WM – Chapter 127: Takatsuki Makoto can escape

“Princess, let’s synchronize.” (Makoto)

In the monster stampede battle the other day, the RPG Player showed me choices.

(If I had chosen Furiae-san instead of Lucy, what would have happened…?) (Makoto)

I want to get a grasp of the result. 

“Eeh, what should I do~?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san doesn’t seem to be into it, or like she is messing around.

“More importantly, shouldn’t you properly explain to the angered princess?” (Furiae)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I look at my back.


Princess Sofia was looking straight at me with puffed up cheeks.

“…Hero Makoto, what do you plan on doing synchronizing with the Moon Oracle?” (Sofia)


She is angry?

“By~e! Have fun with your quarrel!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san ran away! 

“O-Oi! Where are you going?!” (Makoto)

“To the place of the Mage-san and Warrior-san! I wanted to go to the hot springs!” (Furiae)

She says this as she runs off at an astounding speed.

Damn fast!

What, so she wanted to hang out with the girls, huh.


And then, I was left with Princess Sofia.

Princess Sofia’s eyes were still cold.

“Uhm, Sofia, about the synchronization I talked about…” (Makoto)

I explain the choices of the RPG Player Skill to her.

“I see… It was to confirm the effect of your Skill.” (Sofia)

What a relief. It looks like she has accepted it. 

“I heard from Aya-san that when you synchronized with Lucy-san, you ki…ssed her. Could it be that you were going to do that with the Moon Oracle too…?” (Sofia)

“No!” (Makoto)

A lot of misunderstandings are being created here!

That’s only Lucy.

…Do I need to kiss Lucy every time I need to synchronize with her?

In the end, I couldn’t investigate that part either. 

“Even though when you did it with me…it was only holding hands…” (Sofia)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“It is nothing!” (Sofia)

“Ah, okay.” (Makoto)

This conversation is dangerous.

Change topics.

“I am a mage apprentice, so I am lacking in power on my own.” (Makoto)

I have Spirit Magic, but it depends heavily on time and place.

I tell her about my own Stats and Mana, and about how I have somehow managed with synchronization, spirit magic, and sword magic.

Hearing this, Princess Sofia’s expression turns serious.

“Hero Makoto…it is hard to believe it, but your job really is Mage Apprentice, huh.” (Sofia)

“Even though I am already over level 30, my mana is 4. My Mid Tier Magic is despairingly bad. I am truly weak… I am sorry for being an unreliable Hero.” (Makoto)

I laugh weakly.

“That’s not true at all.” (Sofia)

She holds both of my hands and continues speaking.

“At Horun, the Sun Country, and in this city, you saved us all. The residents of the capital, the Rozes knights, the people of Makkaren; they are all grateful to you.” (Sofia)

She looks directly into my eyes.

“No one thinks that you are unreliable.” (Sofia)

“…Thanks.” (Makoto)

I should stop bashing myself.

Also, I glance at her back.


The Guardian Knight Old Man and the Rozes Knights were watching us from a slightly separated location. 

They must be trying to show us consideration, but…your gazes are stabbing me.

Well, they are the bodyguards of the Princess.

Can’t be helped.

“Uhm, how about we have a walk?” (Makoto)

“Okay. Where are we going, Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

“We will be getting there soon. See there, that building.” (Makoto)

I point at a residence that has a big gate.

“That’s the residence of Makkaren’s feudal lord.” (Sofia)

“Yeah, I wanted to tell Chris-san and Fuji-yan about the information I got from the snake church woman.” (Makoto)

“I see. Then, let’s go.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia has no objections either.

We walk through the gate.


“M-My, Sofia-sama and Makoto-sama! It is a pleasure to have you here!” 

An incredibly flustered Chris-san was there.

(Yeah…coming without an appointment was problematic, huh.) (Makoto)

I may have lacked common sense towards a member of high society. 

By the way, the current lord of Makkaren, the father of Chris-san is feeling under the weather, so Chris-san is acting as an agent for him.

Of course, together with Fuji-yan and Nina-san.

Princess Sofia and I were guided to a big reception room.

The bodyguard knights were on standby at a different place.

“Actually, we heard this from the member of the Snake Church…” (Makoto)

I share the information that Furiae-san got just a moment ago.

The expressions of the three turn grim.

“If that amount of monsters were to show up again, would we be able to endure…?” (Nina)

“Let’s reinforce the ramparts at once!” (Chris)

Nina-san and Chris-san’s tone was grave.

Even though I was the reason why monsters attacked this place, they are not saying ‘leave’, huh.

I thought they would verate me a bit.

