WM – Chapter 240.5: Gossip – Lucy explores Laberintos again

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◇Lucy POV◇

Aya and I are at the Upper Floor of Laberintos. 

“This brings back memories, right, Aya?” (Lucy)

I spoke to the friend by my side while walking through Laberintos. 

But Aya was looking restlessly around the dungeon and tilted her head.

“I didn’t come to the Upper Floor often, so I don’t really remember much of the area around here.” (Aya)

“I see. The place you know well is the Mid Floor after all.” (Lucy)

Aya had reincarnated in this world, and was born as a Lamia in Laberintos. 

But there’s a lot of human adventurers in the Upper Floor, making it dangerous for monsters, so she doesn’t know much about it. 

“The monsters around here should be easy for you and I though, right?” (Lucy)

“Yeah, let’s do this quickly!” (Aya)

We raised our voices going ‘yeah!’ and advanced through Laberintos.

The maps and magic tools for exploration were prepared by Nina-san in the Fujiwara Company. 

Of course, we have paid the money. 

But she gave us quite the discount. 

That person looks after us even now despite having become a noble.

I am grateful for that.

We leisurely explored the Upper Floor.

“Heya, you two. Adventuring with just you two girls? Don’t go too deep, okay? There’s a lot of monsters today.” 

“There was a minotaur just ahead. It is better to take a detour.” 

There’s a lot of adventurers at the Upper Floor. 

It seems like two female adventurers is rare, so we gathered attention. We were spoken to pretty often.

“Thanks for the warning.” (Lucy)

“We will be careful.” (Aya)

Aya and I give our thanks.

It would be nice if all of them were this kind, but…

“Oi oi, are you two looking down on Laberintos by coming with only you two?” 

“Hey, you two, we will accompany you.” 

“We won’t ask for payment. It is natural for veteran adventurers to look after the newbies after all.” 

A group of adventurers (all men) that were clearly evil natured were approaching us.

Aya and I looked at each other.

(Haaah…) (Lucy)

We had this same exact event at the Adventurer Guild just a while ago.

It seems like Aya and I look like newbie adventurers. 

One of the men was about to grab the hand of Aya with a grin but…

Can you not touch me?” (Aya)

Aya’s Pressure Skill activated.

The ones who tried to mess with us in the Adventurer Guild went weak on their knees with just this, but it looks like the ones this time around have a bit more guts. 

They somehow managed to stay on their feet.

They were trembling though.

“Y-You bastards! What’s with you?!” 

“W-We were doing this out of good will!” 

“We were simply trying to help out weak adventurers like you guys…” 

Don’t lie. 

You definitely had hidden motives.

I sighed and gathered mana in my staff.

“Fire Magic: [Phoenix].” (Lucy)

A giant fire bird appeared above me. 

The phoenix burning violently had the size of a dragon.

Seeing this, the faces of the people who tried to mess with us stiffened.

“I am a monarch skill mage. How about you guys?” (Lucy)



“W-What, then tell us that from the start!” 

“See ya!” 

The men stumbled on their feet as they ran away. 

I stopped my Phoenix spell.

“The adventurers of Laberintos are the same as always…” (Lucy)

I remember the time when Makoto and I came here in the past.

A lot of adventurers are gathered here, so there’s all types of people.

A bunch just like that meddled with us before, right? 

“Lu-chan, Lu-chan, everyone is looking over here.” (Aya)

“Eh?” (Lucy)

A number of adventurers, who were probably thinking about saving us from those bad natured adventurers, were looking at us, and had their mouths wide open at the result after. 

“Let’s go further in quickly…” (Lucy)

“Y-Yeah…” (Aya)

Aya and I hurriedly head to the Mid Floor of Laberintos.


“We will be camping here today. Is that okay?” (Lucy)

“Yeah, that’s okay!” (Aya)

We arrived at the Mid Floor of Laberintos. 

By the way, we are going through the route that doesn’t pass by the underground lake that is the former home of Aya.

The area at the underground lake reminded Aya of her family and would sadden her, so she didn’t want to go there.

