WM – Chapter 199: Princess Sofia is waved about by her Hero

◇Princess Sofia POV◇

“Please come with me, Sofia.” (Makoto)

“Eh, but…” (Sofia)

I was forcefully pulled by Hero Makoto.

“Quick quick.” (Makoto)

“O-Okay.” (Sofia)

He was grabbing my hand tightly. 

Wuuh…my face is getting hot. 

I calm down my agitation with [Coldhearted]. 

Where is he going to take me? 

C-Could it be that he will bring me to a secluded place and do XXX things?! 

Y-You must not! 

I am an Oracle. I must stay pure.

…But Eir-sama told me ‘Sofia-chan, you can go all the way with Mako-kun☆. It is fine for you to continue being an Oracle after!’. 

Eir-sama, please be more dignified with what you say.

I have received her permission, so it should be o—what are you thinking, Sofia?! 

At these times when the people are trembling from the coming resurrection of the Great Demon Lord, doing something so immoral! 

But but…if Hero Makoto were to forcefully approach me…

J-Just then…


“Alright, we are here.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Sofia)

While the gears in my head were spinning, we arrived at the destination.

What was in front of us was a strange residence constructed using magic that is at the side of the Highland Castle.

The materials of the residence are sparkling ice and crystals. 

The owner of this house is the number one mage that is the third most influential person in Highland.

The house of the Great Sage-sama.

W-Why here?

“Well then, let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Wait please, Hero Makoto!” (Sofia)

“What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

It is not ‘what’s the matter’, right?! 

After pulling me so forcefully, why did we come to the place of the Great Sage-sama?! 

Shouldn’t it be a secluded place where we two—wait, not that!

“The Great Sage is a person that hates being among people. Have you made an appointment with her beforehand…?” (Sofia)

In the first place, she is a person that rarely agrees to meeting others due to that very same reason though.

“No. We are coming in with no appointment.” (Makoto)

“Huh?” (Sofia)

“Sup, Great Sage-sama~.” (Makoto)

He nonchalantly opened the door. 

“H-Hero Makoto?!” (Sofia)


Did he just say he didn’t make an appointment?! 

We are talking about the third most influential person of Highland! 

I have heard of nobles falling from grace after being rude against her! 

“P-Please wait.” (Sofia)

He was pulling my hand as he advanced nonchalantly, and I hurriedly stopped him.

“Sofia?” (Makoto)

“Let’s go back! We will end up angering the Great Sage-sensei!” (Sofia)

I warned him while trying to keep my voice down, and pull the arm of Hero Makoto.

“What, and here I was wondering who it was. It was you people?” 

“Kya!” (Sofia)

By the time I noticed, there was a doll in maid clothes closeby. 

That voice was of the Great Sage-sama.

“Great Sage-sama, do you have time right now?” (Makoto)

“I was sleeping, but…well, fine. Come to the deepest part.” 

“Excuse the intrusion~.” (Makoto)


He was easily allowed a meeting with her after the fact.

I heard about this from Princess Noel, but the Great Sage-sama really is soft towards Hero Makoto.

…There’s even rumours like he is her lover, but that should just be rumors.

With no basis at all…right? 

The inside of the Great Sage-sama’s house is dark, and the only thing providing any illumination are the dim magic lanterns.

The doll that the Great Sage-sama was controlling is guiding us.

Hero Makoto and I were following after it.

The deeper we went, the higher my tension got.

At the time when I was studying abroad in the Sun Country in order to receive my education as an Oracle, the teacher who taught me magic was the Great Sage-sama.

But…I was drilled into my head from very young that she is someone that I should never go against as someone from the Water Country.

It is a personage that even speaking to her is too much of an honor. 

I heard that even Noel-sama has that same notion.

There’s no way it is okay to meet her so carefreely…

I was walking with my body all stiff.

“So you are here. Take a seat wherever…the Spirit User-kun sits here.” 

“Okay.” (Makoto)

“I am truly honored that you have taken your time for us, Great Sage-sama.” (Sofia)

I entered the room while greeting the Great Sage-sama.

Hero Makoto was designated the seat by the side of the Great Sage-sama.

“So, what business brought you here?” 

The Great Sage-sama asks this as if in a bad mood with her eyes glowing in the darkness.


