WM – Chapter 159: Takatsuki Makoto reunites with a classmate

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“Keiko-chan!” (Aya)

Sa-san shouted in a subdued manner and the woman that was lying there rubbed her eyes sleepily.


Letting out a drowsy voice, Kawakita-san stretches.

When I was talking to her in the Water Temple, she was blonde, but now she is back to her actual hair color, black.

Her almond shaped eyes and her strong spirited image still hasn’t changed.

“Eh…Aya? What, so this is a dream, huh.” (Keiko)

“That’s not it! Keiko-chan, I really am Sasaki Aya! The real deal! I came to see you.” (Aya)

“Eh, no way! The real deal?!” (Keiko)

The eyes of Kawakita-san opened wide and she ran to where we were. 

There’s a collar with complex ornaments on her neck.

(So that’s a slave contract collar, huh…) (Makoto)

The only ones who can take it off are a certain select few in the slave association.

The way of taking them off is apparently a secret of the highest level.

However, it is an extremely pricy magic tool, so it is only used for slaves that have worth.

(Fuji-yan told me that Kawakita-san is being treated as the most valuable slave in this time’s auction.) (Makoto)

She is an otherworlder and has the rare Skill of Grand Mage.

Moreover, she was a former classmate of the Light Hero, Sakurai-kun.

While at it, she is quite the beauty. 

Nobles would most likely water in their mouth at the prospect of obtaining her. 

“Hey, Aya, you were okay? You weren’t with us when we were transferred.” (Keiko)

“You see, I was thrown to a different place. Takatsuki-kun found me.” (Aya)

Kawakita-san looked over here at the words of Sa-san.

“Oh, Takatsuki? Hmm, the atmosphere around you has changed.” (Keiko)

“H-Hey there, it has been a while, Kawakita-san.” (Makoto)

Kawakita-san grinned when she noticed I was an acquaintance.

I wanted to greet her as cool as possible, but I ended up stuttering.

“Isn’t that a relief, Aya? You properly managed to grab the man you liked in this other world.” (Keiko)

“Wa wa, wait, Keiko-chan?!” (Aya)

“Y-You two, you are being too loud.” (Makoto)

This is not the time to be having a conversation like the ones you have in the classroom.

““I’m sorry.””

They immediately went silent. 

“I will save you at once, Keiko-chan!” (Aya)

Sa-san returned to a low voice and made a fist.

“Ah, okay. Michio came before and said he would ‘save me’, but…” (Keiko)

Fujiwara Michio; the name of Fuji-yan.

He did say he was childhood friends with Kawakita-san, and from the way she calls him, they really must be close.

“Honestly speaking, me falling into slavery was my just desserts. The noble that’s apparently my buyer is quite the powerful authority, so…there’s no need to push yourself.” (Keiko)

Kawakita-san’s response was cold.

“N-No way! Being a slave is a no!” (Aya)

“Well, it is true that it would have been unthinkable in our time in Japan. When we came to this world, our classmates including me were treated pretty well, so it got in my head, you see. And so, I ended up getting hooked into gambling, and by the time I noticed, I was shouldering an unbelievable debt. And the result is as you can see.” (Keiko)

Kawakita-san laughs in self-deprecation.

(I see. So she ended up selling herself because of a debt…) (Makoto)

Fuji-yan omitted those details.

“Now that I think about it, what happened to your boyfriend, Okada-kun? Why isn’t he trying to save you?!” (Aya)

Sa-san changes the topic.

Right, I think she was together with Kitayama and Okada at the time in the Water Temple.

“Him? We broke up a long time ago. Cause you know, since the moment we came here, just because we are otherworlders, women would come to him as much as he wished, so he would cheat on me right in front of my face. What’s that about a harem?! All men who say that should die!” (Keiko)

Kawakita-san! You are too loud!

“Takatsuki seems to be the faithful type, so I think you should be okay, Aya, but you have to keep an eye on him properly, got it?” (Keiko)

Kawakita-san placed a hand on Sa-san’s shoulder, and advised her with serious eyes.