I thought that was okay too. 

There’s…no need to force yourself to remember a painful memory.

We are currently at the dungeon called the Green Cave that’s covered in plants. 

We carefully advanced inside that, and we found an area that didn’t have monsters, so we decided to pass one night here.

“I will be cooking, okay, Lu-chan?” (Aya)

“Thanks, Aya. After setting the tent, I will deploy a monster repelling barrier.” (Lucy)

“Doesn’t the tent have a monster repelling effect?” (Aya)

“It is just in case. Safety first, right?” (Lucy)

 “Okay. That wariness of yours reminds me of Takatsuki-kun, Lu-chan.” (Aya)

“He just acts as if safety is the priority, but he rushes right into interesting-looking places head first without a plan, you know?” (Lucy)

“…That’s true.” (Aya)

We look at each other’s faces and laugh.

We were chatting as we prepared the camp. 

By the way, the tent has Protection Magic, Presence Erase, and Monster Repel magic.

This was also a high quality item that was prepared by the Fujiwara Company. 

By the time I finished the preparations for the camp, the handmade cooking of Aya had been completed. 

Rabbit meat and stew that had root crops in it.

We soaked bread in that as we ate. 


Why is it this tasty when it was made hastily?

Thanks to the barrier magic, I could eat without worrying about monsters attacking us.

“Lu-chan, wanna drink this?” (Aya)

“No, I will refrain from it while adventuring…” (Lucy)

Aya took out grape wine but I refused.

Does Aya feel no tension? Or is she that much of a big-shot?

As expected of the Country Designated Hero of Great Keith, huh.

“By the way, Lu-chan…” (Aya)

“What?” (Lucy)

“Aren’t your clothes a bit too open on your chest area? That’s why weird people end up coming at us like today.” (Aya)

“Really?” (Lucy)

“Yeah. Takatsuki-kun isn’t here, so there’s no need to wear such clothes, right?” (Aya)

“Wait, Aya. I have been wearing stuff like this since before I met Makoto, you know?” (Lucy)

These aren’t clothes to pull the attention of Makoto.

No, well…I did aim for that a little bit though.

“What about you, Aya? Why are you wearing such frilly clothes even though you are an adventurer? Wear proper adventurer equipment.” (Lucy)

“Eeeh~. The attire of adventurers is not cute.” (Aya)

“There’s no need for cuteness. It is hard to move around, right?” (Lucy)

“Not really.” (Aya)

“Muh.” (Lucy)

Is that so?

Aya’s attire is like that of a cafe waitress, and yet, when she fights monsters, she moves like a martial artist master. 

That’s just not fair. 

“Isn’t your skirt a bit too mini? That’s what I would call ‘not adventurer-like’.” (Aya)

“Wait, Aya. Stop flipping my skirt.” (Lucy)

“Isn’t that okay? No one is watching.” (Aya)

“That’s not the issue. Then, I will also get your skirt…tights are not fair.” (Lucy)

“Can’t see my underwear even if I kick~.” (Aya)

“Even if that’s the case, I can’t help but still question you wearing a skirt.” (Lucy)

We passed our time after the meal in a relaxed manner as we chatted.

We are not really in a hurry here.

We are planning on resting just like that for today.

After we finished chatting, we went to sleep inside the tent.

I dim out the light of the lamp inside the tent.

“Lu-chan, let’s sleep together.” (Aya)

“Okay okay.” (Lucy)

Aya hugs me.

She has been like this the whole time lately.

“Fufu, you are warm, Lu-chan~.” (Aya)

“There there.” (Lucy)

I pat the head of Aya as if comforting a little sister.

We were like that for a while, but…

“Aya…what are you doing?” (Lucy)

I noticed a weird sensation.

“Lu-chan, you got bigger again?” (Aya)

Aya was touching my breasts.

“Hey now…” (Lucy)

She does stuff like this on the daily. 

