WM – Chapter 92: Lucy and Makoto speak to the Great Sage

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“Aah, now that I think about it, I haven’t had dinner yet…” (Makoto)

Maybe I should invite Lucy and go to a bar somewhere.

I head to the place of the Great Sage-sama while carrying my hunger.

I open the big door of the gorgeous ice residence and walk the dim corridor. 

When I entered the room deep inside, a whole lot of flickering flames came into sight.

Even when looking from the back, I can distinguish that red hair that doesn’t lose to the flames.

“Lucy?” (Makoto)

I noticed that the flames that were floating around Lucy were not flames from magic but from candles.

Small sparks fly.

A new candle lights up.

“Fumu, 1 minute and 10 seconds. Pretty decent.” 

The Great Sage-sama says satisfied.

“Makoto!” (Lucy)

I was suddenly hugged.

Her temperature is as high as always.

“Look look! I lit all of this up with chantless magic!” (Lucy)

I look at the smile of Lucy and the more than 20 candles.

Hoh, all of this in a little more than 1 minute, and chantless.

“Nice, Lucy. Did your proficiency pass 50?” (Makoto)

Chantless should require being higher than 50 in Proficiency.

“Hmph, barely. It is crazier to be trying to use Fire Magic: Monarch Rank without increasing your proficiency.” 

The Great Sage-sama says disgruntled.

Normally, the more powerful your Skill, the more important Proficiency is.

Well, the stronger the weapon, the more important it is to learn the rules of how to use it after all.

“That’s impressive, Lucy.” (Makoto)

The hard work of Lucy is without doubt the real deal.

“Yeah! But what’s the matter? Did you come to meet me?” (Lucy)

“Aah, I was thinking about having the Great Sage-sama train me a bit too.” (Makoto)

She is the strongest mage of the continent after all.

It would be a waste not to train me even if only a bit.

“Fufu, okay. But before that, you understand, right?” 

She beckons me with her finger.


“Go ahead.” (Makoto)

I give up and offer my neck to the Great Sage-sama.

She bit into it, and the pain of the Great Sage-sama’s sharp fangs ran through my body.

Each time she sucks my blood, my body gets hotter. 

“…How’s the taste, Great Sage-sama?” (Makoto)

There’s no response.

Instead, she patted my head.

Is that her way of saying it is good?

After 10 seconds of offering my blood…


The Great Sage-sama raised her head as if satisfied, and licked her lips wet in red.

An obscene atmosphere unfitting of her young appearance.


She used magic to heal the bite, and once again looked at me.

“So, Spirit User-kun, you want to be trained too?” 

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

Lucy seems to have grown a whole lot in just a few days, so my expectations are high.

“Then, let’s have a look at your magic, Spirit User-kun. Try extinguishing the flames that the red hair lit on by using chantless magic.” 

“Makoto’s magic is fast, Great Sage-sama!” (Lucy)

“Hoh? I’m looking forward to that.” 

The Great Sage-sama grins.

Lucy-san, there’s no need to increase the hurdle…

“Well then, I will be giving the signal. Go.” 

At the same time as the Great Sage-sama voiced the signal, I froze all the wicks of the candles.

The light of the candles disappears, and the inside of the room instantly darkens.

Hmm, took 2 seconds, huh.

“How’s that?” (Makoto)

“Haah, as always, that’s some crazy fast magic activation speed.” (Lucy)

Lucy, who is used to my magic, raised a voice of admiration.

I look at the Great Sage-sama.


The mouth of the Great Sage-sama was partly open.

“You…how did you do that just now?” 

“? I just used chantless magic though.” (Makoto)

“Was there anything weird, Great Sage-sama?” (Lucy)

We don’t understand why she is so surprised, so Lucy and I questioned her.

“Oi, Red Haired Mage, when you use chantless magic, how do you set the target of your magic?” 

“Eh? Of course, I look at the target, and…hm? Makoto, just now you…” (Lucy)

“The Spirit User-kun extinguished even the flames that were at his back at the same time.” 

Aah, about that, huh.

“It is a Skill. I can change my perspective freely.” (Makoto)

[RPG Player]’s perspective change ability.

