WM – Chapter 336: Takatsuki Makoto infiltrates the Highland Castle

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“Then, we have to become bait, right, Boyfriend-kun?” 

Lucy and Sa-san returned safely. 

And so, while we were discussing how to get to the place of the Calamity Witch, Rosalie-san proposed this. 

“Is that okay, Rosalie-san?” (Makoto)

That would help out a lot, but is it really okay to make the Legendary Hero of Spring Log into bait? 

“Cause you know, the Charm of the Light Hero-kun can’t be dispelled unless it is Queen Noel, and Furiae-chan can only be freed with the spell of Boyfriend-kun, right? Wouldn’t that be the best option then?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san answered plainly.

“Hey hey, Mama, will I be bait too?” (Lucy)

“I would like to be together with Takatsuki-kun…” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san want to go with me, but…

— “It would be dangerous for Rosalie-san alone to fight all of the Demon Lords in the capital.” (Ira)

Ira-sama’s voice came down. 

Yeah, it is as she says. 

“I am fine alone, you know, Ira-sama.” (Rosalie)

It seems like Rosalie-san herself doesn’t seem to mind it much.

As for me…

“Noel-san.” (Makoto)

“Yes, what is it, Makoto-san?” (Noel)

“Can you save the ones controlled by Charm with the power of your staff, Noel-san? I will request the Light Spirits, synchronize with you, and spread the spell to the whole capital to dispel the curse.” (Makoto)

“Right! That way the Great Sage-sama, the Sun Knights, and maybe even Ryosuke-san will return to their senses…!” (Noel)

Queen Noel hammers her hand. 

First, we will increase our forces and, with that, we should be able to decrease the burden on Rosalie-san. 

Also, I am a bit apprehensive about making Lucy and Sa-san bait. 

With this method—is what I was thinking, but…

— “You must not, Takatsuki Makoto.” (Ira)

Ira-sama stopped me. 

“Ira-sama? Why?” (Makoto)

— “If Noel-chan does the ‘curse dispel’ on the whole capital, even the Demon Lords controlled by the Calamity Witch will begin acting on their own volition and that will go out of control.” (Ira)

“That’s…true.” (Makoto)

More than a thousand Demon Lords of olden times in the capital.

They were resurrected with the necromancy of the Calamity Witch, and are being controlled with Charm. 

If we only dispel the Charm, what remains would be a Demon Lord army with no commander. 

There’s no doubt it wouldn’t turn into anything decent. 

That’s why, what we should do is:

1) Defeat the Calamity Witch.

2) Vanish the Demon Lords that were resurrected with necromancy. 

3) Bring back the people controlled by the Charm to normal.

It has to be in that order. 

But our forces are Rosalie-san, me, Lucy, Sa-san, and Queen Noel.

Our numbers are too low. 

Furiae-san, who has had her body taken over by the Calamity Witch, has to be saved by me who has the Miracle spell of Ira-sama. 

To bring back Sakurai-kun, there’s the need for the staff and magic of Queen Noel. 

If only I could at least be able to control my God powers properly…

“Me and Lucy can use Teleport, so we will use a flashy spell a little far away from the capital to draw the attention of the Demon Lords. We only need to run around without fighting anyways. Lucy and the others must not fight, okay? Run away and just have Aya-chan help out when it gets physical.” (Rosalie)

“Yeah, I got it, Mama.” (Lucy)

“So there’s only that option, huh. Got it, Lu-chan’s mother.” (Aya)

Rosalie-san was giving instructions to Lucy and Sa-san regardless of my worries. 

Looks like they both are okay with this. 

But using Lucy and Sa-san as bait is just…

“Boyfriend-kun, there’s no need to make that face. My daughter will be okay. She is my daughter after all.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san poked my forehead.

“Rosalie-san…” (Makoto)

“You conquered the Deep Sea Temple and obtained the power of Gods, right? You have to be more imposing.” (Rosalie)

She saw through my worries. 


I have to believe more in my comrades. 

“Understood! Thank you very much.” (Makoto)

“Nice boy. By the way, I haven’t slept with a God, you know? Can you accompany me tonight?” (Rosalie)

“…Eh?” (Makoto)

“Mama?!” (Lucy)

“Lu-chan’s mother?!” (Aya)

“Just kidding☆. It is a joke.” (Rosalie)

Lucy and Sa-san immediately got in between me while I was frozen. 

The Crimson Witch was laughing out loud. 

What, so it was a joke, huh…

I thought she was serious for a moment—

(By the way, it seems like Rosalie-chan was serious, you know?) (Noah)

Noah-sama tells me secretly with thought transmission.

