WM – Chapter 216: The request of the Goddess

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“Hey, Makoto, do you remember your first promise with me when you became my believer?” (Noah)

A dazzling smile that doesn’t have a single blemish to it. 

She had both hands on my shoulders, and was at a distance that her breath reached me. 

But I didn’t have the leisure of having my heart throb from it, and I desperately tried to dig back the memories of 1 year ago.

What she told me when I became her believer. 

The first promise…

“I won’t forgive you if you die, okay? I have high expectations from you after all!” 

(This is bad.) (Makoto)

I completely broke that promise.

“Hmm, looks like you recalled it.” (Noah)

“Y-Yes…” (Makoto)

The white hand of Noah-sama was placed on my cheek.

Her beautiful face approached mine, and she whispered in my ear. 

“How dare you break that promise, you naughty child.” (Noah)

My back trembled from that way too sweet voice of hers. 


“Punishment is needed for a naughty child, right?” (Noah)

The voice of Noah-sama, the eyes she is using to look at me, the hand she is using to brush my cheek; they are all gentle. 

They are so gentle…it is scary.

“What a power harassing Goddess.” (Eir)

“So that’s how she controls her believers…” (Ira)

“What an outstanding way to put pressure as always.” (Althena)

At the back, I could hear the impressed voices of Eir-sama, Ira-sama, and Althena-sama.

“Hey, outsiders! Shut up!” (Noah)

Noah-sama shouts to the 3 Goddesses.

“No, there’s something I have to say.” (Althena)

Althena-sama approaches me and Noah-sama.

“Noah, since this time around the Olympians were the ones at fault, we made a special exception and resurrected Takatsuki Makoto, but…the next time he turns into a Spirit Weapon, we won’t be able to overlook it, okay? He will become a target for disposal -no questions asked. It won’t end with just a simple warning. I will have you make clear your way of looking after your believer.” (Althena)

Ooh…it is the same strict expression of Althena-sama that I saw in the mortal realm.

Looks like it won’t end with just a warning…

“I know, Althena.” (Noah)

Noah sighs.

“Makoto, look at my eyes.” (Noah)

“O-Okay.” (Makoto)

Noah-sama sandwiches my cheeks with both hands.

I look at the deep sea-like eyes of the Goddess.

On the name of the Goddess Noah, I order my Apostle…” (Noah)

She says in a dignified manner.

I gulped.

“You must not use the full body Spirit Transformation! No matter what☆.” (Noah)

Then continues it with light words.

“It is a no no!”, saying this, Noah-sama’s finger pushed my forehead.

The next instant…

“Gahah!” (Makoto)

I was attacked by a pressure that felt like my whole body was being restrained by ropes.

No, not only my body, even my heart was attacked by a pain that felt as if a stake was being hammered into it. 

Sweat gushed out from my whole body, and my sense of balance was gone. 

I couldn’t stay on my feet, and my hands were now on the ground.

My vision was flickering, and confusion that made me forget how to even breathe was taking control.

My eyes couldn’t focus. 

I felt like puking, and I couldn’t breathe.

I felt as if my whole body had been filleted. 

…And my composure was steadily being taken away. 

“N-Noah-sama…?” (Makoto)

My breathing was rough. I sought an explanation, and looked up at Noah-sama who was standing in front of me.

I wanted something to grab onto, and I ended up reflexively holding onto the leg of Noah-sama.

Noah-sama was smiling faintly while looking down at me, and it was filled with affection as usual.

“This is a God Command. You are now unable to turn into a Water Spirit King, Makoto. I ordered this to your soul after all.” (Noah)

My head was still in chaos, but I could understand.

This is the order of a God that an Apostle receives from a Goddess.

…How powerful.

It makes me not want to use that spell ever again.

This…there’s no way I can go against that.

“That’s fine with you, right, Althena?” (Noah)

“Yeah, no problems.” (Althena)

The short exchange of the Goddesses.

Looks like Althena-sama has accepted it as well.

“In the first place, the Spirit User Skill that you made is broken. Why can you train it without any limits…? Even though we Holy Gods made the Proficiency limit of Skills at 100.” (Ira)

“Isn’t that fine? We should allow them to get rewarded for their efforts.” (Noah)

“Excessive power can in turn bring demise to the user, you know…” (Ira)

“So hardheaded, Ira. Even though you are young.” (Noah)

Ira-sama and Noah-sama were having a clash of opinions.

There was a word that bothered me there.

“Skills are personally made by the Goddesses?” (Makoto)

I didn’t know.

“That’s right. The stronger a Skill is, the longer it is to create them. For example; the Light Hero Skill would take 1,000 years.” (Althena)

“1,000 years?!” (Makoto)

I ended up shouting at the words of Althena-sama. 

No wonder there were no users of it. 

It was simply because it took time to create it. 

Princess Noel was talking about the blood relative logic, but it has nothing to do with that…

Should I tell her that later? 

Hearing this, there was something else that bothered me.

“Now that I think about it, why is Sakurai-kun the Light Hero?” (Makoto)

An important Skill that takes 1,000 years to make.

There’s no need to go through the trouble of making it an otherworlder. There must be a whole lot of people from the world that would want it.

“……Who knows.” (Althena)


Althena-sama, who would answer my questions without hesitation, avoided only this one.

There must be complicated circumstances?

“Geez, acting all cool there, Althena. It was simply because the looks of Ryosuke-kun were to your liking, right?” (Noah)

“Oi, Noah!” (Althena)

“Eh? Really, Althena-sama?” (Makoto)

What a shocking reveal.