“Actually, I am troubled here, Great Sage-sama.” (Makoto)

Our country’s Hero skits closer to the Great Sage-sama.

Aah, if you act so familiar with her…

“Hooh, The Spirit User-kun that raised his popularity in the Demon Lord subjugation? I heard that you have a lot of proposals coming out your way. The pains of Sofia must be endless.” 

“N-No…” (Sofia)

I denied it, but it is as the Great Sage-sama said.

There’s high class nobles crowding from the Sun Country, the Commercial Country, and the Fire Country who are aiming for the Rozes Hero after he raised his name in the Demon Lord subjugation.

They are all nobles that have assets that don’t fall short from the Rozes royalty. 

If Hero Makoto were to have a change of heart…just thinking that makes my heart hurt. 

“Great Sage-sama, the Demon Lord was subjugated by Sakurai-kun, right? What does that have to do with me?” (Makoto)


The Great Sage-sama went ‘are you an idiot?’ at the words of Hero Makoto.

It is just as the Great Sage-sama said.

He rushed to the side of the Light Hero-sama when he heard he was going to lose his life, and I heard that he even saved the Great Sage-sama when she was in danger. 

If this is not an achievement, what is?

“I could do nothing against the attacks of the Beast King. I was honestly a hindrance several times.” (Makoto)

“But your magic allowed the Light Hero-kun to recover his mana. There’s plenty to be proud of.” 

“Well, that doesn’t matter. The problem is that you said that it was my achievement, and that has made it impossible for me to show myself outside. It is troubling me a whole lot.” (Makoto)

“Wait, what a thing to say!” (Sofia)

I paled at that.

I thought from a very long time ago that he is a person that doesn’t falter at giving his piece of mind to influential people, but he went too far there!

I tried to stop him before he angered the Great Sage-sama.

“Hoh, you are saying I am the one at fault? And so, what do you want me to do?” 

“Can’t you do something like…use your authority to free me? I am imprisoned in my hospital room and can’t get out without permission.” (Makoto)

“Hmm, even if you ask me to use my authority…” 

The Great Sage-sama was showing no signs of getting angry at the rude words of Hero Makoto.

She crossed her arms and was pondering about it.

At the time when I was taking magic lessons, she would punish the rude people heavily though.

It was mainly Geralt-sama though.

“Right. How about this…?” 

The Great Sage-sama raised a finger as if she had gotten an idea.

“Spirit User-kun, want to become my Guardian Knight?” 

“Guardian Knight?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Sofia)


I was shocked beyond recognition at those words.

I have never heard of the Great Sage-sama having a Guardian Knight in her long history of 1,000 years.

That’s because there’s no one who can stand side by side with her past comrades the Savior Abel-sama and the legendary magic archer Johnny-sama.

It is an unbelievable honor.

“That’s not good, Great Sage-sama.” (Makoto)

“Hm? Really?” 

“W-Why are you refusing?!” (Sofia)

He easily threw away the highest of honors?! 

“I am the Guardian Knight of the Moon Oracle, you see.” (Makoto)

“Ah, right. But as long as the types of the pact don’t overlap, you can do it multiple times, you know? What was the type of pact you had?” 

“Type of pact?” (Makoto)

He tilted his head.

“You…could it be that you are not aware of the details of your own pact?” 

“Hero Makoto…that’s not good.” (Sofia)

The Great Sage-sama and I were amazed by this.

“Show me your Soul Book.” 

“O-Okay…” (Makoto)

Hero Makoto gives her a piece of paper. 

The Great Sage-sama goes ‘fumu fumu’ as she gives it a look.

“Fumu, a Word Pact. Well, I figured that was the case.” 

“Sofia, what does a Word Pact mean?” (Makoto)

“An oral promise. The lightest within the pacts.” (Sofia)

“I see…” (Makoto)

Haah. Even though his training with water magic has advanced to levels you would have to question his sanity, why is it that he doesn’t have this basic knowledge…?

“Spirit User-kun, there’s 5 types of pacts. You formed 2 out of those. If you were to become my Guardian Knight, you can just use 1 of the remaining 3. If you become the Guardian Knight of the Great Sage-sama of Highland, there’s most likely gonna be no one who would want to meddle with you.” 