Seriously, Rosalie-san?! 

You are way too carnivorous. 

Putting a hand on your daughter’s boyfriend is like an eroge scenario. Please stop that. 

“Then, I’m heading off.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san waved her hand and gathered mana. 

It seems like she plans on using a big spell. 

“Then, let’s go as well.” (Lucy)

“Give my regards to Fu-chan, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san are also heading in a different direction. 

“Makoto-san.” (Noel)

Queen Noel offered me her hand.

I grabbed that hand tightly. 

“Noel-san, let’s go. Lucy, Sa-san, be careful.” (Makoto)

I wished them luck and was about to head to the Highland Castle, but…

“…Hey, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“…Takatsuki-kun, it kind of feels like…” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san speak to me with dubious looks. 

“What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“Aren’t you pretty close to Queen Noel now?” (Lucy)

“Did something happen, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“T-That’s not it! As if there would be anything!” (Makoto)

“That’s right, Lucy-san, Aya-san! There’s nothing between us!” (Noel)

Me and Queen Noel hurriedly shook our heads to the sides. 

“That’s kind of suspicious though…” (Lucy)

“It stinks of liars!” (Aya)

“Now now, stop playing around. The other Demon Lords have noticed us.” (Rosalie)

We were causing a ruckus over here and Rosalie-san admonished us. 

“Take that! Fire Angels!” (Rosalie)

Polished Saint Rank magic shot out in concert to the voice of the Crimson Witch. 


Right now, I should have enough mana to do the same as her, but I haven’t reached that level. 

“Makoto, I have something to tell you later!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, I will have you explain, okay?!” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san said this and moved somewhere with Teleport. 

Looks like I am going to be questioned by the two. 

Well, that will be after everything is over. 

Let’s change gears here.

Queen Noel and I nodded at each other silently. 


We begin our traversal to the capital. 

The objective is the pitch black Highland Castle. 

The throne where the Calamity Witch is waiting at.


“We successfully managed to infiltrate the capital.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, your Stealth skill is impressive. Not even the gatekeepers noticed.” (Noel)

“It seems like the performance of the skills increased with the ascension.” (Makoto)

We successfully infiltrated the capital and advanced through the main street. 

There aren’t many pedestrians. 

It is most likely because Rosalie-san and the others are rampaging well. 

That said, there’s even Demon Lords normally walking around the capital. 

What’s with this demonic metropolis…?

Queen Noel and I held hands and silently walked inside the capital. 

Charmed citizens and Demon Lords were walking right by our vicinity. 

…Was Stealth this strong before? 

(Looks like your Stealth skill has become God Rank.) (Noah)

Noah-sama told me. 

I see… God Rank…wait, Stealth is God Rank?!!

Then, all the skills I have are now God Rank?! 

(It is not like all of them have. Only the skills that have seeped in you.) (Ira)

Ira-sama immediately corrected me. 

Seeped in me… In other words, the only skills that became God Rank are the skills I used often. 

Stealth has helped me out frequently after all. 

I have been using it all the time since getting out of the Water Temple. 

I see, my Stealth has become God Rank…

I am glad I used it a lot. 

While I was getting moved all on my own…

(Mako-kun, you are getting happy by Stealth after becoming a God…?) (Eir)

(You don’t have to be stealthy. How small-minded, Takatsuki Makoto.) (Ira)

(I think that’s good. It is just like Makoto.) (Noah)

The Goddesses are noisy. 

Noah-sama is kind.

“Makoto-san?” (Noel)

“It is nothing.” (Makoto)

Queen Noel had a questioning look since she doesn’t hear the thought transmission of the Goddesses. 

I pulled the hand of Queen Noel while putting on a poker face.

No one noticed us all the way to the castle. 

—Inside the Highland Castle. 

We passed through the side of the gatekeeper. 

Queen Noel and I were advancing through the vast corridor of the castle. 

(It is going well…) (Makoto)

To a scary extent. 

Is there the possibility it is…a trap? 

(It is okay. You are my Makoto after all.) (Noah)

(You, even when you have become a God, you are still a worrywart.) (Ira)

(Being careful is a good part of Mako-kun☆.) (Eir)

The Goddesses were talking carefreely as usual.

It really murders the tension.

Thanks to that, I am not unnecessarily tense. 

At that moment…




The Time Spirits are making a ruckus. 

Looks like something is about to happen.

I check my surroundings.

(Aah…that one, huh.) (Makoto)

“Noel-san, please move a bit away.” (Makoto)

I let go of Queen Noel’s hand and had her move 3 steps back.


