LS – Chapter 259: As such, it has been a while

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The sensation of gouging the throat of Seraes is similar to the sensation of when I am chopping fishes and animals with a kitchen knife, but it is somewhat displeasing. 

Seraes collapsed and his eyes already had no light in them. It seems like he has died.

“My Lord?!” (Dyuvuleori)

The incessant worry of Dyuvuleori is also troubling. 

You are far stronger than me, so you should be grasping the details a bit better rather than just judging from what has happened just now. 

“There are no issues. This is just a scratch compared to my arm.” (Purple)

No matter how much worth he created in his life and how many emotions he held towards me, I have no intention of dying together with him. 

Seraes thrust his spear at the end, but he already had no energy to unleash a spear attack. 

Even if he had, I had the claws of devils dug onto the ground from the hem of my skirt behind me, so I could move to the back at any moment. 

In the end, Seraes’ last attack simply broke a bit of the chest of my dress, and simply went in just a bit deeper than my skin. 

Well, a wound is still a wound. 

If only I could have bounced it back with the elasticity of my chest. 

I stop the bleeding with magic first, and then prioritize treating my left hand. 

I must treat this left arm with utmost priority no matter what. 

“Purple-san…” (Wolfe)

“Thanks, Wolfe. I managed to settle this in one try thanks to you not hesitating, you know? If this had been Dyuvuleori, he would have held back, and who knows how many times I would have needed to do the same in order to finish Seraes…right?” (Purple)

Dyuvuleori should have been able to do the same if it was just throwing the spear. 

He can freely transform his body, so he could have even been able to do this alone. 

But I can say for sure that only Wolfe would have been able to deal this much damage to my left hand. 

I had Dyuvuleori serve as the one to adjust the aim, but it seems like that was the right choice. 

If that attack were to be misaligned and it landed on my body, I would have died. 

“…Okay.” (Wolfe)

“Don’t worry. I will heal the wounds of my left arm without leaving any traces. As for my right shoulder and chest…I would like Dear to caress me, so maybe I should leave a few of those?” (Purple)

“S-So tough…” (Wolfe)

“That’s a praise I can’t honestly get happy about?” (Purple)

The tragic sight of this left arm is way too much, but my chest was wounded nicely. 

I am always thinking about refraining from taking advantage of his kindness, but it should be okay to ask for a reward, right? 


The subordinates of Seraes rush towards the dead Seraes. So it isn’t only Dyuvuleori, the reaction of the subordinates in the enemy side is similar.

“Seraes used the power of the demonic spear to stall us, you know? I don’t know if he had the intention of keeping you safe, but we won’t chase after you if you run away here, okay?” (Purple)

“Shut up, you damn Demon Lord! Seraes-sama was…Seraes-sama was…! A true saint that wouldn’t care about dirtying his own hands for the sake of protecting the order of the world!” 

“I won’t shut up. I am giving you the last warning, you know? You either bring that corpse back or remain here together with it. It would be better to not leave this decision to your emotions, you know?” (Purple)

Aah, I can’t do it like he does. 

The only thing I can do is become the hated one. 

The subordinates of Seraes take out their weapons one after the other and directed eyes of hatred towards me. 

“…I see. Dyuvuleori, win without putting emotion into it.” (Purple)

“As you will.” (Dyuvuleori)

The effects of the demonic spear are already gone. 

People who have not prepared a countermeasure wouldn’t even be able to get back at Dyuvuleori. 

I don’t need to pay them any attention anymore. Let’s concentrate on healing my wounds. 

All the enemies will disappear without a sound in the time I am doing this after all.

“You are weak even though you are also a Demon Lord, huh~.” (Niru)

“Niruryates, I don’t want to put it in a way that would make you happy, but can you not put me on the same level as someone beyond reasoning like Green?” (Purple)

“Ehehe, My King is the strongest Demon Lord within the Demon Lords that are currently alive after all~! By the way, I am fine with helping out cleaning the small fry at least, you know?” (Niru)

“You would enjoy yourself, right?” (Purple)

“You are such a kind Demon Lord unlike the stories of the past.” (Niru)

I have no intention of following the will of Seraes, but my mind has told me it is okay to do this, so it can’t be helped. 

