WM – Chapter 326: Queen Noel’s regret

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◇Reflection of Noel Althena Highland◇

Since the time I became the queen of the biggest nation of the continent, the Sun Country of Highland, it has been a continuous shower of terrible shocks. 

The revival of the Great Demon Lord and the expansion of his army. 

The reconstruction of Laphroaig, and the clashing between them and our nation.

Regulating the relation of each nation as the leader of the seven nations. 

And the grand barrier against the Great Demon Lord. 

All of that was a struggle. 

But because of that, we managed to defeat the Great Demon Lord. 

And then, my marriage with the second Light Hero and the one being called the reincarnation of the Savior Abel-sama, and my husband, Ryosuke-san. 

I think that’s the moment where my life shone the brightest. 

But I failed.

Even if we defeat the Great Demon Lord, we haven’t defeated the Calamity Witch who had taken over his power. 

The grand barrier that I prepared in order to block the attack of the Great Demon Lord had been used by the Calamity Witch. 

With the curse the witch casted on the world, all the people were Charmed. 

Even if we try to resist, the people of the Sun Country have already fallen into the hands of the witch while I was imprisoned underground. 

It is…impossible. 

When I had given up, Takatsuki Makoto-sama, who hadn’t been Charmed just like me, came to save me. 

And then, he let me escape all the way to the small islands where the curse hadn’t reached yet. 

After that, I dizzyingly tried to seek help, and contacted a variety of places. 

The result…is by no means good. 

The people around were visibly looking grimer by the day. 

There were even people who fell into despair and lost energy. 

Even with all that, Makoto-sama alone would continue challenging the Deep Sea Temple. 

His face was not pessimistic at all. 

He seemed to be facing forward more than anyone else here. 

…Aah, it is just as Ryosuke-san said. 

Takatsuki Makoto-sama doesn’t give up no matter the situation. 

I am glad he is an ally of ours. 

If it had been me alone, I am sure my heart would have broken. 

If this world falls into the hands of the Calamity Witch and we find no way to save the world, I will surely be captured and imprisoned, and eventually killed.

However, the vessel of the Calamity Witch, who is Furiae, loves Makoto-sama, so I doubt he will be getting any bad treatment. 

And yet, he is keeping me company the whole time.

Then, I have to respond in kind. 

We may not be able to do anything, but we will run away until the very end, even if that means going all the way to the ends of the world. 




A low tone explosive sound. 

It is a sound as if two gigantic things crashed onto each other, and I woke up from unconsciousness due to the trembling of the air. 

“Nyaru-sama, what was that sound just now?”

“Aah, that must have been Leviathan stopping the fall of the moon with its face.” (Naia)

“That’s a relief. So it managed to catch it safely, huh.” 

“Fufu… Leviathan must be confused with the moon suddenly falling.” (Naia)

“But that means it would be bad if we don’t hurry, right?” 

“Hm? I have casted a spell that will make the moon move in messed up trajectories for a while, so it can buy a bit of time.” (Naia)

“Ooh, as expected of Nyaru-sama.” 

“Fufufu, right? Go ahead and praise me more.” (Naia)

Makoto-sama spoke as if he were chit-chatting here, and words I am not speaking myself were coming out from my mouth. 

The one talking is Naia-sama who has descended into my body. 

What they were talking about was so outrageous that nothing is entering my head. 

“…I am sorry. I lost consciousness again.” (Noel)

I held my head while feeling all dizzy and apologized. 

“Are you okay, Noel-sama?” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama peeked at my face, worried.

“I am okay…” (Noel)

Is what I answered, but I still feel as if I were inside a dream. 

The reason why I lost consciousness was…

“Takatsuki Makoto! This armor is great! Cain was wearing a sacred treasure like this?!” 

The big man that’s making an excited face…had the voice of the Ancient Dragon King.

“I am just lending it to you, okay? Thank Noah-sama after.” (Makoto)

“Umu, you are right! I will thank Noah-sama!” (Astaroth)

Makoto-sama and…the Demon Lord Astaroth, right?

