LS – Chapter 255: As such, one-on-one

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The stealth of the traps that the Illegitimate called Tsudwali set are high. 

I can tell that it would be impossible to find all the traps and deal with them even with a trap specialist in the team. 

But for the raid team members, who are mainly people that can deal with traps that have already been activated, it isn’t that difficult to progress. 

“Purple-san, are you okay?” (Wolfe)

“Yeah, there’s no issues, you know, Wolfe? Even if they are all ambushes out of my perception, there’s not enough power to harm me though?” (Purple)

The devils that have been turned into jewels have been ordered to deal with the threats of the traps that approach us from all directions. 

There would be poisoned arrows stopped right before my face and scraps of spears lying down on the ground. 

It makes me a bit uneasy, but there’s no real issue here. 

“My Lord, I really should be the one at the front…” (Dyuvuleori)

“You prepare for your own turn, got it?” (Purple)

The overprotectiveness of Dyuvuleori whispering at me at every occasion annoys me at times, but I make it so that no unnecessary emotions well up by stepping somewhat strongly at my own shadow where he is melted in. 

According to Dear, us moving through here is known by that man Ritial who escaped from us. 

Ritial will be making effective plans using that information, so he has told us that we shouldn’t let them see our appearances as much as possible.

It may be known that Dyuvuleori is within the raid members, but we can throw him off by having him not know if he is hiding in the shadows or is a cloaked person. 

Even if it is perceived that it is natural for him to always be by my side, that in itself can serve to throw off someone. 

“It seems like they also hate the robes! Wolfe will protect you!” (Wolfe)

“Yeah, I will look after myself, so please do, okay?” (Purple)

The ones that are in charge of having robes on have been told to not do any actions that stand out until reaching the mid floor. 

It is because there’s the risk of knowing who they are if for example Rakura were to attack or defend with barriers and Mix were to throw knives. 

That’s why the ones with their face showing will be at the front as much as possible, and take on the traps and enemy attacks. 

I can do something about the traps and enemies that attack me with my own devils, but I don’t have the leeway to cover the others. 

Well, there’s no point worrying about that. 

Because there’s no problems with these weird traps and weaklings as long as we have Wolfe. 

“My Lord, there’s enemies at the corner.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Wolfe, there’s people ahead, you know?” (Purple)

“Okay!” (Wolfe)

Wolfe jumps in faster than the enemies at the corner manage to jump out and incapacitates them. 

A trap might not be spotted, but a person will always have a scent no matter what. 

The nose and ears of Dyuvuleori can find people even if they were the top class anbus of the nations. 

“This is an awfully lax security even though this should be the center of the enemies. Maybe Dear got way too serious?” (Purple)

“There’s no way Shishou would mistake the threat of the enemy!” (Wolfe)

“…Right. I should know that plenty well myself, huh?” (Purple)

“My Lord, that human said that this upper floor is simply serving the purpose of buying time. The real deal for the enemy should be the mid floor.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I know though? Don’t you have the leeway to act a bit conceited?” (Purple)

I step on my shadow and twist it. 

There’s no need to state the obvious at every instance. 

A downside of this devil is that he takes everything at face value. 

“…Ah, yes. My apologies.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Purple, your attitude towards Dyuvuleori and Wolfe is pretty different.” (Wolfe)

“This is my tool and you are the disciple and precious person of Dear. Treating you the same would be insane, you know?” (Purple)

I know that Wolfe has strong emotions towards Dear. She showed me how she was prepared to offer her life to Green in order to save him, so that’s obvious though. 

Also, it is not that bad to treasure what he treasures. 

She is also cute, so it is natural that I would choose what I can enjoy easily. 

“I feel a bit bad for Dyuvuleori.” (Wolfe)

“That much is fine, you know? Wouldn’t that increase the worth of rewards?” (Purple)

We advanced through the upper floor without issues and we eventually had no branching paths anymore. 

The number of traps decreased and there’s no sight of enemies anymore. 

If the map in my head is not wrong, it is around time for us to reach the mid floor. 

“…That’s an awfully extravagant door, huh?” (Purple)

We continued through the corridor and found a door in front of us. 

It is a size bigger than the ones we have seen until now and is packed with ornaments. 

There’s no warning from Dyuvuleori, so Wolfe silently placed a hand on the door and opened it. 