The Great Sage-sama explains to Hero Makoto. 

“Two? I have only made a Guardian Knight pact with the Princess though?” (Makoto)

“Hero Makoto, pacts aren’t limited to that of a Guardian Knight pact. You have also done the Apostle pact with your Goddess, right?” (Sofia)

I add. 

Has his Goddess not explained those kinds of things to him? 

“With Noah-sama…? Did I make a pact?” (Makoto)

“The pact between God and mortal is the Soul Pact. The mortal offers their faith, and the god gives them Divine Protection. It is common knowledge, but…Spirit User-kun is an otherworlder after all. So you didn’t know.” 

Hero Makoto nods continuously.

“What’s there aside from the Word Pact and Soul Pact?” (Makoto)

“There’s also: the Blood Pact, Body Pact, and Life Pact.” (Sofia)

“If you are going to form a pact with me…a Blood Pact is fine. Both parties have to drink a certain amount of blood from each other.” 

“Then that’s the usual.” (Makoto)

“Right. Here we go.” 

“Eh?!” (Sofia)

The Great Sage-sama jumped onto Hero Makoto and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Hero Makoto held her from the back with movements as if he were used to this. 

The Great Sage-sama bites onto his neck.

The blood of Hero Makoto is being drunk.

“Isn’t it fine with just one gulp?” (Makoto)

“No, you are my Guardian Knight, right? Satisfy me.” 

“Okay okay.” (Makoto)

Hero Makoto had wrapped his arms around her and was petting her head. 

The Great Sage-sama also had both of her arms tightly around his neck.

Just like lovers…

(Eeh…) (Sofia)

At that moment, I had a really bad feeling. 

There’s no way that a personage like the Great Sage-sama would involve herself with any person.

That’s how I think.

These two…is there really nothing between them?

(Sofia-chan~, it took you so long to notice~.) (Eir)


(You shouldn’t lower your guard. Mako-kun is an airheaded gigolo after all.) (Eir)


What’s that?

No, more importantly, what brings this time’s call? 

Did something urgent happen?

(Hm? No. I am taking a page of Noah and came here to have some bonding talk☆.) (Eir)

I-I see…?

(More importantly, don’t get Mako-kun taken away from you, okay?) (Eir)

Saying this, I couldn’t hear the voice of Eir-sama anymore.

She has been talking to me lightheartedly lately. 

I am grateful for that, but it is also too much of an honor for me. 

It seems the Goddess of Hero Makoto talks to him often.

Doesn’t he get tired from the tension? 

“Here, lick my finger. With that, the Blood Pact will be established.” 

“This feels kinda weird.” (Makoto)

By the time I noticed, the two were close to finishing the pact.

“Fufufu, with this the Spirit User-kun will be my Guardian Knight. I should tell Noel later about this and make it common knowledge. I am sure the nobles that try to meddle with you will drop sharply.” 

“Yay! With this, I can go outside!” (Makoto)

Hero Makoto raised his arms in celebration at the words of the Great Sage-sama.

Aah…to use the honor of becoming the Guardian Knight of the Great Sage-sama for something so petty… What a luxury. 

At any rate, they exchanged a pact with practically no hesitation, but does he know the risk of pacts?

Our Country Designated Hero sometimes lacks critical information and it worries me…

We thanked the Great Sage-sama and left the residence. 

-On the way back.

“You seriously lack common sense.” (Sofia)

“Really?” (Makoto)

I was walking by the side of Hero Makoto as we talked. 

I honestly felt like my heart would stop several times. 

Now that I see it properly after it is over, you could say the connection between the Water Country and the Sun Country has gotten stronger…

“The Great Sage-sama was kind there, but who knows what would have happened if she had been angered. You should be a bit more self-aware that you are a Hero…” (Sofia)

“Want to go eat somewhere?” (Makoto)

“Listen to what I am saying… I will go.” (Sofia)


You immediately try to divert the topic! 

“What do you want to eat?” (Makoto)

“I am fine with whatever you want to eat.” (Sofia)

“Alright, then let’s go to the place that Fuji-yan told me.” (Makoto)

Hero Makoto grabbed my hand and pulled it energetically. 

