one of the continent. They apparently managed to schedule the repair of the holy sword Balmung at once.

The repair of the Holy Sword apparently required rare magic crystals, and magic ores, but Fuji-yan had prepared them all. 

The Fire Country was greatly thankful for his contribution, and when he was asked what he would want as a reward, Fuji-yan requested for the freedom of his friend. 

And so, Kawakita-san is now free. 

This is apparently something that happened before I woke up.

(Sa-san is outrageous, but Fuji-yan ain’t lacking behind.) (Makoto)

The release of his classmate and the matter of the broken holy sword.

The worries were wrapped up all at once by him.

My comrade Sa-san broke it, and my friend Fuji-yan repaired it; it kinda feels like we created a problem and then solved it though.

I should thank Fuji-yan later.

“Then, there’s nothing.” (Makoto)

Got no worries now. 

“…Hmm, but…” (Tariska)

General Tariska doesn’t seem to be satisfied with that. 

“I can prepare the number one beauty of the Fire Country.” (Tariska)

“Huh?”, he said something weird.

“General.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia interrupts the words of General Tariska.

“If you so wish, my daughter is also okay, you know?” (Tariska)

The daughter of General Tariska…that battle junkie Olga-san?

“…I am grateful for the offer, but she’s too much for me to handle.” (Makoto)

I think he is joking, but I try refusing gently just in case.

After that, the General seemed to be pondering, but it looks like he didn’t get a good idea.

“…Then, if you are troubled by anything, we are willing to help anytime.” (Tariska)

Saying this, General Tariska left. 

Only Princess Sofia and I were left in the room.

“You are trusted by the General a lot now.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia sat on my bed and looked at me as if teasing me. 

“He was quite kind there.” (Makoto)

Last time I spoke with him, he was speaking as if he was superior. 

“You achieved something that deserves that much.” (Sofia)

Saying this, Princess Sofia touched the right arm that was wrapped around several layers of bandages.

I…can’t feel her touch.

Princess Sofia looked at me saddened.

“This arm…can’t move anymore, right? I heard from Furi-san.” (Sofia)

Hm? That’s wrong.

“I can move it though?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Sofia)

Trying to be careful not to repeat the sexual harassment accident just a few moments ago with Furiae-san, I move my right arm carefully. 

It is the water magic I am specialized in, but I am still not used to the feeling of moving my own arm with magic.

It ended up in a zombie-like movement.

My right arm slowly went up and was placed on top of Princess Sofia’s head.

Geh, that’s bad. 

I hurriedly tried to move it away, but I got flustered and couldn’t move it properly. 

It ended with awkward and rude movements that ruffled the head of the Princess.

As for Princess Sofia, she didn’t try to push my hand away, and she was surprised by it, but kept it as it is.

“It has been a while since you have given me a headpat.” (Sofia)

“Uhm, I am sorry. I can’t move it properly yet.” (Makoto)

I used my left hand to grab my right arm and moved it away from Princess Sofia’s head.

I should have done so from the beginning. 

“Rest for a bit more. You woke up not that long ago.” (Sofia)

I was urged by Princess Sofia and lied down on the bed.

There was probably still exhaustion remaining in my body, when I lied down, drowsiness attacked me. 

Just before my consciousness flew away, I felt like someone patted my head.


I am dreaming. 

A vast space that goes on for as far as the eye can see. 

The usual dream. 

At that place, there’s two beautiful Goddesses. 

….Surrounded by a mountain of documents.

“Noah-sama? Eir-sama?” (Makoto)

Eir-sama was signing the documents with a complicated expression.

Noah-sama was writing something smoothly while having one hand on her chin. 

It is difficult to talk to them in this situation, but the fact that I am here must mean that they must have something to talk to me about. 

“Oh my, Makoto, isn’t that great? You managed to save the Fire Country from danger, and free your classmate.” (Noah)

Noah-sama directed a smile over here. 

