WM – Chapter 104: Mayhem in the capital of Symphonia (4)

“I am the Captain of the Sun Knights 1st Division, Ortho. Pleased to meet you, Rozes’s Hero-sama.” 

“2nd Division’s Captain, Sutora. Let’s fight together.” 

“Northern Sky Knight Order, Lieutenant, Baguh. Nice to meet you.” 

While heading to the North Gate, the commanders of the troops that will be fighting with us greeted us.

“First Prince of Rozes, the Glacial Hero, Leonard. Nice to meet you.” 

“Hero of Rozes, Makoto…” 

I am not used to having attention like this.

There’s someone glaring like crazy at me though.

A beautiful female knight with blonde hair, golden armor, and slanted eyes.

This should be our first time meeting, but she looks similar to someone.

Ah, she came here.

“Captain of the Templar unit, Janet Valentine. My brother was in your care the other day.” 

“…Uhm…” (Makoto)

Aah, the little sister of Geralt-san!

She does resemble him! 

Hm? Then…the Northern Sky Knight Order is…

“Sorry, Hero-dono. Captain Geralt was originally supposed to be here.” 

I noticed after Lieutenant-san said that.

This is the unit of Geralt-san?! 

I feel like the gazes of the North Sky Knight Order were cold.

General-san! Why did you put the Water Country here?! 

Bullying? Is it bullying?

(Aah, so awkward…) (Makoto)

The conversation didn’t get any lively on the way.

◇In front of the North Gate◇

The advance of the monsters is not fast.

They are progressing slowly as if trying to daunt us.

Maybe because they are controlled by tamers, the monsters are docile to a creepy extent.

…They must be reserving their energy to rampage later.

“They are close, Makoto-san…” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard has a pale face.

“There’s no need to fear! There’s around 5,000 monsters! We have more than 10,000 over here!” 

The Guardian Knight old man is energetic.

Now that I think about it, I have finally overlapped posts with this old man, huh.

“Why are you guys acting so high-and-mighty? Even though you are knights from a weak country.” 

“Right right, don’t get in our way.” 

“Soldiers of the Water Country aren’t needed, right? Kyahaha.” 

Voices mocking us were raining down on us from above.

I look up and…

(Pegasus knights?) (Makoto)

Female knights with Janet-san from before at the lead were riding pegasuses and flying elegantly in the air.

All the female knights look good and with the pegasuses added to it, it is picturesque, but…

(They sound like people who have a terrible personality.) (Makoto)

I don’t want to get close to them.

“Rozes Hero, Makoto, your ability in defeating my brother, I am hoping here that it wasn’t just luck.” (Janet)

The Templar Captain Janet’s voice was thorny.

Well, it can’t be helped so I just take it.

“Is there any plan?” (Makoto)

I try asking the Sun Knight Captain Ortho-san.

“According to the scout unit, the monsters approaching here don’t have Taboo Monsters in it.” (Ortho)

“Hoh, then are these guys a diversion?” (Makoto)

If there’s no strong monsters, that’s a relief.

“It looks like that’s the case. But lowering our guard can cost our lives.” 

“Before the monsters arrive, I will have the mage units shoot them all at once.” 

“I think we can reduce their numbers by half with magic attacks, Hero-dono.” 

“Ooh.” (Makoto)

It is true that, at just a glance, I can tell that there’s more than 3,000 mages chanting.

Judging from the chanting, it is all High Rank Magic.

This is a good preemptive attack.

The monsters are coming over here and in groups.

They can become good targets.

(I would have preferred the seaside position though.) (Makoto)

Too late at this point though.

But because the seaside was judged to be the main forces of the Snake Church, they left the strongest fighting force of the Sun Country.

In other words…


A light that dazzled my eyes for a second attacked me.

I turned around and, at the West Gate, a giant pillar of light that turned into a cross was shining there.


“The Light Hero-dono, huh.” 

“The legendary Light Sword Skill. No matter how many times I see it, it shows unbelievable power.” 

“Taboo Monsters must have shown there.” 

I hear the Sun Knights talk.

The Skills of Sakurai-kun are flashy as always.

And the monsters at the seaside really were the real aim.

“Looks like the battle has begun at the West Gate.” 

“Our side should soon…Hm?” 


We heard a cry like that of a bird.

“Ooh! What’s that?!” 

At the South Gate the Guardian Knight Old Man was pointing at, there’s a giant bird made of fire flapping its wings.

“Fire Phoenix…A Fire Monarch Spell. To think there was a powerful person like that.” 

The Sun Knights were surprised.

I am also surprised actually.

The mana of the person using that spell…isn’t that Lucy?

“Lucy can use Monarch Magic now, huh…” (Makoto)

Even though it was before a battle, my eyes were getting hot. 

It reminds me of the time when Lucy and I were training together in fire magic at Makkaren.

Honestly speaking, there was a time when I thought that Lucy’s Fire Monarch Magic Skill was just for show.

