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Author: Happy New Year!

This time it is not a continuation of the story but kind of a collab story between this story and the one I am writing concurrently: [Goddess: “What do you want to become if you were to reincarnate in an isekai?” Me: “The ribcage of a hero”].

※It is New Year’s, so this is like a story at the back of a leaflet. It has nothing to do with the main story.

Translator: For the ones curious about the previous extra chapter, here’s the link:


“It has been a while.”

“Uwa, she showed up.”

I met the same Goddess of before by the time I noticed.

Rather than meeting her, it is more like she summoned me though.

The memories of my first interaction that should have been erased have returned too.

“It is a reaction that would make me want to give you the capital punishment.” (Goddess)

“Of course I would react like this if you were to suddenly show up in front of me without any chain of reasoning.”

“That’s a bit different. You are the one that showed up. This is my space.” (Goddess)

“Really arguing semantics from the get-go. Well, there were no adverse effects when I returned to my previous world, so let’s just obediently enjoy the invitation here.”

“You have quite the high adaptability.” (Goddess)

Saying previous world…would get complicated, huh.

All the memories here disappear completely once I return to the world of Ilias and the others.

There’s no time lag in my thoughts at all, so acting freely here should be the correct choice.

There’s a mountain of things I want to think about, but everything I think of will be forgotten, so I would just be suffering a loss if I were to think of a great idea.

“Is he doing well?”

“Yeah, I am having him make osechi**.” (Goddess)

“Oh, nice. It has been a while since I have moved away from Japanese culture, so I am grateful for this.”

I put my legs inside the kotatsu** that’s placed inside the space.

Thinking about electric outlets and such would just be pointless.

“Haah… Kotatsus are nice… I want them in the isekai.”

“The workings of it are simple, so can’t you just substitute it with magic?” (Goddess)

“I haven’t faced too cold of a climate yet after all. Also, I would like to avoid bringing the inventions of a different world too much. There’s no way of knowing what kind of effects a difference in ideas can bring.”

“I see, you have a point. By the way, I should have brought one more resident from that world though. Where are they?” (Goddess)


Wait a moment. Bringing a resident from someone else’s world is questionable, you know.

No, I am also from another world though. Or more like, someone has been brought here?

It is most likely Ilias on such occasions, right?

I feel like Ilias wouldn’t be too accepting -dangerous even- about being summoned by a god all of a sudden though.

I searched the surroundings and a door placed unnaturally in the space opened, and the neighbor-san showed up from there.

“I have finished making the osechi~. Ah, Neighbor-san.” (Neighbor)

“Yo, I am intruding. Cooking osechi at an isekai, so diligent.”

“You gotta enjoy this as a tradition after all. Also, I had help, so I finished pretty quickly.” (Neighbor)

“Help? Aah, so they were with you—wait, it was Ekdoik?”

“Muh, you were called here too, Comrade?” (Ekdoik)

An apron really doesn’t suit this guy. Or more like, take off your chains.

“Oh, so you were there.” (Goddess)

“…Comrade, what in the world is this woman? I feel something different to mana from here, but…she isn’t normal.” (Ekdoik)

“I am a Goddess.” (Goddess)

“Goddess, you say…? That poise, appearance, and the presence I feel are certainly not those of a human.” (Ekdoik)

“By the way, I have no relation to the god of your world.” (Goddess)

“—In other words, you are the goddess of Comrade’s world?” (Ekdoik)

“Nope, no relation to the god of that man’s world either.” (Goddess)

“…Then why are you in front of me and Comrade?” (Ekdoik)


Well, the root of all of this is the man that’s serving the osechi though.

I sum up that stuff to Ekdoik.

“I see. So a compatriot of Comrade is under the care of this Goddess, huh. To think he is travelling to many worlds… The residents of Comrade’s world really are impressive.” (Ekdoik)

“You could say it is impressive. I don’t want to say what’s impressive about it though.” (Goddess)

Ekdoik digested it better than I thought.

It feels like he has accepted this as a dream or something.

“You seem to be admired a lot by the natives, Neighbor-san.” (Neighbor)

“Admired… Yeah, Comrade is really impressive. It is to the point that he managed to defeat a Demon Lord all alone not that long ago.” (Ekdoik)

“Don’t raise me up that much with that story, Ekdoik. It was simply the result of me going out of control and acting alone.”

“So you have experience defeating a Demon Lord, huh. It seems like you have cleared one of the templates of an isekai otherworlder.”

