WM – Chapter 170: Takatsuki Makoto gets the blessing of victory

◇Olga Sol Tariska’s POV◇


My brain couldn’t comprehend what it was witnessing.

A mountain is moving. 

A mountain of ice that is bigger than even the Great Keith Castle and the colosseum combined. 

That is floating right on top of the capital.


“We have been saved!” 

“What’s going on?!” 

“It is apparently the magic of the Water Country’s Hero-dono!” 

“Is he the Savior?!” 

The Fire Country soldiers that were dyed in despair just a few moments ago were talking nonstop with uncontrollable excitement.

The comet that was approaching the capitol, judging from its size, wouldn’t it be God Rank? That was an opinion of a mage. 

Yet, that very comet was stopped.

So easily.

The one who stopped it was the Water Country’s Hero, Takatsuki Makoto.

That Country Designated Hero of Rozes that I meddled with just a few days ago and judged as ‘not a big deal’.

(So he wasn’t serious at that time…) (Olga)

That’s the only possibility I can think of. 

There’s no way you could be able to pull off a ridiculous feat like this with only 10 days or so of training. 

Takatsuki Makoto was controlling that mana in his right arm that surpassed my released Holy Sword with a completely calm face.

At that moment, I trembled. 

The giant mass of ice in front of me slowly began to move. 

It is most likely being carried outside the capital.

I can’t understand. 

How can he carry that gigantic thing with magic? 

Just how much mana would you need?

Is he really human? 

Then, the ground shook heavily. 

It was the impact of the giant comet being slowly put down on the ground.

It was placed right by the side of the capital. 

And then, Takatsuki Makoto collapsed right in place.




The comrades of the Water Country’s Hero and my father’s subordinate run hurriedly to where he is. 

“Quickly bring someone who can use healing magic!” 

“We must not allow the Hero-dono to die!” 

The Fire Country people were in a hurry. 

The Water Country’s Hero was carried away in a stretcher. 

I could only watch this unfold. 

◇A few days later◇

I was holed up in my own room.

The current Fire Country capital is talking solely about the Martial Arts Tournament and the incident after.

One is about the new Country Designated Hero of the Fire Country, Sasaki Aya.

She was officially appointed as a Hero. 

She won with absolute strength in the Martial Arts Tournament, and managed a crushing victory against the Hero of the Goddess…against me.

She had…ridiculous power. 

What was that?! 

She repelled the attack of the Holy Sword without any injuries, bent it with one hand, and I was sent flying with one hit.

I don’t even feel like fighting her again.

Sasaki Aya has become the new favorite child of the Fire Country. 

The people of the city are giving her their blessings.

The birth of a new powerhouse is a joyful event for the Fire Country people. 

By the way, talk about Takatsuki Makoto who saved the capital hasn’t spread to the general populace that much.

The giant meteor that attacked the capital. 

It is being regarded as the combined forces of the Fire Country’s warrior and mages saving us from that threat. 

Of course that would happen. 

There’s no way an individual would be able to do something about that ridiculous terrorist attack.

Of course they would assume it was resolved by an organization.

The people who were evacuating didn’t see the actions of Takatsuki Makoto.

But the military of the Fire Country did. 

They helped evacuate the populace, and tried to do their best to save the capital in the short amount of time they had. 

And then, they despaired. 

That meteor cannot be stopped. 

And yet, Takatsuki Makoto managed to do so alone. 

The military personnel that was in the capital at that time, every single one of them, adores the Water Country’s Hero.

I heard that the mages of the Fire Country are wishing for a meeting with him, and there’s a massive line for it. 

They most likely can’t endure their excitement to know what spell he used to stop that giant comet. 

By the way, the Water Country’s Hero Takatsuki Makoto lost consciousness, and apparently hasn’t woken up.

There seems to be no danger to his life…

Once he wakes up, I must go apologize. 

My father apparently visits the Water Country’s Hero everyday.

