WM – Chapter 244: Hero Abel speaks to the White Dragon

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◇Hero Abel POV◇

“I have lived several thousands of years, and have been present for the many moments when the light and darkness change places…” (Mel)

The story of the White Dragon-sama began with those words.

What is she going to be talking about here I wonder.

“You are making a face of ‘what is she talking about’, huh.” (Mel)

“N-No!” (Anna)

I hurriedly tighten my face. 

The White Dragon-sama can read my face in an instant. 

“Let me put it simply. The Demon Lords have been ruling in this Dark Era for more than thousands of years. I thought that it was about time for the Hero of Salvation that would overturn the state of the world to appear.” (Mel)

“Salvation…?” (Anna)

I didn’t understand and repeated it. 

“Demons and humans. When the control is on one side for too long, someone who defeats the ruler of the world will appear from the other side. The rulers have been switching between humans and demons for a long time in this way. In around a cycle of every 1,000 years.” (Mel)


It is something that a human that only lives a hundred years wouldn’t be able to understand.

To be more accurate, I am a mixed from human and heaven winged folk, but my lifespan isn’t that different from a human. 

“The moment I faced the Spirit User-kun, I thought he was the Hero of Salvation.” (Mel)


I hurriedly directed my eyes at the sleeping Makoto-san.

Makoto-san is?! 


To have the legendary White Dragon-sama think of him like that! 

“But after acting together with the Spirit User-kun…I feel like he is hurrying his life.” (Mel)

“Hurrying his life…?” (Anna)

“As if he is desperate. I can’t help but see it as dangerous.” (Mel)

I also had an inkling about it once it was pointed out. 

Since the first time I met Makoto-san, he has been doing big talk about defeating the Demon Lords, and defeating the Great Demon Lord.

Everyone was shocked and exasperated at him at first.

But Makoto-san has shown actual ability. 

He defeated a confidant of a Demon Lord, fought off Demon Lord Cain, and had the White Dragon-sama acknowledge his ability. 

That’s why I stopped being bothered by it at some point in time.

But it is true that Makoto-san feels like he is always restless.

According to Momo-chan, he even skips sleep to train.

He is almost always looking tired.

Why is he working so hard? 

Even though he is already this strong.

When I say ‘Isn’t it okay to not train this much?’, he would answer with ‘I am lacking 1 more’.

When I asked ‘What do you mean by that?’, he told me that he wanted to raise his Proficiency by 1 more level. 

Just for the sake of that? 

Even though there’s not much point in magic proficiency aside from the chant omission at level 50. 

Makoto-san has been continuously training his magic since I met him as if he were possessed…

I have gotten used to seeing that, but is that because he was in a hurry? 

“Honestly speaking, that talk about the Holy Sword that I spoke of in Laberintos…that was me buying time.” (Mel)

“Eh?” (Anna)

I was surprised by the words of the White Dragon-sama.

“What do you mean by that?” (Anna)

“The current Spirit User-kun can most likely defeat a Demon Lord.” (Mel)

“Wa?!” (Anna)

I was shocked. 

He can defeat a Demon Lord?! 

I was frozen stiff by this, and the White Dragon-sama sighed.

“You are way too honest, Human Hero-kun.” (Mel)

“Eh?” (Anna)

“I will tell you one thing. I have simply been living for long, so it is not like I have the power to be compared to a Demon Lord. In other words, I am weaker than a Demon Lord, and weaker than the Spirit User-kun. Don’t take my appraisal as the reality.” (Mel)

“Y-Yes…” (Anna)

Even if you tell me that, for me, everyone is far above.

Of course I would end up believing you…

“This is just the evaluation of me who doesn’t have that much actual strength, but…even the Spirit User-kun that can win against a Demon Lord…is by far no match to the God of Demons, Iblis.” (Mel)

I felt my body stiffen at those words.

The lord that rules over the demons and this world.

The existence that the Demon Lords serve.

“…Have you met the God of Demons Iblis before?” (Anna)

“I have. Only once.” (Mel)

“What kind of guy is it…?” (Anna)

For someone like me who has questionable courage to even fight a Demon Lord, I can’t even begin to imagine.

