WM – Chapter 223: Epilogue (9th Arc)

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“You decide. Save the world, or destroy it…” (Noah)

The smile of Noah-sama even felt cruel.

My gaze wandered.

I thought for sure that the choices in RPG Player would show up, but…

Nothing is coming out. 

I instead confirm the expressions of my comrades with Perspective Change.

Lucy was in a bad mood.

Sa-san was in tears.

Princess Sofia had a calm expression as if she were enduring something.

Furiae-san was making a face like that of an abandoned cat…

My resolve shook.

I was going to say something, but stopped it. 

I feel like I would get affected if they were to try to stop me.

I faced Noah-sama again.

“Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

“What, Makoto?” (Noah)

“…I will go 1,000 years into the past. I will go save Savior Abel, okay?” (Makoto)

When I answered, I could hear everyone in the church sigh.

When I looked, I could see Althena-sama also make a relieved face.

“Is that okay? You won’t be able to meet your friends again, you know?” (Noah)

“Please don’t throw cold water on the resolve of someone.” (Makoto)

I showed a wry smile, turned to my friends, and went down the platform.

“Sorry, everyone. I will be going.” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-kun…I don’t want this…” (Aya)

Sa-san grabbed my arm and sunk her face on my chest. 

“I will go with you too… I want to go together with Takatsuki-kun, Goddess-sama…” (Aya)

“Sasaki Aya, you are way too strong… If we were to send you 1,000 years into the past, the Devils will notice it… You can’t go together with Takatsuki Makoto…” (Ira)

“Uuh…no way…” (Aya)

I could only hug the shoulders of Sa-san.

Someone approached from the back.

“Hero Makoto…saving the Savior-sama is an honorable task. I wish you good luck—” (Sofia)

“Sofia…” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia’s words got stuck in the middle. 

“Sorry, even though you should be the one in pain here…” (Sofia)


Princess Sofia hung her head down.

What should I say here…?

“Geez, pushing yourself here. This girl…” 

“Eir-sama?!” (Sofia)

Eir-sama suddenly appeared and hugged Princess Sofia from the back.

“When did you descent?” (Sofia)

“Hmm, I was summoned together with Noah when I was at the Deep Sea Temple.” (Eir)

“That easily?” (Makoto)

Oi oi, is that okay?

I looked at Althena-sama and she was scratching her cheek.

Aah, so she didn’t plan that either, huh.

“Yes, Sofia-chan. It is okay to cry when you are sad, okay?” (Eir)

“…Yes.” (Sofia)

It should be okay to leave Princess Sofia to Eir-sama.

My eyes made contact with Furiae-san at the back.

Her elegant expression was gone and she was flustered.

“U-Uhm…My Knight…” (Furiae)

“Princess, sorry…that I won’t be able to stay by your side despite being your Guardian Knight.” (Makoto)

“This isn’t about me! Are you really okay…? You will have to go all on your own 1,000 years into the past. That’s way too horrible…” (Furiae)

Furiae-san ran to me and grabbed my hand.

She was trembling.

“There doesn’t seem to be any other choice after all.” (Makoto)

“But…even though you have just come back to life not that long ago…why…do you have to face such…” (Furiae)

“Well, it can’t be helped.” (Makoto)

“You are always saying things so lightly…” (Furiae)

“Do your best founding your nation, Princess.” (Makoto)

“…Yeah.” (Furiae)

My resolve must have transmitted, Furiae-san let go powerlessly.

For last, I turn to where the red haired elf girl that has been silent for a while now is.

“Lucy, uhm…” (Makoto)

I was about to say ‘I am sorry, I won’t be able to adventure with you anymore’, but my words were cut off.

“Makoto!” (Lucy)

Lucy crossed her arms and glared at me.

The first comrade I got when coming to this world.

The girl I was acquainted with the longest in this world.

I couldn’t keep my promise of challenging the Deep Sea Temple together…

“Promise me.” (Lucy)

“Promise?” (Makoto)

“Come back! Save Hero Abel, and once you defeat the Great Demon Lord, come back to us!” (Lucy)

She points straight at me and says strongly. 

“Lucy…” (Makoto)

I really want to come back, but Ira-sama has been explaining to me that I can’t return for a while now.

“Lucy J Walker…I have said this many times already, but there’s no method for Takatsuki Makoto to return to the prese—” (Ira)

“Shut up! Airheaded Goddess!” (Lucy)

“Wa?!” (Ira)

Lucy kicks away the words of Ira-sama.

