WM – Chapter 203: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to the Light Hero

“Takatsuki-kun, did you wait?” (Sakurai)

“I arrived not that long ago, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

It ended up like the conversation of a couple meeting up.

I had my second beer. 

Sakurai-kun ordered fruit juice and a number of dishes. 

Once the drinks came, we toasted and had some casual talk. 

Since the time Sakurai-kun defeated the Demon Lord, the morale of the Sun Knights has apparently increased.

He laughed saying training was rough.

Him looking unenergetic a moment ago was my imagination?

“By the way, I have something I want to consult with you.” (Sakurai)

“…What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

The face of Sakurai-kun got serious. 

Looks like we will be getting to the main topic now. 

“At the time when we fought the Beast King…I thought I was done for.” (Sakurai)

“…Yeah, that was a pretty dangerous situation.” (Makoto)

About that time, huh.

Geez, that event has already ended, so shouldn’t you be thinking about the next step instead? 

The Destiny Goddess was also pretty motivated.

I drank my ale while thinking that. 

“Takatsuki-kun, at the battle against the Great Demon Lord, the chances of me losing my life are high. At that time, can you please defeat the Great Demon Lord with the other Heroes in my stead?” (Sakurai)


Sakurai-kun said something weird.

I tilt my head and Sakurai-kun leaned forward and strengthened his tone. 

“Takatsuki-kun, if it is you who can deal with any situation calmly, even against the fearsome Great Demon Lord…” (Sakurai)

“Wait a bit, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

I felt something strange here, and cut off the words of Sakurai-kun.

“It is true that the Destiny Magic said ‘the Light Hero will be killed by the Great Demon Lord’.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yeah… That’s right. That’s why I am asking you to…” (Sakurai)

“Can’t you make countermeasures for after you die?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun opens his mouth wide at my words.

His face was saying he didn’t think of that. 

“This world has Skills that let you revive after dying. There should be items with that same effect, you know.” (Makoto)

“Something like that is…” (Sakurai)

“I have met someone with a Skill like that, so there’s no doubt.” (Makoto)

I’m talking about Sa-san here though.

Her Action Game Player Skill: Remaining Lives.

“But…an item with such an effect would be a national treasure or a sacred treasure…” (Sakurai)

“Who cares if it is a national treasure or a sacred treasure? If Sakurai-kun loses, humanity loses after all.” (Makoto)

“True… But if there were such an outstanding magic tool, there’s no way Noel wouldn’t know about it.” (Sakurai)

“Hmm…right.” (Makoto)

It is true that Princess Noel who is deeply in love with Sakurai-kun wouldn’t miss something like that. 

…But I have an idea.

If it is Ira-sama…wouldn’t Ira-sama know? 

She is a Goddess after all! She should know at least that much! 

“I will go meet an acquaintance.” (Makoto)

“Okay… Thanks, Takatsuki-kun. Sorry, I have gotten faint-hearted lately…” (Sakurai)

“Sakurai-kun…” (Makoto)

So he really isn’t feeling well.

Hmm, how should I cheer him up…?

Kuh, I loathe my antisocial personality that can’t think up nice words! 

“You two Heroes are making pretty pathetic faces.” 

“Heya, Takatsuki-kun, Ryosuke.” 

While Sakurai-kun and I were talking about a variety of things, two girls suddenly spoke to us. 

‘Reverse pick-up?!’, is what I thought, but we know both of them.

“Hm? Princess and Yokoyama-san?” (Makoto)

“Saki, and Furiae, too. What’s the matter?” (Sakurai)

Furiae-san is in her usual dress-looking one piece. 

Yokoyama-san isn’t in her usual armored look but a casual blouse and skirt. 

“It would be boring to drink with just two men, right? We came here to accompany you.” (Furiae)

“Excuse the intrusion.” (Saki)

Furiae-san sat by my side, and Yokoyama-san at Sakurai-kun’s side.