I have no intention of showing mercy as long as it is an enemy, but there’s no need for unnecessary sadism. 

“It is surely thanks to him. It is something to be happy about, right?” (Purple)

“I think you trying to let them escape was questionable though.” (Niru)

“A man like Seraes may be hated, but it is an existence that’s necessary in an era, you know? I wanted to see how it would go at least if his subordinates were going to succeed his will?” (Purple)

But the subordinates of Seraes decided to prioritize taking revenge. They were basically saying they can’t become the replacement of Seraes, that they may have the resolve to dirty their hands, but can’t pull off the same methods as him. 

“If he had a capable disciple or comrade, Seraes wouldn’t have lost control to this degree.” (Ban)

If there were someone with the same capabilities as Seraes, he might have been able to choose a more peaceful path. 

He didn’t have someone he could consult with. 

That’s why he acted alone, and had no choice but to join hands with people like Raheight and his group. 

Seraes was definitely someone to direct hatred towards as the one who hurt Dear and tried to take his life, but I felt something from the shine in his eyes at the end. 

Even if they were the eyes of a blind person that walked the wrong path, I felt they were a bit beautiful. 

“It is fine with that. People can find worth in others due to that rarity.” (Niru)

The emergency treatment ended safely, and when I faced up, we were the only ones remaining in the church. 

I honestly wanted Wolfe and the others to go ahead, but Dyuvuleori wouldn’t leave my side due to his personality. 

I am in this team in order to integrate the strongest force I have, which is Dyuvuleori, so it can’t be helped. 

“Ban, can you lend me a shoulder? I have numbed the pain, but it may take a bit of time for me to walk properly, you know?” (Purple)

“Of course. Good work on your duel.” (Ban)

I borrow the shoulder of Ban and go to the corridor deeper in the church. 

According to Dear, one of the 3 paths of the mid layer will lead to the lower layer. 

He couldn’t read who will be protecting that route, so he said he wanted us to confirm it with our own eyes. 

“Even if this route is the correct one, the only ones who can fight are Dyuvuleori, Wolfe, and Niruryates, right? You could say this is more than enough though?” (Purple)

“I normally would not want to be counted. Well, if the enemy is Nektohal, I will do my best without any need for negotiations!” (Niru)

I can say for sure that we are the strongest team within the people that are raiding this place. 

If we can reach the lower layer, we would have a battle with the highest chance of victory. 

But my luck in draws is…

“…Is there anyone here who is lucky in draws?” (Purple)

“I-I am the type that doesn’t rely on luck and makes progress with hard work…” (Ban)

“W-Wolfe too!” (Wolfe)

“I…believe that reuniting with My Lord was fate, so I don’t consider it luck—” (Dyuvuleori)

“At least tell that joke in a way that I can make a wry smile, okay?” (Purple)

I may have said that with the intention of softening the mood here, but I shouldn’t have. 

This froze the atmosphere instead. 

And so, we learned whether this is the right route while in this awkward atmosphere. 

The path leading to the lower layer…was completely filled up in the middle of it. 


The exploding undead are more troublesome than I imagined. 

They continue regenerating endless due to the effects of necromancy, and keep on approaching. 

But it is certain that the control of Raheight is necessary to detonate them. 

He is making the undead explode within range and at the best timing. 

We couldn’t tell the difference between the undead and humans using detection magic, so the only method we can use to find Raheight is by sight. 




Even if we find a human, we can’t tell whether it is Raheight possessing that body or not. 

Even if we capture them, he is completely playing with us simply staggering like undead due to magic.

This underground cemetery is vast vertically and horizontally. It is made in a way that it gently goes down. 

I bind the captured humans with chains and tie them up close to the ceiling of the entrance so that they are not harmed by the explosions, but we can’t even tell who he is.

If we continue this, Raheight will eventually run out of humans, and won’t be able to move from bodies, but…it takes too much time. 

“Aah, geez! This is so roundabout!” (Blue)

“Comrade would be able to tell in one glance whether they are Raheight or not though…” (Ekdoik)

“There’s no way I would be able to pull off the stunt of that man, and I don’t want to be able to!” (Blue)

I personally would like to know the technique to comprehend the emotions of other people, but that has nothing to do with this right now. 