“I can lend a number of forces from the Rozes royalty to Makkaren, if it is only a bit.” (Sofia)

“No, Sofia-sama! That would affect the defense of the capital. We can’t have that…” (Chris)

The conversation is proceeding elsewhere.

It is not like I came here without anything in mind, so I must tell them my thoughts.

“Takki-dono, if you are thinking of something, please tell us.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan moves the conversation to me to make it easier for me to speak out.

That’s a friend for ya.

He understands me.

“Actually…” (Makoto)

I tell them my plan.


“Is something like that possible?!” (Chris)

“If that’s the case, I think we would be able to endure an attack of monsters on the scale of before!” (Nina)

“You really do think up interesting stuff.” (Fuji)

Chris-san and Nina-san were surprised, and Fuji-yan chuckled.

“…There’s the possibility that Eir-sama won’t allow you to carry  that out…Eh? It is okay?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia had a strict expression, but it seems like Eir-sama covered me.

“Thank you, Eir-sama.” (Makoto)

I don’t know if she can hear me, but I thank her while looking up at the ceiling.

“U-Uhm, why does Eir-sama call you Mako-kun?! You two seem to be pretty close! When?!” (Sofia)

“Aah, you are just imagining things.” (Makoto)

“Are you hiding something?” (Sofia)

Eir-sama, when talking with Princess Sofia, please show a bit more of a God-like attitude…


Princess Sofia stares at me. 

“What is it?” (Makoto)

“Nothing.” (Sofia)

She pouts and shifts her face towards Chris-san.

“Christiana Makkaren, I have something to talk to you about. Can I have some of your time?” (Sofia)

“Y-Yes! Regarding the plan to reinforce the ramparts of Makkaren, right? I was thinking of getting the approval of the Rozes royal family through you, Princess Sofia.” (Chris)

“Got it. Well then, let’s talk over there.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia and Chris-san went to a different room.

The ones left were Fuji-yan and Nina-san.

I couldn’t understand the conversation just now and asked Fuji-yan.

“There’s the need for the permission of Princess Sofia just for reinforcing the ramparts?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Due to the long time of peace, a rule like that was made…” (Fuji)

It seems like the lord of a land can’t just reinforce their ramparts as they wish, or suddenly increase their number of soldiers, since it would be suspected as a rebellion, so there’s the need to get the permission of the Rozes royalty. 

Such a pain in a lot of ways.

“It must be hard for Chris. I can’t help out at all when it comes to politics.” (Nina)

Nina-san’s rabbit ears droop regretfully.

“Haha, that’s not it-desu zo. The reason why Princess Sofia told Chris-dono she wanted to talk with her wasn’t because of politics.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan says while laughing.


Nina-san and I look at each other.

“It seems Princess Sofia wants to consult with Chris-dono about how to associate with the people that hold affection towards her own fiance.” (Fuji)

“…Eh?” (Makoto)

“Aah, I see.” (Nina)

What did he say?

My mind couldn’t catch up for a moment there.

Nina-san hammered her hand in realization.

“Now that you mention it, Takatsuki-sama and Danna-sama’s situations are similar. Takatsuki-sama’s situation seems to be more problematic though.” (Nina)

Nina-san looks over here suggestively.

Fuji-yan has two wives: the coming lord of Makkaren, Chris, and the gold rank adventurer, Nina-san.

A noble and an adventurer.

It is true that it is similar to my situation with Princess Sofia, Lucy, and Sa-san.

(…Fuji-yan seems to be doing well though…from what I can see.) (Makoto)

In our first meeting, it was different, but the current Nina-san and Chris-san get along incredibly well.

I am currently living together with Princess Sofia, Lucy, and Sa-san.

As of now, there’s no problems…I think.

“Do your best, okay, Takatsuki-sama?” (Nina)

“Takki-dono, when you are tired, let’s go out for drinks.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan and Nina-san tap my shoulder.

Eeeh, why?

“By the way, Takki-dono, if you’ve got the time, wanna go to my store that will be opening soon?” (Fuji)

“The new store of Fuji-yan?” (Makoto)

Ooh, I am interested.

“What store is it?” (Makoto)

“You will know when you go-desu zo. It is right on time for lunch, so let’s go together.” (Fuji)

“Then, I will accompany you as a bodyguard.” (Nina)

We leave a message to Princess Sofia and Chris-san who are in the middle of work(?), and we left the residence.


Fuji-yan and Nina-san brought me to the market district. 

“It is here-desu zo.” (Fuji)

“Oooh…this is…” (Makoto)

What I noticed first was the smell.