Wait, isn’t this the wife and lover combination?! 

Is this okay? Is what I thought…but these two actually get along. 

It is just Princess Noel and Furiae-san who don’t get along. 

“What brings you here?” (Makoto)

I asked Furiae-san in a low voice.

“I was walking around the city, and met the Holy Knight-san. Then I heard that you and Ryosuke were meeting here, so I came to hang out. Got a problem?” (Furiae)

“Not really.” (Makoto)

Is this okay…? Princess Noel was angry yesterday though.

Well, it should be fine as long as she doesn’t know. 

“You already finished your talk, right? Ryosuke is a busy person. We may be together at work, but we can’t hang out in our free time.” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san pouts.

Yup, the number one beauty in our classroom is indeed cute. 

“What are you doing getting charmed by the wife of someone else?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san pulls my cheek.

“I am not getting charmed.” (Makoto)

“Furiae and Takatsuki-kun get along well.” (Saki)

“R-Really?! It is normal!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san hurriedly let go when Yokoyama-san said that. 

“You seem to be doing well, Furiae.” (Sakurai)

“And you don’t seem to be doing well, Ryosuke.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san said this straight, and Sakurai-kun smiled slightly sad. 

“Yeah, since the battle against the demon lord army of before, Ryosuke has been feeling down.” (Saki)

“Hmph, I will listen, so go ahead and say it. Ah! Before that, I want to drink some wine!” (Furiae)

“I want a sangria~. This place has a good selection of drinks and the food is tasty.” (Saki)

“Hey, Holy Swordswoman-san, is the fish pie here good?” (Furiae)

“It is! I also recommend the vegetable terrine and the shrimp fritters!” (Saki)

Furiae-san and Yokoyama-san were getting lively choosing from the menu.

The place got cheerful in an instant. 

Having girls around really does liven up the place! 

Sakurai-kun also seemed slightly more cheerful now. 

“Now that I think about it…” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san looks over here. 

“I told this to Furiae-san as well, but the movements of the Pope-sama have been suspicious lately. You are the Apostle of an Evil God, aren’t you, Takatsuki-kun? Be careful of the Pope-sama and the Templars.” (Saki)

“Be careful?” (Makoto)

“What does that mean, Saki?” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun and I tilt our heads at what Yokoyama-san said.

“It might be hard to notice for Ryosuke since the Pope-sama is amiable with him, but the Pope-sama is a personage that’s incredibly harsh on other religions.” (Saki)

“…I know that. Since the Pope of this generation took post, the oppression towards the people of the Moon Country has intensified.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san bit her fingers annoyed. 

It is true that he sees Furiae-san and me like mortal enemies. 

“The parents of the Pope-sama apparently died in a terrorist attack of the Snake Church in the past. Since then, he has been burning for vengeance towards the Snake Church…” (Saki)

“…Didn’t it get achieved the other day?” (Makoto)

The Highland Hero Alex wiped out the hideout of the Snake Church. 

Hasn’t the revenge of the Pope-sama already been achieved?

“That’s…he said that in order to not let a second Snake Church be born, he will be taking out the sprouts of evil. And so, he has been listing the devilkin and believers of the Gods from other religions who have high influence…” (Saki)

“Wouldn’t Takatsuki-kun and Furiae fall into that category…?” (Sakurai)

“What a pain of a guy…” (Furiae)

“Meaning that he is making a list of potential criminals…?” (Makoto)

The Pope is someone more dangerous than I thought! 

“But I have good news.” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san looked at me and smiled.

“You have become the White Great Sage-sama’s Guardian Knight, right? Even the Pope-sama can’t put a hand on the Great Sage-sama, so as a result, you have secured your safety, Takatsuki-kun.” (Saki)

“I see! Could it be that you saw this coming, Takatsuki-kun?” (Sakurai)

“Y-You could say that.” (Makoto)

Sakurai-kun and Yokoyama-san took it super positively. 