What was ahead of the door was a place similar to that of a church. 

It is not of the Yugura Church, but one of the long past that has declined. 

Well, this underground ruins was made to escape from the Demon Lords, so it is not like the influence of the Yugura Church that prospered afterwards would reach here. 

But it must have been made while considering a siege, there’s a number of spears decorating this church at the walls that clash with the view. 

“…The source of all evils has appeared in front of me, and I have been left with the job to keep you in place. This must be God’s will.” 

There’s around ten people deep in the church, and at the center of them, there’s Seraes holding a sinister spear. 

The attire of Seraes is not that of a Yugura Church’s Archbishop, but more like an armored knight ready to step into the battlefield. 

What we have to be the most careful here is that spear. There’s no doubt that’s a demonic spear. 

I remember a demon of Black holding that, but I unfortunately had no relation with them, so I don’t know its power. 

“Oh my, I have good luck in my draws, huh? I have met the person I want to kill the most as of present.” (Purple)

I of course think that it would be better to kill everyone if possible, but I have a specially strong grudge on Seraes. 

He cornered Dear to the point of being close to death despite being an ally, and made me feel like that. 

{My Lord, that spear…} (Dyuvuleori)

{Your turn hasn’t come yet, you know? We have quickly arrived at the mid floor thanks to Wolfe, but it will take a bit more time for the other teams, right? Stay put while Wolfe still can handle things, got it?} (Purple)

Seraes lost to Haakudoku before, and they managed to corner him to the point of almost capturing him. 

There’s no doubt he is inferior to Nektohal and Arcreal. 

Then, Wolfe should be enough. It would be better to maintain the advantage of the other teams, right? 

“Seraes… You did that to Shishou…!” (Wolfe)

“Wolfe, calm down, okay? The grudge of a woman shouldn’t be shown in one’s face, but something that you cook up in the depths of your body, you know?” (Purple)

“The resident of Yugura’s planet…huh. I thought I would be able to wipe out all the other Demon Lords including you if I were to control that man, and that ended up dulling my decisions towards justice. Now that I think about it, leaving that sinner live was a mistake to begin with.” (Seraes)

“…Never mind. Forget the advice I gave you just now.” (Purple)

If he were to treat Dear as an enemy, that attitude is natural as someone from a conflicting faction. 

A nobody man like him used Dear as a tool and a means to eliminate me as if it were a passing thought. 

That means he is belittling him which is something that’s unforgivable. 

I deploy the devils and have them attack both the front and the sides at the same time. 

An abnormal arm with several sharp parts like claws, fangs, and horns approach the lackeys of Seraes. 

“Pointless.” (Seraes)

But the arm was blocked by an invisible wall right in front of Seraes and his group. 

He was an archbishop, so I already expected him to have barriers, but…the sensation of it is strange? 

“Then, this!” (Wolfe)

Wolfe jumped in from the shadow of the abnormal arm and tried to punch Seraes. 

But that punch was also stopped by a barrier and didn’t reach the body of Seraes.

…This really is weird.

“Wolfe, did you hold back just now?” (Purple)

“It wasn’t my all, but I am going strong enough to break even the barrier of Rakura! That barrier is really tough!” (Wolfe)

The barriers of Rakura have sturdiness that stands out even within the clerics of the Yugura Church. 

The ones who can easily break through those barriers are Ilias, Dyuvuleori, and Wolfe. 

Wolfe saw my attack being blocked, so there’s no doubt she has put enough power behind her attack to break through it.

But she couldn’t break that barrier despite that. 

If Seraes could put up a barrier that sturdy, the Yugura Church would have told us. 

The possibility I can think of is that this isn’t the strength of Seraes himself but the power of the demonic spear—

“You must have heard about it before. There was an extremely aggressive spear user within the subordinates of the Black Demon Lord, and they enjoyed comparing their skills with others, especially against ones with the same weapon.” (Seraes)

“Hey, what are you babbling on your own—” (Purple)

“He will be able to buy time eternally if he doesn’t give you information, you know?” 

The one who spoke was one of the people that is cloaked, Niruryates. 

I wanted this demon to stay hidden the whole time if possible, but…I heard a piece of information that bothered me. 