The thick smell of tonkotsu that I normally wouldn’t have been able to experience anymore after coming to this world.

It seems there’s only a counter in the store, and at a glance it doesn’t look like a kitchen, but a giant cylindrical pot was letting out steam vividly. 

The source of the smell must be from that pot.

The big yellow sign had ‘Fujiwara Household’ written on it.

(T-This is…) (Makoto)

“Now now, Takki-dono.” (Fuji)

“O-Okay.” (Makoto)

I timidly go through the store curtain, and sit. 

Fuji-yan did the same.

“Danna-sama, Takatsuki-sama, I am going to be on watch, so take your time.” (Nina)

Looks like Nina-san won’t be entering the store.

“It seems it is not to the taste of Nina-dono, you see.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan explains.

“Welcome! What will you be taking?” 

The man that seems to be the one running this place asks us.

W-Will this be understood in an isekai?

“On the h-harder side, n-normal.” (Makoto)


My order went through!

“I will go for hard, thick, and extra. Also, rice.” (Fuji)


“Fuji-yan, those are the three that will lead to a faster death.” (Makoto)

“Fufufu, but I just can’t get enough of it.” (Fuji)

After finishing my classes in high school, on my way home, Fuji-yan would always order in that same way at the ramen joint. 

That brings back memories.

Not long after, a ramen porcelain bowl was placed in front of me.

I gulp reflexively.

I take the wooden spoon and take a sip of the broth.

(Hot!) (Makoto)

But tasty!

The thick tonkotsu sauce taste spreads in my tongue.

I dip a little bit of the grated garlic(similar) into the soup.

Then spin it with the noodles, and slurp it down.

After that, I just mindlessly slurp the noodles.

(T-That was delicious…) (Makoto)

“Fuji-yan! When is this ramen store going to open?!” (Makoto)

I have to come here often!

“Uhm, I want to open as soon as possible, but there’s a problem.” (Fuji)

“Problem?” (Makoto)

Even though it is this delicious?

There’s no problems in the taste at all!

“Danna-sama is trying to sell these noodle dishes at an unbelievably low price.” (Nina)

Nina-san pokes her head into the curtains of the store and tells me.

“Nina-dono! Ramen is the ally of the commoners-desu zo! It MUST have a low price, or there won’t be any meaning!” (Fuji)

“But what’s the point if we end up getting a deficit the more we sell!” (Nina)

Nina-san says straight and Fuji-yan gets dejected.

“Deficit…” (Makoto)

I did think recreating the same taste of Japan would be difficult in an isekai though.

“The cost of the ingredients is way too high…” (Nina)

“But if we don’t compromise on the ingredients, we won’t be able to get this taste!” (Fuji)

“In that case, the price you are putting it at is a no!” (Nina)

“I-If we bring profit from the side menu and drinks…” (Fuji)

“If we do that, there will be a reduction in demand… This is what you taught me, Danna-sama.” (Nina)

“Ugh…” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan is losing in an argument against Nina-san.

Looks like it will take time before it opens. 

Even though the taste is the best.

(When it opens, I will invite Sa-san.) (Makoto)

But in the past, when I invited her to a ramen joint, she made an ‘eeeh’ face…

No, I am sure she hasn’t eaten ramen since coming here! 

While I was thinking that, I was listening to the argument of Fuji-yan and Nina-san.

After that, I parted with Fuji-yan and Nina-san, and when I returned to my house, Sa-san asked ‘eh? Takatsuki-kun, you went to a ramen store?’.

When I told her about the store of Fuji-yan, she told me ‘next time, I am definitely coming along!’.

That’s great.

Looks like inviting her was the right choice.


Princess Sofia and Lucy were looking over here as if they really wanted to go, so I invited them too.

Lucy is one thing, but will Princess Sofia be okay…?

A princess in a ramen store…

That sounds so out of place.


That night.

I dreamed.

A space with nothing.

The place of the Goddess.

Today I came here willingly. 

There was something I wanted to consult with Noah-sama about.

“Makoto… You really push yourself the whole time. I prohibit you from using the Sacrificial Technique in the future!” (Noah)

She seemed to be slightly angry, but her tone was gentle.

Noah-sama had her arms crossed.

Glittery silver hair and white skin.

Her light dress is releasing a divine light. 

It is the usual her.

The problem is the woman by her side.

A smile filled with affection.

Transparent blue hair, and a blue dress.

At her back, I could faintly see 4 wings of light.

She somewhat resembles Princess Sofia.

But the one there is someone that’s divine unlike any mortal.

“Hello~, Mako-kun.” 

That woman waved her hand at me and smiled.

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