Since the very beginning, my father wanted to bring in Takatsuki Makoto, who defeated a Demon Lord, into the Fire Country.

But he has completely become his worshipper. 

My father is also one of the people that was entranced by that spell of his. 

What a fearsome man. 

Savior Abel who fought the Great Demon Lord army of more than 100,000 with only 4 people. 

I thought that story had been exaggerated. 

But talks between the soldiers about Takatsuki Makoto being the Savior have begun to spring up.

Because he did the impossible. 

When miracles happen, people worship.

But there was one thing that bothered me. 

(…The light at that time…that figure…) (Olga)

Me and the other Fire Country warriors were accumulating their mana in order to deviate the comet right in the moment it was about to crash.

At that time, I felt an explosive surge of mana, and rushed to the highest floor of the colosseum.

What I saw there at the side of the Water Country’s Hero Makoto was a holy figure. 

Something I shouldn’t have seen.

My brain refused to reflect that something that was there.

If I continued to look, my sanity would be taken away.

Fortunately, that thing only stayed for an instant. 

In terms of time, it wasn’t even a second, it was more fleeting than the blink of an eye. 

The moment it disappeared…

That way too beautiful existence warped its mouth into a big smile. 

I was hit directly by that…had goosebumps running through my whole body, my body froze, and I couldn’t even speak.

At first I thought it was a god. 

However, it was clearly different from the Fire Goddess Sol-sama I know of. 

(What…was that?) (Olga)


The door opened. 

“Olga, can I?” 

“At least knock.” (Olga)

The one who entered was my childhood friend, Dahlia.

The Fire Oracle that I protect as her Guardian Knight. 

“Good grief. I was thoroughly reprimanded by His Majesty and Oji-sama for meddling with the Water Country’s Hero.” (Dahlia)

She sighed and sat on my bed. 

She then collapsed onto it just like that with only her upper half lying on it. 

By Oji-sama, she means my father. 

“It can’t be helped. My father also reprimanded me heavily.” (Olga)

I answered while sighing. 

We deserve it, but it is still depressing. 

And embarrassing. 

Just a few days ago I was so cocky about Takatsuki Makoto and Sasaki Aya. I want to go to the past, punch myself in the face, and stop myself from doing it. 

I was thinking that while looking at the ceiling, and then Dahlia muttered.

“That guy…Takatsuki Makoto is apparently the Apostle of an Evil God.” (Dahlia)

“Eh?” (Olga)

Her words made me turn reflexively. 

“Evil God?” (Olga)

“Yes, an Old God that was defeated in the past Divine Realm War. It seems he is a believer of one of those Old Gods.” (Dahlia)

At that moment, what surfaced in my mind was that sacred light that I saw a few days ago.

It was holy, but it was something that I couldn’t accept. 

An aberration.

An Old God. 

Evil God.

Titan God. 

They are called in a variety of ways, but they are an antagonistic existence for the current Goddess Church.

Of course, their believers are also enemies. 

“Did you…tell His Majesty that?” (Olga)

An Apostle of an Evil God.

That was a wretched existence that led to the deaths of many Heroes 1,000 years ago. 

He was defeated by the Savior Abel in the end though. 

The Goddess Church still considers it a taboo. 

It isn’t as major as the Snake Church for the regular populace though.

Even so, it is by no means an existence that can be ignored.

“I did tell His Majesty, but…before that, I told Sol-sama. ‘The Evil God Apostle this time around is useful, so leave him be’, she said. She also said that the Water Goddess-sama is keeping an eye on him, so it will be okay.” (Dahlia)

“I-Is that alone really okay?” (Olga)

I was shaken.

Even so…the whole capital is singing praises about Takatsuki Makoto and Sasaki Aya.

If we were to be told to be enemies of theirs, it certainly would be troubling. 

The Fire Goddess Sol-sama said herself to not touch them. 

Then we have to obey. 

