WM – Chapter 318: Takatsuki Makoto is informed

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TLN: Seems like the author fixed the numbering of the chapters, so I will be doing the same. 313.5 will now be 314, and all subsequent numbers will be changed as well. 


“Princess…?” (Makoto)

I noticed after speaking it out. 

She may look like Furiae-san, but her mind is that of the Calamity Witch Nevia…apparently. 

But right before I lost consciousness, she was talking just like the usual Furiae-san.

Which one is she right now? 

“Hnn… Oh…did I fall asleep? …Wait, My Knight! Since when did you wake up?!” 

She woke up with my voice, she rubbed her eyes, got up, and reacted with a quiver. 

This reaction should be Furiae-san.

“Good morning, Princess.” (Makoto)

“D-Did you do anything to me?!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san yanked the blanket to her side and hid her body.

“…I didn’t do anything.” (Makoto)

“I-I see… Of course you wouldn’t.  My Knight wouldn’t do something like that.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san fixing the fallen string of her undergarment was slightly lewd. 

I felt like I shouldn’t be staring, so I slowly averted my gaze. 

There was a big body mirror where I looked. 

Furiae-san and I were reflected in that mirror. I could see her attractive back. 

As a result, I could see the body of Furiae-san that wasn’t being hidden by the blanket. 

Then, the Furiae-san in the mirror faced me. 

She opened her mouth. 

“Furiae-chan, your back is being watched.”


It goes without saying that both Furiae-san and I were surprised by that voice. 

Only the two of us are in this room. 

Then, who is the owner of that voice? 

“Are you awake, Apostle-sama? Furiae-chan was nursing you the whole night. It seems like she fell asleep with you at the end though.” 

The one talking is the Furiae-san inside the mirror. 

But that way of speaking…

“Is that…Nevia-san?” (Makoto)

“We couldn’t have a calm and relaxed talk before, right, Apostle-sama?” (Nevia)

“Wait a moment! What are you talking all normally?!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san was flustered by my conversation with Nevia-san. 

Looks like she wasn’t aware that her mirror self could talk on its own volition. 

…It isn’t normal, right.

“Princess…is your body alright? How are you feeling right now?” (Makoto)

“Honestly speaking, I am only confused… Since the fight against the Great Demon Lord with Ryosuke and the Sun Knights, my body would suddenly feel sluggish or sleepy… I thought that was because I had been hit by the miasma of the Great Demon Lord. To think that…” (Furiae)

“Fufufu, you feeling under the weather was because I possessed you☆.” (Nevia)

Nevia-san spoke cheerfully and with an unending light tone. 

In contrast to that, Furiae-san shouted. 

“Get out of my body this instant!” (Furiae)

“That I cannot do. My soul has merged with yours after all. Let’s live together in body and mind from now on, okay☆?” (Nevia)

“You…have to be kidding me…” (Furiae)

I hurriedly caught Furiae-san who paled and was about to fall at the words of the Calamity Witch. 

“Princess…it is okay. We will surely…think of a way to deal with this.” (Makoto)

I direct words of consolation, but I don’t know at all how to undo this ‘merging of souls’.

(Noah-sama…Ira-sama…can you hear me?) (Makoto)

I have been calling them for a while now, but there has been no response from the Goddesses. 

Is this also the doing of the Calamity Witch?

I directed my gaze to the Calamity Witch in the mirror as if to get a grasp on this, and her smile grew slightly fainter. 

“The merging of the souls was the miracle that that personage managed to squeeze out with the last of his strength before perishing. It is not something that the power of a mortal can do anything about.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch said sadly.

“That personage perished…?” (Makoto)

There’s no one other than the Great Demon Lord Iblis who the Calamity Witch would refer to as ‘that personage’.

But what exactly does she mean by ‘perished’?