“In the first place, they got bigger because you fondle them every day, right? Here, I will make yours bigger for you.” (Lucy)

“Wait, Lu-chan. Stop stop.” (Aya)

“Oh my? Where are your boobs, Aya? Here maybe~?” (Lucy)

“…Lu-chan~, what were you implying with that?” (Aya)

“Aya, your eyes are scary.” (Lucy)

We joked around for a while, and eventually fell asleep.

-A few hours later

I opened my eyes.

I could hear the breathing of Aya by my side. 

I slowly get up so to not wake up Aya.

And then, the moment I tried to leave the tent…

“…Lu-chan, training again?” (Aya)

A voice rang from my back.

“Sorry, Aya. Did I wake you up?” (Lucy)

“No, it is okay. But don’t push yourself too much, okay?” (Aya)

“Yeah, I know.” (Lucy)

“You should rest properly at least at the times when we are adventuring.” (Aya)

“…Yeah…but I am sure Makoto is working even harder than me in the past.” (Lucy)

“…I see.” (Aya)

Aya made a wry smile with a face as if saying ‘it can’t be helped’.

I respond with a smile. 

I left the tent this time for sure and went outside.

And then, I take stance with my staff within the barrier. 

I gather a bit of mana into my staff.

If I gather too much mana, we might get noticed by monsters, so only a bit.

Fire element mana gathers.

“Fuuh…” (Lucy)

I breathe out slightly, and look around.

Small red lights were drifting about.

“Fire Spirits…” (Lucy)

I see them.

I can finally see them too. 

Just as Makoto taught me, I continued training my Fire Magic Proficiency everyday.

The results have finally bloomed.

But the Fire Spirits are flying about as they please and are not coming to me. 

“XXXXXX (Hey, lend me your strength…).” (Lucy)

Even when I talk to them in Spirit Language, they are not turning over here.

(Is it because…I am still lacking training…?) (Lucy)

I am far from being like Makoto.

(I have to work harder…) (Lucy)

I have been relying on Makoto all the time.

Makoto is working hard in the Dark Era.

I am simply waiting. 

That’s why…more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more…

“Lu-chan~, working too hard is poison to your body, you know?” (Aya)

“Eh?” (Lucy)

I felt a bit of weight from my back.

Aya hugged me from behind.

“Aya.” (Lucy)

“I have made hot milk with honey in it. Let’s take a break.” (Aya)

“But…” (Lucy)

I have to train more.

If it were Makoto, he definitely wouldn’t be taking a break…

“Just come already~. You are not Takatsuki-kun. You have to take a break.” (Aya)

I was forcefully made to take a break.

Two mugs were placed on the small table, and steamy hot milk was poured in them.

I take a sip.

It is slightly sweet. 

It calms my heart.

“Aah, Lu-chan, your shoulders are stiff. That’s not good. You should take care of your body.” (Aya)

“Wait, Aya—au.” (Lucy)

Aya began to massage my body.

S-She is good…

“Did you do this to Makoto too?” (Lucy)

When I asked her this, she made a complicated expression.

“Massages? I wanted to, but there was no point in it.” (Aya)

“Why?” (Lucy)

Even though she is so good.

“Takatsuki-kun’s shoulders don’t stiffen no matter how long he trains. Moreover, he says he doesn’t get tired.” (Aya)

“…What?” (Lucy)

“It must be because he finds training fun that he doesn’t get tired, right? That’s why his shoulders don’t stiffen and there’s no need to massage him, apparently.” (Aya)

Aya copied the tone of Makoto as she said this.

“What’s with that…? That guy…” (Lucy)

That doesn’t make sense.

Training is fun so it doesn’t tire him…?

That’s impossible for me.

“Lu-chan.” (Aya)

Aya hugged me.

Wait, the hot milk is gonna spill! 

“A-Aya…what is it?” (Lucy)

“Rest properly! Got it?!” (Aya)

“O-Okay…” (Lucy)

I obediently nod.

It somewhat feels like Aya is the older sister here.

That day Aya forced me to rest. 

Thanks to that, I managed to concentrate better than usual on the adventuring the next day.

…So it really won’t go like Makoto does, huh.

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