“It sends shivers down on my body just remembering it. That’s not something that should be okay to be in the Mortal Realm. At that moment, I thought that I didn’t want anything to do with that thing.” (Mel)

The voice of the White Dragon-sama was trembling.

Is the Demon God Iblis that scary? 

“That’s why…I want him to gain strength without hurrying. You are the only Hero in this party, right?” (Mel)

“Me…” (Anna)

It is true that I have the Lightning Hero Skill.

Also, I haven’t told Makoto-san this, but I also have the Sun Oracle Skill.

If I told him that, the fact that I am a woman would be revealed, so I have been hiding it all this time.

Because of all these, I have been raised as a special existence.

My parents raised me dearly as someone who was born with both a Hero and Oracle Skill.

But my parents were killed by the underlings of the Demon Lords soon after I had any memory. 

The one who looked after me was my foster parent, the Fire Hero.

She placed her hopes on me saying ‘I will one day save the world’.

That master of mine was killed by a Demon Lord.

My heart had broken.

The moment my master the Fire Hero was killed, I could only run away.

I was useless when the killer of my master, the Black Knight, appeared at Laberintos.

I am weak.

Very weak.

“I…can’t become like Makoto-san. I can’t…become that strong.” (Anna)

“Obviously.” (Mel)

“Eh?” (Anna)

The White Dragon-sama rejected my worry. 

“The Great Water Spirit Undine that serves the Spirit User-kun sleeping there can destroy a country on its own. With the five Great Spirits that showed up at Laberintos…if they were to get serious, they could sink the continent.” (Mel)

“N-No way… Haha.” (Anna)

A dry laugh came out from my mouth.

She must be exaggerating here, right?

“Well…sinking the continent was a bit overblown. But that’s how fearsome of a power they have -how fearsome the magic of the Spirit User-kun is.” (Mel)


I couldn’t feel the traces of a joke from the face of the White Dragon-sama.

“I have also only seen it in myths, and this is the first time I have seen the actual thing. I do know that controlling Spirits is something that has been passed down by elves and dwarves with particular attention, but as for having a Great Spirit serving you, as far as I have lived…no, I am sure not even my parents have met one.” (Mel)


The White Dragon-sama who has lived more than 10,000 years…

“What in the world is Makoto-san…?” (Anna)


The White Dragon-sama suddenly fell silent.

“White Dragon-sama?” (Anna)

“…I am being silenced.” (Mel)

“Eh?” (Anna)

“I feel a bad gaze on me. Undine must be watching us. She should just come out… How annoying.” (Mel)

Oh my, you noticed. You can’t just talk on and on about Our King, you know?” 

The Great Water Spirit Dia appeared out of nowhere.

That figure of hers is slightly transparent, and I can’t feel her usual mana. 

“You are restraining your presence. Must be because the Spirit User-kun scolded you, right?” (Mel)

The White Dragon-sama says as if getting back at her. 

“…I was prohibited from using my powers as I please. Even though I did it while thinking about what’s the best for Our King…” (Dia)

The Great Water Spirit-san pouted. 

Looks like Makoto-san scolded her.

“Hero-kun, hear about the identity of the Spirit User-kun from the person himself.” (Mel)

“Okay…” (Anna)

What does she mean by ‘identity’?

“This should be okay to say, right?” (Mel)

The White Dragon-sama speaks slowly as if choosing her words.

“If a human uses the power of Undine, their souls are shaved off. It is a technique that lowers your lifespan.” (Mel)

“Lifespan?!” (Anna)

I unconsciously shouted at the words of the White Dragon-sama.

“It is a power that can destroy a country, you know? Did you really think someone can use that without any price?” (Mel)

“B-But Makoto-san has not said a word about that…” (Anna)

“Of course he wouldn’t… But I can tell that that’s a technique that shaves away your life.” (Mel)

“Our King wouldn’t be bothered by something like that.” (Dia)


I was at a loss for words at what Dia-san said.

There was such a burden on Makoto-san alone? 