“Yes, that personage that you call the Great Demon Lord was slayed by the Light Hero-sama. You saw it with your own eyes, didn’t you, Furiae-chan?” (Nevia)

“I certainly did see it… But wasn’t it a trick to deceive us…?” (Furiae)

“No. We couldn’t thwart the plan of the Destiny Goddess. All the paths for victory had been closed off… There was nothing but defeat in our future.” (Nevia)

“Then, the Great Demon Lord really has…” (Makoto)

“Not of this world anymore. Did you not hear it from the Goddess directly, Apostle-sama? You are in an intimate relationship with the Destiny Goddess, right?” (Nevia)

“By Ira-sama…” (Makoto)

I did hear that from her. 

She was even on cloud nine and drowning herself in booze. 

Honestly speaking, isn’t this situation the responsibility of Ira-sama? …Is slightly what I thought, but…the Great Demon Lord has certainly been defeated.

“My Knight…what kind of relationship do you have with the Destiny Goddess?” (Furiae)

“I-I was simply under her care 1,000 years ago.” (Makoto)

Furiae-san glared at me as if suspecting me. 

Nevia-san, please don’t say ‘intimate’. It will create weird misunderstandings.

In the time Furiae-san was pressing me for answers, the Calamity Witch continued speaking. 

“That personage merged me and the present Moon Oracle, and transferred a part of his god power. But I don’t have as much power as him; a feeble being that can only Charm. I can’t defeat the Light Hero-sama. That’s why I thought about what to do…” (Nevia)

“Just perish together…” (Furiae)

Furiae-san mutters this with a weary expression.

Exactly as she said. 

“But I noticed! Furiae-chan is the Moon Oracle but also a Holy Maiden. In other words, she can also achieve strong influence on the Heroes of the Goddesses too. Maybe she could Charm, not only the residents of the Moon Country, but all the West Continent?! That’s why I did my best!” (Nevia)

Contrary to the sad expression of Furiae-san, the Calamity Witch-san reflected in the mirror had a big smile.

This is way too much of a pain.

Please don’t do your best on that front. 

“I synchronized with the Sun Oracle Noel-chan, tinkered a bit with the Sanctuary Barrier covering the capital, made it so that I can Charm the people inside the barrier, acted as if I was shaking the hand of the Light Hero-sama to put a curse on him; it really was hectic, you know? I had chills wondering if the Apostle-sama would get in my way at any moment.” (Nevia)

“Ah, that time at the venue, huh.” (Makoto)

It is true that Furiae-san was acting strangely. 

I did feel like she wasn’t as usual. 

I should have come in to stop her. 

“Princess, what about Sakurai-kun…? I would like you to tell me what happened to him.” (Makoto)

“His life isn’t at risk. But he still hasn’t woken up -because of this Calamity Witch’s curse…” (Furiae)

“I see, I am glad to hear he is alive. But if I had dealt with the situation better…” (Makoto)

My regret that I could have been able to stop this was hanging heavily on me. 

They got the initiative. 

“Can’t be helped…My Knight. If you had jumped in to interrupt the speech of the Queen in such an important event where all the most influential people of the world have gathered, an ‘oops, my mistake’ wouldn’t have sufficed.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san tried to follow-up on me, but my heart didn’t clear.

(No, the point I should be worrying about here right now is…) (Makoto)

“What’s your objective, Calamity Witch? Why wasn’t I killed?” (Makoto)

“Oh.” (Nevia)

When I asked this, the Calamity Witch made a slightly surprised expression.

“You don’t remember? Furiae-chan casted a Kill Prohibition Curse, right? Also, there’s no way I can kill the person Furiae-chan loves. I can’t take actions that go against the will of the host. She even nursed you while sacrificing sleep, you know?” (Nevia)

“…Shut up.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san moves her head away with a slightly flushed face. 

“Thanks, Princess.” (Makoto)

“…It might be too soon for you to be giving your thanks. I may be able to deny anything that’s heavily against my wishes, but the freedom of my body has been taken over by the Calamity Witch. I can’t even let you escape from here.” (Furiae)

“…Escape?” (Makoto)

I look around the room. 

It isn’t exactly the looks of a prison and, even if it lacks windows, there’s a door. 

It does look as if I could go outside if I so wanted to. 