“Uhm…yeah, you are right~.” (Aya)

We came here worried about Kawakita-san, but for some reason Sa-san is the one being worried at.

And Sa-san averted her gaze as if feeling awkward.

I also did the same…

Kawakita-san furrowed her brows.

“Don’t tell me… Hey, Takatsuki, you are going out with only Aya, right?” (Keiko)



Woah, the eyes of Kawakita-san are scary! 

“Actually, Takatsuki-kun has two girlfriends aside from me.” (Aya)

Sa-san went ahead and said it?! 

Kawakita-san looks over here as if seeing something unbelievable.

“You are the same?! I was mistaken about you! I thought you were a faithful man!” (Keiko)


I never spoke to her at all in class though! 

“Now now, Takatsuki-kun is doing his best as the Water Country’s Hero.” (Aya)

Sa-san made a weird follow-up.

“Are you saying it is okay to have many girlfriends as long as you are a Hero…?” (Keiko)

Yeah yeah, the reaction of Kawakita-san is normal.

Sakurai-kun is in a weird situation though.

“Or more like, Takatsuki has a low Status and questionable Skills, so he was left behind in the Water Temple, right? Are you serious about him being a Hero?” (Keiko)

“Well, a lot happened.” (Makoto)

I give a simple explanation to what has happened until now.


“Huuh, so that’s what happened…” (Keiko)

“Rough, right?” (Aya)

Kawakita-san sighs as if amazed by my story.

When she was told I had my whole body burned, used self-destruction magic, and had been petrified, she looked at me differently.

Sa-san explained this happily. 

“I thought the only one within our classmates that was seriously fighting the Demon Lord was the group of Sakurai Ryosuke…” (Keiko)

“Sakurai-kun is a serious person after all…” (Aya)

Looks like our other classmates also see the place of Sakurai-kun as unique.

Well, you normally wouldn’t be able to do something troubling like saving a world after coming to an isekai after all.

“Oh well, got it. I leave Aya in your care, Takatsuki. Tell Michio that this was my own fault and not to force himself.” (Keiko)

It didn’t look like Kawakita-san was acting tough as she said this with a smile.

What a brave girl this is.

“But…” (Aya)

Looks like Sa-san hasn’t accepted this yet.

Also, I don’t plan on going back empty handed. 

“Kawakita-san, trouble is apparently happening in the near future at the Fire Country. Depending on what it is, it might drag the slave market into it.” (Makoto)

I explained the vision of Furiae-san.

“…Many will die in the capital of the Fire Country? …Really?” (Keiko)

Looks like Kawakita-san also made an uneasy expression.

“The predictions of our Princess are never wrong.” (Makoto)

“I see… By the way, is that Princess person also a girlfriend of yours?” (Keiko)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

The topic returned?

“It is okay, Keiko-chan. Fu-chan still isn’t Takatsuki-kun’s girlfriend.” (Aya)

“I see… So it is a matter of time, huh. Aya, do your best.” (Keiko)

“Yeah. But the girls around Takatsuki-kun are all cute, you know~.” (Aya)

“It is okay, Aya. You are cute too.” (Keiko)

“Wait, Sa-san and Kawakita-san?!” (Makoto)

Can you please not deviate from the conversation on your own and proceed the topic arbitrarily?

That direction is not good.

“And that’s how it is. There’s a high chance that it will be dangerous if you stay here, Kawakita-san.” (Makoto)

I forcefully return the train to its track.

“Even if you tell me that, I have this, so I can’t escape.” (Keiko)

She points at her slave collar.

“It is true that, as long as you have the slave collar, you won’t be able to move your body even if you want to escape, and even if you were to hide, your location can be pinpointed immediately, was it?” (Makoto)

This is knowledge I heard from someone else, but its effect should be mostly that.

Because of that, we can’t kidnap Kawakita-san anywhere.

“Uuh…we can’t do anything about it. If only we could know about what’s going to happen at least, we would be able to think up something… Can something be done, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“Well, the only choice we have is to ask the Princess to see the future again once she gets better…” (Makoto)

No, wait.