“How about the compatriot of Comrade? You have moved to many worlds, so you must have quite a lot of heroic tales.” (Ekdoik)

“I have defeated a good amount of Demon Lords, you know.” (Neighbor)

It may be an isekai reincarnation in the comedy line, but there’s no doubt he has defeated them with his own power. He can’t be called an earthling anymore though…probably.

“Wow…” (Ekdoik)

“The amount of times he has defeated heroes is also horrible though.” (Goddess)

“Heroes too?!” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik is making an incredibly shocked face.

You might see him as a dangerous guy that kills heroes and demon lords without discrimination.

“Aah, it just happened accidentally.” (Neighbor)

“You defeated demon lords and heroes accidentally…?” (Ekdoik)

“By stuff like sneezing and such.” (Neighbor)

“Sneezing?!” (Ekdoik)

Yeah, half of the conversation might end purely with retorts if you listen to his stories seriously.

I can’t let it develop in that fashion.

“Ekdoik, all his stories may be true, but you won’t last if you take them all seriously, you know. Just treat them like side dishes for your drinks.”

“O-Okay…” (Ekdoik)

I pour a drink for Ekdoik.

Isekai transmigrators must be like paranormal beings for fantasy world residents. Moreover, this neighbor is a resident in the comedy line.

If he were to take all that at face value, there might be side-effects even if all his memories are erased.

Him being dyed in the color of comedy would be a tragedy of the era. Moreover, there have been tricklings of romcom, so please don’t strengthen the com part.

“By the way, these are the records of his recent isekai reincarnations.” (Goddess)

“Let’s see… Hm, this is…”

Neighbor-san has been reincarnated to isekais without elements of comedy too? Moreover, he has died in great happiness.

Him returning here despite that means that…well, must be because of the goddess.

“I am in a situation where I can’t think of any plan to have him rest in peace.” (Goddess)

“Aw shucks, hahaha.” (Neighbor)

“I am not praising you.” (Goddess)

“There’s no choice but to let him do as he pleases. It should eventually wrap itself up in some shape or form.”

“Is that how it works?” (Goddess)

“That goes for humans though. I feel like he is not human anymore.”

“Aw shucks, hahaha.” (Neighbor)

“I am not praising you.”

My neighbor left the room to clean the dishes after finishing the meal.

Anyways, this Goddess eats a lot.

“…Do you think there’s a difference between the cases of a human and a god?” (Goddess)

“Who knows. The norm is that humans can’t become gods, and gods can’t become gods. What humans can do is match the gods at best. In that case, doesn’t it mean that it depends on the gods?”

“…That might be the case.” (Goddess)

“Well, you have called me to ask about something like that, so I feel like you have made a decision on what to do, right?”

“…When being way too perceptive reaches a certain threshold, it makes me question it. By the way, your companion seems to be on the verge of death there.” (Goddess)

I thought Ekdoik was being silent here, but he has crumbled from the booze.

The alcohol brought this time around was Japanese, but it must have suited the taste of Ekdoik, he drank at quite the fast pace.

You could say it is a classic for a guy that normally doesn’t drink to end up like this when not thinking about their pace.

“There was no need to bring Ekdoik. There’s no way you can consult about love to a dense guy.”

“I am not consulting about love though. I simply wanted the opinion of a dense person as reference.” (Goddess)

“They simply treasure the people. They may not understand the feelings of the other party, but their passion to support their partner is the real deal. Just accept their words.”


“Or do you want me to analyze you like before and push your true feelings, Goddess-sama?”

“…I will refrain from that. Me being the only one interfering is not fair, right?” (Goddess)

The reason why this goddess called me is extremely easy to tell. Are you in puberty? -is what I want to say, but let’s not.

“Things would have been pretty interesting if I could transfer to other isekais as if I could use magic.”

“Right. You most likely would have been able to pull off feats that don’t lose to him.” (Goddess)

“I don’t have that much confidence, but…I have a bit of a longing for strength that can allow me to progress the story on my own. I understand that relying on others is not bad, but I would like to do things without relying on others as much as possible. I am a small man that still has his petty pride remaining.”

“You don’t hate being relied on, and yet, you don’t want to rely on others. What a selfish person.” (Goddess)

“I am aware of that. You should at the very least be aware of just what kind of personality you have yourself, right?”

“My conversations with you really strike a nerve.” (Goddess)

“And who was it that called such a guy?”

