WM – Chapter 271: Holy Maiden Anna conveys her feelings

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◇Anna’s POV◇

A few years ago. 

At the homeland of my mother, a village was attacked by the demon lord army. This is a story of the time when I was living at a small village in the West Continent that was the homeland of my father. 

My parents had already passed away, and the one looking after me was the friend of my mother, the Fire Hero and my master, Olga.

“Abel, keep the training to a moderate degree. Rest for a bit. I can see you are tired.” (Olga)

My master, who had a really muscular body for a woman, called out to me in consideration. 

It is true that I was a bit dizzy from swinging my sword.

Master was doing sword training together with me, yet she didn’t have a single drop of sweat. 

“…No. I want to become a strong Hero like you, Master, and take revenge for my parents! That’s why I need to train harder.” (Abel)

“You are a hardworking one, Abel. You are just like your mother.” (Olga)

Master Olga patted my head kindly. 

That hand gave me peace of mind, and at the same time, I also felt displeased that I was being treated as a child. 

I look at my own arm. 

It was different from master; a really thin arm. 

So unreliable. 

“Don’t think too hard about it. In the first place, you have the blood of the heaven winged folk running through your veins, which is a race that has only women. I am a mix of human and beastkin, so my body is big and strong. It is a simple difference of race.” (Olga)

“…But…” (Abel)

“Train without getting impatient. I am sure you are a special existence.” (Olga)

By special, she must be talking about my constitution. 

I have both the Hero and Oracle Skills. 

There was apparently no one like that before. 

That’s why Master is putting her hopes in me. 

“I am going to become strong enough to protect you, Master!” (Abel)

“Fufu, I see. That’s promising. You are going to protect me?” (Olga)

Seeing the profile of my smiling Master, I felt sad.

Master had her lover killed by the demon lord army in the past. 

He apparently died protecting Master in the middle of battle. 

Since then, Master Olga has always been alone. 

She doesn’t act together with other Heroes, and has been fighting on her own. 

The reason why she took me in as her disciple was because of her friendship with my mother, and because I had become an orphan. 

I want to become strong enough to fight shoulder to shoulder with Master Olga. 

That was my goal. 

I continued training the sword without rest. 

“I will always be alone, but…I hope one day, you can get comrades that you can open your heart to…get a lover.” (Olga)

I could hear her mutter this. 

It was quite the sudden topic.

“A lover is impossible for me. With a constitution like mine…” (Abel)

I laughed bitterly. 

I have a special constitution that makes me both a Heaven Winged Folk (Female) and a Human (Male).

Maybe because of this, I have never fallen in love with someone. 

I am sure that will continue being the case in the future. 

If I had to say, the only one I have favorable feelings for is Master Olga alone. 

It was closer to being familial love though. 

“You never know. Your mother was passionate, and she overcame the race barrier and married your father. Even though Heaven Winged Folk are against the marriage between other races. I am sure you will meet your fated someone since you have the blood of that mother of yours.” (Olga)

“Is that so…” (Abel)

I gave an unenergetic response, and continued swinging my sword. 

“By the way, what are the conditions you are looking for in your marriage partner, Abel?” (Olga)

Master asks me teasingly. 

She had a side of her that liked these kinds of talks. 

But marriage is…something I can’t even imagine. 

“The first condition is to be stronger than Master.” (Abel)

“That’s gonna be rough.” (Olga)

Master laughed.

“But if you find someone, make sure you tell them properly, okay? We are in times like this, so there’s no knowing when you will part from them.” (Olga)

“If it is someone stronger than Master, they would be okay no matter the enemies.” (Abel)

At that time, I had that sort of light talk. 

But…even that strong Master was no match against a Demon Lord. 

That’s why I…


“U-Uhm…” (Anna)

My voice grew high-pitched as I spoke to Makoto-san.

“Y-Yes, what is it, Anna-san?” (Makoto)

The usually calm Makoto-san was strangely flustered. 

(Fuuh… Calm down. You are simply telling him your feelings.) (Anna)

“Makoto-san…I uhm…I l-li…” (Anna)

“Anna-san?” (Makoto)

I-I can’t say it! 

Why is it that I can’t even say ‘I like you’?!

Makoto-san was looking over here as if waiting for my words. 

Being exposed by that gaze of his, my body grew hotter. 

What’s that about not being able to fall in love? 

My heart is racing here. 

Calm down. 

In the first place, Makoto-san has an ‘important person’ waiting for him to come back at his homeland. 

That’s why he won’t reciprocate my feelings. 

Right, I heard from Momo-chan. 

I remember that and my head went calm. 