It isn’t specialized for battle, but it is a handy skill in the fact that it eliminates blind spots.

“I see… You used chantless magic through a Skill. What a skillful guy. Moreover, the precision of your magic is outstanding.” 

Saying this, the Great Sage-sama snaps her fingers.

Flames burst open, and all the candles were lit up again.

The room brightens up once more.

“As expected of the Great Sage-sama.” (Makoto)

Looks like what I can do is a breeze for her.

“Wuuh…it took me more than 1 minute though…” (Lucy)

Lucy is depressed.

But in the past, it took you 3 minutes to shoot one spell, so you have improved quite a lot. 

“Don’t feel down, Red Hair. It took me 100 years to reach this stage.” 


“How long has it been since you learned magic, Spirit User-kun?” 

“Uhm, around 2 years?” (Makoto)


The amazed look of the Great Sage-sama and the straight stare of Lucy.

What? Got a problem?

“I can only use Elementary Water Magic.” (Makoto)

I can’t use other elements. Can’t raise the power either.

I have nothing to do but increase my Proficiency.

“You say that, but there should be a limit to that… No, it turns out this way if you continue training without minding about limits, huh… By the way…you…your Proficiency is 200?” 

“Eeeeeh?! Makoto, didn’t you say not that long ago that you were 150?!” (Lucy)

The Appraisal of the Great Sage-sama exposed my Status.

“It increased again after that.” (Makoto)

“I-I don’t think I can ever catch up…” (Lucy)

“This is not good. There’s nothing I can teach you. It is to the point that I would like you to teach me instead. What do I have to do to increase my Proficiency?” 

“Eeeh~, please teach me something.” (Makoto)

That was a waste of blood.

“Now, don’t say that. Is there a weapon you want? It may not go as far as national treasure, but if it is valuable weapons, there should be a whole lot lying around, you know?” 

“Hmm, I don’t have physical strength, so I can only use stuff like daggers.” (Makoto)

I said as I swung the dagger of Noah-sama.

Fuji-yan said this dagger is national treasure level, so there shouldn’t be any better weapons here.

“Hmmm. I see…” 

The Great Sage-sama crosses her arms and falls in thought.

I ended up troubling her, huh.

She is unexpectedly faithful to her word, huh.

“If I’ve got any problem, I will ask for your advice.” (Makoto)

“Sorry about that.” 

“It is okay.” (Makoto)

I bid farewell to the Great Sage-sama and left the residence together with Lucy.


“Hey, Lucy, let’s go eat somewhere.” (Makoto)

“Ah, okay. You haven’t eaten dinner yet, Makoto?” (Lucy)

“Did you?” (Makoto)

“There’s a whole lot of food in the Great Sage-sama’s place. First class chefs make food and bring it to her place.” (Lucy)

Moreover, the Great Sage-sama doesn’t eat much, so she leaves a whole lot of food.

There’s no employees to eat the remains either.

Thanks to that, Lucy can eat as much as she wants.

Eh? What’s with that? Ain’t that the best?

“I should have gotten something to eat too…” (Makoto)

I ended up being the snack of the Great Sage-sama instead.

Damn it.

“Now now, Makoto. Let’s go eat somewhere.” (Lucy)

We entered a small stylish bar in the 6th District.

A sandwich of mutton and vegetables, and a dish that seemed like pasta with a whole lot of marine products in it.

“You are eating a whole lot today.” (Lucy)

“A lot happened and I am tired.” (Makoto)

“Ooh, what happened? Tell me.” (Lucy)

Lucy leans forward at the opposite chair.

So close…

I begin speaking about what happened today as if not minding that.

“…And well, that’s how it is.” (Makoto)

“Eh? …You went to the orphanage that Jean and Emily were raised in at the 9th District, explored the underground canals, fought undead, met the young boss of the mafia, and at the end, you participated in a meeting with the leaders of Highland?” (Lucy)

“Ooh, summarized nicely.” (Makoto)

And lastly, got my blood sucked by the Great Sage-sama, which is all that happened today.