“You seem to be having fun.” (Sofia)

“Of course. It has been a while since I have been out!” (Makoto)

“Right.” (Sofia)

He couldn’t go out from the hospital, so he must have accumulated stress.

I decided to have him escort me. 

The place I was brought to was a small bar at a back alley of the 3rd District. 

There’s an establishment like this even in the noble sector that is the 3rd District, huh.

I don’t see customers around yet.

It might not be opened yet. 

There’s wooden tables and barrel seats. 

It is a bar that feels like adventurers would use. 

It is completely different from the places I go to eat at. 

“It is my first time coming to an establishment like this.” (Sofia)

“It was apparently made with the idea of imitating the bars of commoners.” (Makoto)

“Made?” (Sofia)

Does Hero Makoto know the owner of this place?

At that moment, someone came from deep inside the bar. 

“Customer-sama, we will be opening a bit later…S-Sofia-sama?!” 

“Oh my, aren’t you the wife of Lord Fujiwara? Nina, right?” (Sofia)

A rabbit beastkin.

An old friend of Hero Makoto.

“I have come, Nina-san.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-sama! If you are going to bring Sofia-sama, please tell us beforehand!” (Nina)

“Aah, sorry. Looks like you have still not opened yet, huh. I will come back later.” (Makoto)

“I will be scolded by Danna-sama if I were to let the Princess-sama go without bringing out anything! I will prepare something at once, okay?!” (Nina)

She went back deeper inside without making a sound.

“We have done something bad here, huh.” (Makoto)

“Hero Makoto, you move at your own tune way too much.” (Sofia)

“Sorry…” (Makoto)

Makoto groans dejected.

“Y-You don’t need to get so sad about it. Just be more careful next time and it will be fine…” (Sofia)

I hurriedly try to lighten it up.

“Takki-dono! Sofia-sama! I am glad you have come!” (Fuji)

“Oh, Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

He once again returned to his usual face.

…Was he…just acting as if he was reflecting…?

“This place is a bar that allows the nobles of Highland to have fun without all the decorum in the way! Please go ahead and enjoy-desu zo!” (Fuji)

“Give us your recommended lineup, Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

“Leave it to us! ……Takki-dono, next time, please tell us beforehand.” (Fuji)

“…Sorry.” (Makoto)

Even his friend is reprimanding him.

Of course he would be. 

After that, the dishes that were brought out were dishes that had the traits of both the Water Country and the Sun Country. 

It was incredibly delectable food.

I managed to talk a whole lot with Makoto and it was really fun.

I was satisfied.


After we finished eating, we returned to the hospital room.

“You are late, Makoto. We already ate before you.” (Lucy)

“Hey~, where did you go, Takatsuki-kun and Sofi-chan?” (Aya)

When we returned to the room, Lucy-san was doing the hair of Aya-san on top of Hero Makoto’s bed. 

The two really get along so well. 

It seems like things sometimes get dicey when it comes to Hero Makoto though.

Is it what they call friends that are close enough to get into fights? 

I don’t have a friend like that. 

I am a bit jealous of them.

“We went to the Great Sage-sama’s place.” (Makoto)

“Hero Makoto has become the Guardian Knight of the Great Sage-sama. Seriously, I felt like my lifespan just shrank there.” (Sofia)

“I see.” (Aya)

“That’s impressive, Makoto!” (Lucy)

I explained to Aya-san and Lucy-san what happened while sighing.

At that moment…


I heard that voice from where the door is at.

*Clank Clank Clank…*

A metallic bowl fell to the ground.

There’s the Moon Oracle standing there dumbfounded. 

“Shaaah! Naah Naah!” 

What seemed like cat food was scattered about on the ground.

The black cat was eating the scattered food while showing its anger. 

Oh my, so cute.

“W-W-What…did you…say just now?” (Furiae)

The Moon Oracle’s voice was trembling and she couldn’t speak properly. 

This is the first time I see her so agitated. 

In contrast to that, there’s Hero Makoto who doesn’t seem to notice her state and has the same face as usual. 

Hero Makoto is always calm.

So unfair.

“Aah, Princess, I have become the Great Sage-sama’s Guardian Kn—” (Makoto)


The Moon Oracle Furiae had exploded and lunged at Hero Makoto.

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