They seem awfully close with each other. 

“Makoto-sama, how long was I unconscious for?” (Noel)

“Only around 1 minute. I gave Cain’s armor to the Ancient Dragon King just now.” (Makoto)

He said flatly. 

“U-Uhm…are you going to be challenging that…?” (Noel)

I spoke with a trembling voice and pointed at the thing that looked like a giant wall coming out from the sea.

It was piercing the clouds just like the Zenith Tower I saw in the past at the South Continent that continued until the heavens. 

Moreover, its width is so vast that I can’t even see the end of it. 

On top of that…what’s most fearsome about this is that that giant wall is slowly but surely…moving.

Divine Beast, Leviathan. 

A mythological being that I have only heard of in legends. 

“I can’t waste the important chance Nyaru-sama created for me after all.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama answered as if he didn’t have any doubts about this. 

“I-I see…” (Noel)

That’s the only thing I could say. 

“By the way, I have a request for you, Queen Noel. It is regarding the conquering of the Deep Sea Temple.” (Makoto)

“…Eh?” (Noel)

My body shook.

Just the other day, I dove all the way to the Deep Scar with Makoto-sama, but I didn’t think it would be this fearsome. 

The objective of Makoto-sama is to clear the Deep Sea Temple…

It is in order to undo the seal of Noah-sama and save the world from the curse of the Calamity Witch.

I plan on doing anything in order to help in that. 

(…But…) (Noel)

I look around once again. 

The falling moon. 

The Divine Beast that appeared in the surface world. 

And the strongest Demon Lord in front of me. 

(J-Just what in the world is he going to ask me to do…?) (Noel)

I am obviously scared here. 

“I-If there’s anything I can do…” (Noel)

“Thanks, Noel-sama. I think Dia is going to be coming back soon.” (Makoto)

“O-Okay…” (Noel)

Dia-san is the name of the Great Water Spirit that Makoto-sama talks often with. 

“Our King, I have returned.” (Dia)

“Welcome back, Dia. How did it go?” (Makoto)

“Here. Everyone happily agreed to come.” (Dia)


I felt like the temperature in the surroundings dropped. 

I noticed the reason for that.

“Hiih!” (Noel)

I raised a scream, but I want to praise myself for not losing consciousness. 

I am sure it is thanks to having seen the Divine Beast and the Demon Lord at such close proximity. 

That doesn’t make me happy at all though.

“Thank you for coming, everyone!” (Makoto)

At the place where Makoto-sama was shouting at with a smile…were Great Water Spirits gathered up as far as the eye can see, enough to even cover up a whole island.

Those numbers are…around the same as when the whole army of the Sun Country are gathered up; it looks as if their numbers reach millions. 

“You have gathered quite the numbers. The Great Water Spirits of this planet…no, Takatsuki Makoto, where did you call these Great Spirits from?” (Astaroth)

The Ancient Dragon King asked Makoto-sama. 

“It is from the neighboring stars. I doubt the ones from this planet alone will be enough against Leviathan after all.” (Makoto)

“You really go above and beyond… Look. Because you have called these many Great Water Spirits, the sea is raging.” (Astaroth) 

Makoto-sama said this as if nothing, and the Demon Lord looked baffled at the sea. The sea there was raging with high waves that I have never seen before. 

“But it depends on whether this amount will be enough… Dia, they will still be increasing in numbers, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes, Our King. The Great Water Spirits of this planet still continue gathering. If it is to save Noah-sama, all Spirits will come to help from anywhere.” (Dia)

“Hahaha, nice, Knight-kun! Increase them more and more!” (Naia)

Naia-sama speaks amused with my mouth. 

“That said…” (Astaroth)

The Ancient Dragon King muttered that with a slightly displeased tone. 

“Even with a Demon Lord and these many Great Water Spirits, Leviathan is not paying us any heed at all, huh…” (Astaroth)

“It simply isn’t looking at us directly, but it has noticed us, you know.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama answered the Ancient Dragon King. 