You have grown so much…

Next time, I will have her show me her magic from up close.

“T-That’s the magic of Lucy-san?!” (Leonard)

“What?! How overwhelming!” 

Prince Leonard and the Guardian Knight old man were shocked.

By the way, I had Sa-san go together with Lucy.

Even if she is with the Great Sage-sama, I didn’t want Lucy to be the only one alone.

“A mage from Rozes, huh…” 

The Lieutenant of the Sky Order was dumbfounded.

It feels good having my comrade praised.

But there’s something that bothers me…

“It has cleared up…” (Makoto)

Maybe because of the Light Sword of Sakurai-kun or the Monarch Spell of Lucy…

The rain that the Great Sage-sama made is gone.

There’s still clouds remaining, but the rain has stopped.

Will I be able to use Water Magic…?

I return my gaze to the approaching monsters.

I could see the figure of big monsters from afar. 

“They are coming.” (Makoto)


The Captain of the Sun Knights nods at my voice.

My [RPG Player] activates.

(Eh?) (Makoto)

[Will you begin the battle against the mob of Ancient Monsters?] 

Yes ←


(A choice here…? What an ominous timing.) (Makoto)

I have no intentions of running away at this point in time.


(The word Ancient is bothering me…) (Makoto)

Ancient…meaning, they have been alive since a long time ago, right?

“Is there someone here who has the Appraisal Skill? If possible, one with Superior or higher.” (Makoto)

I shout this to the people of the Sun Knights and the Sky Order.

“I do, Hero-dono.” 

A mage-looking person raises his hand.

“What are you checking at this point in time? Scared, Water Country’s Hero?” 


“Got your guts taken out after seeing the mob of monsters?” 

Ignoring the female knights that were provoking me, I ask the mage.

“Can you please check if there’s a 1,000 years monster within those monsters?” (Makoto)

“Hero-dono! Are you saying there’s a 1,000 year monster there?” 

“Probably…” (Makoto)

“Please wait for a bit…” 

The attention of everyone gathers to me and the mage.

“I-I have confirmed…” 

The voice of the mage is trembling.

“How is it?” “Was there a 1,000 year monster?” “Aren’t you way too scared, Water Country Weakling?” 

“All of them!” 

Ah damn, all of them, huh.

If I remember correctly, monsters of 1,000 years ago were 3-4 times stronger than the usual monster, right?

“An army of around 5,000 monsters…and all of them are 1,000 year monsters, you say?!” 

“N-No way…”

“That’s a lie, right…?”

“That’s impossible…” 

The expressions of everyone changed.

Geh…could it be that this was the main force?! 

Archbishop Isaac used the Taboo Monsters as bait to pull Sakurai-kun there?

“Mage units, shoot!” 

At the same time that the 1st Division Sun Knight Captain, Ortho-san, gave his signal, several thousands of flashes were shot.

The flashes were shot towards the center of the monsters, and explosions occurred creating gales.

“Immediately begin chanting for the next volley! The enemies in front of you are all 1,000 year monsters! They won’t be defeated with just this!” 


It is not like the monsters were answering to the voice of the Knight Captain, but they all raised roars of intimidation.

And then, they rush towards us.

Fallen monsters…from what I can see, there’s not a single fallen one?! 

Didn’t he say that we could defeat around half of them?

So it was calculated from normal monsters, huh…

“Can we defeat those?” (Makoto)

I tried asking the 2nd Division Captain, but…

“There’s a high chance we can’t defeat them with these numbers. We have sent a request for reinforcements, Hero-dono.” 

His voice was incredibly tense.

But he is composed.

If he has called for reinforcements, there’s only one thing to do.

“Then, let’s buy time. Prince Leonard, lend me a hand.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes! Hiyah!” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard lets out a feminine voice and I felt bad about it, but…

“Synchro! And, Spirit-sans, please lend me your strength!” (Makoto)

I combine the mana of Prince Leonard and the mana of the Spirits.

“Ice Magic: [Ice Wall]!” (Makoto)


I create a wall of ice as thick as possible between us and the monsters.

“W-Wow.” “…A wall of ice this big chantless…” “What an incredible amount of mana.” 

The knights were making a ruckus, but this is just to buy time.

“People who can use Earth Magic! Reinforce the wall of the Hero-dono!” 

“Hunt the monsters that climb up the wall or try to go around it!” 

“Mages, shoot your next volley at the other side of the wall! Shoot until your mana runs out!” 

An intense battle began against the monsters that were trying to go around it from both sides.

The mages continued shooting magic.


“Wyverns too!” 

The monsters that can fly went over the wall and attacked us!

It is not like the Griffon that I know of, its whole body is pitch black.

This is a 1,000 year monster! 

“Listen here! Protect the Hero-donos! We can’t lose the Hero-donos in a fight like this!” 


(Eh? What’s with that?) (Makoto)

Without understanding what they were trying to do here, the Sun Knights make formations with us at the center.