“Hey, Noah! Don’t stop your hand! There’s still more than a thousand papers left!” (Eir)

“Eir-sama, what’s this mountain of documents?” (Makoto)

This is the first time I see them so busy.

“What, you ask? The documents that must be filled for sending Noah to the mortal realm! You did something that reckless, so explaining is also a pain! We have to deceive the Angels patrolling the mortal realm!” (Eir)

“I-I see…” (Makoto)

It was my fault. 

Noah-sama helped me out when I failed in transforming into a Spirit. 

Noah-sama who is trapped in the Deep Sea Temple came to me for an instant. 

Eir-sama was the one who arranged that. 

“Now now, Eir, let’s take a short rest. See, I have some haagen-dazs here.” (Noah)

“Why do you have that…?” (Makoto)

Noah-sama sometimes has products from Earth.

Where does she get them?

“From Amazon.” (Noah)


It arrives?

“I want Cookies & Cream! I won’t accept anything else aside from that!” (Eir)

“Then, I want macadamia nuts. You get vanilla, Makoto.” (Noah)

“…O-Okay. Thanks.” (Makoto)

It has been a while since I have eaten haagen-dazs.

“Noah-sama, Eir-sama, thank you very much for helping me out.” (Makoto)

After we finished eating, I thanked the two once again.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It has been a while since I have gone to the mortal realm, so it was fun.” (Noah)

“Hey there, do you know just how troublesome it is to have you go out…hm?” (Eir)

The cheerful Noah-sama and the slightly tired Eir-sama. 

That Eir-sama made a startled expression as if she noticed something.

“Wait! Mako-kun, show me that arm.” (Eir)

Eir-sama came over here and grabbed my right arm.

She had a serious questioning tone that’s different from her usual self.

Her eyes were sharp, and what was reflected in them was the right arm that was wrapped around several layers of bandage. 

“Unwrap.” (Eir)

The bandages unwrapped in an instant at the command of Eir-sama.

The exposed right arm was shining blue. 

I secretly had a peek at it in the hospital room, but…I can’t show this to others. 

“…” (Eir)

Eir-sama isn’t saying anything.

She came to my side, grabbed my right arm with strength, and glared at one point. 

“Noah, what’s the meaning of this?” (Eir)

Eir-sama lifted my arm turned blue and showed it to Noah-sama.

The small bruise that was above my elbow. 

Within my arm shining blue, only that part was shining red.

“Aah, that’s the place I touched Makoto.” (Noah)

“…Now that you mention it…” (Makoto)

Right before the comet fell, Noah-sama grabbed my right arm.

It got hot as if I got a fever just for an instant, and I remember the pain in my arm receding at that time. 

“Noah…you gave Divinity to Mako-kun, didn’t you?” (Eir)

“Oh my, that’s troubling. Looks like it accidentally got stuck on Makoto.” (Noah)

Those words made Eir-sama walk to where Noah-sama is and grab her by the collar.

“That was what you were aiming to do?” (Eir)

An angered tone that you would normally find unthinkable from the usually kind Eir-sama.

“Now now, Eir, calm down.” (Noah)

Noah-sama simply showed a vague smile.

“Answer! Giving power to humans with anything aside from Divine Protections is prohibited. Do you understand what you have done?” (Eir)

“E-Eir-sama? Calm down.” (Makoto)

I was startled by her unusual state, but I got close to stop them.

That Eir-sama said while directing a sharp glare over here.

“Mako-kun, the reason why your arm is not recovering from its Spirit transformation and why you can’t properly move it is all because of the Divinity of Noah. That mark on your arm, if put into words, would be the Curse of a God. Noah has obtained the authority to interfere in the mortal realm through you who is her believer.” (Eir)

“Curse of a God…” (Makoto)

Furiae-san said ‘your arm is cursed’. So that’s how it was.