There’s a more certain method.

(Noah-sama, Eir-sama…) (Makoto)

I called them in my mind.

(Do you know what will happen in the Fire Country?) (Makoto)


There’s no response.

That’s rare.

It is not like they always answer anyways.

I should try again later.

“Sa-san, I will investigate this later. It is dangerous to stay here for too long, so we should leave already.” (Makoto)

We have been talking for around 1 hour after all.

“Okay. Keiko-chan, we will come back again, okay?” (Aya)

Sa-san grabs the hand of Kawakita-san as if reluctant to part.

“Ah, right. There’s one thing, though I don’t know if there’s any relation, but…I heard something weird from the slave merchant.” (Keiko)

Looks like Kawakita-san remembered something as we were leaving.

“There’s apparently a group of people who have been buying cheap slaves enmasse. I say cheap, but it takes quite a bit of money to buy a slave and employ them, so even if they hide their names, it will eventually be known who’s the noble that bought them, but it seems like the identity of that bunch is completely unknown. That’s why the slave merchant said it was probably rich people who came from a foreign country, but…I saw it…” (Keiko)

Kawakita-san lowered her voice here.

“There were devilkin mixed within the people that were coming here recently. Moreover, devilkin from an evil god religion. I am a mage, so I can tell the difference between the mana of a Goddess Religion believer, and an Evil God Religion believer to a certain extent.” (Keiko)

“I see. That’s impressive, Keiko-chan!” (Aya)

“Devilkin and Evil God religion must mean…that church, huh…” (Makoto)

The Water Country, the Sun Country, Wood Country, and even here, huh.

This smells. 

“It had been bothering me while I was listening to Aya and Takatsuki’s story. There’s some sort of Snake Church doing evil stuff in the shadows, right? Moreover, according to your story, they are mostly devilkin. Is this information useful?” (Keiko)

“Thanks, Kawakita-san. Your information helps out a lot.” (Makoto)

I thank her and pull Sa-san who was reluctant to leave, and exit the tent.


There’s still a bit of time before dawn.

I was being grabbed by Sa-san (in harpy form) and we were flying in the sky. 

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun, what do you think of what Keiko-chan said?” (Aya)

“The Snake Church is buying a lot of slaves. The normal possibility is that they are trying to use the slaves to cause a revolt.” (Makoto)

“But that’s the same move as in the Sun Country.” (Aya)

In the Sun Country, they stirred up the class discrimination that the beastkin received to cause a revolt. 

This time they will use slaves to cause a revolt in the Fire Country?

“But if we are talking about slaves, the ones with high combat power are expensive in the Fire Country.” (Aya)

“Also, it seems like they get better treatment the higher the price they are.” (Makoto)

After staying for a few days in this country, we were beginning to understand how it works.

In this country, the strong are mightier.

And so, even if they are called slaves, combat slaves are more like personal employees.

Well, their freedom is limited to a certain degree though.

The combat slaves themselves also say muscle-brained stuff like ‘I don’t care as long as I eat a belly full and can fight’ and that’s how the country runs. 

The nobles would use the military power to have them fight in areas with high monster density, and would dispatch them to locations where there’s bandits or low public order to earn money. 

By the way, their VIP customers are apparently the Water Country of Rozes.

The soldiers of Rozes aren’t that strong after all…

Mainly their Designated Hero…

“I don’t think there’s any point for the Snake Church to be buying a lot of weak slaves though.” (Aya)

“Right.” (Makoto)

Well, just in case, I will tell Princess Sofia and Fuji-yan.

“Let’s return to the inn now.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, about that, do you still have a bit of time?” (Aya)

Sa-san was flying in the opposite direction of the inn, outside the walls of the capital. 

We advanced through the desert, and we landed at a random place.

The sky was beginning to grow light, but the surroundings were still dark.

“Sa-san?” (Makoto)

“Now, let’s continue our date.” (Aya)

Sa-san had returned to her human form, and wrapped her arm around my neck.