“Makoto! DEFINITELY come back! Promise!” (Lucy)

As if reacting to the words of Lucy, letters floated in front of me.


[Will you promise Lucy?]



(A choice here, huh…) (Makoto)

Even though there was no reaction when Noah-sama asked me.

It is not about going or not 1,000 years into the past, but whether I return or not, huh…

“M-My Knight…” (Furiae)

Furiae-san was stepping back as if she were scared.

“Takatsuki Makoto?! T-That’s—mgh!” (Ira)

“Alright, Ira, you shouldn’t get in the way of his tearful farewell with his comrades, okay?” (Noah)

Noah-sama covered the mouth of Ira-sama who was about to say something.

It seems like these two can see the choices.

But I must answer Lucy first.

“Lucy.” (Makoto)

I look at the burning red eyes of Lucy.

And then, I glanced at the choices RPG Player gave me.

Now that I think about it, choices showed several times when Lucy became my party member, right?

At that time, I couldn’t choose No in the end.

It was a forced party member route. 

I remembered that and laughed a bit.

I am sure I can’t choose No here either.

“What?” (Lucy)

She glared suspiciously at my laugh.

I take a step towards Lucy.

“I promise you. I definitely will return.” (Makoto)

I choose [Yes] to the question of RPG Player.

“Hmph, definitely, okay? I won’t forgive you if you break your promise!” (Lucy)

Lucy faced the other way with a ‘pui!’ while still having her arms crossed.

I promised, so I have to keep it.

Now then, my farewells to my comrades are done.

What’s left is…

“Makoto-sama…” (Noel)

“Takatsuki-kun…” (Sakurai)

Princess Noel had a sad face, and Sakurai-kun on the verge of tears called my name.

…Oi oi, you are the Light Hero that will defeat the Great Demon Lord, right?

I will do my best in the past, so I leave the present to you, Sakurai-kun.

“I’ll be going. Take care of Sakurai-kun, okay, Princess Noel?” (Makoto)

I smiled awkwardly and gave my farewells.


Close to Sakurai-kun, there’s a small person looking straight at me…the Great Sage-sama.

Right, gotta speak to her too.

“Great Sage-sama, I am sorry. Even though I just became your Guardian Knight.” (Makoto)

“I don’t mind.” 

The Great Sage-sama’s voice was the same as usual to a cold degree.

It makes me a bit sad.

“I leave Abel to you.” 

“Yes.” (Makoto)

The words of the legendary hero that saved the world before were brief.

Brief, but heavy.

The Great Sage-sama didn’t show her usual grin, and was looking at me expressionless.

“By the way…you didn’t meet me 1,000 years in the past, right?” (Makoto)

This is a point that bothers me a lot.

She is the only person here that’s from that time after all.


There’s no response.

“Great Sage-sama?” (Makoto)

“…I didn’t, Spirit User-kun.” 

“I see…” (Makoto)

Too bad.

If I knew that I acted together with the Great Sage-sama, it would have been quite relieving.

Looks like I won’t be able to meet the Great Sage-sama again in the past.

I looked around the church and everyone’s gazes were directed at me too.

(…I want to go around and give my farewells to everyone, but I don’t have the time.) (Makoto)

I return to the platform.

And then, I kneeled in front of Noah-sama.

“I will now be heading 1,000 years into the past, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

“Is that so… Your resolve is firm. I got it, Makoto.” (Noah)

Noah-sama placed a hand on my head.

Will I get some farewell words?

—“In the name of the Goddess Noah, I dismiss you from being my believer.” (Noah)

“Huh?” (Makoto)

I heard something outrageous.

“W-What are you doing?!” (Makoto)

I raised my voice, but Noah-sama still had a composed expression.

I hurriedly checked my Soul Book…and the words [Apostle of the Goddess Noah-sama] were gone! 

“I have a different Apostle 1,000 years in the past. You won’t be my believer anymore when you go there anyways. My believers are fixed to 1 after all.” (Noah)

“I-I see…” (Makoto)

At least explain it to me beforehand.

“Althena, Makoto will be heading to the past on his own, so give him some sort of Divine Protection.” (Noah)

“Hmm…but with how low his stats are, I can’t give him any strong Skills…” (Althena)

“It is fine. Better than nothing.” (Noah)

“Well, fine.” (Althena)

Althena-sama extends her hand to me.

—“In the name of the Sun Goddess Althena, I confer you a Divine Protection.” (Althena)

A small light covered my body.

Althena-sama says: ‘With this, I have given you the [Sun Magic: Elementary] Skill’.