“Fufufu, take a good look at your own body, Apostle-sama.” (Nevia)

“……This is?” (Makoto)

Because I felt no weight at all, I didn’t notice, but there’s some strange chains wrapped around my neck, left leg, and right arm. 

Transparent chains that I wouldn’t be able to see unless I strained my eyes. 

That’s what was wrapped around my body. 

…What’s this? 

I stretch my arm and the chain lengthens with it. 

I can move, but I can’t get away from them.

(Shall I cut them?) (Makoto)

I was about to unsheathe the dagger of the Goddess at my waist and…

—I noticed that nothing was there.

I hurriedly searched my whole body.

But nothing to be found.

“I have taken custody of that fearsome dagger.” (Nevia)

“…Can you return it…of course not, huh.” (Makoto)

My only weapon that has been together with me in my adventures in this world…

Even when I glared at the Calamity Witch in the mirror, she was still making a nonchalant expression.

“Please don’t make such a scary face. You can move around as you please in this room, but you can’t go out. The Chains of Heaven are restraining you after all. But you won’t be bored. I have prepared talking partners. Go ahead and come in.” (Nevia)


The door opens. 

When I turned my face there, the ones who entered were people I am well acquainted with.

“Lucy, Sa-san…?” (Makoto)

“Makoto!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

The two see my face and run to me, hugging me just like that. 

“I was worried!” (Lucy)

“I am so glad, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“I am sorry for worrying you…wait.” (Makoto)

I looked at Lucy and Sa-san who were apologizing in tears, and then…a chill ran down my back. 

Lucy and Sa-san’s eyes are shining golden.

“You are…Charmed?” (Makoto)

“…Yeah.” (Lucy)

“…Looks like that’s the case.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san nodded sadly. 

Seems like they are aware that they have been Charmed. 

I turned to where Furiae-san is. 

“It is obviously this woman’s doing.” (Furiae)

“It is my doing~☆” (Nevia)

Furiae-san pointed at herself in the mirror, and the Calamity Witch waves her hand with a smile. 

“What did you do to those two…?” (Makoto)

I grind my teeth.

“Fufufu, it is not only the two of the Crimson Fangs. I have Charmed everyone from the Sun Country’s capital… Excluding the Apostle-sama and the Sun Oracle though. My Charm doesn’t reach you two, unfortunately. Of course, we haven’t harmed the people that have been Charmed, you know? Lucy-san and Aya-san are doing fine, right?” (Nevia)

“Then, for what?” (Makoto)

“Didn’t I say so 1,000 years ago?” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch says lightly. 

“I only want everyone to get along with each other. If everyone is Charmed, it will become a peaceful world with no conflicts, right?” (Nevia)

“But Charm doesn’t work on me.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, that’s why I actually want you to die, you know☆.” (Nevia)


I don’t know what to say if you tell me that with a smile. 

“I definitely won’t forgive you if you hurt My Knight.” (Furiae)

“I know, Furiae-chan. I won’t secretly mix poison in the food of the Apostle-sama.” (Nevia)

“You…” (Furiae)

“It is a joke, a joke.” (Nevia)

“Takatsuki-kun…” (Aya)

“Makoto…” (Lucy)

Lucy and Sa-san made uneasy expressions at the dangerous conversation of Furiae-san and the Calamity Witch. 

“Now then, I will be borrowing your body, Furiae-chan.” (Nevia)

“…I get it.” (Furiae)

“Princess? Where are you going?” (Makoto)

Furiae-san stood up from the bed.

“Then, stay put, okay, My Knight? Lucy and Aya-san will be here with you, so you won’t be lonely.” (Furiae)

“Yeah, but…” (Makoto)

I tried to chase after Furiae-san, but the transparent chains wrapped around my body stopped me. 

I can’t get out of the room. 

The length of the chains reaches right before the door. 

I couldn’t chase after Furiae-san and stood still inside the room. 