Yeah, I know the answer. 

I am simply going to convey my feelings to him. 

Alright, say it! 

“P-Please marry me!” (Anna)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

The eyes of Makoto-san opened wide. 

He is making the most surprised face he has until now. 

“Ah.” (Anna)

And I noticed that I have said something stupid here. 

What am I saying?! 

No, this isn’t what I wanted to say! 

I was remembering the conversation with Master, so a weird word came out.

“Marry… Marry, huh… That was unexpected… Hmm…” (Makoto)


Makoto-san is pondering. 

C-Could it be…there’s a chance? 

“…Hey, you are being noisy, Ira-sama… I am currently thinking about the answer.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-san?” (Anna)

I take one step closer to Makoto-san who is mumbling something. 

“Anna-san.” (Makoto)

“Yes?!” (Anna)

I placed a hand on my thumping chest, and waited for the next words. 

“I…have someone that’s waiting for my return. That’s why, I can’t marry you.” (Makoto)

“…Yes.” (Anna)

My chest was squeezed painfully with those words. 


Makoto-san has a loved one. 

There’s…no way I would be able to form a romantic relationship with him.

What was I even expecting?

“Hey, Ira-sama, seriously, shut up… I am going to cut off the transmission for now.” (Makoto)

My head had blanked out from the failed confession, and I think I heard something, but it didn’t remain in my mind. 


I did convey my feelings, but it is painful to be rejected…

I feel like crying…

“Anna-san.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes?” (Anna)

Makoto-san placed a hand on my shoulder. 

The face of the person I like was in front of me. 

“But I do think of you as a precious person of mine.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Anna)

My heart once again raced at an incredible speed. 

“That’s why…I will protect you. No matter the enemy.” (Makoto)


I-I’m so happy. 

This is the first time someone has told me that. 

“Makoto-san…” (Anna)

By the time I noticed, my arms had wrapped around the back of Makoto-san’s head. 

Makoto-san was a bit surprised, but he soon smiled at me. 

Is it okay…? 

I slowly move my head closer and…

“Wait! Anna-san?! What are you doing?!” 



Makoto-san disappeared from in front of me. 

That just now was Momo-chan’s Teleport.

“Anna-san!! You tried to steal the march there, didn’t you?! I heard nothing about you going that far!” (Momo)

“M-Momo-chan…you were listening?!” (Anna)

Momo-chan went ‘hisssssss!’ like a cat. 

But her shoulders soon drooped dejected. 

“M-Master… I see… I thought you couldn’t answer my feelings because you had a lover in your homeland, and yet…it is okay if it is Anna-san? I am no good…?” (Momo)

“N-No, that’s not it. You are as precious to me, Momo!” (Makoto)

“Really?” (Momo)

Momo-chan directed a dubious look at me and Makoto-san. 

So the same as Momo-chan…huh.

Is it really? 

Just now, it felt like he was going to let me kiss him though…

Could it be that he is that easy?

No no, there’s no way. 

Makoto-san is an upright person.

…Aah, my head is spinning. 

While my head was spinning, Momo-chan approached Makoto-san. 

“By the way, what kind of person is your lover, Master? I have been scared until now so I couldn’t ask.” (Momo)

“Mine? No, that’s…” (Makoto)

“I am also interested, Makoto-san!” (Anna)

“Even Anna-san?!” (Makoto)

I am indeed interested in Makoto-san’s lover. 

Just what kind of person is she? 

I am sure she is a wonderful person.

“Eeh…” (Makoto)

Makoto-san seemed to have trouble saying it with me and Momo-chan drawing closer to him.

“Master!” (Momo)

“Makoto-san!” (Anna)

Momo-chan is as pushy as ever. 

I also push just as strong today. 

Makoto-san began speaking as if he had given up. 

◇Makoto’s POV◇

It has turned into something strange. 

I was prepared for the confession of Anna thanks to the advice of Ira-sama, I didn’t expect the intrusion of Momo and my female relationships being questioned here. 

(What will you do? Don’t go being stupidly honest and talk about your love episodes here. At least say ‘Anna, you are cuter’.) (Ira)

I won’t! 

Ira-sama gave me a stupid warning.

Even so, Anna-san is plenty beautiful herself, and there’s no doubt she is cute. 

Momo and Anna-san were staring at me. 

Looks like I won’t be let go until I speak. 

Can’t be helped then. 

“Uhm…my lover is a red haired mage elf and…” (Makoto)

I speak of Lucy. 

About how I saved her when she was attacked by monsters, about how I fought a griffon and Taboo Monsters.