“If you have something like that, we Holy Gods can’t just ignore you, Mako-kun. If Althena-neesama who is strict on regulations were to discover this, Mako-kun might get erased. He saved the Fire Country, so I don’t think it will happen immediately though… Noah, just what are you planning?” (Eir)

“Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

I asked for an explanation, and looked at the Goddess I follow.

Her face had the usual smile.

Beautiful as always.

“It is insurance for the next time Makoto fails transforming into a Spirit. I can’t go to the mortal realm every single time after all. If I give him my Divinity, I can directly control the Spirits.” (Noah)

“I see.” (Makoto)

The risk of transforming into a Spirit is high.

If it is as insurance, there shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

“Mako-kun…it is not only Spirits she can control, you know. At that time, you can be controlled at the will of Noah. Are you fine with that? Moreover, you will catch the attention of Holy Gods and Devils alike. Honestly speaking, it is outside your mettle as a human, Mako-kun.” (Eir)

(Hmm…) (Makoto)

The words of Eir-sama rang with worry for me. 

I looked at both Goddesses, and my eyes met Noah-sama’s.

We looked at each other for several seconds.

“Makoto, do you trust me?” (Noah)

“Isn’t that obvious?” (Makoto)

“Then, trust me. I won’t do anything bad.” (Noah)

“Got it.” (Makoto)


“Wait wait wait!” (Eir)

Eir-sama flusteredly got in between Noah-sama and I.


“There’s nothing but problems!” (Eir)

Eir-sama scratched her head and went ‘kiiih!’.

“Is that enough to convince you, Mako-kun?!” (Eir)

“Well, Noah-sama is always scheming something by default.” (Makoto)

That has been like that since the very beginning.

Regardless of that, she has been helping me, so I can’t complain.

On this occasion, if we had left it like that, we would have all been blown up by the meteor. 

“In the first place, you are way too fuzzy, Eir. Even if I gave him my Divinity, I am currently in the Deep Sea Temple, so my powers are sealed. I can’t do anything.” (Noah)

“Hmm…” (Eir)

Eir-sama looks at us both as if unconvinced.

And in the end, she sighed a big ‘haaaah’.

“It is peaceful right now so it is okay, but…when the Great Demon Lord revives, you might get targeted as an abnormal factor.” (Eir)

“Great Demon Lord’s revival; is that happening soon?” (Makoto)

“Hmm, Ira-chan isn’t saying anything, so I think there’s still a bit of time.” (Eir)

“I would say a number of months more. Anyways, this is neverending.” (Noah)

“Whose fault do you think it is?!” (Eir)

The Goddesses return to their paperwork. 

It is about time I leave, is what I thought and my vision blurred.


I woke up in the hospital room.

There’s no clock, so I don’t know what time it is, but it is probably late in the night. 

I tried to get up, but my right arm didn’t move.

I had no choice but to use my left arm to lift myself up.

My right arm is wrapped up in bandages, and doesn’t move with my physical strength.

I remember the talk in my dream.

Looks like this arm not only has the mana of Spirits, but the power of Noah-sama.

The Divinity of the Old God Noah-sama. 

Commonly known in the present as an Evil God.

In other words, the power of an Evil God.

I have to control that. 

(…Could it be…the turn of that phrase?) (Makoto)

I was enlightened. 

I look around.

There’s no one in the room.


“…Quell down…my right arm.” (Makoto)

“What’s the matter, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“Sa-san?!” (Makoto)

You were here?! 

Seems like she was looking after me closeby. 

But please don’t erase your presence! 

“I-It’s nothing.” (Makoto)

I used Clear Mind to fake calmness.

But Sa-san looked over here and grinned with half-closed eyes.

“…’Quell down…my right arm…’ Pfft!” (Aya)

This woman! 

She saw it all! 

“Forget it at once!” (Makoto)

I lunged at Sa-san.

“Kyaa~!” (Aya)

Sa-san avoided smoothly while laughing.

I was teased by Sa-san for a while after that.

And in this way, the Fire Country’s adventure ended. 

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