“Makoto, you must be tired. How about resting for a bit?” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, you haven’t eaten anything since you woke up, right? I will bring you some food, okay?” (Aya)

“T-Thanks.” (Makoto)

Lucy and Sa-san act as if nothing happened. 

I eat the food that Sa-san brought together with the two while still feeling uneasy. 

I confirm the current state of affairs with the two while eating. 

That said, it hasn’t even been even half a day since the ceremony ended. 

Lucy and everyone else in the venue were controlled by the Charm, so they apparently don’t know the details. 

Just as the Calamity Witch said, she hasn’t harmed them. 

They passed the time sluggishly in the room of the castle, and…they apparently were told to come to the room where I was in. 

“Hey, Lucy…are you okay?” (Makoto)

“Eh? About what?” (Lucy)

Lucy made a confused face.

“Well…you have been Charmed by the Calamity Witch, right?” (Makoto)

“Hmm, I don’t really feel anything is off, really. Right, Aya?” (Lucy)

“Yeah, I am totally okay, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Sa-san, who is cleaning the dishes, answered. 

There’s no problem at all when talking to them like this. 

They aren’t trying to harm me, and the two are the same as always.


“Hey, Lucy, Sa-san…let’s escape from here…” (Makoto)

When I propose this…

You can’t, Makoto.” (Lucy)

You must not, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

The answer of the two was always No.

“Isn’t that okay? This place is safe.” (Lucy)

“We have been imprisoned by the Calamity Witch, you know?!” (Makoto)

“But the queen of the Moon Country is Fu-chan. Also, if we were to run away, Fu-chan would be sad, you know?” (Aya)

“That’s right, Makoto. Where would you even run away to anyways?” (Lucy)

“…Sa-san…Lucy…” (Makoto)

Run away from here. 

It is just in this one point alone that these two don’t cooperate. 

The Charm on Lucy and Sa-san is probably to keep watch on me. 

The Calamity Witch must have told them to interact with me normally aside from that. 

(…What should I do?) (Makoto)

Transparent chains are wrapped around my body and the dagger of Noah-sama has been taken away. 

“XX (Dia).” (Makoto)

I call the Great Water Spirit.

“…XXXX (Our King).” (Dia)

She appeared before me, but she was lacking energy. 

“XXXXXXXX (What’s the matter?).” (Makoto)

“XXXXXXXXXXXX (This place is asphyxiating…) XXXXXXX (My strength is…).” (Dia)

“XXXXXXXXX (The barrier, huh…).” (Makoto)

Dia was coughing. 

This is something I was expecting, but it looks like she has also placed countermeasures for Spirit Magic. 

There seems to be an anti-spirit magic barrier. 

I tell Dia to leave. 

At that moment, someone knocked on the door. 

I directed my gaze at the door, and the one who entered was Princess Sofia. 

“Took you long, Sofia.” (Lucy)

“Sofi-chan, we have been waiting~.” (Aya)

“I had a lot of work to do. Hero Makoto…you have woken up.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia was saying all this in her usual way of speaking, her mannerisms haven’t changed either. 

Aside from the faint golden shine deep in her eyes.

“Sofia…” (Makoto)

“Please don’t make that face.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia smiles with a sad face. 

She is also aware that she has been Charmed.

“Let’s run away toge—” (Makoto)

“We can’t.” (Sofia)

She firmly refused just like Lucy and Sa-san. 

“I am being controlled. That said, it is not like I have been imprisoned, but…I can’t go against the Calamity Witch. I have worried you.” (Sofia)

“No…I am glad you are okay, Sofia.” (Makoto)

“I am also glad you are okay.” (Sofia)

Sofia leaned her body onto mine, wrapped her arms around the back of my head, and hugged me. 

And then, at the moment when her lips were approaching mine…

“Alright, stop there.” (Lucy)

“Why?! We were entering our own world there!” (Sofia)

She was stopped by Lucy and Sa-san.

