LS – Chapter 242: As such, bless you

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“Fuuh, it has been a while since we have been back home. Ekdoik, please arrange the souvenirs.” (Blue)

“Got it.” (Ekdoik)

I separated from Comrade in front of the capital of Taizu, and I arrived at the villa of the Purple Demon Lord that’s in the forest together with Blue.

We have a variety of goods in both hands that we bought from Torin, and there’s unexpectedly a lot of it.

There may be no issues with the weight thanks to the chains, but it is a lot of work to get it through the door when it is so bulky.

We could have had the skeletons carry them instead of only me if there’s this much.

Maybe there’s a lot of stuff here that’s fragile?

I see the Purple Demon Lord and Dyuvuleori once we enter the villa.

Dyuvuleori was heavily injured in the battle against Arcreal, but he looks completely recovered from the outside.

“Haven’t you become quite prideful, calling the house of someone else as your home, Blue?” (Purple)

“There’s furniture exclusively for me and I have my own room, so isn’t it fine to say that? Or do you want to act like you are the boss of the house?” (Blue)

“That’s not true. But don’t you think I would feel like wanting to be a little snarky if I see your satisfied expression after just coming back from Torin with him?” (Purple)

“It is not like I had fun because I was with him. On the contrary, there were more unsavory experiences because of him. Isn’t that right, Ekdo—right, asking him is pointless.” (Blue)

She tried to get me to agree, but I learn a lot just by being by the side of Comrade.

I am certain my trip to Torin was also a fruitful one.

“Oh my, oh my, are you alone? So pitiful.” (Purple)

“Shut up. Ekdoik, tell her a complaint or two!” (Blue)

“Even if you ask me that… Aah, it is not a complaint, but there’s something I would like to say.” (Ekdoik)

“Oh? What is it?” (Purple)

“Comrade and the others say this place is the villa of the Purple Demon Lord, but does that mean you have a main residence?” (Ekdoik)

The Purple Demon Lord was hiding in Kuama as her base after she resurrected, but at the time when we headed to Kuama due to the matter of the Purple Demon Lord, I remember her not using any such buildings.

“Right… I did move from residence to residence of merchants and nobles using my Enticement to turn them into pawns, but I do have a personal house of mine, you know? It is a castle made in the Mejis Nether, but I guess it has been demolished?” (Purple)

“Even though you went through the trouble of building a castle?” (Ekdoik)

“I am different from Blue over there in that I am careful, you know? Thinking about the possibility of Yugura one day getting in the way again, I can’t just stay in the same base the whole time?” (Purple)

“Yeah yeah~, the past me was cooped inside my own castle without thinking anything.” (Blue)

“Also, after I died, the devils there began to fight between each other for that place, you know? I wouldn’t even want to walk over to the place that’s being managed by devils who don’t know how to do proper housework though?” (Purple)

It reminds me of Beglagud’s dwelling.

It feels like that place was made while referencing the places humans live in, but the devils most likely made it while referencing the Purple Demon Lord’s castle.

The design was fatally bad, but it was far easier to live in compared to a cave where wild beasts live in.

But if we are talking about hygiene…yeah, I wouldn’t want to go back at this point in time.

“If My Lord so wishes, I can prepare one or two new castles for you.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Dyuvuleori, you are an idiot, aren’t you? I honestly feel like even this villa is way too big, you know?” (Purple)

“…Really?” (Dyuvuleori)

“Cause I have to guide him to a guest room whenever he is staying here, right? One bedroom would have sufficed. There’s not enough consideration, you know?” (Purple)

“That’s… But…” (Dyuvuleori)

There’s probably no point in asking where Dyuvuleori would have to rest in that case.

There’s no doubt just hearing the answer would leave emptiness.

“It is okay, Dyuvuleori. I wouldn’t have been able to live here if it had been such a cramped house.” (Blue)

“Rather, Blue, how long are you planning on leeching this place?” (Purple)

“Throwing shade now, huh. Isn’t it until Ekdoik has paid his debt back? I don’t mind going back to the Kuama Nether if it is together with him though.” (Blue)

She looks over here.

As someone who has been helped out by Comrade in a lot of things, I have decided to help him out in solving the issues around him, but…

“I am currently still paying my debt, but…I feel like the debt has been increasing along the way…” (Ekdoik)

“Haah… That’s how it is, so if you have any complaints, throw them at Ekdoik.” (Blue)

“Oh my, there’s no way I would complain to someone who is doing his best for the sake of Dear though?” (Purple)

“I am also helping out even if it is little by little!” (Blue)

Blue may not be showing a cooperative attitude, but her contributions to Comrade are plentiful.

I am doing what I can as much as possible as an individual, but Blue can assist with the might of the Kuama Nether. I do envy the high flexibility that comes from those numbers.