I look up at the sky. 

…I am feeling dizzy.

The clouds had cleared up at some point in time, and the head of Leviathan making contact with the moon could be seen.

It is a sight as if the world is ending. 

On top of that, more and more Great Water Spirits are gathering in this island. 

Even though the sky is clear, the sea is raging wild like a storm.

I am beginning to fear that this island might get swallowed by the sea eventually. 

“Noel-sama.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes?!” (Noel)

Makoto-sama spoke to me with a serious voice. 

“Can you please use the Holy Maiden’s skill: Victory March?” (Makoto)

“To…Makoto-sama?” (Noel)

The skill I obtained after becoming a Holy Maiden: Victory March. 

This is a support spell that allows me to greatly increase the stamina and mana of my allies through the Divine Protection of the Sun Goddess. 

It may not sound like that strong of a skill if you listen to only that. 

But different from normal spells, the Victory March has no upper limit.

Because of this, I can cast it onto all the army of the Sun Country. 


“Victory March is a spell that shows its power from casting it on multiple people. Even if I were to cast it on only you, Makoto-sama…” (Noel)

“It is okay. I will become a relay tower and pass the effects of the Victory March onto the Great Water Spirits.” (Makoto)

“Y-You can do something like that?!” (Noel)

I raised my voice loudly in surprise. 

“Speaking of which, you did something like that 1,000 years ago too… I remembered something displeasing there.” (Astaroth)

“Anna-san could use the same skill after all.” (Makoto)

I learned that he has done that in the past from the conversation of the Ancient Dragon King and Makoto-sama.

And it seems like it is the method of that legendary Holy Maiden, Anna-sama. 

“Then, I will use the skill on Makoto-sama, okay…?” (Noel)

I held the hand of Makoto-sama.

[Sun Magic: Victory March].” (Noel)

I activate the spell as if praying, and white light covers the body of Makoto-sama. 

The next instant, I felt a violent degree of mana to the point that my breathing was on the verge of stopping. 

The Great Water Spirits surrounding the island were shining. 

The massive amount of mana that each and every single one of them already had increased even more. 

The effects of Victory March have certainly been casted on the Great Water Spirits. 

“Nicely done. Isn’t it stronger than Anna’s, Our King?” (Dia)

“Looks like it. The buff of Noel-sama’s spell is higher.” (Makoto)

“R-Really?” (Noel)

I just naturally assumed mine was inferior to Anna-sama’s so this is surprising. 

“Anna-san was training her Hero Skill after all. It seems like she wasn’t good with her Holy Maiden powers. Noel-sama concentrated on her Holy Maiden side, so the effect is high.” (Makoto)

“I am deeply honored…” (Noel)

While we were having that chat…


My body suddenly felt heavy. 


“Oya oya oya, are you okay, Noel-chan?” (Naia)

When the Moon Goddess spoke to me, I felt my body grow lighter. 

Just what in the world happened…? -is what I thought as I looked around, and the Ancient Dragon King was frowning, and there were several Great Water Spirits who had fallen on their knees.

The only one who is acting as if nothing is Makoto-sama.

That Makoto-sama was looking up at the sky absent-mindedly. 

“Achaa…it is looking over here.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama mutters. 

There wasn’t even the need to wonder what he meant there.

The giant eyes of Leviathan were looking down at us. 


My legs trembled and I couldn’t stay up. 

…Even though it is simply looking here. 

“Isn’t that great, Ancient Dragon King? Leviathan is interested in us.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san is the only one who is having a conversation like normal. 

I am slowly beginning to fear him. 

“…This is the first time I have felt fear just from being looked at. That’s a hard to come-by experience.” (Astaroth)

Astaroth laughed boldly, but cold sweat was flowing down from his face. 

“As expected from Noel-sama’s spell. The Great Water Spirits have been greatly buffed.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama observed the army of Great Water Spirits as if having fun. 