There’s still no direct attack from Raheight. 

He is simply concentrating on observing the distance between us and the undead, and detonating them. 

But he would at least attack us with magic if we were to have our concentration scattered. 

“Blocking the explosions with the barrier of Rakura and retrieving the hostages one by one, huh. What a sound stance.” (Raheight)

I heard a different voice again, but this way of speaking is without doubt Raheight. 

I direct my gaze in the direction where the voice came from, but it seems like he is hiding in the horde of undead, so I can’t tell which one he is. 

Hiding behind an undead would make it harder to even find him with sight.

“Can you not talk as if I have not done anything?! I have been trying to undo your necromancy for a while now!” (Blue)

“I have no intention of winning against you when it comes to necromancy as it is a technique that was taught to you by Yugura. That’s why I am using a haphazard battle style like this one.” (Raheight)

“Right. You are using necromancy by feel. That’s why you are not using the souls of others. It reminds me of the time when Yugura snorted at me.” (Blue)

Raheight is not giving orders to the undead individually. 

He is simply giving the general order of moving and attacking the enemies. 

The regeneration speed is also far slower than that of the undead of Blue.

“Now then, I think buying time like this would be enough, but…let’s be a bit more strategic here. Heave ho.” (Raheight)

“What are you—?!” (Blue)

The undead that were a bit ahead flew in the air. 

There were transparent crystals protruded at the place where they were. 

The spell that it is said to be used by Raheight to create crystals of mana to pierce his enemies! 

I heard that it is a technique that concentrates on one point, but it seems like he can also make them appear up to a certain range. 

The undead that were sent flying were faster than when moving on their feet. 

They are coming this way. 

Should I repel them with my chains? No, if I were to miss anyone, they will explode in midair, and the defense of the barrier won’t be enough.

“Rakura, make a bigger barrier covering all directions!” (Ekdoik)

“Yes, already did!” (Rakura)

All the undead that were flying this way crashed onto the barrier Rakura deployed, and fell onto the ground. 

It is true that it is an attack that caught us off-guard, but it doesn’t change the fact that it has no effect as long as we have the barrier of Rakura.

Is there any meaning to sending the undead into the air—could it be…?! 

“Point and set. This is my own analysis here, but it seems like Rakura can’t deploy several barriers at once, right? Then, how about shaking things like this?” (Raheight)

One of the undead in the horde was sent flying into the air faster than the others. 

This one isn’t heading this way but to the hostages that are bound at the ceiling. 

Rakura also noticed this and tried to cast a barrier on the hostages, but…

“Area, set. Now, choose the one to your liking.” (Raheight)

He once again shot up the undead in a wide area like before.

What this means is an explosion from this side and that side at the same time. 

The detonation time will most likely be exactly the same time. 

He has set it so that if we set a barrier on one side, the other side will be defenseless. 

The explosion itself may be just for an instant, but the fragments should take a second to fly. 

It would be impossible to put it up behind. 

“Don’t underestimate me!” (Rakura)

What Rakura did was set a single barrier. 

That barrier was placed in an exquisite position where it can smack down the undead that are heading our way and the hostages. 

Deploying a big barrier consumes a lot of mana, but Rakura warped the shape of the barrier to keep the consumption of mana to the bare minimum. 

“I have underestimated you before as per bitter experience, but I don’t have any intention of looking down on you.” (Raheight)

“—! Rakura, watch out!” (Ekdoik)

I felt the construction of magic under the feet of Rakura. 

I grabbed the body of Rakura in an instant and jumped out, and a transparent crystal jutted out from the ground, gouging my back slightly. 

“Ekdoik?!” (Blue)

“No issues. His aim was to warp the shape of Rakura’s barrier. The detonation of undead from two sides was a bait in itself.” (Ekdoik)

The barriers of the Yugura Church clerics are ones that are deployed with you as the center. 

But if they are changed into unclear shapes like just now, they would turn into plane surfaces rather than three dimensional. 

If that happens, magic attacks will be able to go through. 

The point and area words that Raheight voiced out were also traps to draw our attention. 

