WM – Chapter 241: Takatsuki Makoto meets OOOO

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“I am…Abel.” 

The woman that looks just like Princess Noel said this awkwardly. 

“You were a woman…Abel-san?” (Makoto)

I muttered this absentmindedly. 

“No…that’s…” (Abel)

The moment Abel was about to say something.

(You have inherited the blood of the Heaven Winged Folk.) (Hele)

The one who jumped into our conversation was the White Dragon-san.

Or more like, I haven’t heard that before.

Heaven Winged Folk?

“Mel-san, what’s this about Heaven Winged Folk?” (Makoto)

(You…are you talking about me when saying Mel-san…? Well, fine. We lost, so call me as you please. The Heaven Winged Folk are one of the races that serve the Gods of the Divine Realm.) (Mel)

“A race that serves in the Divine Realm…” (Makoto)

I see… This is the first time I heard of that.

But is it true that Hero Abel is from that Heaven Winged Folk?

I haven’t heard of that before, and there was nothing about that in the picture book either.

I look at her.

Beautiful white wings appeared from the back of Hero Abel.

“Ooh!” (Makoto)

An angel.

An angel is here.

“It is as the White Dragon-sama says, I have inherited the blood of the Heaven Winged Folk. That’s related to my gender too.” (Abel)

As if complementing the words of Abel, the White Dragon-san continues.

(The Heaven Winged Folk are a race with only women. But the Hero-kun of before was a human man. In other words, you must be of mixed blood.) (Mel)

“Yes, when I am a man, I call myself Hero Abel. This name was given to me by my human father. But there’s irregular times when my blood as a Heaven Winged Folk is stronger, and at that time, I end up turning into a female form. The name I was given by my Heaven Winged Folk mother was Anna.” 

“Anna?!” (Makoto)

I don’t know how many shocks I have gotten today.

(Hero Abel…and the Holy Maiden Anna were…the same person…?) (Makoto)

Can that even be possible? 

In the legends, Hero Abel and Holy Maiden Anna were childhood friends and lovers. 

In books, paintings, and stories told in churches, that’s how it was told and spread around.

But Abel herself is telling me this right now.

There’s no bigger proof than this.

It must be the truth.

“Makoto-san, it is rare for you to be so surprised… I do feel sorry for hiding it from you. The only ones who knew about this were my already dead parents and my mentor.” (Abel)

(The Heaven Winged Folk should only be living in the Floating Continent. Also, the demons hate the servants of the Gods that are the Heaven Winged Folk. If it is discovered that you are a Heaven Winged Folk at the surface, there’s no doubt that your life will be targeted.) (Mel)

“Yes…that’s completely right. I had no choice but to hide that fact… Just like my mother…” (Abel)

Abel closed his eyes sadly. 

I couldn’t speak in between the talk of Hero Abel and Mel-san.

It is all news to me. 

The Heaven Winged Folk.

About the parents of Hero Abel.

And also, about the Holy Maiden Anna.

(But there’s something that’s clear now.) (Makoto)

-Light Hero Abel.

-Holy Maiden Anna.

-Great Sage-sama.


-Holy Dragon Helemerck.

The five have gathered

The legendary party is all present! 

That’s a relief… I have done it, Noah-sama, Althena-sama…

While I was feeling moved here, someone tapped my shoulder.

“Uhm…Makoto-san?” (Abel)

Oops, that’s bad. I was in my own world there.

“I understand the situation now. So, when are we going to go defeat the Great Demon Lord?” (Makoto)

“Huh?!” (Abel)

(Huh?!) (Mel)

Hero Abel and the White Dragon-san opened their mouths wide at my words.

Even a dragon can make a face like that, huh.

“What are you saying all of a sudden, Makoto-san?!” (Abel)

(Have you gone mad?!) (Mel)

They are treating me like a crazy person.

Not good. I was too excited there.

No matter if the legendary party has gathered, suddenly going for the Great Demon Lord wouldn’t be the right order.

“Right, first would be the Demon Lord Bifrons.” (Makoto)

“No, uhm…saying it as if it is that easy…” (Abel)

(You… The Immortal King is one of the higher ones even within the 9 Demon Lords, you know…?) (Mel)

My proposal of defeating the Demon Lords first only had the two of them make dubious faces. 


“…Hnn, it is noisy…” (Momo)

Momo woke up from the voices of Abel and Mel-san.

She crawls out from the bed.

“Master~, has Abel-sama wok—who is this woman?!” (Momo)

“Aah, Momo-chan, I am…” (Abel)

“Momo-chan?! This person is acting way too familiar despite being our first meeting!” (Momo)

“No, this isn’t our first mee—” (Abel)

(By the way, Spirit User-dono, I don’t even know your names. Can you please tell me?) (Mel)

It got noisy in one go. 

And then, I noticed after what Mel-san said. It is true that we haven’t properly introduced ourselves.

I calmed down the confused Momo, and explained about the White Dragon-san helping us, and about Abel’s body. 

Then, each of us introduced ourselves.


(Fumu…the Spirit User Makoto, Hero Abel, and the half-vampire girl Momo, huh. Looking forward to working with you.) (Mel)

Mel-san looks down at us.