“How about you make a house around there? Even if the relationship of you two stays as that of master and servant, wouldn’t it be unnatural for you to continue living separately?” (Purple)

“W-Why would I go through so much trouble…?!” (Blue)

“I don’t mind lending you my devils, you know? They are way more skillful than skeletons after all?” (Purple)

“I am happy with the sentiment, but building a house in the territory of Taizu without permission would just worsen the impression of Marito. No, that man wouldn’t complain, but I would like to avoid him having to subdue the complaints that would come.” (Ekdoik)

“…That’s right. That’s how it is.” (Blue)

There’s almost no one who would be bothered by a house being added deep in the forest, but the relationship between humans and Demon Lords must still be dealt with carefully.

A harmless idea might end up turning into a big matter -is what Comrade said.

“What a pain of a relationship. They want to keep tabs on the location and actions of the Demon Lords, and yet, they don’t want to keep them close? I would have definitely felt it suffocating if Dear were not here and would have left for another country, you know?” (Purple)

“That’s true. If they are going to allow us to make a villa deep in the forest, I would like them to just give us the permission to live in Taizu. Doing the groceries is incredibly inconvenient.” (Blue)

“That matter is most likely so simple. The people who know about us are forbearing, but for the people who have been raised with the teachings of the Yugura Church, Demon Lords are purely a threat. They have stretched their hands to the forbidden that is resurrection magic, stolen the land where humans live, and created Nethers. The people who can’t see others as individuals only know Blue and the others in those lenses.” (Ekdoik)

The people who know about the Enticement of the Purple Demon Lord would never approach and would not introduce themselves.

The people who know about the Annihilation of Blue would want her to not be near her because they don’t want their relatives to be turned into undead.

That can be said about me, too. If they were to hear that I am a man that was raised by a devil, they would take a respectful distance from me.

“Right. There’s less people who wouldn’t falter by it? Ekdoik, what about you?” (Purple)

“Me, huh… The power that was given to you two by Yugura is massive and I do think it is dangerous. But I know about the dedication the Purple Demon Lord is directing at the person she has yielded her heart to, and also the kindness of Blue from her grieving the misfortunes of others. I wouldn’t distrust you two.” (Ekdoik)

“Oh my, oh my, I see? So that’s what you like about him, Blue?” (Purple)

“Shut up…” (Blue)

They would be able to understand that the Demon Lords have the hearts of humans too if they were to learn about them as individuals.

But it is not like all the people can speak to the Demon Lords in this manner.

They don’t have the opportunity to peek at that side of them.

“Speaking of which, Ekdoik, I don’t mind if you call me Purple, you know?” (Purple)


“…Sorry. I am grateful that you have acknowledged me to a degree where I am allowed to call you in that fashion, but I am the demon of Blue. I would like to keep that way of calling someone to only Blue.” (Ekdoik)

The Purple Demon Lord and Blue have equal standings.

Me calling the Purple Demon Lord with a nickname when I am the subordinate of Blue would feel off.

It is not just because of my standing as a demon though…

“Is it because of your standing as a demon?” (Purple)

“It is in part that, but…it feels more appropriate to call it personal selfishness. I would like to treat Blue in a special manner as much as possible… Is that way too arrogant?” (Ekdoik)

“…No, it is a wonderful thing. But I am impressed you can say such embarrassing things in front of the person herself, you know?” (Purple)

“Muh, was it weird, Blue?” (Ekdoik)

“Shut up!” (Blue)

I angered her again… No, is this the so-called hiding the embarrassment?

I do want to confirm it, but I am definitely gonna be smashed on the ground if I were to ask like this.

Looks like I have also begun to learn.

“I see, then let’s change the topic. Dyuvuleori, have you already recovered from the wounds inflicted on you when fighting Arcreal?” (Ekdoik)

“No issues. It is thanks to My Lord…and Nora’s efforts.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I thought those injuries would leave him incapacitated for a good amount of time, but…the regeneration power of a devil’s body really is high. There’s something I would like to consult with you about in regards to that.” (Ekdoik)

“You want to enhance the regeneration power of your body as a demon, I guess?” (Dyuvuleori)

“I am glad you pick up fast. I lost an arm in Torin and managed to regenerate it before returning, but…I wouldn’t be able to use that in actual combat.” (Ekdoik)

This may be obvious, but my movements will be dulled if I get injured. It will hamper my actions, advantageous situations will become disadvantageous, and disadvantageous ones will worsen even further.

Even if the level of imperviousness of Niruryates is impossible, I would like to immediately regenerate from specific spots.