“U-Uhm, Ortho-san?” (Makoto)

“This is an order from Princess Noel. She told us that the safety of the other country’s heroes, Leonard-sama and Makoto-sama, is the highest priority.” (Ortho)

“That’s…” (Makoto)

“Thanks to you, Makoto-sama, we managed to learn that they were 1,000 year monsters beforehand, and you even created a defensive wall of ice. The rest is our job!” (Ortho)

“Please stand back.” 

Even the Lieutenant of the Sky Order stood in front of us and tried to protect us.

“Guwah!” “Gahah!” “Damn it!” 

The Sun Knights and Sky Knights were putting up a good fight, but they were falling one by one.

Each and every one of those monsters is abnormally tough.

Even when we think that they have been defeated, they stand up again.

The Ice Wall that was keeping back the monsters had cracks forming in it.

*Pang! Pang!*

The sound of monsters crashing onto the wall could be heard.

(When that wall breaks, the land monsters will all attack us at once…) (Makoto)

Even though we are being pushed back as we are now, if that were to happen as well, it would be over.

We would be rushed in an instant.


“A Red Dragon!” 

The pegasus knights are being attacked by a dragon?!

Water Magic: [Ice Spear]!

Right before the dragon bites the female knight, I pierce the eye of the Dragon. 


The Dragon writhes its body in pain.

“You saved me!” 

“Not yet!” (Makoto)

I simply distracted it.

The dragon raised a loud roar and did the preliminary moves for a fire breath.

“Water Magic: [Ice Spear]!” (Makoto)

I squeeze out my last bit of mana and crush the other eye of the dragon.

The fire breath was shot at a completely different direction from where the female knight is.

(Spirit-sans…Spirit-sans…) (Makoto)

No good.

The power of the Holy Gods is strong here at the Sun Country’s Capital.

There’s only a few Spirits here, and their voices are low.

At the time when I created the Ice Wall, I reached the limit to the mana I can have the Spirits lend me.

(What should I do…?) (Makoto)

The amount of monsters is increasing.

Our numbers are slowly decreasing.

Even with [Clear Mind], uneasiness and anxiety was hitting my head.

At that time…


A giant lightning shoots down the Red Dragon and the wyverns around.

Large drops of rain fall, and the wind rages.

(The Great Sage-sama?!) (Makoto)

“You bastards! Can you even call yourselves the strongest Northern Sky Knights like that?! Put more spirit into it!” 

Armor shining in golden, and dazzling blonde hair.

A dignified figure clad in aura that was as if electricity was running through his whole body.

The Lightning Hero, Geralt.

Ooh, what perfect timing! 

The Hero coming late!


The Northern Sky Knights answer to the speech of the Lightning Hero.

Relief appeared in the smiles of the Sun Knights.

What, so you are actually trusted, Geralt-san.


The defensive wall was broken!

Monsters jump in from the opening.

“Drop dead, monsters!” (Geralt)

Geralt-san rushes right into the very center of the place where the monsters are flowing in from.

Uah, he is rushing there?

That’s impressive, Lightning Hero.

“M-Makoto-san, Geralt-dono doesn’t know they are 1,000 year monsters, right…?” (Leonard)


Me and the Knight Captain by my side let out dumbfounded voices.

Ah, shit. We have to warn him!

“Ooi, Geralt-san~!” “Geralt-dono~!” 

“DIEEEEEE!” (Geralt)

The voice of the Knight Captain and I didn’t reach him, and he disappeared within a cloud of dust after lunging into the mob of monsters.

…Uhm, will he be okay?

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    A lot of people are questioning the whole placing water heroes away from water, or how the sun kingdom somehow expected the ocean to be the main thrust of the attack. From what I can piece together: ORIGINALLY it was thought that the monsters would only be coming from the land, so when they found out monsters would be coming from the ocean (which they hadn’t previously anticipated) they thought that would obviously be the main thrust. By that thinking, the otherwise unexpected area would pose the greatest risk of being exploited, so place the strongest force there to counter possible major dangers. Sakurai is obviously (by currently tested systems) the strongest force, so he was placed there. As for Takki-dono, he did beat Geralt so Yuwein may be anticipating him to be as strong as Geralt. especially as Takki-dono defeated Geralt whilst away from any major body of water. Remebmer Takki-dono was in the Castle’s training grounds some way away from the ocean and yet was still able to create a huge mass of water that if it went out of control would have flooded the city. By that thinking move him away from anywhere that his water attacks could otherwise flood isn’t a bad strategy. let him freely go crazy in a nice wide open plain away from all those houses or wharf’s or boats or likely wharfside warehouses. You know, stuff you find in expensive and economically important ports that you don’t want destroyed by rampaging magic.

  27. Aah, troublesome, arrogant, hero…
    And again, it is like this. He really needs to have some kind of internal power, relying on other people, or the spirits, is the worst really.
    Since he would be way too weak on his own I mean

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