I say that, but it is just that her body is so big that she has no choice but to look down though.

“Looking forward to, White Dragon-sama…” (Abel)

“…L-Looking forward to working with you, Helemerck-sama.” (Momo)

Hero Abel and Momo seem to still be a bit reserved at Mel-san.

Oh right, speaking of comrades, there’s one other important girl.

“Dia.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Our King.” (Dia)

Dia appeared with an elegant twirl from out of nowhere.

“Thanks for keeping watch. Thanks to you, we could get a good rest.” (Makoto)

“I am honored to have been of help.” (Dia)

“Mel-san has become our comrade, so please introduce yourself.” (Makoto)

“Yes…” (Dia)

The smile Dia was directing at me did a complete 180 and changed into a completely uninterested face.

Mel saw Dia and got nervous. 

“Like…Be honored for being under the service of Our King…?” (Dia)

“Oi.” (Makoto)

I grabbed the shoulders of Dia, and pulled her to me.

“O-Our King?” (Dia)

“Dia-kun? Mel-san is helping us out of good will. Be respectful.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes…my apologies…” (Dia)

“Sorry Mel-san for the rudeness of Dia.” (Makoto)

(U-Umu, I don’t mind it. Also, it wasn’t out of good will, I was threate—) (Mel)

What a relief! 

As expected of the legendary Holy Dragon-sama.

Such an accepting heart! 

“Let’s do this once again, White Dragon. I am the Great Water Spirit Undine who has been honored with the name of Dia by Our King. Nice meeting you.” (Dia)

Dia was polite this time.

(I am the Ancient Dragon, Helemerck. By the way, the secret art of giving a name to Undine there. The spell of the Old Titan Gods—) (Mel)

“Dia!” (Makoto)

I noticed that the White Dragon-san was about to say something, so I hurriedly ordered the Great Water Spirit.

The deepest floor was covered in mist in an instant. 

It is not just any mist, it is mist that has the mana of a Spirit in it. 

I can activate magic by using this. 


I heard the scream of an Ancient Dragon.

Was that the Red Dragon-kun?

(W-What’s the matter, Makoto?) (Mel)

The White Dragon-san raised her voice in panic.

“XXXX, XXXXXXXX (Mel-san, can you speak Spirit Language?).” (Makoto)

“XXX (I do).” (Mel)

That’s a relief.

As expected of the Ancient Dragon that has lived for more than 10,000 years. 

She knows everything. 

“XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX? (It is a secret that I am the Apostle of an Old Titan God. Can you please match my story?)” (Makoto)

“XXXXXXX (U-Understood).” (Mel)

Fuuh, that was close, that was close. 

I forgot to tell her not to say anything. 

“Makoto-san?” (Abel)

“Master, what’s the matter?” (Momo)

Abel and Momo made a puzzled expression.

“No, it is nothing. Don’t worry about it, Abel-san, Momo.” (Makoto)

I tried to appear calm with Clear Mind. 

Hero Abel took a step forward and grabbed my hand.

“Uhm…Makoto-san…” (Abel)

“W-What is it?” (Makoto)

I-Is she suspecting me? 

Did she discover that I follow the same God as the Demon Lord Cain?

No, it should be okay.

There’s no proof.

It isn’t even written in my Soul Book.

“Uhm…can you please call me Anna when I am in this form?” 

She said this while fidgeting.

The tension dropped.

(What…so that’s what it was.) (Makoto)

That’s a relief.

So it wasn’t that my belief was discovered.

“Then, Anna-san, I look forward to working with you.” (Makoto)

“…Y-Yes.” (Anna)

I exchange a handshake with the Holy Maiden Anna.

For some reason she was smiling with slightly flushed cheeks.

Has she not recovered yet? 

“Master~.” (Momo)

“What’s the matter, Momo?” (Makoto)

“Nothing~.” (Momo)

The Great Sage-sama puffs her cheeks.

Is she hungry? 

I will have her drink my blood later.

“Now then, let’s return to the Mid Floor. Mel-san, is it okay to come here again once we want your help?” (Makoto)

When I say this, the White Dragon tilted her head puzzled.

(I will go with you. That would be more convenient, right?) (Mel)

“Eh? Is that okay?” (Makoto)

That would indeed be better. 

But is that okay? 

Mel-san seems to be the leader of the Ancient Dragons here.

“Mother Dragon! Going together with humans is just…!” 

“In that case, I will also go with you!” 

“What should we do?!” 

The Ancient Dragons began to make noise.

(It is just that I want to visit the surface world after a while. You all stay here. The Deepest Floor of Laberintos is safe. If you want to come, tell Makoto. Just that…I think you will just be a hindrance seeing that you can’t even block that magic of Undine from before though.) (Mel)


All the Ancient Dragons fall silent at once.

Anna also seems to find it hard to say anything.

She did get knocked out from it after all.

The White Dragon-san directed a serious look here.

(Let me ask one thing, Makoto. Your objective is to defeat the God of the Demons, Iblis. Is that correct?) (Mel)

“Yeah, you are correct.” (Makoto)

The Ancient Dragon, Anna, and even Momo were shaken by this. 