It made my heart skip a beat.

“See, we are alone. As far as the eye can see.” (Aya)

“True. Being alone in the desert feels as if we are the only two people in the whole world—” (Makoto)

I was about to say more, but a loud alarm rang in my head.


The eyes of Sa-san changed after seeing my expression.

Sa-san and I feel a gaze from behind.

At the place where Sa-san and I turned to look at the same time…

There were around a hundred big ashen colored lizard-like beings looking over here.

…Licking their lips.

“W-What’s that?!” (Aya)

“A-A Sand Dragon!!” (Makoto)

It can camouflage itself in the sand with its scales, and it is hard to tell the difference from afar. 

Even though it camouflages itself, it has an abnormally high battle power. 

Violent carnivorous dragons that have many inhabit the Fire Country.

Could this be a Sand Dragon nest?


The closest Sand Dragon jumped at us.

“Aah, geez! Getting in our way!” (Aya)

Shouting an irritated voice, Sa-san raised her fist and faced it.

“Sa-san!” (Makoto)

That’s a dragon! 

Moreover, a pretty strong one at that—is what I was going to say, but…


The Sand Dragon was punched around its chin, and it spun for more than 10 times in the air for around 100 meters.

The other Sand Dragons following its flying path with their eyes was a bit cute.

(You kidding me?!) (Makoto)

That was as strong as the Earth Dragon we met in Laberintos though?! 


Seeing their brethren defeated, they raised their voices in anger and attacked us all at once.

“Sa-san! Let’s r—” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-kun, stay behind me!” (Aya)

“O-Okay…” (Makoto)

What’s with this reliable back.

In this desert where there’s no Water Spirits, I was being protected like Princess Peach.

Just a few hours after, all the Sand Dragons were subjugated! 

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            Sakurai’s decisions may or may not be the best, but he made the best decisions he felt he could, whether or not he loves her (pretty sure he does).

    2. @Psychronia. I can pretty much respect your POV on the the 6 and 8 points. But your mark on number 7? Come on, really? The Sun Country is the safest around! Don’t go with the fairness! Fairness and safety are not the same thing! The military power of a country gives that country a safety point! Why? Just reread the chapter in which people came in droves to the Water Country after learning about Makoto’s exploits! If a country has capable heroes => that country is safe, because there will be people/heroes to tackle the threat! Which country has the most heroes? That’s right! The Sun Country! So that country is the safest around! Is it fair? No! It’s a country which is maybe full of corruption and devoid of righteousness! But a country to be safe doesn’t have to be righteous or fair!
      Your points of you seem to me a little naive. But ok, I can tackle that, but by no means do I think that the author meant that Sakurai is naive by the way he set him up to be. He’s the only one who acknowledges Makoto from the start! He knew from experience that Makoto even if he is weak he will find a way to bend the system so that he will come up on top and beat it. And just look at the novel, Makoto being that weak and still bends the limits of this isekai world so that he can beat them. And Sakurai knew he will do that from the start (in Sakurai’s memories about Makoto, he points to the fact that he bent the rules of society so that the police will come and help the them). As I said, Sakurai is smart to this point, at least that seems to be, for me at least!

      1. Dude, the Sun Country HATES Furiae. Why would it be safe for her when she was desperately trying to escape it? Why would it be safe for her when they had an active manhunt out for her when the party arrived at the city? Why would it be safe when it’s this very country that killed everyone that raised her for no reason besides maybe PR?

        The Sun Country might be more or less an ally of humanity, but it’s wholly an enemy of the Moon Oracle. It’s already been shown that Sakurai doesn’t have as much sway as he should in that society, so his presence is hardly enough to deter them from trying to kill Furiae off in secret.
        She isn’t a citizen. She’s a victim of prosecution and by all accounts is being protected by Takatsuki as something akin to a political refuge.