“The structure of the bodies between demons and devils is different. Even if I were to inject my memories onto you, I doubt you would be able to achieve it.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I still want to test out what I can. The last battle against Raheight and his group is nearby. I want to do as much as possible.” (Ekdoik)

“…My Lord, is that okay?” (Dyuvuleori)

Dyuvuleori thought about it for a bit and yielded the decision to the Purple Demon Lord.

For the Purple Demon Lord, this means her own subordinate strengthening the subordinate of Blue.

Dyuvuleori most likely judged that there’s the possibility of them throwing away their own advantage.

“This would be of benefit to Dear, so I don’t mind, you know?” (Purple)

“Thank you very much. Then, Ekdoik, come outside once you have finished arranging your luggage. I will teach you as much as possible about the power of devils.” (Dyuvuleori)

I learned a lot of things from the Great Devil Beglagud in the past.

And now, I will be taught by the strongest devil that has obtained the power of all Great Devils.

I feel like my life is moving away from that of a human, but that’s not bad either.

I don’t mind throwing away my humanity if this means I will be able to protect the ones I want to protect.

As long as my heart is that of a human, that’s enough.


Marito and Ruko are engaged.

I did think this would happen in a not so far future, but it surprised me that it happened far sooner than I thought.

Marito was grinning at my surprised face.

“It is not like you hurried the engagement just to surprise me, right?”

“No way. It was an action led by going through the proper decision making.” (Marito)

“So once the matter with the Scarlet Demon Lord was done.”

Marito did his best as the command tower in the Scarlet Demon Lord battle.

Many people had a better opinion of Marito, and that at the same time made them worry about a successor.

It is true that doing this after the battle of the Demon Lords is done is the best moment.

“Another Demon Lord might resurrect and a big war could happen. If that happened and I were to head to war without having a child, it would just be a seed of worry for the populace. I also wanted to clear the worries of Ruko.” (Marito)

“How was the reaction of the person herself?”

“I opened up about getting engaged in the middle of some harmless talk. She was completely frozen. That face was really lovely. I would like to keep on surprising her from here on.” (Marito)

“But I am impressed that she agreed. You didn’t threaten her, I hope.”

“She at first was talking about social standings and about whether there must be someone more wonderful than her. I snorted at her.” (Marito)

There’s no way she would be able to win in an argument against the Wise King.

He most likely crushed every single argument she thought up on the spot.

“The person herself likes you after all. I do think she would accept if the escape routes were gone, but what about the complaints of the surroundings?”

“There were people who were voicing their disapproval due to our social standings, but that’s why I said: ‘If you can prepare a noble lady who doesn’t falter against the killing intent of Lord Ragudo, I will think about it’.” (Marito)

“As if there can possibly be a noble lady like that.”

Ah, no, Ilias is one. That doesn’t count though.

Ruko didn’t step back once when protecting Nora even against the Colorless Demon Lord who is far stronger than Lord Ragudo.

She is still acting firm despite having a curse in her heart.

That courage is something that any knight would acknowledge.

“Well, most of the ones who wished for a heir are happy though. The only ones who are voicing their displeasure are the people who are wishing for the slight chance their daughter is chosen instead.” (Marito)

“Those kinds of people will most likely be going for the second queen spot in the future.”

“There’s no need to hurry and find a second queen. I would like to love Ruko properly until the necessity for it arrives.” (Marito)

This is the difference in values with someone who has the common sense of polygamy.

A certain someone might finally be able to make a decision if he were to get used to it, but common sense that has taken root isn’t easily pulled out.

“But if that’s the case, it would mean that my competition with you is over.”

“Right. It means that, aside from the girl you introduced to me for the sake of having her learn her lesson, you managed to settle the match with your first introduction. I have been totally defeated.” (Marito)

Marito decided on having each other introduce us to girls for the sake of keeping me in Taizu.

The result was that Marito alone was the one getting happiness. I am a bit jealous.

“Well, it should have been fine even without having a competition like this one. You have grown certain of a lot of things, right?”

“I don’t know about that. I can’t tell whether you will choose someone or return to your original world. Well, I don’t plan on letting you escape that easily though.” (Marito)

“You can now brazenly say things you wouldn’t have said when we just met…”

Marito had a strong interest in me when we first met, and tried to get his hands on me as someone who could change the country and himself.

He gave me the impression that he was turning the gears in his brain so that I definitely wouldn’t become his enemy.

But I don’t feel any of that wariness at all now.

“You did tell me that you didn’t want me to help you out in what you desire the most, so I don’t think there’s much I can do for you. As such, I would like you to give me your heartfelt blessings.” (Marito)

“Yeah, I give you my blessings, my friend.”

Marito did his best in order to make me his friend, and this is the result.

He really is an impressive king.

As for Marito who was called a friend, he was choking from tears of gratitude all by himself.

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