Yet I didn’t notice this and was taking it easy…

“Him not minding it is the problem… Hey, Hero-kun.” (Mel)

“Y-Yes?” (Anna)

“Are you going to accept this current situation where the Spirit User-kun is the only one fighting?” (Mel)

“That’s…” (Anna)

There’s no way that’s okay. 

If Makoto-san is protecting me and Momo-chan to the point that he is shaving away his life, there’s no way it is okay to continue indulging in it.

“I will help Makoto-san. I may not have the strength right now, but I will gain the power to support him.” (Anna)

“That’s good. If the Spirit User-kun is growing impatient, you should be the one reprimanding him. Isn’t that what comrades are for?” (Mel)

The White Dragon-san smiles gently. 

Alright, next time Makoto-san gets reckless, I will be the one stopping him! 

…Will I be able to?

When Makoto-san used his magic in Laberintos, I ended up on the verge of dying though…

I don’t think I can do it alone…

“U-Uhm…Can the White Dragon-sama and Dia-san also help out rather than being only me?” (Anna)

“Not me.” (Mel)

The White Dragon-sama refuses outright. 


“Ancient Dragons can’t go against the person that they have lost against. I lost to the Spirit User-kun. That’s why I obey the Spirit User-kun.” (Mel)

The White Dragon-sama said with serious eyes.

I have heard about it before. 

If you manage to make an Ancient Dragon admit defeat, they can make that Ancient Dragon obey you. 

“That’s why you are listening to Makoto-san, White Dragon-sama?” (Anna)

“It is just my pride. I am stubborn -comes with the age.” (Mel)

The White Dragon-sama sighs in self-derision. 

“Our King has plenty enough with just me! I will support Our King, so there’s no need for anything else.” (Dia)

Dia-san jumped into our conversation.

“The Great Water Spirit and the small vampire are no good either. They blindly accept the Spirit User-kun. Rather, they end up instigating it.” (Mel)

“Isn’t that okay?” (Dia)

“This is why the Spirits are called thoughtless and lacking in prudency.” (Mel)

“What did you say?!” (Dia)

Dia-san was fuming, but the White Dragon-sama ignored her. 

She directed a meaningful gaze at me. 

“The Spirit User-kun seems to have…respect for you. He does seem to be drawing some sort of line though… But if it is something you say, I am sure he will listen. You will be the ‘Stopper’ of the Spirit User-kun.” (Mel)

“Makoto-san…would listen to what I say…?” (Anna)

It is true that I did feel like Makoto-san was considerate of me. 

I thought it was because I was unreliable.

Makoto-san has respect…towards me…?

“Also, from my view, I think there was a Stopper for him in the past… I don’t think he could have lived long with that personality after all.” (Mel)

“You are saying someone was…supporting Makoto-san?” (Anna)

“We live in times like these. There’s a lot of partings. The reason he is impatient about defeating the Demon Lords might be because he lost someone important to him -for revenge…” (Mel)

Makoto-san lost someone important to him just like me? 

No, that’s not it. 

“Makoto-san said he received the oracle of the Goddess-sama.” (Anna)

“But the Spirit User-kun isn’t a believer of the Holy Gods. Not only that, he isn’t affiliated to any God.” (Mel)

“That’s…” (Anna)

Exactly right. 

Makoto-san said he received an oracle, but he isn’t a believer of Althena-sama. 

I know that since I have the Appraisal Skill.

“You should learn more about the Spirit User-kun. Become someone who isn’t like me who obeys him because I lost, or someone like this Great Spirit that is serving him, or like the small one there who is his disciple -you will be the only comrade on equal standing with the Spirit User-kun.” (Mel)

“…Yes.” (Anna)

The words of the White Dragon-sama weighed heavily on me. 

I thought I knew Makoto-san. 

I believed in the strength of Makoto-san.

Because I believed in it, I thought that was good enough.

I didn’t know he was shaving off his lifespan while protecting me…

Is he protecting me because of the oracle? Or is there some other objective? 

I don’t know.

I looked at the face of Makoto-san. 

He was sleeping peacefully. 

A peaceful expression.

A sleeping posture that doesn’t twitch one bit.

Looking at that sleeping face of his for some reason…made my heart race a bit. 

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