“But way too many Spirits have gathered on this planet. At this rate, this island will sink, and it might even affect other continents.” (Naia)

These words came out from my mouth, but the one who said it was the Moon Goddess. 

I once again look at the sea and the waves have gotten higher than the Highland Castle. 

If you were to go out on a ship right now, you would be swallowed by waves in the blink of an eye and become scraps of the sea. 

“That’s troubling…” (Makoto)

“Our King, should I tell a number of my sisters to calm down the sea?” (Dia)

“No choice but to. I don’t want to divide our forces as much as possible though.” (Makoto)

I listen to the conversation of Makoto-sama and Dia-san absent-mindedly. 

—–“Boy, I will manage the sea.” 


There was a rainbow colored giant standing close to us by the time I noticed. 

At a glance, it looks like a man-eating giant, but the pressure it is letting out from its body is on a whole other level.

It even feels divine. 

…Just who in the world is this giant?

“Hoooh… To think a loser from the Divine Realm War, a Titan, was roaming around at a place like this. That’s surprising.” (Naia)

The first one to react was the Moon Goddess. 

The rainbow giant looked down at me. 

“Are you…Naia-sama? It is rare to see you descending to the Mortal Realm.”

“Fufufu… There’s no way I would miss such a great show from the front seats, right?” (Naia)

“I see… You really are a seeker of enjoyment as always. Leviathan appeared in the surface world, and the Great Water Spirits on this planet were gathering… I was wondering what was going on and hurriedly came here, and it was the doing of the Apostle boy of Noah-ojousama, huh.” 

Saying this, the giant directed his gaze at Makoto-sama. 

“It has been a while, Titan Old Man.” (Makoto)

“I thought it was just recently that we met though… I was cooking up a plan to save Noah-sama that would take several tens of thousands of years, but to think that you would pull off something like this in just a few years…” 

“More importantly, is it true that you will be managing the sea?” (Makoto)

“Yeah… I normally shouldn’t be putting a hand on the Mortal Realm as a God, but if Leviathan and the Great Water Spirits clash just like this, all the islands in this area will be swallowed into the ocean. I doubt the Holy Gods will find that agreeable either. I will help out so that no lives are taken unnecessarily.” 

“That’s a great help.” (Makoto)

“I want to help you out in saving Noah-ojousama after all… But do you have any chances of victory? I can’t help you out in the battle against Leviathan, you know.” 

“I do know. I am thankful simply for the fact that I can concentrate on that.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama was speaking on equal standing with the rainbow giant that was letting out a fearsome presence. 

“Uhm…Makoto-sama, is this giant an acquaintance of yours?” (Noel)

“Aah, sorry, Noel-sama. The one here is a familiar of Noah-sama, and is a Titan that was sealed for around 15 million years in the Divine Realm War called Gigantomachia, and woke up just recently.. His name is…have you told me your name?” (Makoto)

“I haven’t and it would be better if you don’t know. I am a forgotten god.” 

“…G-God…?” (Noel)

My voice got raspy. 

15 million years was said to be the last Divine Realm War in mythology. 

Normally, you would laugh and say it is a joke, but in this situation, it might actually be within the realm of reasoning. 

It is not a situation where you can joke around in the first place. 

In other words…the one in front of me is a god that has lost in the mythological era. 

This isn’t good.

I feel like my head is going to explode. 

…I don’t think I can keep up with the developments. 

“Isn’t it about time we go?” (Astaroth)

The Ancient Dragon King asks Makoto-sama. 

“Right, let’s go, Dia.” (Makoto)

“Yes…but…” (Dia)

The Great Water Spirit-san glanced at me. 

Uhm, does she want to say something to me? 

“What is it, Dia-san?” (Noel)

“The Great Water Spirits are still in the middle of gathering. If possible, I would like you to continue using Victory March. Is that possible?” (Dia)

Being told this, I couldn’t understand what she meant for a moment there.

I can’t use my Victory March directly on the Great Water Spirits. 