        1. You just refuted yourself there! What is Furiae? A devilkin/demonkin! So by no means she is safe there, right? The Sun country is not good at any point for the likes of any other species than humans! But she would be safe! Even if it’s a cell! They wouldn’t kill her or anything. As I said before => safety is not the same thing as fairness! If you can’t see my point, that’s plain naive as I said! I can agree on the fact that Furiae would hate living there, because whe would be locked up and would live a hateful life! But Sakurai chose to stay in that country even if she would have to live hell there! So is Sakurai’s responsability more important than his love for Furiae? OFC! If he would love her truly, as most people claim, he would leave that fucked up place instantly! But he doesn’t because he takes into account his responsability and what I claimed, the fact that the Sun Country is the safest around, and the strongest one! And he choose to help it in order to save the world as his responsability! So from this results => Sakurai cares deeply for Furiae (but doesn’t love her in that way) so much taht he sends her to have a normal life besides Makoto. If Makoto would have been in Sakurai’s place he would have left that place that instant if he would be made to do something to be not to his liking(there we’re flags that he would leave the Water Country if Sofia would force her to move in the capital).
          And I repeat! Safety is not the same thing as fairness! Safety means even what I said, even if her life is a living hell!

          1. ….What?

            Are you seriously arguing that Sakurai should have Furiae imprisoned and suffering in the Sun Country if he really loved her? You can call me naive (even though I haven’t argued fairness at all so far and I have no idea why you keep pushing that) but if that’s your proposition, then it’s just twisted and fucked up.

            I’ll say it again. It would not be safe and they would kill her. They were literally deliberating on how to execute her without dying to feedback when they last had her. We have absolutely no reason to believe they would keep or safe or even alive and every reason to believe they’d do the opposite.

            I thought we already set aside the point of Sakurai working with the Sun Country but apparently not. Yes, it’s a messed up country and he shouldn’t be working with them. I don’t think anyone thinks that Sakurai should be working with the Sun Country, but he is and that’s his personality. It might be a mistake (though I can see room for debate in this), but it has no bearing on whether or not he’s actually romantically interested in someone because both the mistake and his emotions are subjective to him and no one else.

            To decide a couple doesn’t feel love because they don’t specifically made decisions that you think people in love normatively should is entirely arbitrary.

          2. I’m not proposing that! That’s the truth, even if it hurts, that’s safety! Even if you refute it! Even if it’s distorted and hellish!
            And Sakurai had only those choices! And only after you see them all you see that Sakurai is a `responsible` guy, not a bad guy! But he’s not in love!
            But I’m pointing to that because that’s safety! Even if you might not like it! It’s not fairness, it’s not happiness, it’s not rightnosness!

          3. It’s demonstrably not the truth. You’re twisting the story to suit your opinion that there’s not a romance here.

            Sakurai did have another choice, which he took. He sent Furiae far away from the Sun Country under Takatsuki’s protection. That is safety and probably even the best choice for her, but you’re arguing that it’s not love because Sakurai won’t keep her in danger. Whether or not is a matter of opinion, but I disagree on this decision and the romantic interest’s relevance.

            Stop calling me naive and blind because I don’t think you’re using them at all correctly. How is thinking a country that was working out a way to execute a person before will try to kill her when given the chance naive? How am I the blind one when you’re ignoring the blatant malice the country holds towards Furiae?

            No. No. None of this “naive” nonsense. I’m not talking about what’s safe and what isn’t. I’m not talking about safety vs freedom or fairness. I’m not talking about choices and decisions.
            I’m talking about a very simple fact, backed by past action; I’m talking about the objective, factual observation that the Sun Country is murderously hostile to Furiae. They might not be able to do it right away due to strings attached, but the undeniable fact is [they want her dead].
            And that [fact] is why my opinion is that the Sun Country is not safe. “Safety vs fairness” have no place here because no matter how unfair things are, Furiae is no safer there than she is with Takatsuki.

