I have reincarnated in the versatile fodder minor villain, Lanpeach ~ The people around are probably playing the beta


Lanpeach Kouza.

You should know by the name right? I am a minor villain. A villain from the open-world game called Powder of Elements.

I don’t know if I transmigrated, possessed him, or simply remembered the memories of my past life, but my life is full of death flags and fate is out to kill me.

And so, I will use the hidden mechanics of the game, the strongest builds, and knowledge of my cleared playthroughs to survive.

Well, I have the Minor Villain skill, so I will have to start by fixing my human relations first though.

—By the way, tell me why, protagonists. Why do you guys have stuff like Jobs? Why is it that you are leveling up easily by defeating monsters?

Isn’t my game system the only one that’s different?

Translation: Ongoing

Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7141ir/

  • 1st Arc: Reincarnated Minor Villain

– Chapter 1: A Minor Villain you can find anywhere
– Chapter 2: A man you can find anywhere
– Chapter 3: Minor Villain Boss
– Chapter 4: Betrayed Minor Villain
– Chapter 5: Fighting Minor Villain