“…Speak what you know.” (Purple)

“I don’t know much either. If I remember correctly…it is a spear with the plain but nasty power to have each other fight only when fulfilling a lot of complicated conditions.” (Niru)

I don’t really get it that well, but does that mean you can’t fight unless you fulfill the conditions? 

Speaking of which, it doesn’t seem like Seraes is going to attack us…

There would be no end even if we think about it. Then, there’s no choice but to go along with this talk. 

I have the devils change shape into a spear. And then, I try throwing it towards Seraes. 


Seraes repelled the flying spear with the spear in his hand. 

I see, so that’s how it is.

“So that spear ‘only allows battle with spears’, huh?” (Purple)

The many spears on the walls are most likely in order to fulfill one of the conditions. 

The power of the spear is activated when ‘a situation where your opponent can obtain a spear’ is fulfilled. 

So we have to match the rules of the opponent in a situation where the conditions of its power are met…

“As expected of the Purple Demon Lord! Well then, good luck for the rest!” (Niru)

“Geez, how about you fight too?” (Purple)

“I am not good with a spear!” (Niru)

“That goes the same for everyone here, you know?” (Purple)

The way Seraes deflected the spear I threw was extremely polished. 

I did hear that there’s clerics who use spear or staffs, so it wouldn’t be strange for Seraes to have trained in the spear before. 

That said, he mainly fought with magic against Haakudoku and the others, so it is not like the spear is his best specialty. 

“Wolfe will go!” (Wolfe)

“Right, but it would be better to not use those spears, you know? It wouldn’t be strange for weapons prepared by enemies to be defective or have traps set in them after all.” (Purple)

I stopped Wolfe who was going to grab the spears decorated on the walls, and give her a spear molded from the devils in the jewels. 

Wolfe swung the spear a few times, confirming the sensation, and nodded. 

“Great weapon!” (Wolfe)

“Thanks. But it is questionable whether it can endure your full power, so be careful, okay?” (Purple)

It is a spear made with condensed high ranked devils. 

It is far sturdier than steel, but Dyuvuleori should be able to bend it easily. 

I am a bit worried about how much it can endure the speed and thrusts of Wolfe. 

Wolfe hopped in place a few times, made the mana around her feet explode, and rushed right in front of Seraes. 

Seraes couldn’t react to that speed and tried to block with his spear, but the thrust of Wolfe’s spear was faster. 


“…Looks like the power of this spear is working properly.” (Seraes)

But the thrusted spear was repelled at the throat of Seraes. 

This wasn’t Seraes blocking it, but the effect of the spear? …Wait a moment. What did Niruryates say? 

A lot of complicated conditions? 

“A one-on-one is also a condition…?!” (Purple)

The lackeys at the back of Seraes that don’t show any signs of assisting and are just watching must be a condition of the demonic spear as well. 

By fulfilling the condition of ‘a situation where only one can fight’, it is forcefully creating a one-on-one. 

In that case, the one who has fulfilled the condition of fighting Seraes is the one who attacked him first with a spear… 

So it is me. 

“Judging from that face, you must have understood the situation, Purple Demon Lord. This is a demonic spear that establishes a one-on-one against the person that attacked with a spear first. The only ones here who can fight are me and you. Not a single one here can get out from this church until the winner has been decided.” (Seraes)

I had one devil head to the door behind that’s open, but there’s already a barrier placed outside the door and was blocked. 

The door behind Seraes must be the same as well. 

Establishing a one-on-one means that it can even block escapes. 

Looks like we have been tricked. This is troubling. 

I take out a jewel of devils from my clothing and change it into a spear. 

I swing it a few times just like Wolfe and confirm the sensation of it. 

It is true that it is a great spear, but it would be weird to praise it myself. 

“Fine, I will match your rules, okay? But fighting with a spear…that’s something I haven’t done before aside from the time when I touched it a bit when I was a human to play around… That’s why I have no technique to show off. Don’t hold any expectations, okay?” (Purple)


Simple explanation of the demonic spear: 

-Prepare a large quantity of spears in the room in order for your opponent to fight on equal grounds. 

-Prepare a number of allies in order to make it so it is always fair to fight one-on-one. Also, it is completely forbidden to get help or escape as per the contract magic. 

-After fulfilling the conditions above, the person that you clashed spears with first will be assigned as your opponent, and the one-on-one will be established.

The specs of this demonic tool are below average compared to the others. 

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