          4. Ok, let’s assume you’re right! Why didn’t he leave the Sun Country for his love? He could do that at any time! But he didn’t! You can argue all you want about what you want! But he didn’t do that! The Sun Country made him have babies with women, and doesn’t leave him see his babies… If he stays there, he’s complicit! If he doesn’t rise up, he’s complicit! So who’s twisting what?I say the truth! These are the consequences of his actions! You can argue all you want for your point of view! But it won’t make these facts go away! If it’s the way you make him to be, then Sakurai is way worse then the Sakurai I make him to be!
            I won’t respond to you anymore. You can’t get basic facts behind your head. And you argue that safety is the same thing with fairness… That’s that! You can’t make distinctions! And you can’t understand basic politics if you think they would kill Furiae when they can use her as a bargaining tool!

          5. No more replies? Good. I’m tired of this conversation too, but I hate letting conclusions drawn from semi-logic stand as if fact. You’ve devolved into personal attacks anyway.

            He doesn’t leave the Sun Country because of his personality and something about responsibility. I don’t quite get it myself, and I would say that he’s simply making a bad decision. It might save a lot of lives in the grand scale, but it’s hard to say and it’s fundamentally ruining his life as well. People make wrong and bad decisions. These can lead to undesirable consequences, as you say, too.
            That still doesn’t invalidate love. It can make a relationship harder-which it has since they’re now in a long-distance “something-but it’s not proof of the absence of any connection.

            What I’m not getting into my head are things you either call fact but I’m rejecting as opinion or I’ve accepted as fact but you can’t seem to dismiss. Try reading what I’ve said again. Where did I say safety = fairness? Where did I even bring up fairness besides in response to you throwing it out randomly as if I did?

            And as for this thing about bargaining chip and politics…that was literally never mentioned. Not in the story, nor in our conversation. Good job pulling that out as if it was always there and acting like I’m the idiot for missing it. More to the point, it’s still just opinion.
            It’s possible, but it stands at just a possibility and theory. If I were to consider it’s feasibility, I’d say that it’s never been stated before, and so would be a logical jump from the original assumption of wanting Furiae dead. Using it as leverage against Sakurai is possible, but firstly few people know about it and secondly they don’t need it when Sakurai is already overly obedient already.

          6. And they wouldn’t kill her! It’s plain politics! They would let her live on! But she would be imprisoned! If you can’t see my points beyond fairness and righteousness, you’re just blind and naive! People have those choices that I said! If you want to know a character you have to know all his viable actions before hand in order to know him better and analyze him better!

  17. Thanks for the double chapter. Everytime he’s alone with a female some kind of trouble shows up! The denseness meter is going off the scale!! There is no sense in an MC that has no common sense. Do Japanese boys not think of sex? Everybody knows Sa likes him, except him? Homeboy has the denseness of a piece of a black hole. Should have just cut the collar from her neck and used a transformation spell on Keiko. The sand dragons attacking while Sa is on her date was a bad thing for the sand dragons. For sure.

  18. I have extremely mixed feelings about Furiae.

    On one hand I really want her to get NTRed. Because its rare. I dont mind makoto being a bit of a scumbag especially if he doesn’t do it on purpouse.

    On other hand I also want her to stay with sakurai coz he dont deserve all them thots, good girl like her would he good for him.

    1. Why is this NTR? When did actually Sakurai ‘secure’ Furiae ship? Give me a proof, not just flags! We all had the same feeling that they were into eachother, but no proof that they were a couple… And Sakurai coming to see Furiae ain’t a 100% ship… Just a flag. But a flag can also be a false flag…

      1. Dont be so stuck up on details, clearly furiae and sakurai are being set up to have youthful drama and care about each other a lot.

        And from noels attitude its pretty much guaranteed that abel was stolen by moon oracle 1k years ago so they are “destined” for each other.

        Which is close enough to consider makoto seducing her “stealing”. I just used the word loosely coz who cares. If u dont like the term im not gonna stick to it.

        1. No, they aren’t! The author is really fuzy about it! And would you, if you we’re in Sakurai’s place send your beloved to Makoto and say to him to keep her safe? That’s beyond retarded! And NTR? Was Sakurai/Furiae ship 100% sure at any moment for them to have a relation in that way? NO! So if there wasn’t a relation in that way, the NTR thing is nonexistent!
          And don’t be stuck on details? Come on, the details reveal the flags, and future of the novel!