A black shadow appeared right behind me. 

And then, a sharp black blade approached me. 

That deadly blade that was so slow it made me yawn…I grabbed it with my hand. 

“Wa?! …How can that be?!!” 

The one who opened its eyes wide in shock was the Devil King, Barbatos. 

“You did get in the way the other day.” (Makoto)

At the award ceremony of the Great Demon Lord and Demon Lord subjugation. 

It was only a few days ago, but it feels like it happened a long time ago. 

That said, even though the other Demon Lords didn’t notice my Stealth…

Does that mean the Devil King is special? 

Well, anyways, let’s end him here. 

“Light Spirits…hug the Devil King.” (Makoto)

The weak point of Devils is light. 

What controls light is Sun Magic.

Not only have I trained with Water Magic and Destiny Magic, but also Sun Magic. 

Also, if it is now, I can at least ask things from the Light Spirits. 

The Light Spirits hugged the Devil King. 

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!” (Barbatos)

The scream of the Devil King resonated. 

It should be a fatal attack, but…

(…It kind of looks fake.) (Makoto)

The Devil is a liar. 

I observe the enemy without lowering my guard. 

He is already not screaming. 

The Devil King is breathing heavily and seems as if he will perish at any moment now. 

He was about to collapse and…

‘Kuwah!’, the eyes of the Devil King opened wide and he aimed to jump away with Teleport. 

The Devil King must have been sure of the success of his escape. 

That’s because he had already finished moving to a different space after all.

“Time Spirits-san.” (Makoto)

I called them. 

And grab the leg of the Devil King.

Then rolled him on the ground. 

“…Hoh?” (Barbatos)

The Devil King opened his eyes wide in disbelief. 

“Too bad, I am not letting you run away. The sin of getting in the way of Sakurai-kun and Queen Noel’s wedding is heavy.” (Makoto)

“You…what did you do? I am certain I teleported to Hell…” (Barbatos)

Hoh, so he escaped to Hell, huh. 

To think he could move to a different realm in one go, as expected of a Demon Lord. 

“Kuh!” (Makoto)

The Devil King disappeared again.

He doesn’t learn.

“Time Spirits-san.” (Makoto)

The Devil King once again fell in front of me pathetically at my words. 

“I-Impossible… Just what in the world…” (Barbatos)

The voice of the Devil King trembled. 

I obviously have no intention of exposing my hand here though…

— “Hey, Takatsuki Makoto!! Don’t go using Time Spirits so carefreely!!!!” (Ira)

Ira-sama’s reprimand flew at me. 


Speaking of which, they are watching me. 

And it was discovered by the Demon Lord. 

Well, it is not an issue even if it gets discovered though. 

“Going…back in time?” (Barbatos)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

I shrugged. 

What I have been doing for a while now is the Destiny Miracle: Rewind.

I saw Noah-sama use it before, so I remembered it. 

Yeah, this is really convenient. 

— “Don’t joke around! When you mess with time, my job increases!! I am going to give you an earful later!! Come to my room!!” (Ira)

Ira-sama got angry. 

…Looks like I will have to hold back on any more uses.

“See ya, Devil King.” (Makoto)

“Wa…?!” (Barbatos)

There’s already the dagger of Noah-sama stabbed in the chest of Barbatos. 

“Since…when…?” (Barbatos)

“I stopped your time and stabbed you.” (Makoto)

I bluntly told him the truth. 


The Devil King couldn’t say anything. 

The pierced body of the Demon Lord crumbled into sand and disappeared. 

“Fuuh…” (Makoto)

I sighed. 

It is one of the Demon Lords I have had a connection with since 1,000 years ago. 

I have finally managed to defeat him.

Queen Noel had her mouth wide open and it eventually changed into her staring at me with half-closed eyes. 

“Noel-san?” (Makoto)

“…You are way too outrageous. No, I knew that from the moment of the Deep Sea Temple though.” (Noel)

“Was that battle style bad?” (Makoto)

“You did that despite having been scolded by the Destiny Goddess-sama?” (Noel)

She sighed, baffled. 

— “That’s right! Use Water Magic!! Takatsuki Makoto, you idiot!” (Ira)

Unfortunately, Queen Noel and Ira-sama’s evaluation wasn’t high. 

— “Isn’t that fine? He is going to be saving the world after all. Right, Makoto☆?” (Noah)

Noah-sama really is kind. 