In order to do so, Makoto-sama has to serve as the relay. In other words…

“A-Are you telling me to face Leviathan together with Makoto-sama?!” (Noel)

My voice turned inside-out. 

And then, I look up at the sky. 

The gigantic eyes of the Leviathan that are even bigger than the Highland Castle were silently looking at us. 

M-Me, facing that too…?

“I-I…” (Noel)

“Oi, Dia, don’t be unreasonable. She is a queen, you know.” (Makoto)

“Great Water Spirit, isn’t that difficult?” (Astaroth)

Before I could answer, Makoto-sama and the Ancient Dragon King denied the opinion of Dia-san.

A Demon Lord got worried about me. 

“I see… My apologies. That was foolish of me.” (Dia)

Dia-san nodded dejectedly.

“It is okay. You proposed that because you were worried, right?” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama gave a headpat to the Great Water Spirit-san.

Looks like Makoto-sama will be leaving me on this island. 

The sea is raging on, but the giant god here is apparently going to be protecting these islands. 

That’s why I could stay here and just watch, but…

Makoto-sama is facing Leviathan in order to do something about this world cursed by the Calamity Witch.

As the last Hero remaining in the world. 

Is it really okay for me, as the Holy Maiden, to just watch from afar? 

I heard that Anna-sama fought together with Makoto-sama 1,000 years ago. 

Also, my Victory March is apparently stronger than that of Anna-sama’s. 

Then, it would be more beneficial for Makoto-sama if I were to be together with him and continue using that spell.

“Uhm…!” (Noel)

I ended up speaking out loud. 

“I-I will go with you!” (Noel)

Makoto-sama opened his eyes wide at this. 

“…You are going to face that? Will you be okay?” (Makoto)

What Makoto-sama looked up at was, of course, Leviathan who was supporting the moon that was about to fall onto this planet.

…No matter how many times I see it, the sight is just out of this world.

“I-I will do my best.” (Noel)

I answered with a trembling voice. 

Makoto-sama is scratching his face with a troubled expression.

“Well, isn’t that fine? The person herself says she is coming. Go ahead and ride on me.” (Astaroth)

Saying this, the Ancient Dragon King changed his appearance into that of a giant black dragon. 

What was surprising was how the black armor also changed, matching the dragon form. 

That must be the sacred treasure of the Goddess…

“Then, let’s go. You can’t get off mid-transit, okay?” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama pulled my hand with a teasing face, and I rode on the back of the Ancient Dragon King. 

“Boy, counting on you with Noah-ojousama.” 

“Leave it to me.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama answered the Titan with a smile. 

“Then, takeoff!” (Astaroth)

Saying this, the Ancient Dragon King rose up in one go. 

I felt like I choked for a second there from the acceleration. 

The ground went far off in an instant. 

But the way too gigantic body of Leviathan is stretching far and above like a wall. 

It is as if a war is going to be breaking out here. 

No, this will be harsher than a war; a trial from the gods. 

“Takatsuki Makoto, so, do you have a plan?” (Astaroth) 

The Ancient Dragon King asked. 

I am also interested in it. 

Sofia-san said Makoto-sama is careful to an abnormal degree, so I am sure he has a really carefully crafted pla—

“Hm? Simply head to the Deep Sea Temple and blitz it.” (Makoto)


Did I hear wrong just now? 

I think I heard Makoto-sama say we will be blitzing it…

“Of course, I will have the Great Water Spirits do their best too, but I have to reach the Deep Sea Temple as a believer of Noah-sama in order to undo her seal. I will be distracting Leviathan, so I want you to rush to the Deep Sea Temple when I tell you, Ancient Dragon King.” (Makoto)

“…Understood. I heard from my daughter that Takatsuki Makoto is crazy sometimes, but this is what she meant, huh.” (Astaroth)

“So rude.” (Makoto)

I felt dizzy while Makoto-sama and the Ancient Dragon King were talking. 

I came together with them, but…was that really the right choice?

…Althena-sama, please watch over me. 

Despite knowing that prayer of mine wouldn’t reach, I could only pray. 

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