I didn’t think too deeply about it…

“I am fine, but…I am worried about Princess.” (Makoto)

“Hmph, I am okay. The Moon Oracle being hated by the Goddess Church is basically a fact by this point.” (Furiae)

“But be careful. It would be best to not walk around alone like you did today.” (Saki)

“Right, thanks.” (Makoto)

Yokoyama-san is a good girl. 

After that, we ate while we chatted. 

The conversation got specially lively when talking about the Demon Lord battle the other day. 

“The sword magic of Sakurai-kun was powerful.” (Makoto)

“I haven’t been able to borrow the power of such a high angel in my training though.” (Sakurai)

“Yeah. When Takatsuki-kun is closeby, Ryosuke is in really good shape.” (Saki)

“Really?” (Makoto)

“It is! That’s why you should join my division, Takatsuki-kun!” (Sakurai)

“The training of the Sun Knights is said to be the roughest in the continent though…” (Makoto)

I like training on my own, but an army has to move in groups. 

“It is okay, I will be there with you!” (Sakurai)

“Sakurai-kun, my hand hurts.” (Makoto)

“Ryosuke, are you drunk?” (Saki)

“What? You guys were an item?” (Furiae)

“What are you saying?” (Makoto)

It was so lively we were able to talk about silly stuff like that. 

“Ryosuke seems to have cheered up a bit now. I am glad I got him to meet you, Takatsuki-kun.” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san smiled. 

“How devoted. Supporting Ryosuke in both public and in private. Being the fiancee of the Light Hero, shouldn’t you be able to take it easier? There’s no need to show up in the battlefield too.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san sighs as if amazed by this. 

True. I do feel like the burden on Yokoyama-san is quite heavy. 

“Well…yeah. But I am the only one who can fight by the side of Ryosuke…” (Saki)

“Didn’t all the other classmates have strong Skills?” (Makoto)

What happened to the whole bunch of people that were in the Water Temple? 

“Even if you have strong Skills, you have to master them. Veteran soldiers end up being stronger in the end.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun made a complicated expression.

“Hmm..is that how it is?” (Makoto)

I am doing my best with my Elementary Rank Water Magic though. What self-indulgent people! 

Well, it is because the Spirit User that Noah-sama gave me is strong, so okay! 

“But the number one duty of the Light Hero’s fiancees is to bear his children, right? Doesn’t it distress you, Holy Swordswoman-san?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san had alcohol in her system, and she made a more private question with a grin on her face.

Sakurai-kun is making a troubled expression. Well, of course he would be. 

“Hmm…a child, huh. I am still in my teens, so becoming a mother so soon is a bit… Also, I am the aide of Ryosuke, so I can stay the longest by his side even within his fiancees. His time with me is longer than that of even Princess Noel.” (Saki)

“I see.” (Furiae)

It is true that Yokoyama-san might be the closest one to him among the fiancees.

“…Also…I am simply using contraception…we are properly doing it. Isn’t that right, Ryosuke?” (Saki)

“Ah…yeah.” (Sakurai)

Is Yokoyama-san drunk?! 

We don’t need such a raunchy topic! 

“A-Aah…I see.” (Furiae)

Even though Furiae-san threw the topic herself, she ended up with a red face. 

Furiae-san is unexpectedly the innocent type. 

“T-Takatsuki-kun, how have things been going with Aya-chan?! That girl proclaimed ‘I will become the wife of Takatsuki-kun!’. Did you marry already?!” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san must have noticed the weird atmosphere here, she forcefully changed the topic. 

“…About marriage, well…eventually.” (Makoto)

“Are you properly giving her attention? Aya-chan said she wanted 4 children, so you have to work hard!” (Saki)

Hasn’t the topic returned in a really subtle way?! 