He had us predict the next attack and target the blindspot of it. 

“Oh, too bad. I thought I managed to finish one.” (Raheight)

“Good grief. Can you only use devious attacks?” (Blue)

“I am simply acting in an effective manner after calculating all factors.” (Raheight)

There’s no need for Raheight to get agitated even if the attack just now failed.

Just repeating what he did just now would force Rakura to continue protecting several targets at once. 

It may be possible for Rakura to protect all hostages if we have them close to us, but it is clearly dangerous to leave people who have become puppets nearby. 

“…Blue, we will have to choose one or the other at this rate.” (Ekdoik)

“…Right. I wanted to do this without using that if possible, but I couldn’t think of a good way to get through this.” (Blue)

I have consulted with Blue about when to use our trump card. 

It is when we have judged that it would be difficult to deal with things with our own strength. 

We might be able to come up with a good strategy if we think for a bit more, but we might be too late if we don’t act now. 

What’s needed in these battles in the mid layer is to get through here as soon as possible and with the least sacrifices. 

“I am sorry for not being able to prepare a solution.” (Ekdoik)

“Don’t apologize. Those words stab me too as someone in the same position.” (Blue)

This is enemy territory. 

We can’t have skeletons hidden in the ground beforehand for Blue. We also had no choice but to leave Daruagestia behind because it would be impossible to go into the ruins due to its size. 

Despite all that, Blue said she would be fighting with me, so Comrade advised her to have a trump card. 

We were thinking about the skeleton and ghost Uniques in the Kuama Nether, but as long as they are far weaker than Daruagestia, we judged that what we needed was something other than battle power. 

Blue was at a loss here, so Comrade proposed one method. 

But that’s an action that still makes Comrade and Blue falter. 

It is to use the power of Annihilation once again when Blue has decided to join hands with the humans and taken a neutral stance. 

I remember the 3 undead: Grest, Taves, and Waphroi. 

The knights and king that influenced the life of Blue greatly and were strengthened after being turned into undead. 

But they have already been released by Blue. 

Even if she were to control them once again, they don’t have any other strength aside from being monsters with strength comparable to that of Uniques. 

But after hearing the name of the method that Comrade proposed and the reason for it, Blue resolved herself to use that power. 

The result was that Blue obtained a powerful card in a certain way. 

These undead can become trump cards -especially in this situation…

“Sounds like you have a trump card? Must have been something prepared with the knowledge of that man, right? Please use it. I wanted to crush one or two strategies from that man already anyways.” (Raheight)

“I am glad to hear you welcome it. —Now, it is your turn.” (Blue)

Blue brings out a skull from her luggage that serves as the catalyst, and uses Annihilation to create an undead. 

The body that is the most connected to their own memories is being reformed through bones, earth, and mana. 

“—What, so it is my turn in the end. Moreover, what’s with this scene? A necromancer is my enemy?” 

This is my second time hearing this voice, but it still feels off. 

An undead is taking the form of a human, but it is without doubt a monster. 

This undead also follows that rule in that it has a ghastly appearance, but it can speak fluently to a shocking degree. 

“Yeah, it is Raheight, who acted secretly under Scarlet and infiltrated Mejis as a cleric.” (Blue)

“Aah…ain’t that…just the best? Nice, that’s pretty nice. If it were some random dude, I would have spit and waited for a forced order, but it is a different story against that guy. I will help you out with all I’ve got on this special occasion.” 

His whole body is rotten, and he is wearing a special mask made by Blue. 

The only thing that shows resemblance to his time when he was a human is his outfit and only having one arm. 

“That man…could it be…” (Raheight)

“Heya there. I was wondering who the hell you were for a moment since your  face and appearance changed, but…wait, that’s the same for me. It is just…that smell, there’s no mistake. It has been a while. You really took good care of my arm. Well, you even took care of my life after that, huh? I’ll have you pay remuneration for that, Raheight.” 

The name of that undead is…Dokora. Dokora Keta. 

The man that had grasped the truth of the resurrection of Demon Lords by himself when he was an anbu of Mejis, and the leader of the bandit alliance that made sport of the knights of Taizu. 

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