— “Noah… Haven’t you become a hopeless Goddess that spoils her man (Mako-kun)?” (Eir)

— “Hah? W-What are you saying?!” (Noah)

— “Aah, I didn’t want to see a Noah like this.” (Ira)

— “That’s not it! Showing an accepting heart is the quality of a Goddess!” (Noah)

The Goddesses were talking all lively. 

There’s no point in being stealthy now…

“Noel-san, let’s go. Princess…the Calamity Witch is most likely in the throne room.” (Makoto)

“You can tell?” (Noel)

“Looks like my Detect has been strengthened too.” (Makoto)

Must be the effect of the ascension.

It has incomparable range and efficiency compared to before. 

The very culprit that has cursed the world. 

I could tell that the Calamity Witch was at the center of this castle.


The open hall before the throne in the Highland Castle. 

Queen Noel and I were standing in front of that big door in this hall. 

I was vigilant, but we weren’t attacked by Demon Lords on the way.

“The Calamity Witch is on the other side of this door…?” (Noel)

“She should be. But the strange thing is that there’s only one person that seems to be her guard. I think you normally would have a lot of subordinates protecting you though…” (Makoto)

“Is it a trap?” (Noel)

“Most likely.” (Makoto)

Queen Noel and I look at each other, and then nod. 

“Let’s go.” (Noel)

“Yes, hide behind me. Please synchronize just in case. We can avoid any unexpected situations.” (Makoto)

“Understood.” (Noel)

There’s no retreat after coming this far. 

Even when knowing it is a trap, there’s no choice but to move ahead.

I slowly opened the heavy door. 

When we entered, it was just as I sensed with Detect. 

The hall is completely empty. 

Aside from the king’s throne. 

The one who was sitting on the throne and looking down at us with an elbow resting on the seat, seemingly sleepy, is the black haired peerless beauty in a black dress.

“Princess…” (Makoto)

It was Furiae-san. 

No, her consciousness should be taken by the Calamity Witch, Nevia. 

That must be the Calamity Witch. 

And the one at her side is…

“Ryosuke-san…” (Noel)

Sakurai-kun had a face that lacked any will, but he was taking a stance with his sword without showing any openings. 

Queen Noel seemed like she was going to dash off at any moment, but she is enduring. 

We slowly advanced to where the Calamity Witch was sitting at. 

“Oh my…” 

That’s when the Calamity Witch speaks. 

“My Knight…?” 

“Princess?” (Makoto)

The one who calls me that is Furiae-san. 

But the Calamity Witch should know that she calls me in that way. 

Is she trying to deceive me? 

“Due to the color of your hair…and those eyes…I thought you were someone else… But it really is you, right, My Knight?” 

“Yeah, a lot happened. I am currently in this form, Princess.” (Makoto)

From her way of speaking, I can only think of her as Furiae-san. 

I got a bit emotional there from how much I missed her. 

…Not good, lowering my guard here would be bad. 

At that moment, the Calamity Witch’s eyes opened wide. 

I hurriedly take a stance with the dagger. 

Was it really the acting of the Calamity Witch? 

“Why… Why…?” 

The Calamity Witch was trembling. 

I observe her state calmly. 

“Why is My Knight holding hands with that woman?!!!!!!” 


Me and Queen Noel look at each other at those words.

Now that she mentions it, we are holding hands for the sake of synchronizing. 

“How can this be…? That was the only woman I thought you wouldn’t get together with! You have disillusioned me! To think you would steal <NTR> the wife of your childhood friend!!” 

“It is a misunderstanding!!” (Makoto)

She is having an even worse misunderstanding than Rosalie-san and that made me raise my voice in reflex. 

…This is most likely…Furiae-san herself, right?

■Comment Response:

>Was RPG Player (Multi Ending) creating futures until it ‘went well’?

→Save & Load and also Continue are skills that allow the protagonist to ‘retry until it goes well’.

And so, the effect it creates on the world is low. 

But Multi Ending is a skill where it allows bad endings if Makoto-kun is satisfied with it. 

An ending where Makoto-kun dies but the world becomes Noah-sama’s is also…OK.

Multi Ending is a skill where no one knows what will happen.

And so, Eir-sama was ordered to keep an eye on him 24/7.

>Rosalie-san is way too cheat. I don’t know how strong she is. 

→I will say this since it is close to the end, but Rosalie-san is in principle the ‘hero that arrives late’.

She is a balance breaker if she is present from the very beginning, so she doesn’t get involved much in the main story. 

At present, Momo is stronger (she has been training for 1,000 years after all) but Rosalie-san has higher talent. 

Also, Momo doesn’t really like fighting, but Rosalie-san loves fighting, so there’s differences there too. 

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