WM – Chapter 197: 8th Arc Epilogue

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…What was that? 

The attack of Sakurai-kun looked like a misfire for an instant. 

Even though he swung his sword, there was no visible light wave or anything.

I thought it failed at first.

‘The light of the sun was not enough?’, I was worried about this, but the next instant, a dazzling light made my vision go pure white. 


And then, a scream that made my hairs stand on end resonated. 

A white line ran through the body of the Demon Lord.

The body of the Demon Lord was opened up in two, and I could see it crumbling.


D-Did he defeat it? 

That easily?

White fire was being raised from the body of the Demon Lord.

That’s…most likely not alive anymore.

The Beast King, the Demon Lord Zagan is already dead.


Sakurai-kun is overpowered.

“To think he would borrow the power of the highest seat of the Saint Ranks, a Seraph…” 

Even the Great Sage-sama had a dumbfounded expression.

“That’s Sakurai-kun for you. So easy.” (Makoto)

“Don’t be stupid. If he could do something like that, he would have done so from the very beginning. He originally could only borrow the power of the Seventh Seat, Principalities, at most… He awakened way too much.” 

Looks like that was the strongest attack he has pulled off until now.

A man blessed with everything really is different. 

“Until what seat can you borrow the power of, Great Sage-sama?” (Makoto)

“I am a vampire, you know? There’s no way I can borrow the power of angels. The one I pray to is the God of the Underworld, Pluto. But I don’t really like Saint Magic that I can’t use unless I pray to a god.” 

“Really? I think it would be pretty strong once you master it though.” (Makoto)

“Not only is the opening before the activation really big, it won’t show decent power unless you have the faith. It is magic that relies on the god.” 

“I see…” (Makoto)

What divine retribution worthy statements she is throwing. 

You could also say that’s just like the Great Sage-sama who is an undead that goes against the morals of this world.

“Even so…a Seraph… No matter how you cut it, that’s way too high. Did a Goddess somewhere have a hand on it?” 

“A Goddess somewhere…” (Makoto)

The faces of Eir-sama, who loves to get herself involved in things, and Noah-sama, who likes to scheme things, surfaced in my mind.

No, Ira-sama might be the most suspicious out of all since her predictions all failed. 

Well, whichever the case, we managed to defeat a Demon Lord.

That’s good, that’s good.

But the Great Sage-sama went ‘hm?’ and let out a dubious voice. 

“Muh, this is not good. The Light Hero-kun has lost consciousness.” 

“Eh? Isn’t that bad?!” (Makoto)

“Lend me a hand.” 


We jumped to the place where Sakurai-kun is.



While the Great Sage-sama and I were nursing the unconscious Sakurai-kun, I heard a voice from above. 

When I looked up, I saw a female knight flying her way here on a pegasus.

It is Yokoyama-san.

“How’s Ryosuke?! Is he okay?!” (Saki)

“Be at ease. Due to the backlash of borrowing the power of a Seraph and using a sword spell, he has lost consciousness. There’s no danger to his life.” 

“…I see. That’s a relief.” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san had a relieved face after hearing the words of the Great Sage-sama.

“Takatsuki-kun! Thank you for saving Ryosuke!” (Saki)

“Don’t know if I deserve the gratitude. In the end, Sakurai-kun was the one who managed to defeat the Demon Lord.” (Makoto)

“But you were the one who broke the barrier, right, Takatsuki-kun? I could see you two coming out from the barrier, but I couldn’t get close because the Demon Lord was nearby…” (Saki)

“This is not the time to be getting relaxed. I thought the demon lord army would be retreating after the Beast King was defeated, but it looks like they intend to fight until the end.” 

Being pointed this out, I noticed that the battle of the six nation alliance army and the demon lord army hasn’t finished.

“I…what should I do…?” (Saki)

“Grab the Light Hero and retreat, Holy Swordswoman-kun. It would be the worst to have him be targeted at this point when he is the weakest. I should also do some work…” 

“Are you okay? It doesn’t look like you are feeling well.” (Makoto)

The Great Sage-sama doesn’t have a good complexion.

“Want to drink?” (Makoto)

I pointed at my own neck.