It is an adventure of 1,000 years in the future, so comparing it to this era, there’s a lot of discrepancies, but Momo and Anna-san didn’t show any signs of noticing. 

“Elf mage, huh…” (Anna)

“You seem like you are having fun talking about that person, Master…” (Momo)

The two groaned dejected. 

This is bad! I explained too much?! 

I should have omitted more. 

They asked me a whole lot, so I ended up answering honestly.

L-Let’s go to the next one.

“As for the second one…” (Makoto)

“Eh?!” (Anna)

“S-Second one?!” (Momo)

(Hah?! Takatsuki Makoto! What are you saying?! Are you an idiot?!) (Ira)

(But I would feel bad for Sa-san if I were to only talk about Lucy.) (Makoto)

And so, I explained about Sa-san too.

“A friend from school…?” (Anna)

“Master…just what country were you at?” (Momo)

(See?! From all things, you had to talk about a story of before you were transferred, so you have confused the two!) (Ira)

“And so, about the 3rd one…” (Makoto)

“……Huh?” (Momo)

“…Uhm…Makoto-san?” (Anna)

This time I talked about Princess Sofia.

At that moment, Momo and Anna made dubious looks at me. 

What’s that?

I am not lying here. 

“The last 4th one…” (Makoto)

The explanation of Furiae-san is difficult.

While I was thinking how to say it…

“Ah, Master, you don’t have to say anymore.” (Momo)

“I can’t keep listening, Makoto-san…” (Anna)

The two stopped me. 

“Is it okay to not hear about the 4th one?” (Makoto)

That helps me out here, but I feel like now that we have come this far, I would like to talk about her too.

(You…were this stupid?) (Ira)

The slander of Ira-sama resonated in my head. 

That’s rude; calling me an idiot.

I am not saying anything strange here…  

“Master, you shouldn’t make up stories.” (Momo)

“A 4th one was too much. If you wanted to look convincing here, you should have kept it at 2.” (Anna)

Momo and Anna-san look at me with pity. 

“Wait a moment! I am not lying…” (Makoto)

I hurriedly deny it. 

“Haah… Master is cute too. So you were acting as if you had a lover in your homeland, huh.” (Momo)

“I am relieved. It is okay, we l-like Makoto-san after all.” (Anna)

“Ah! You just confessed there in the confusion, didn’t you, Anna-san?! I love Master Makoto-sama more!” (Momo)

“L-Love?! You are a radical one, Momo-chan…” (Anna)

“I don’t want to hear that from Anna-san who tried to steal the march with a kiss!” (Momo)

Momo and Anna-san were heating up on their own there.

“Wait, why are you assuming my story here was a lie?!” (Makoto)

I ended up raising my voice. 

When I do this, the two look at me with dumbfounded expressions. 

“Because you know, you are a virgin, right, Master?” (Momo)

“Makoto-san, you have no experience with women, right?” (Anna)


Now that they mention it, they do know about that. 

(Ahahahahahahaha!) (Ira)

I fell silent, and only the laugh of Ira-sama resonated in my head.

Shut up.

“A person with 4 lovers wouldn’t be a virgin.” (Momo)

“No, wait, Momo…” (Makoto)

That’s true! 

When you say it like that, that’s true, but…! 

“You must not, Momo-chan. Even Makoto-san has his reasons, right?” (Anna)

“Anna-san! Can you please stop with those incredibly sympathizing eyes?!” (Makoto)

I don’t need such a Holy Maiden-like kindness here! 

You are a Holy Maiden though! 

(Isn’t that great, Takatsuki Makoto? Your lovers have been deemed as imaginary. Thanks to that, Anna is in a good mood. Things have gone well.) (Ira)

Damn it! I don’t agree with this! 

After that, I tried explaining it to Momo and Anna-san, but they didn’t believe me till the end.

On top of that…

“Master, from here on, Anna-san and I will be your lovers, okay?” (Momo)

“If Makoto-san so wishes, I am ready anytime…” (Anna)

“Anna-san, you are pretty loo—” (Momo)

“Wa?! You were sleeping with Makoto-san in the same bed yesterday, Momo-chan!” (Anna)

“You were watching inside the room?!” (Momo)

“With my eyes, I can see through one layer of wall.” (Anna)

“What’s with that? That’s scary!” (Momo)

Looks like the two have become my ‘lovers’ to make amends. 

(Ahahahaha! The result was great, Takatsuki Makoto! Aah, I laughed so much my stomach hurts.) (Ira)

Ira-sama has been laughing the whole time. 

…And in this way, the bond with me and the Light Hero deepened, and one of the worries of the Great Demon Lord subjugation was cleared. 

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