LS – Chapter 278: As such, treatment again

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“So, that’s why this devil will be working together with us from here on. Her name is Belard.” (Ekdoik)

“Increased…again…?” (Melia)

“You are the one to say that?” (Rakura)

We regrouped with Rakura and Melia in the house of Natora-san which is in Mejis, and we were introduced to the devil Belard who was named by Ekdoik just now.

The reactions were all different.

Natora-san was surprised, Rakura was baffled, and Melia was bewildered.

That said, the culprit of all this, Purple, has disappeared somewhere.

She is the one who created the Mejis Nether, so I am scared that she will appear in the settlements of Mejis.

“Hm? Melia, what do you mean by ‘increased’?” (Ekdoik)

“N-No, uhm…I was just thinking that we should increase the amount of f-food!” (Melia)

“You don’t need to worry about that. Belard is a monster, so she won’t need food if me or Blue give her mana.” (Ekdoik)

“Right. Also, I am a devil. The people of Mejis wouldn’t want me nearby.” (Belard)

Belard gave a glance to Natora-san and tried to leave the place.

Devils are targets of fear and hatred for the people of Mejis after all. Moreover, she was the subordinate of Beglagud, so the chances are high that she is the very culprit that attacked the village of Natora-san.

But isn’t she pretty capable if she can show that degree of consideration?

“Belard-san, right? …Do you know the village of Zeatto?” (Natora)

“The name of the village where Ekdoik was picked up from, right? I have attacked that village. It was 50 years ago though. But even if I had no direct involvement in it, I can’t deny the possibility that I have killed a blood relative. Don’t show unnecessary consideration. There are times when it is necessary for both sides to put distance.” (Belard)

Is she really a monster? She is awfully…how to say it…her mind is well developed, or like…

Aah, I see. She was the subordinate of a horrible Great Devil like Beglagud, so she must be unexpectedly good at getting by in the world.

“…I see. Then, I will just prepare the boxed lunches, okay? Melia-san, can you help me out?” (Natora)

“Yes, Mother-in-law! I will prepare it in the blink of an eye!” (Melia)

Hey, you there. Why are you sneaking in a mother-in-law?!

Don’t tell me you didn’t accompany Ekdoik to the Nether and went together with Rakura to this house first in order to be taken in by Natora-san, right?!

…No, calm down, me.

It is true that Melia is approaching Ekdoik more than I thought, but there’s no reason for me to overreact.

“That much should be fine, right?” (Natora)

“…Do as you please. Ekdoik, I will be on standby outside the village. Call me if there’s anything.” (Belard)

Belard melted into her own shadow and disappeared just like that.

Natora-san is showing consideration since she is the ally of Ekdoik, but she must be pretty conflicted internally.

“Sorry, Mom. I have placed a burden on you.” (Ekdoik)

“You don’t need to worry. I of course would feel apprehensive if I am introduced to a devil, but you didn’t want to hide things from me. I was surprised, but it is not as much as the time when Blue-san was introduced to me as a Demon Lord.” (Natora)

Her son introduced his superior to be a Demon Lord, so maybe what she means here is that it is not that shocking to get a devil as a subordinate at this point.

Makes sense.

“But Ekdoik introducing girls one after the other is something a bit worrying…” (Natora)

“Muh, really? I was thinking about introducing you to my other subordinates though…” (Ekdoik)

Natora-san directs her gaze at me.

Her face is basically saying: ‘Eh, those subordinates are also women?’.

There’s no doubt my face looked extremely tired while nodding.

“Is it the blood of your father…? Oh well. So, are you staying the night?” (Natora)

“Yeah, there’s still stuff we need to do in Mejis after all.” (Ekdoik)

“I see. That’s great… By the way, are you going to be making a bed with your chains?” (Natora)

Natora-san seemed a bit troubled.

4 people are suddenly crashing into a house where only one person lives, so there’s obviously not going to be enough rooms and other amenities.

I don’t really mind camping outside with Ekdoik though…

“No issues. I can even make a room if I wanted to.” (Ekdoik)

“I wouldn’t want walls of chains… I will prepare the bedding, so can you just help me in preparing a place to sleep?” (Natora)

“Got it.” (Ekdoik)

A bed of chains…

You normally would think it is not possible to sleep on something like that.

But the chains of Ekdoik can be shaped freely, and you can even tinker with how hard they are.

I used a chain bed from Ekdoik the other day when we camped outside, and I felt conflicted because the quality of it was better than your average bed.