So in this era it isn’t called the Great Demon Lord, huh.

It really confuses me when there’s differences here and there in history. 

But my objective doesn’t change. 

Defeat the Great Demon Lord Iblis together with the Light Hero Abel.

(Defeating the one above the Demon Lords…huh. I would normally just take that as the words of a madman, but…) (Mel)

“There’s no way that’s possible! Even the Dragon King Astaroth-sama couldn’t match it!” 

“There’s no way a human can defeat the Demon God!” 

“Foolish humans who don’t know the fearsomeness of Iblis…” 

Looks like the Ancient Dragons can’t believe in us defeating the Great Demon Lord.

“We can.” (Makoto)

When I said this looking straight into their eyes, the Ancient Dragons fell silent.

Well, it can’t be helped that they think like this in this era.

But as someone who has come from the future, the defeat of the Great Demon Lord Iblis is a fact. 

There’s no need to worry. 

That’s because the legendary members are all okay. 

Now all that’s left is for things to go the same as history. 

It has been going well till here.

“Lizards…it looks like you still don’t understand the power of Our King.” (Dia)


Dia wraps her arm around my shoulders and controls mana.

The air gets heavy in the Deepest Floor. 

Oi, stop harassing them with your power in the drop of a hat, Dia-kun.

(Please don’t bully my Dragon Family too much.) (Mel)

“Stop it, Dia.” (Makoto)

“…Yes.” (Dia)

Dia calms down her mana immediately after the White Dragon-san and I speak.

“Then, it looks like the only one coming with us is Mel-san. But there’s quite the distance between here and the Mid Floor. Is there a shortcut or something?” (Makoto)

I say this as I remember the long trek of the dungeon.

(Don’t worry. I can bring you to the place you want with Teleport.) (Mel)

Ooh! You can do something like that?


I turn to Anna and Momo…and then notice.

“Anna-san, is it okay for you to stay in that form?” (Makoto)

“…If possible, I want to return to my human form, but it doesn’t look like I am still in perfect form.” (Anna)

Anna-san made a troubled expression.

The White Dragon-san then threw in a saving line. 

(If you drink from the Spring of Life there, you will be able to recover.) (Mel)

“I see…” (Makoto)

The spring at the side of the White Dragon-san is indeed overflowing with powerful mana.

Anna approached the spring, and drank from that water. 

And then, light covered the body of Anna.

“Waa! My body has recovered…” (Anna)

Anna turned around, and I could tell that the visible fatigue she had was going away.

And then, her female form of Anna returned to her male form of Abel.

Looks like the water of the Spring of Life has the effect of a healing potion.

I also approached the spring, scooped some water, and drank it. 

The next instant, my body felt hot. 

My whole body was visibly overflowing with mana.


Could it be that the water of this spring is on the level of an Elixir?

“Waa! I want to drink it too!” (Momo)

Momo ran there.

She approached the Spring of Life.


I had a bad feeling that was hard to describe. 

At that moment, letters showed up in front of me. 

[Is it okay for Momo to drink the water of the Spring of Life?]



T-This is…?! 

“Momo, stop!” (Makoto)

(Wait! Small vampire!) (Mel)

“Heh?” (Momo)

The White Dragon-san and I shouted at the same time.

Momo stops right in place.

“Don’t drink that!” (Makoto)

(The water of the Spring of Life is deadly poison for the undead. You will perish.) (Mel)

“H-Hiiih!” (Momo)

Momo hurriedly came back and clung onto me.

T-That was dangerous…

Right… Healing potions are not good for undead.

“Here, Momo. Drink my blood.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes…” (Momo)

I offered my arm to Momo and gave her a bit of my blood.

I let out a big sigh.

A lot of things happened today. It was tiring.

I want to take my time and rest. 

Also, I am lacking blood, so I want to eat meat. 

“Then, let’s return to the underground lake at the Mid Floor.” (Makoto)

“Ah, but Makoto-san…” (Abel)

“Please, White Dragon-san.” (Makoto)

(Umu, leave it to me.) (Mel)

Saying this, a magic circle appeared around us and the White Dragon-san.

“Mother Dragon-sama!” 

“Be well!”

The Ancient Dragons were waving their hands as if reluctant to part. 

Seeing the dragons wave their hands is surreal. 

(I will be away for a while, you all.) (Mel)

The White Dragon-san says this heavily. 

And then, we were enveloped in the light. 


The scenery changes.

The first thing I noticed was the rumbling sound of water falling. 




Hero Abel and Momo can’t stand on water, so I grab both of their hands and use Surface Walk.

When I looked around, there’s no doubt it is the underground lake of the Mid Floor.

Ooh, Teleport really is convenient. 

Now then, I should go back and talk to Volkh-san and Julietta-san…

The scream of someone resonated as if cutting off my thoughts.

“An Ancient Dragon!!” 

“I-Isn’t that the lord of Laberintos?!” 

“R-Run awaaaay!!!” 


The residents who must have been serving as the lookouts ran away as if dispersing like spiders. 

(Hey, Makoto, is this okay?) (Mel)

Mel-san looked at me with a troubled face.


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