“Isn’t that okay? You two were here before me.” (Sofia)

“We still haven’t put a hand on him!” (Lucy)

“That’s right, no getting ahead.” (Aya)

“Getting ahead…huh. In the first place, you two are always with him. It should be okay at least now that I have come back, right?” (Sofia)

“Ugh.” (Lucy)

“T-That’s…” (Aya)

“In the first place, what have you 3 been doing when you were adventuring together? Aren’t you allowing other women to get close to him because the guard of you two is too soft?” (Sofia)

“Stop, Sofia!” (Lucy)

“Sofi-chan, don’t punch me with logic!” (Aya)

I could only see their bantering as their usual self. 

That day, we 4 had endless talks until late at night. 


“I am back, My Knight.” (Furiae)

After Lucy and the others had left, the one who entered the room while stretching and saying ‘Hnn, I am tired’ was Furiae-san. 

“Princess, welcome back.” (Makoto)

“There really is so much to do, it is annoying.” (Furiae)

Saying this, she collapsed onto the bed where I am at. 

She doesn’t tell me what she does.

“Let’s go to sleep already.” (Furiae)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

There’s only one bed in this room.

In other words, we would end up sleeping on the same bed…

“It is this big, so there should be no problems.” (Furiae)

“…Is there no problem?” (Makoto)

It is a king size bed, so there’s plenty of room for two people. 

But it makes me nervous. 

“If you can’t endure it, you can assault me, you know?” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch inside the mirror said this as if teasing us. 

“Why are you the one giving the permission?!” (Furiae)

“Geez, you really are not honest. I am just saying it out loud in your stead, Furiae-chan.” (Nevia)

After bickering with the mirror, Furiae-san put on the blanket, and she soon fell asleep.

Looks like she was quite tired. 

Or maybe her stamina is being taken away because she is being possessed by the Calamity Witch. 

“…Let’s sleep.” (Makoto)

I put on the blanket at a corner of the bed a little bit further away from Furiae-san. 

I had a hard time falling asleep, but I slowly got drowsy, and eventually fell asleep. 

Noah-sama didn’t show up in my dream.


The next day. 

I was restrained by the Chains of Heaven as always, and couldn’t get out of the room.

It is apparently an artifact that was used to restrain a Calamity Designation demonic beast that rampaged in the Sun Country. 

Its sturdiness is terrifying, and it is said that it can’t be broken unless you have a Holy Sword class weapon. 

…Would you use something like that to restrain one person? 

The room I am being imprisoned in has no windows, so I can’t see the scenery either. 

Just what’s happening outside…?

I don’t know if it is in exchange for that, but acquaintances of mine are coming here unceasingly. 

Prince Leonard. 



The Wood Oracle and sister-in-law of Lucy, Flona-san. 

And the Destiny Oracle, Esther-san. 

All the people were Charmed.

{Esther-san, can you hear the voice of the Destiny Goddess?} (Makoto)

I whispered in her ear. 

Esther-san shook her head lightly to the sides. 

{Sadly to say, I am powerless when unable to hear the voice of the Goddess…} (Esther)

Just like Princess Sofia, Esther-san smiled sadly. 

Looks like all the major people of the West Continent have been controlled by the Calamity Witch.

In other words, it means that they have been taken hostage. 

(Noah-sama…are you watching?) (Makoto)

No answer as usual.

It must be because of the anti-spirit barrier. 

Or maybe the Calamity Witch has done something else since she knows I am the Apostle of Noah-sama. 

Several days passed with me being unable to leave this room.

“See you later, My Knight. I think someone will be coming to be your talking partner eventually.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san leaves the room with a slightly sad face as always.

The room…falls silent, with me being left alone in the room.

After a while, someone will surely be coming.

—Someone who has been Charmed by the Calamity Witch.

Lucy, Sa-san, and Princess Sofia have fallen onto the hands of the Calamity Witch.

That goes the same for the people who have fought side by side with me. 

I can’t hear the voice of the Goddesses. 

The Spirit Magic and Goddess dagger I rely on have been sealed. 

My body has been restrained by the artifact, and I can’t get out of this room.

Food is brought to this room, and because there’s a toilet and bath in the room, I can live here forever. 

I won’t be killed, but I can’t run away either. 