“Mother-in-law, I have prepared the boxed lunches! Wait, where’s Belard-san?!” (Melia)

“She is on standby outside the village together with Daruagestia. I will give it to her before having my meal.” (Ekdoik)

“Good idea. Well then, I will finish preparations for dinner. Please help out too, Rakura.” (Natoria)

“Oka~y.” (Rakura)

Natora-san and Rakura went back into the house, switching with Melia.

Natora-san’s cooking… The cooking skills desired from me will be decided depending on how well that comes out…!

“Ekdoik-san, if you are going now, can I come together with you?” (Melia)

“I would like you to carry these boxes here into the house.” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik exchanges the boxed lunches with the wooden box that he carried from the Nether.

Melia confirmed the weight of the wooden box and tilted her head.

But when Ekdoik told her what was inside that wooden box, she trembled slightly, and got teary.

“…You have finally come back. Welcome back, Onee-chan.” (Melia)

Seeing Melia hugging the wooden box, Ekdoik tapped my shoulder and urged me to move.

I yielded obediently and headed to the outside of the village together with him.

“I made her cry.” (Ekdoik)

“It was tears of happiness, so isn’t it fine? I think it would have been fine to tell her beforehand though.” (Blue)

“I honestly wasn’t sure if the bones were still there to this day.” (Ekdoik)

“Aah, it can’t be helped then. But it is not like you did something bad, so hold your chest high.” (Blue)

I smack the back of Ekdoik somewhat hard. It hurts.

This man, he had chains wrapped around even his back.

I am honestly a bit jealous of Melia.

I shouldn’t be feeling jealous of her when considering her circumstances, but I still end up feeling jealous.

I would like him to direct that kindness more towards me, to only me, which I hate myself for.

I didn’t expect to be this greedy.

‘Just who do you think you are?’, ‘Do you have that right?’. I can’t imagine myself accepting it whenever I imagine a happy scenario.

I have been living pessimistically for the longest time. I may be feeling fear towards accepting that I desire happiness.

“You are making a complicated face there… Are you angry?” (Ekdoik)

“Not really. I was just thinking about something.” (Blue)

“Please tell me without hesitation if there’s anything I can do.” (Ekdoik)

I want to tell him with a loud voice that I obviously have a lot of things I want you to do. But I also have a lot of things I don’t want you to do.

But I have received way too much from you.

So many wonderful things that I normally wouldn’t have been able to obtain.

If you weren’t here, I might have been erased just like Raheight.

I might have been made a plaything by the people who I forcefully brought back from the death with necromancy.

Wait, why am I worrying all seriously here? This is so stupid.

Nothing good will come out from thinking about this.

This is most likely Dokora’s fault.

I think an undead with will made me see once more just how cruel my power is.

“…Right. The first thing would be a comfortable bed.” (Blue)

“Understood… Was the previous one not comfortable?” (Ekdoik)

“It wasn’t bad. But it is human to desire even better things, right?” (Blue)

“Right. Greed is the nourishment of life. That’s why I don’t mind if you are a bit more greedy though.” (Ekdoik)

“Oh my, are you not going to nourish me to a degree where I don’t even get greedy?” (Blue)

Aah! Why am I saying something that sounds like it came straight out of Purple’s mouth?! Seriously, this guy always says one word too many!

“—That’s an objective I would like to aim for as time goes on. I will be a load for you for a bit more, but I will eventually get there…okay?” (Ekdoik)

“…I see. I will endure. I will still get angry though.” (Blue)

“Please be lenient with me.” (Ekdoik)

Of course there would be girls who are attracted to him.

There’s rarely any person who would face you in such a straightforward manner.


I returned to the side of Bro Gestaf in the time Brother is recovering in Serende.

I was honestly fine going by myself, but Masetta said that she wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly if I were to die from pushing myself with my wounds and didn’t listen to me.

I finished explaining to him, so I went to the side of Komiha and Smythos to explain to them too, but…

“Why is Ekdoik not here?!”

“As I said, Ekdoik has gone to Mejis where his mother is.” (Haaku)

“Why am I not there?!”

“Because you are here.” (Haaku)


Uooh… That Ekdoik is liked quite a lot.

Or more like, Komiha was this kind of person?

I was told she was a quiet person, but she is giving off quite the pressure here.

Instinct-sama is telling me ‘It is better to move a bit away from her’.

“Komiha wanted to meet Ekdoik, you see. Of course she would want to complain if you are the one showing up.” (Smythos)

“I did nothing wrong though.” (Haaku)

“By the way, that man is in Serende, right? It is not like he is actually hiding somewhere, right?” (Smythos)

“Just what do you think Brother is, Smythos? He has to rest no matter what even with light wounds.” (Haaku)

And then there’s Brother bringing fear to her heart. I can understand this one though since I was an enemy, too.