“Ah, yeah…I will do my best.” (Makoto)

“You are the fiance of Princess Sofia, right? You also have a cute elf girlfriend called Lucy-san. Are you properly taking alone time with Aya-chan?” (Saki)

The barrage of questions from Yokoyama-san isn’t stopping! 

“U-Uhm…so-so?” (Makoto)

Sorry, I am training all the time and don’t make much time. 

Yokoyama-san looked at me with a straight stare.

“When was the last time you did it with Aya-chan? Spit it out!” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san is the annoying drunk! 

“Saki, you are troubling Takatsuki-kun here…” (Sakurai)

“Shut up, Ryosuke! Now, answer!” (Saki)

“…Ugh.” (Makoto)

This is indeed troubling. 

Even if I were to give a vague answer here, Yokoyama-san and Sa-san are friends, so I feel like they would find out immediately. 

Let’s be honest here…

“In the first place, My Knight is a virgin, you know?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san went ‘haah, good grief’ as she exposed this. 

“EH?” (Sakurai)

“Eeeeeeeeh?!” (Saki)

There’s no need to raise your voice so loudly in surprise, Sakurai-kun and Yokoyama-san! 

“Takatsuki-kun…you are travelling together with Aya-chan, right?” (Saki)

“It doesn’t sound as convincing coming from me, but…I think you should give her a bit more attention.” (Sakurai)

Guh! Having my classmates admonish me feels embarrassing. 

While I was thinking about how to respond to them, Furiae-san spoke first. 

“My Knight trains till 2 a.m. and wakes up faster than everyone else. He has no time to tend to others.” (Furiae)


“Isn’t that fine? My Skills are weak, so I have to train to compensate.” (Makoto)

“I think it should be okay to rest for a bit.” (Furiae)

“A second of leniency can lead to death!” (Makoto)

“I don’t get what you are saying…” (Furiae)

Me neither. 

“Is Takatsuki-kun leading such a lifestyle all the time?” (Sakurai)

“Since when has he been doing that?” (Saki)

“Since the day I came to this world.” (Makoto)


The two fell silent. 

“Ryosuke, your childhood friend is a lunatic.” (Saki)

“No wonder Takatsuki-kun is strong… His way of training is on a whole different level from others.” (Sakurai)

“If you praise him too much, it will get in the head of My Knight.” (Furiae)

What a terrible thing to say. 

Also, they are most likely not praising me here, Furiae-san.

The drinking party ended in that fashion.

I think Sakurai-kun was smiling a bit there. 

He might have cheered up a bit.

-On our way back.

“I drank too much…” (Furiae)

“Our roles have changed from last time.” (Makoto)

I was walking the way back to the lodging while lending a shoulder to Furiae-san. 

Now that I think about it, it is a duo of Evil God Apostle and devilkin. 

…I should use Detection just in case.

I don’t think we will get attacked by Templars though.

“Hey…My Knight.” (Furiae)

“Hm? What is it?” (Makoto)

“In the past…I liked Ryosuke a bit.” (Furiae)

“I see.” (Makoto)

I noticed after answering. 

‘In the past’? Is it different now?

“ I didn’t know much about the world after coming out from the Moon Country. Because he was the only one who was kind to me in a Highland filled with enemies, I mistook it. That maybe Ryosuke liked me too.” (Furiae)

“Sakurai-kun is a lady-killer after all…” (Makoto)

I think Sakurai-kun perceived Furiae-san favorably though.

But he has more than 20 fiancees, so it is a bit hard to become the person he loves. 

“My view of the world has widened lately. Thanks to you bringing me everywhere, My Knight.” (Furiae)

“I see, that’s great.” (Makoto)

It seems like these few months have been good experience for Furiae-san.

“I hope there’s a next good encounter for you, Princess.” (Makoto)

“…You…is that on purpose?” (Furiae)

“What?” (Makoto)

“Stop that dumbfounded face, it annoys me… Hey, My Knight, who is your most important person? The Princess-sama of the Water Country? The Mage-san? The Fire Country’s Hero-san? Or maybe…someone else?” (Furiae)

The drunk Furiae-san asks me this with slightly damp eyes. 