Ooh…a new Skill here?

“M-Me too!” (Ira)

Ira-sama hugged me.


The small body of Esther-san hugged me tightly. 

“Takatsuki Makoto… I am sorry. I caused you trouble… I will grant you the Divine Protection of the Destiny Goddess. I pray for your safe journey. I confer to you the [Destiny Magic: Elementary] Skill.” (Ira)

A warm light flowed into my body from the body of Ira-sama.

Ira-sama hugged me just like that for a while.

“Ira-sama, thank you very much.” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki Makoto…when you are in the past, come meet me. My past and present memories are shared, so you can consult with me… I can only give you advice though.” (Ira)

“Got it. I will search for you, Ira-sama. I just need to find the Oracle of 1,000 years ago, right?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. I just hope the Oracle hasn’t been killed though…” (Ira)

Ira-sama said in a low voice while still hugging me.

Uhm…can you let go already?


I can feel cold gazes from my back.

“Come on, Ira, get away.” (Noah)

Noah-sama pulled Ira-sama off.

“Prepare the time travelling spell already.” (Noah)

“I know…” (Ira)

Ira-sama began to chant her spell.

…A spell that requires the Destiny Goddess to chant, huh.

As expected of travelling 1,000 years into the past.

It must be a big spell.

“Makoto, there’s a number of things I have to tell you…” (Noah)

Noah-sama told me a number of things regarding the situation of the Dark Era.

About the Great Demon Lord.

About the 9 Demon Lords.

Especially about the former Apostle of Noah-sama.

And then, about how I wasn’t the believer of Noah-sama 1,000 years ago.

…It makes me feel bad.

“Takatsuki Makoto, I will say it once again.” (Althena)

The Sun Goddess cut into our conversation.

“Your mission is to go 1,000 years into the past and save the life of Hero Abel. There’s no need to mind anything aside from that.” (Althena)

“Aside from that?” (Makoto)

That way of saying it bothers me.

“Althena, you are beating around the bush. Listen here, Makoto. In other words, ‘You can do anything as long as you save Hero Abel’. For example; even if that’s changing history to a great extent.” (Noah)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“Oi, Noah, I didn’t go that far.” (Althena)

Althena-sama corrects Noah-sama.

I am going to the past for the sake of not changing history, and yet, it is okay to change the past?

Or more like, isn’t it the rule of the rules to not put a hand on history when time traveling? 

“You must not. With that kind of lukewarm thinking, you won’t be able to survive in the Dark Era. Listen well. Bringing history back to normal is the job of the Destiny Goddess Ira, and we will have her do that as if her life depended on it, so you concentrate on saving Hero Abel, Makoto.” (Noah)

“The words of Noah are rough, but she is correct. There’s no need for you to worry about history. Just concentrate on Hero Abel. Even if history changes from your actions, Ira will adjust it.” (Althena)

“Uuh…I will do my best.” (Ira)

Ira-sama responds with a tearful voice at what Noah-sama and Althena-sama said.

…Is Ira-sama going to be okay?

Well, I understand now.

Ira-sama will do something about the changes in history to a certain extent. 

What I should do is stop the demise of Hero Abel who even Ira-sama can’t do anything about.

It must mean that ‘I can use any means’ for the sake of that.

But what’s going on in the past?

“Hero Makoto!” 

Someone ran to me.

Princess Sofia.

“Please take this.” (Sofia)

“This is…” (Makoto)

What I was given was a small picture book.

What’s written in the front cover is Hero Abel’s Legend.

“If you read that, you will know where Hero Abel is in the past~.” (Eir)

“I see. Thanks, Sofia, Eir-sama.” (Makoto)

I nodded at the words of Eir-sama.

It is true that books are important in order to have a grasp of history.

Other things that are needed are…

There’s a lot of things I want to bring with me, but there’s no time to prepare them.

“Takatsuki Makoto, it is ready.” (Ira)

Ira-sama called me.

At the platform there’s a giant rainbow colored gate made with magic.

“If you cross this time traveling gate, you will be sent 1,000 years into the past. I can’t tell you with certainty where you will be teleported to, but it normally is a place that’s deeply connected with you. I think you will be teleported somewhere in Rozes.” (Ira)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

I nodded.

Before I cross the gate, I turn to my comrades one more time.

Lucy, Sa-san, Princess Sofia, Furiae-san…and Noah-sama.

“I’ll be going.” (Makoto)

Saying this, I stepped into the time traveling gate Ira-sama made.

I journey 1,000 years into the past.

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