“You are also looking pretty bad there, you know? You are fumbling on your feet.” 

“Takatsuki-kun, there’s big bags under your eyes… You look like you are on the verge of collapsing.” (Saki)

“Eh? Really?” (Makoto)

I didn’t notice.

When I am using Clear Mind, it is hard to notice my own state. 

“Bring the Light Hero-kun to a safe place already. Spirit User-kun…don’t push yourself. I will drive away the demon lord army.” 

“You as well, Great Sage-sama. Pushing yourself is…” (Makoto)

“That’s right. I can fight together with you!” (Saki)

I hesitated whether to let the Great Sage-sama go, and Yokoyama-san said that she would be fighting together with her. 

At that moment…



Something landed nearby.

An enemy attack?! 

“Haha! I have come!” 

The one who appeared from within the cloud of dust was an elf who resembled Lucy and had a bright red aura around her body.

The Crimson Witch, Rosalie J. Walker-san.

“…Rosalie-san?” (Makoto)

“Oh my! Isn’t it my future son?! Now then, let’s defeat the Demon Lord! Where is it?! Come out!” (Rosalie)

Her raised fist most likely has Fire Spirits clad on it, there’s red mana swirling around it menacingly. 

“Oi…Crimson one. If you are looking for the Demon Lord, it is that.” 

At the place where the Great Sage-sama was pointing at, there’s the corpse of the Demon Lord that was burned by the white flame from the attack of Sakurai-kun.

“…….Eh?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san opened her mouth wide with her fist still raised.

“Eeeeeeeeh?! Even though I went through the trouble of training in hell, and then came back after hearing the war had begun! What’s going on?!” (Rosalie)

“Looks like you had bad timing.” 

I would have appreciated it if she had been a bit faster.

“Why?! Where should I slam these burning emotions?!” (Rosalie)

That gesture of hers going ‘no no no’ resembles Lucy a lot.

That’s mother and daughter. 

“If you have energy to spare, go drive away the demon lord army, Crimson One.” 

“Eeh, hunting small fry is a pain in the butt though!” (Rosalie)

“They may have lost their Demon Lord, but it is a demon lord army that still has around 200,000. I won’t force you if you are scared though.” 

“Huh?! Who said I am scared?! Just you watch!” (Rosalie)

Right as Rosalie-san said this, she rushed into the demon lord army with her bright red aura. 


A giant fire pillar rises. 

At the same time as that happened, several tens of Phoenix spells were burning down the demon lord army. 

A reaction could be seen in the fight between the six nation alliance army and the demon lord army.

The order of the demon lord army began to crumble. 

But it looks like the enemy has noticed that Rosalie-san, who is rampaging right in the middle, is the reason for all this.

“Slay that elf!” 

“Kill the witch!” 

The people that seem to be the commanders of the demons were giving out orders. 

Isn’t Rosalie-san in danger being surrounded by that many?

“Ahahahahahaha!” (Rosalie)

I could hear the loud laugh of Rosalie-san.

“Come, Fire Spirits! Manifest, Fire Giant!” (Rosalie)

The next instant, a massive fire giant appeared with Rosalie-san at its center. 

The monsters and demons closeby were raising screams as they ran away.

The six nation alliance army is also running away afraid of being caught up in it. 

That’s practically a natural calamity…

“The Crimson Witch-sama looks more like a Demon Lord…” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san muttered this. 

The Fire Giant glanced at where we are.

I feel like Rosalie-san who is inside of the fire is looking over here. 

“Looks like she heard that, Yokoyama-san.” (Makoto)

“W-Wow! With the Crimson Witch in our side, the demon lord army is nothing!” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san hurriedly corrects herself.

The Fire Giant puffed out its chest proudly. 

Are you fine with that?

“Holy Swordswoman-kun, go to the defense camp with the Light Hero. There may be no danger to his life, but have a healer give him a check.” 

“Y-Yes! Understood!” (Saki)

The demon lord army is already being oppressed by Rosalie-san. 

There’s no need to push ourselves here and fight. 

“Then, Great Sage-sama, Takatsuki-kun, be careful.” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san placed Sakurai-kun on top of the pegasus and left. 