“Looks like we picked a fight with the wrong person.” (Dahlia)

“Yeah, we made a mistake.” (Olga)

We looked at each other and sighed once again.

◇Takatsuki Makoto’s POV◇

I woke up.

An unfamiliar ceiling.

A hard bed.

Thin sheets. 

White room.

It was a hospital room. 

It is a bit similar to the Water Temple.

“Hm?” (Makoto)

I felt something weird from my right arm.

To be precise…I couldn’t feel it

(There’s no sensation from my right arm…?) (Makoto)

When I look at my right arm, I see that it is wrapped around in bandages. 

Even when I tried to move it…I couldn’t.

Eh? No way. 

Are you serious? 

“Makoto! You have woken up.” (Lucy)

Lucy was closeby. 

I could see Furiae-san at her back.

“The princess and the Hero-san were waiting here a while ago. They looked after you for half a day, and we switched not that long ago.” (Furiae)

According to the explanation of Furiae-san, Princess Sofia and Sa-san were by my side just a few moments ago.

I should thank them later. 

By Hero-san…she is talking about Sa-san, right? 

“I…how long have I been sleeping for?” (Makoto)

“4 days.” (Lucy)

“4 days?!” (Makoto)

The answer of Lucy was unexpected.

I was unconscious for that long…? 

The transformation to a Spirit.

Noah-sama helped me out with it, but it really was reckless, huh.

I once again look at my right arm that can’t move. 

“My Knight…that arm…might not heal for the rest of your life.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san told me with a saddened expression.

“I see…” (Makoto)

I look at my arm tightly wrapped in bandages. 

Even through the bandages, I could tell that my arm was overflowing with mana. 

It is also slightly shining. 

It is an amount of mana that makes me question if this really is my arm. 

(Hmm, maybe I can move it with that?) (Makoto)

Instead of using physical strength to move my arm, I try moving it with magic. 

I used Transformation to make my right arm into a Water Spirit.

Because of it, I can’t raise my arm anymore.

But mana remains in my arm. 

Maybe I can move my arm by using water control?

“My Knight…you did well.” (Furiae)

I was looking at my arm, and was about to try to move my arm with water magic, and Furiae-san got close to me and looked at me with eyes of pity. 

“But that arm has symptoms close to that of a curse…moreover, a curse that even I can’t dispel…so…” (Furiae)


In the middle of Furiae-san’s words, my right arm that was devoid of sensation, seemed to have touched something soft. 

My right arm moved.

It was touching the breast of Furiae-san.

Looks like my right arm is grabbing Furiae-san’s breast. 

I can’t feel with my hand, so it really is hard to think it is me though.

“Ah, sorry sorry, Prince—” (Makoto)

I failed in moving my arm, and I couldn’t continue my words.

“What are you doing?!” (Furiae)

Furaie-san had the face of a fiend as she did a roundhouse kick on the back of my head.

“M-Makoto!” (Lucy)

Lucy hurriedly ran towards me and raised me. 

“Ouch ouch.” (Makoto)

Is what I said, but it didn’t hurt that much.

It looks like she held back, aware that I am a patient. 

I got a peek of her panties when she did that roundhouse kick, but if I were to point that out, she would definitely give me a serious roundhouse kick next. 

And so, I refrain from doing so! 

I learn from my mistakes.

“Geez, if you want to touch boobs, touch mine.” (Lucy)

Lucy said as if amazed at me and pushed her chest towards me. 

I can feel normally from my back…

Judging from Lucy’s expression, she must be teasing me.

But you know, I couldn’t feel anything when I touched Furiae-san with my right hand. 

It would be wrong not to do anything.

“Well, if you say so.” (Makoto)

I put my working left hand on Lucy’s boobs.

I enjoy the soft sensation. 

“Eh?!” (Lucy)

Lucy snaps away hurriedly with a bright red face.

And then, she hugged her body and glared at me with an upward glance.