I calm Komiha down for now and talk about the matter of Ritial.

Ritial was a benefactor for them, so they should be a bit relieved that he is alive.

“*Sob…I am impressed you managed to survive against Ritial-sama.” (Komiha)

“Moreover, you defeated Tsudwali. Not bad.” (Smythos)

“It is kind of a miracle that I am alive though. This is a message from Brother: It is possible Ritial will make a move again. Do as you please if he makes contact with you again’. So, what are you going to do? Turn sides?” (Haaku)

“You are the only idiot who would answer with a yes there. Well, I don’t know what will happen if Ritial-sama were to persuade me, but I as of present would refuse him.” (Smythos)

“M-Me too… I do feel indebted to Ritial-sama, but we have to protect the other children.” (Komiha)

Even if they are indebted, huh.

Being able to properly think of what they should prioritize is impressive.

“You can tell that Bro Gestaf is someone you can trust, right? There’s no need to be so obsessed with them.” (Haaku)

“It is true that Gestaf-san is a good person, but…his face is scary.” (Komiha)

“The children are scared of him. It would take a bit more time for them to get used to him.” (Smythos)

Aah, yeah.

I can’t deny that one.

That hardy face is nice, but it certainly would look dangerous to the children.

I myself also get scared every now and then.

“Once the children have grown a bit more, then. But isn’t it rough to always be cooped up in the Nether?” (Haaku)

“We are getting breaks in shifts. We are accompanied by others, but we can do stuff like go shopping in Kuama.” (Smythos)

“It is the Nether, but the area around here is almost completely purified already. It feels weird that there’s no threat of monsters even though it is the Nether.” (Komiha)

“Not only that, they are using them as manpower. It is impressive.” (Smythos)

It was a wasteland with nothing around, and yet, right now there’s a decent amount of buildings.

It is because they gather the resources that can be obtained in the Nether here, manage and process them, and the merchants that transport those goods have created facilities.

There’s also houses for them to live in, and even a small scale marketplace so that they aren’t troubled with necessities.

Just thinking about the fact that this is how people gather, a city is created, and a country is born, is getting me excited.

“Right now it is a whole bunch of people that don’t fear monsters, but there’s eventually gonna be a lot more. Won’t there be an increase in adventurers to work as escorts?” (Smythos)

“Who knows. This Nether is under the management of the Blue Demon Lord, so there should be no need for them since there won’t be any attacks, right?” (Haaku)

“There will be devious guys who will do evil deeds and blame it on monsters. There might even be guys that would make the adventurers do evil deeds.” (Smythos)

“Aah, that sounds possible.” (Haaku)

They are talking about quite the dangerous topic here.

But it is not impossible.

There’s a good amount of merchants who want to use monsters as a convenient workforce since they don’t complain.

It is even possible for them to try and put the blame on the Blue Demon Lord in order to lower her reputation.

Well, Brother and Bro Gestaf must have made countermeasures ages ago.

“Ah, there you are, Haakudoku! Didn’t I tell you to rest?!” (Masetta)

“Heya there, Masetta. I was just telling Komiha and Smythos about what happened. I am resting, you know?” (Haaku)

Her breathing is ragged. Looks like she was searching around for me.

“What part of that is resting?! You lost buckets of blood in Serende and were in a critical state! I have closed the wounds, but I have not finished the treatment, you know?!” (Masetta)

“Makes sense. My whole body hurts after all. I can tell that I am not completely fine yet. But it should be okay to walk around at least, right?” (Haaku)

“I am angry because wounds can open even with just walking!” (Masetta)

“Eh, really?” (Haaku)

“This is the second time I told you this!” (Masetta)

Aah, now that she mentions it, I might have heard about that on our way to Serende.

But I heard that Brother had woken up, so I was thinking I should visit him quickly, and was also thinking about how I should report everything to Bro, so I wasn’t listening.

That said, Komiha shook me around just now and I was still fine, so maybe my wounds are already closed?

I thought this and peeked inside my clothes, and my underwear was super red.

Crap, my wound is open.

Ah, my consciousness is suddenly…

“O-Oi, are you alright?! Wait, there’s blood coming out from below your clothes!” (Smythos)

“E-E-Eeeeh?! I-Is it my fault?! W-We have to hurry and stitch it back!” (Komiha)

“Aah, geez! Stretcher! I am going to tie this idiot to the bed!” (Masetta)

Aah, so this is why Instinct-sama told me to get away from Komiha.

I thought for sure it was a light joke… So people can die even from light stuff like this one.

Bro, recover properly, okay?

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