I am now alone with the Great Sage-sama.


The Great Sage-sama was on the verge of falling. 

“Woah there.” (Makoto)

I hurriedly support her.

“Good job, Great Sage-sama.” (Makoto)

“You too, Spirit User-kun. We somehow managed.” 

The Great Sage-sama sat at a rock closeby as if it was a pain to even stand.

I hesitated for a bit, and sat at her side.

Rosalie-san’s Fire Giant was rampaging at the distance.

I could see the demon lord army running away and the giant chasing them.

I think they are close to retreating.

“What will you do after?” (Makoto)

“After resting for a bit, I will return to the capital. There’s blood packs back at the defense camp of the army. I will get some.” 

“You could drink my blood…” (Makoto)

“Spirit User-kun…” 

The Great Sage-sama stopped me from voicing my proposal with a sharp tone. 

“Look at your own face. You have used way too much magic. Not only the water lens of before, you also used magic for a long period of time, right?” 

“I did use magic for several hours in order to break the barrier that the demon lord army set.” (Makoto)

“Take care of your own body a bit more. Your mana channels are quite exhausted, you know?” 

“Got it…” (Makoto)

I didn’t notice it myself, but it seems like I have been pushing myself quite a lot.

Without any options left, I rest by the side of the Great Sage-sama. 


A time where we said nothing continued with the noisy sounds of the battlefield in the background.

I thought it would be dangerous if monsters were to come here, but maybe they think the Light Hero who defeated the Demon Lord is here, no one is coming.

“The next one is the Great Demon Lord?” (Makoto)

I spoke to her with the intention of having some casual talk.

“Right… They will most likely resurrect soon.” 

“Is that so.” (Makoto)

Wonder what it looks like.

According to the legends, it is a humanoid demon, and doesn’t have a big body like that of the Beast King.

There’s a fearsome legend that says it is a terrifying mage that was on the verge of reaching God Rank. 

“Are you scared of the Great Demon Lord?” 

“Eh? No, I luckily managed to see a Demon Lord this time around, and I was wondering if I could get to see the Great Demon Lord too.” (Makoto)

I had the chance to come to the battlefield, but I don’t think I will be posted in the main force at the Great Demon Lord battle. 

“…You want to see the Great Demon Lord Iblis?” 

The Great Sage-sama looked at me as if I was a weirdo.

(Makoto, the Great Demon Lord is a target of fear and displeasure for the people of this world, so there’s no one who would want to see them. At worst, you might get mistaken for a Snake Church member. You would be seen as an heretic.) (Noah)

Right, Noah-sama.

That was a slip up. 

“Uhm, no, you see, I cannot forgive the Great Demon Lord who plans to drop the world into chaos, and it was from a heart of justice that I also want to fight personally against them…” (Makoto)

I flusteredly tried to give out an excuse.

“…A perspective from outside the world, huh.” 

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“That’s your Skill, isn’t it, Spirit User-kun? In exchange for not feeling fear, you don’t hold a sense of danger.” 

“Did I tell you about my Skill? Ah, the Appraisal Skill, huh.” (Makoto)

“…Well, something like that.” 

It is a saving that the Great Sage-sama picks up on things fast. 

Even so, the perspective outside the world isn’t even written in the Soul Book though…

I myself didn’t know until Noah-sama told me. 

The Great Sage-sama knows a lot of things.

I suddenly got an itch to hear about stories of 1,000 years ago.

Stories about the time when the Great Demon Lord and Savior Abel fought. 

I want to hear it from the very mouth of the Great Sage-sama who was witness to all this.

“Great Sage-sama, there’s something I want to ask you about…” (Makoto)

I looked at the Great Sage-sama who was at my side and…


The Great Sage-sama was leaning on me with a cute sleeping face.

An innocent face that I could only see as the face of a girl in her early teens. 

Can’t be helped. Let’s ask about it some other time. 

After a while, the Sun Knights found us, and we regrouped with the alliance army. 

The demon lord army retreated to the Demonic Continent that day. 

And so, the first war against the demon lord army finished in this way. 

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