“W-What’s with you? At these times, the usual Makoto would act cool and not touch!” (Lucy)

As expected from Lucy who knows me for a long time now. 

She understands me. 

The past me would use Clear Mind to act calm and that took me my all. 

But I have been walking the line of life and death quite a lot recently. 

The recent me is honest to my desires. 

I grin at Lucy.

“Don’t think I will be the same me forever, Lucy. I grow by the day.” (Makoto)

“Even if you say that with a straight face while touching the boobs of a girl…” (Lucy)

Lucy isn’t going along with me that well.

Furiae-san said ‘I am surrounded by idiots’ as she carried the black cat and left the hospital room. 

There’s only Lucy and I in the room now.

We are alone. 

“O-Oh well, if that’s the case, you can touch as much as you want.” (Lucy)

“Eeh?!” (Makoto)

Lucy pushes out her well-shaped breasts.

What is this girl saying?

“Here they are. What’s the matter? You are the Hero that saved the capital, so go ahead and embrace a woman or two without shame.” (Lucy)

“Kuh!” (Makoto)

This is unexpected! 

I didn’t think she would be this aggressive! 

Is this the blood of Rosalie-san? 

But it really must be embarrassing for her, her face was perpetually red. 

(What should I do…?) (Makoto)

We are alone in this hospital room.

If I ignore this, it would be insulting for Lucy.

“Then, don’t mind if I do.” (Makoto)

“Hngh.” (Lucy)

I stretched my hand out to Lucy’s body, and Lucy got her body closer.

“Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

There’s Sa-san standing right by the side! 

S-Since when?

“What are you doing, Lu-chan?” (Aya)

The emotionless tone of Sa-san is scary. 

But Lucy isn’t that flustered. 

“Makoto seemed to be seething with sexual desire, he touched the boobs of Furi and was reprimanded. That’s why I told him to satisfy himself with me.” (Lucy)

“Eh?! Hieeeee?! That Takatsuki-kun did?! Fu-chan’s boobs?! What’s going on?!” (Aya)

My friend since middle school was shocked.

“Here, Makoto. Touch Aya’s too.” (Lucy)

“Lu-chan?!” (Aya)

“Oi, Lucy?!” (Makoto)

This girl is all over the place.

“Geez, Aya. You evolved into a Lamia Queen, but were bothered by the fact that your boobs didn’t get bigger. Just have Makoto cooperate.” (Lucy)

“Lu-chan! That’s something you shouldn’t reveal!” (Aya)

Those words made the normally calm Sa-san cover the mouth of Lucy.

I heard that and looked at the body of Sa-san. 

The body of Sa-san hasn’t changed much since her first year of high school. 

She is actually a Lamia now, but even when in her Lamia form, her boobs didn’t change much.

Most lamias apparently have glamorous bodies though…

Sa-san has the Change Skill, so she can change her body to whatever she wants. 

But apparently her pride doesn’t allow her to use Change to inflate them.

And thus, even in her human form, Sa-san’s chest is modest. 

“Takatsuki-kun…what are you looking at?” (Aya)

Sa-san looked at me with a deadpan expression.

“It is okay, I love you (even if they are small)!” (Makoto) 

I gave a thumbs up cheerfully. 


Lucy and Sa-san look over here with weird faces.

“Makoto is weird, right?” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun has been weird from the get-go though.” (Aya)

“That’s rude.” (Makoto)

I object to the words of Lucy and Sa-san.

“Well, that’s fine. Takatsuki-kun did tell me he loved me.” (Aya)

Saying this, Sa-san got onto the bed I am at. 

“Ah, that’s not fair.” (Lucy)

Even Lucy came in?! 

3 people is a bit too much for this bed.

And in this way, while the 3 of us were making a ruckus…

“…Hero Makoto?” 

A voice and expression as cold as ice.

Princess Sofia was smiling while radiating intense cold. 

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