“I-In the time I wasn’t present, Makoto and Aya proceeded the adventure more and more…” (Lucy)

“It is okay. In the end, Fuji-yan was the one who found the culprit of the rebellion.” (Makoto)

“…That person really is impressive.” (Lucy)

He is my prided cheat skill friend after all.

“Is your training going well, Lucy?” (Makoto)

“Yeah! The Great Sage-sama’s magic knowledge is abundant. She is also really good at teaching!” (Lucy)

“I see.” (Makoto)

How nice.

She has Grand Mage and Fire Monarch Magic, and is being taught by the number one mage of the continent.

“But it seems like it was good that I learned the Calm and Concentration Skill like you told me, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“That’s great to hear.” (Makoto)

I listen to what she says as I munch on my sandwich.

She has been training chantless magic all the time lately.

There was apparently not a single mage in the dark era that could take their time chanting magic.

As expected of someone who has experienced the times 1,000 years ago.

“I feel like these kinds of moments are pretty rare now.” (Lucy)

“Why? We meet everyday.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, that’s true, but…don’t you think it has been a while since we drank like this just the two of us?” (Lucy)

“Aah, that might be true.” (Makoto)

Lately, we have been together a lot more with Sa-san or Fuji-yan or some other people. 

Only at the time when we formed a party in Makkaren, were Lucy and I alone.

How nostalgic.

The first time I made a comrade, I didn’t know what to talk about.

At first, I was nervous around Lucy who was a beauty. 

But now, she is a friend I can easily speak to.

Even so…

“Hey, Lucy. Aren’t you a bit too close today?” (Makoto)

She is leaning onto my left shoulder, and her fingers have been creeping around my left arm for a while now.

It is ticklish.

It is not to the point of her breathing reaching me, but her face is also close.

“Getting turned on?” (Lucy)

“Idiot.” (Makoto)

What are you saying, Lucy-san?

This is too much to handle.

“Hm? This is strange. The highland noble ladies taught me this though.” (Lucy)

“What were they teaching you…” (Makoto)

“Fufu, they told me that, with this, any man would roll in your fingers.” (Lucy)

The noble women really do use the wiles of femininity to their advantage a whole lot. 

The attacks of Chris-san to Fuji-yan were apparently incredible before getting engaged with her.

The darkness of nobility, huh.

*Kan Kan Kan Kan*

The sound of a bell faraway rang.

“Lucy, what is this bell for?” (Makoto)

“Are you talking about the Bell of Peace? It is apparently rung from the 4 gates of Symphonia when there’s no abnormalities, but…” (Lucy)

“But…?” (Makoto)

“It seems to actually be for the shifts in the patrols of the Templars in the capital.” (Lucy)

“Huuh, I see.” (Makoto)

So a signal for the day shift and night shifts, huh.

That’s efficient.

The day is going down, but the capital has a lot of lights, and it by no means gets dark.

“Hey, you can drink a lot more today, right?” (Lucy)

She pushes a glass onto me.

A challenging gaze peeks from below. 

I averted my gaze at the cleavage I could see when looking down, and warned her ‘if we drink too much, we won’t be able to wake up tomorrow’.

“It is okay. I have gotten stronger with alcohol lately.” (Lucy)

“That’s the kind of carelessness that…” (Makoto)

Well, fine.

I worked a whole lot today, so I might as well drink too.


“Aah, Takatsuki-kun and Lucy-san stayed the whole night together.” (Aya)

“Sa-san, your voice and face are not matching.” (Makoto)

Her voice was refreshing, but her eyes were scary.

By the way, lower that giant hammer please.

“Looks like you had fun, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia speaks with a cold tone.

This person is like this by default.

She says this as if natural.

“Do we look like we had fun?” (Makoto)

Lucy fell asleep, so I am carrying her on my back.

In the end, Lucy drank too much and collapsed.

“Takki-dono! This is bad-desu zo.” (Fuji)

“Please look at this!” (Chris)

Fuji-yan and Chris-san ran to my side.

Fuji-yan gives me a letter.

It was an invitation from the 9th District’s mafia, the Castor Family’s young boss, Peter Castor.

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