“Most…?” (Makoto)

Even if you ask me that…the one who I first met when arriving in this world…

“Noah-sama, maybe?” (Makoto)

The first one to believe in me was the Goddess.

“Isn’t that…your Goddess? Well, there’s no chance of sticking with her, so I guess that’s better.” (Furiae)

“Sticking?” (Makoto)

“It is nothing. We arrived at the lodging. I will go to sleep now. Good night, My Knight.” (Furiae)

Saying this, Furiae-san entered her own room.

Her steps were unexpectedly steady. 

◇The next morning◇

While I was training at the inn, I heard the hurried steps of Fuji-yan. 

This sound is Fuji-yan’s.

I feel like something similar happened yesterday.



But it was different in the part that Peter is by his side.

“Please listen to this!” (Fuji)

“This is terrible, Brother! Please come at once!” (Peter)

“W-What?!” (Makoto)

““Just come, just come!””

I was brought outside without understanding well what was going on.

Looks like we are heading to the back of the Highland Castle where the exercise grounds of the army is. 

“Fuji-yan, Peter, what’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“The Destiny Goddess Ira-sama has descended!” (Fuji)

“Ira-sama has descended?” (Makoto)

Wasn’t that Goddess already here since way before? 

No, that’s not it. 

The only ones who knew that were Noah-sama and Eir-sama. 

“That’s right! The Destiny Goddess Ira-sama has never shown up in other countries, but it was hurriedly decided that she would descend in order to cheer up the people of Highland.” (Peter)

“So we thought we should invite you as well, Takki-dono!” (Fuji)

“Wow, Fujiwara-san, that ticket is a premium. It has an exorbitant price, you know!” (Peter)

“Who knows how much money I put into getting 3 of these!” (Fuji)

“Brother, today is the best day ever!” (Peter)

“Huh…?” (Makoto)

I couldn’t keep up with the excitement of the two.

Now that I think about it, Fuji-yan and Peter were believers of the Destiny Goddess Ira-sama, right?

I headed to the location just as told.

-At the back of the Highland Castle. 

It is apparently prohibited to have people aside from the army here normally, but it is currently crowded with people. 

They are all apparently believers of Ira-sama, but it feels strange. 

“Ira-sama ★ life!” 

“Ira-sama ★ love!” 

“I can die for the sake of Ira-sama!” 

Was what was written, and there were men wearing happi coats and holding fans.

“Okay, please line up in order.” 

“You must not cut in. Ira-sama hates people who don’t follow rules.” 

“The purchase of goods is limited to 3 per person! Reselling is not allowed!” 

What seemed like staff members were using voice amplification magic to guide the people.

W-What’s this? 

“Now now, we go over here.” (Fuji)

“Fujiwara-san, this is my first time in VIP seats!” (Peter)

Fuji-yan and Peter’s excitement levels were high.

What’s about to begin here? 

After that, the exercise grounds were filled to 120%. 

The excitement of the people that were waiting for something was overwhelming.

And then, that moment came.

The surroundings were covered in darkness.

(Enemy attack?!) (Makoto)

I was surprised, but looks like it was simply a barrier that blocks light. 

What happened next was spotlights illuminating the stage. 

That’s…the sun spell, Illuminating Light…maybe?

And then, a cute girl was standing in the spotlight.

Wait, that’s Esther-san.

She was wearing a fluttery and glittery dress, so I couldn’t tell it was her for an instant. 

Or more like, what’s happening…?

The Destiny Oracle Esther-san speaks.

“Hi~☆! It is everyone’s idol, Ira-chan☆! So many people have gathered to see me, thank you~☆! Have a whoooole lot of fun today, okay☆?” 

………Excuse me, what?

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