“This woman has been mainly attracted to the outward appearance of others only since a long time ago. Well, the first love of Althena fell in love with me though—ouch! What are you doing, Althena?!” (Noah)

“Shut up already, Noah! Should I extend your prison time?!” (Althena)

“Ha! Try it! Increasing it won’t be changing anything anyways!” (Noah)

“Aah, that annoying mouth of yours!” (Althena)

Althena-sama was chasing after Noah-sama. 

What’s this?

Wasn’t I told that they didn’t get along?

“Noah and Althena-neesama are childhood friends.” (Eir)

“Eh?! Really, Eir-sama?” (Makoto)

“The youngest child of the Old Gods, Noah, and the eldest daughter of the New Gods, Althena-neesama were born almost at the same time.” (Eir)

“I-I see…” (Makoto)

I wonder how far in the past was that?

Their ages are…it is scary, so I shouldn’t ask.

“Althena-neesama sulked when Noah took the side of the Devils in the war 1,000 years ago. It seems like she hasn’t spoken to her in 1,000 years, but they reconciled today~.” (Eir)

“…I see.” (Makoto)

What a long story that is.

So they were having a fight for 1,000 years. 

After a while, Noah-sama and Althena-sama came back out of breath.

In the middle of it, the two were so fast that I couldn’t see them.

At what speed were they chasing each other…?

Noah-sama had returned now, and it seemed like she remembered something, she says…

“Ah, right. Eir, return the dagger to Makoto.” (Noah)


Noah-sama’s dagger! 

So Eir-sama had it, huh.

“Oh, right. Here, Mako-kun.” (Eir)

“Ooh…” (Makoto)

The dagger shining blue returned to me. 

What a relief… I was worried it wouldn’t ever come back.

“By the way, Eir-sama, where did you pick this up?” (Makoto)

I don’t remember what happened when I fought the Sun Hero.

I think I most likely dropped it in the middle of the battle with him though.

“Hmm…w-well…isn’t that fine?” (Eir)


Eir-sama turned away at my question as if feeling awkward about it. 

“Aah, Takatsuki Makoto, the one who stopped you after defeating Alex was Eir-oneesama.” (Ira)

Ira-sama answered in her stead.

I see…defeated Alex…so that means I won against him.


But I heard from Princess Sofia that I died once.

Even though I won against Alex…I died?

What’s the meaning of that?

I tilted my head, and Ira-sama said as if nothing.

“Eir-oneesama killed you when you were a Spirit Weapon.” (Ira)

“……Eh?” (Makoto)

I looked back at Eir-sama who is in a female teacher attire.

Eir-sama scratched her cheek with a face as if saying ‘achaa, got exposed, huh’.

“Sorry, Mako-kun. I killed you☆.” (Eir)

Eir-sama stuck her tongue out and went ‘tehee☆’ cutely…but it was incredibly scary.

Really scary! 

I ended up taking distance. 

“W-Wait! Don’t make that face~! Cause you know, you were inside the sea. Because of that, the jurisdiction comes to me, the Water Goddess… It was a really bitter decision for me! Killing the person Sofia-chan loves with my own hands!” (Eir)


Eir-sama closed her distance.

“Also, we resurrected you soon after, so you can forgive me, right~☆? We are friends, right, Mako-kun? Urya urya~.” (Eir)

“E-Eir-sama…” (Makoto)

She hugged me as if trying to distract me from it. 

She pushed her marshmallow-like boobs on me, and my head got woozy. 

S-So soft…

“Here, Mako-kun. Good boy, good boy~.” (Eir)

Eir-sama pats my head as if I were a child. 

I had a full face of boobs from Eir-sama.

“Ye~s, it ish mama~.” (Eir)

You are not! 

I couldn’t even speak those words out.

…No good, I feel like something is awakening inside me…

“Don’t go getting charmed!” (Noah)

Noah-sama unleashed a flying kick onto Eir-sama.

…Aah, that was dangerous. 

Charm magic doesn’t work on me, but a direct attack on a virgin like me is super effective.

“Ma~Ko~To~?” (Noah)

Eir-sama had been torn off from me thanks to the angry Noah-sama.

And just like that, I was hugged.

“What a bad child! Making a lecherous face with other Goddesses!” (Noah)

“No no, it is a misunderstanding…” (Makoto)

The soft skin of Noah-sama who -different from Eir-sama- is slightly slender and has a lot of exposed skin is…

“You…how can you stay so calm even though you were hugged by Eir-oneesama and Noah?” (Ira)

Ira-sama asked me with a shocked face.

“Eh? I am pretty flustered here though.” (Makoto)

“Despite that, you are properly having a conversation here. Normally, one would lose their cool a lot more than this… Alright, as a reward for this time around, I shall tell you something nice.” (Ira)

“I-Ira-sama?!” (Makoto)

“You have no experience with women, right? Fufu, be grateful. I will teach you.” (Ira)

She said something rude as she approached me.

“Ira?! What are you saying?!” (Noah)

“Ira-chan, I don’t think it is good to go at it with such a light feeling.” (Eir)

“Are you two even aware of what you were doing just now…? Here, Takatsuki Makoto. Come over here.” (Ira)

“No! He is mine!” (Noah)

Noah-sama hugs me tightly, unwilling to let go.

Noah-sama…I’m suffocating…

“Aah, right, Takatsuki Makoto.” (Althena)

Althena-sama speaks to me while I am being played around by the Goddesses.

“About the Sun Hero Alex…do you need a subordinate?” (Althena)

“Huh?” (Makoto)

I was asked something outrageous.

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