(…Have I been checkmated?) (Makoto)

Did I make a mistake? 

I must have. 

I feel like I could have done something different. 

But I can’t turn back time. 

I stare blankly at the air. 

There were these words floating in mid-air. 

[Will you give up everything and obey the Calamity Witch?]



A choice that has been showing up several times these few days. 

I have been continuously choosing No.

That’s why, it is still not over. 

I must not give up yet. 

I believe in RPG Player and continue waiting. 

Wait for what? 

I…do have an idea as to what. 

That’s why I didn’t fall into despair and continue waiting. 

……[Clear Mind].

Now that I think about it, I have been relying on this the whole time. 

I hold down my uneasiness and wait patiently for the moment. 

“Master, sorry for the tardiness.” 

A small black creature jumped out from my shadow. 

“Tsui…I have been waiting.” (Makoto)

My familiar. 

It is normally always acting together with Furiae-san, but I haven’t seen him together with Furiae-san since she was possessed by the Calamity Witch.

He must have been taking refuge somewhere. 

“I was searching for this, so it took me time. It was hidden deep inside the treasury room, Master.” (Tsui)

What Tsui was holding in his mouth was a shining dagger adorned in complex ornaments. 

The dagger of Noah-sama.

“You saved me there. Thanks.” (Makoto)

I take that and push the blade onto the Chains of Heaven. 

“Master, I heard that those magic chains can’t be broken with anything aside from the Holy Swords of the Heroes though…” (Tsui)

Tsui’s expression didn’t change, but he was making a dubious tone. 

Looks like he is worrying about me. 

I chuckled. 

“Don’t worry. See?” (Makoto)

Saying this, I pushed the blade onto the Chains of Heaven, and the chains were cut without making a sound as if it were butter. 


The eyes of the black cat opened wide.

You can make an expression like that, huh. 

“That’s some outrageous sharpness. By the way, the Chains of Heaven are apparently one of the strongest artifacts of the Sun Country.” (Tsui)

“…Seriously?” (Makoto)

I have already cut off the chains wrapped around my arms and legs. 

Even if you tell me after the fact, it is just troubling, you know.

“You are the only witness, Tsui. Keep it a secret, okay?” (Makoto)

“You are the only one who was restrained, so it would be found out immediately.” (Tsui)

He sighed with a ‘nyaa’.

Right, it would get found out instantly. 

While we were having that talk, I heard footsteps approaching with my Eavesdrop. 

“Black cat, I want to get out of here.” (Makoto)

“Understood. Shadow Magic: [Shadow Walk].” (Tsui)

Tsui cried ‘nyaon’ and a complex magic circle appeared on the ground. 

And then, a hole in a size big enough for someone to pass appeared. 

“Master, over here.” (Tsui)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

I followed the black cat and entrusted my body into the black hole. 


My vision turned black for an instant, and light slowly entered my eyes. 

But the place that I appeared in was dim compared to the room I was in before. 

“Tsui, where’s this?” (Makoto)

“The underground prison of the castle, Master.” (Tsui)

“Why did you choose a place like this…?” (Makoto)

“The underground has a good affinity with shadow magic. I can easily mark it for a moving location.” (Tsui)

“I see.” (Makoto)

I don’t know much about shadow magic, but if the black cat says so, it should be that. 

“Also, all the people in the Sun Country’s capital are currently Charmed by the witch. There’s no people in prison either, Master.” (Tsui)

“True. It is all empty.” (Makoto)

There’s a whole lot of cells, but there isn’t the shadow of anyone residing in them. 

Because of that, there’s no one on watch. 

It looks like a really rusted out place. 


I heard a small voice. 

From the slightly bigger cell a little bit deeper. 

Looks like it is not as if there’s absolutely no one. 

I can’t tell who it is because of how dark it is.

Curious about it, I use Night vision and Farsight to confirm. 

“…Eh?” (Makoto)

I let out my voice slightly.

The one who was imprisoned there was the top of the Sun Country…Queen Noel Althena Highland

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