“…Now then, I will be drinking with the other goddess I called in a different room. I have made it so you two can return the next time you wake up, so feel at home.” (Goddess)

“You could call her here.”

“She is a goddess that turns all humans who lust for her into ashes if they approach her, but I can bring her here if you want to.” (Goddess)

“…How hot?”

“To the point that I would like to tear them off.” (Goddess)

“Got it. Enjoy your time.”

The goddess gets up and a door was created in a place where there was nothing. And then, she entered without looking back.

“Sorry for making you wait. Let’s drink till we are down.” (Goddess)

“U-Uhm…D-Did something happen? Your aura is sourer than usual…” (Goddess 2)

“It is nothing. By the way, you didn’t bring your sisters?” (Goddess)

“A-About that…Ilushua-chan and Urmesha-chan have descended to the world we made…” (Goddess 2)

“I see. Then, let’s drink the share of 4 people between us 2.” (Goddess)

“There’s the share of 40 people no matter how you see it…” (Goddess 2)

“Oh, I heard you can hold your drink. Well, I have tinkered with time, so you don’t need to worry about leaving in time. Let’s do our best drinking it all.” (Goddess)

“Hiih…!” (Goddess 2)

The door disappeared the moment it closed.

I could only hear her voice, but she sounded like an awfully cute goddess.

“So there’s a power dynamic even between goddesses.”

I will return to the place of Ilias and the others the next time I wake up, huh.

Let’s drink in silence for now then.

There has barely been any time I could drink in silence since going to that world after all.

I was thinking that, but my neighbor showed his face.

Looks like I will be leaving the solo drinking for some other time.

“I have finished cleaning up, Goddess-sama -wait, she isn’t here.” (Neighbor)

“She said she would be drinking with another goddess and went into a weird door.”

“Oh, I want to get along with the other goddesses though. How cold.” (Neighbor)

“Humans apparently turn to ash if they approach that goddess with lust though.”

“No issues then.” (Neighbor)

“You are a human, so please let it be an issue.”

The neighbor enters the kotatsu.

He brought refrigerated mandarins most likely as a dessert.

Refrigerated mandarins and a kotatsu… Quite the nice combination.

“So your companion Ekdoik-san has fallen asleep.” (Neighbor)

“Japanese booze is good after all. Also, he is not the type that drinks often.”

“Well then, let’s drink our fill as Japanese.” (Neighbor)

“You have reincarnated on isekais so many times, I feel like your blood as Japanese should have already thinned.”

“Don’t forget your origins -I keep those words of yours in my chest.” (Neighbor)

Aah, I do remember having preached to him about that in Japan when we were drinking.

I am impressed he still remembers that despite having lived several lives for more than 1,000 years.

“You have good memory.”

“I am grateful. It is because of your words that I managed to remember about the goddess. I managed to seek her despite having lost my memories when I reincarnated in an isekai.” (Neighbor)

“…You like her more than I thought.”

“It was love at first sight.” (Neighbor)

“Speaking of which, you were basically describing that goddess when we were talking about the type of girl you would like.”

This man has repeated isekai reincarnations countless times.

There are many things he could have earned from those lives. But this man found more worth in being by the side of that goddess with dead facial muscles compared to all of those lives.

His love is truly heavy.

Running away is the only choice once the love talk begins.

“Have you met a wonderful woman in your isekai transfer, Neighbor-san?” (Neighbor)

“Hmm, there are beautiful ones and their personalities are not bad. I can trust them and they are all people I would want to support.”

“That’s some spirit. But a harem doesn’t sound bad, so how about approaching them all?” (Neighbor)

“It is not all women. The one sleeping over there, Ekdoik, was an enemy at first. I made him betray his allies and took him in as a useful pawn. But he is a truly loyal guy, you see. By the time I noticed, he had become a guy I would like to look after. That’s basically how it goes. My connections are increasing in various fronts… I am truly blessed.”

“—It is rare for you to use ‘I’. So that’s how much you are willing to bring out to protect them, huh.” (Neighbor)

“Yeah, they are all good friends.”

My neighbor is drinking happily.

He is most likely happy from the bottom of his heart that I am blessed here.

“I have also made a lot of connections with people aside from the Goddess-sama, you know?” (Neighbor)

“That’s great to hear. What kind of people?”

“First would be the red salmon master -if I had to put it bluntly, they are a red salmon.” (Neighbor)

“Haven’t I told you countless times to stop with the curve balls from the very beginning?!”

Aah, this is nostalgic.

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