  19. If you can compel a slave to use sacrificial magic then their individual strength is mostly unimportant. A few hundred people with ten minutes of god level shields and armed with sacrificial magic attacks burning through years of their life on orders to cause as much death and destruction as possible would be hard to stop.

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    I somewhat Understandable for Noel’s case.. But the moon oracle & her dealing of Makoto seriously pisses me of…

    1. Really? Because I love getting POV of outside observers. Maybe not enough Fuji-yan, but he’s still an outsider to the romance.

      Furiae in particular is always brooding and internalizing things, so seeing things from her eyes is fun.
      If it’s someone within the harem, it becomes…eh…centered around a guy and the romance more often than not. That’s necessary and often interesting, but also, it’s not particularly engaging.

  21. If he’s willing to go as far as to assassinate the entire family, why not just have furiae charm them into giving him the slave rights, kinda weird to me

    1. Right… Ah but the fallout would be horrible probably. If the people in charge knows that the Moon Oracle Charmed a noble house, then they would be out for blood probably

  22. So….why didn’t Makoto cut the collar with his dagger, the dagger that can cut even Gods? A mortal made slave collar should be easy peasy to deal with.

  23. Thank you for all youer hard work Reigokai!

    Kawakita Keiko actually came across as rather nice here. Hope we see more of her.

    Yeah… subjugating ALL those sand dragons totally isn’t going to come back and be a fly in the oointment. Didn’t Lucas get specifically scouted to hunt a Sand dragon in the Fire Kingdom way back when? Or was it an Earth Dragon in the FIre KIngdom? Either way a whole nest/bunch is sure to be the talk of the town

    1. nah where was that kindness when she was one of the people who talked smacked about the mc when he was just starting and is still feeling down

      where were her supposed friendship then, if she’s close to the people close to the mc then she shouldn’t have said that

      she’s a bitch and the author just made it look like she’s good to make it bearable

  24. Huh, girl is actually pretty nice. I’m sorry to have lumped her up with the guy. If anything she’s sort of a victim too then.

    And Makoto is definitely faithful…, just that another girl got to him first. Seriously the impression I get between Noah and Makoto is less a goddess and her apostle and more like an LDR couple. Though seeing how apparently some priesthood (or priestesshood maybe) are considered to be married to their god it certainly is an option.

    1. nah where was that kindness when she was one of the people who talked smacked about the mc when he was just starting and is still feeling down

      where were her supposed friendship then, if she’s close to the people close to the mc then she shouldn’t have said that

      she’s a bitch and the author just made it look like she’s good to make it bearable

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    the author should reinforce the detrimentals of slavery cause their primary reason in helping her really isn’t moving my heart

    with all that, all I see here is a bitch (which is also a so called friend of aya and a childhood friend of fuji that looked down on the mc when he was just starting and is still feeling down) being “saved” from slavery, cause the mc and others just thought so

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    she said sh*ts about the mc, she’s a bitch in my book

  27. Come on, please do that thing and prove me right. Nobody likes having the MC being guarded by his women, not us, not him, not the world

      1. The author could have gone with a “damaging the collar kill/hurt the bearer ” and it would be honestly been fine. In this was it seems he just forgot.

  28. Yeah, know some shame Makoto. You’re triple dating and still need your tough girlfriend number 2 to protect your frail little body…lol
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    1. Iirc noah said there is no use even if he reached level capped since he only can get abysmal stats up. Even with max lvl he still only can use beginner rank magic without water spirit and its just a waste of time. Its might be a good power up against low rank monster like goblin but against demon lord his physical stats will make no difference. He will still get one shot again those monsters. The only way to make him stronger is by increasing his proficiency to 1000 so he can control great water spirit and thats what he’s doing all this time. Well its kinda annoying when he repeats the monologue about him being weak without using the dagger potential to its limit

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