LS – Chapter 211: That’s why, just fight

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It seems like the setup of Ekdoik-dono ended up in a failed attempt, but we managed to confirm the cards of the Illegitimate thanks to that. 

The woman called Molari can use teleport magic instantly with the limitation that it can only be her in a short distance. 

The man called Yasutet is a martial artist that can cast a barrier around his whole body, allowing him to do both defense and offense. 

“Mix-chan, what should we do?” (Rakura)

“It seems like those two are quite skilled just as Mister Friend predicted. Rakura-dono, deal with the man together with Ekdoik-dono. I will deal with the woman after reducing their numbers!” (Mix)

The subordinates of Seraes that missed their first attacks were already readying their second one. 

We have to incapacitate them first or we won’t be able to fight properly. 

I wanted to leave them for later, but…let’s prioritize the ease of action for everyone. 

I grabbed 8 colorless with both hands and threw them at the same time. 

“What are you—?!” 

8 thrown colorless in total, landing straight into the bodies of the 8. This colorless that was manufactured with transparent crystals instead of metal is technically a first-timer killer. It is hard to follow with the eyes unless you have a pretty decent amount of skill. 

All of them have paralyzing poison coated on them, so they won’t even be able to stand up if it pierces through them. 

This might have worked on Molari, but if I am to believe the guess of Mister Friend, it is possible it won’t. 

Next, I bring out two ‘blasts’ and throw them to the ones at both sides that are trying to cast magic at the same time, and activate explosion magic.  

This time, even if they can see the knife and have the time to react, it is hard to avoid it since it will explode below their feet. 

“Haakudoku-dono and Masetta-dono, please go to Seraes!” (Mix)

“Got it!” (Haaku)

I confirm through the smokescreen of the explosion that the enemies are okay. 

They stopped their attack and deployed a barrier, huh. 

I augment the mana strengthening on both of my legs and jump to the right side while still in a low posture. 

I ignore the ones that have a barrier up and go towards one of the enemies deep in, slashing at him with a knife exclusive for close combat, ‘dance’.


“From the back?! Scurrying around—ah?!”

The one that had put up a barrier noticed me and tried to cast magic, but that spell dispersed in the weaving stage. I threw a ‘seal’ knife that has a magic seal stone when I passed by so that it would fall on top of the barrier after all. 

I didn’t let that opening escape and used a simple throwing knife ‘gouge’ to the top of his knee. His reaction time against ‘gouge’ should be dulled even if it is visible thanks to the curtain of smoke. 

“11 with this. And…12!” (Mix)

I amplify the mana strengthening on the parts of my body I am using to throw, and do a powerful throw the second ‘gouge’ towards the left side where the one other person with a barrier is in. 


It landed. 

He really did undo the barrier because some other person had been attacked far away and decided to snipe me with magic. 

The smoke cleared up and I used that time to confirm that the 3 I got couldn’t move because of the poison.

“Close to half of them in one go…! Be careful, that woman is outstanding in battle!” 

“We can tell that! …Wait, could she possible be the Blade of—” 

“I am sorry, but I don’t like that nickname, so I would like you to not call me that.” (Mix)

I threw ‘metal bringer’ in a way so that it gets behind the man shouting. An attack that doesn’t aim at the target directly, but he must have thought there’s some trick to it, he couldn’t help follow the knife with his eyes. 

I activated the spell imbued in ‘metal bringer’ the moment the gaze of the man faltered, and all the knives scattered around aside from the ‘colorless’ were sucked into the direction of that man. 


This ‘metal bringer’ has a spell imbued that draws in specific metals at a set range. 

Most of the knives have that metal embedded at their tip. My bag and clothes are special in that they don’t get affected by mana, so it would only draw in the knives -the already used ones. 

“Fumu, this should be enough culling. Now then, I shall now concentrate on my main objective.” (Mix)

I direct my gaze at Molari. 

Molari must have been observing my moves, our eyes met. 

“A knife user, huh. You must want to face me. Fine, I will murder you.” (Molari)

“A foul mouthed one. How about speaking in a more respectful manner?” (Mix)

“You are not one to tell me. Speaking in such a weird dialect.” (Molari)

Muh, it is not like it is weird though. 

I ready my ‘dance’ and observe their movements. 

It seems like Haakudoku-dono and the others have entered battle against the subordinates of Seraes behind me. I should be able to concentrate on the enemy in front of me with this. 

Then, let’s see what you’ve got! 

“Here I come-desu zo.” (Mix)

Molari readied her knife and ran straight here. 

She is not using teleport magic most likely because her surprise attack teleport was seen. 

She must have thought that I have some sort of countermeasure since I am coming out to fight her myself. 

I take on the knife of Molari and we slash at each other a number of times. 

She really is used to battles with knives. 

I would be above when it comes to a pure contest of strength. 

Let’s begin from when she uses teleport magic. 

“Tch, superhuman strength.” (Molari)

“I am from Taizu after all.” (Mix)

“—I see, so you are that Mix -the one that’s said to have wiped out the Geshva Bandits.” (Molari)

“Oh, a nostalgic name. Was there a close friend of yours there?” (Mix)

“No, they were a bunch I was planning on murdering eventually. You saved me the trouble.” (Molari)

The name of bandits from the Kuama region being mentioned here must mean that Molari is from Kuama. 

Her knife fighting style is self-taught, but there’s a mix of styles that are often seen in the Kuama region. That works for me. 

“If you don’t plan on coming, I will go!” (Mix)

The moment I repelled the attack of Molari up, I threw a ‘gouge’ with my open hand using only the strength of my wrist. 

I think she can avoid it judging from her skills, but…

“I was waiting for that.” (Mix)

Molari disappeared the moment the ‘gouge’ was going to land. 

Her not being within vision means that.

I match my movements and throw the one other ‘gouge’ I was hiding in my arm towards the back. 

“I knew this was coming.” (Molari)

I felt killing intent from above and I swiftly stopped the attack. 

Fuuh, I managed to defend just in ti—


I managed to stop her knife, but she unleashed a kick on the air while at it. 

It landed pretty nicely on my head. I feel dizzy-desu zo. 

“Doing a super clean fighting style. Did you think I would fall for that?” (Molari)

“I don’t think there’s anything super clean about setting a trap though.” (Mix)

“It seemed like you were trying to stop me from taking distance again by scattering magic seal stones behind you though. You are too naive.” (Molari)

“Oh, you noticed?” (Mix)

Teleportation magic activates with you as the center. 

I thought that it would be possible to hamper her if magic seal stones were to be scattered around her feet, but…she managed to notice the small grains of magic seal stones with her sharp eyes. 

But with this, it should be safe to assume the guesses of Mister Friend are almost all correct. 

{You apparently can’t properly adjust stuff like the coordinates of the teleportation spell. If that’s made possible with the talent of an Illegitimate, there’s a high chance her talent is outstanding space awareness.}

I was honestly surprised that she would be able to notice the grains of magic seal stones near my back though. 

But if that’s the case, she would notice before teleporting that I have thrown a knife at my blindspot by predicting her teleportation.

“All smiles despite being kicked. What an annoying woman.” (Molari)

“You are green if your emotions move in the middle of a battle -is what I was taught.” (Mix)

Molari’s fighting style is to teleport by matching my techniques; the simple kind that showers attacks on me from my blindspots. 

Teleporting within my vision wouldn’t be any different from just a quick dash anyways. I can deal with it some way or another if I move faster.

“Making a face as if saying ‘I am blessed’. You are really increasing my desire to murder you.” (Molari)

Niruryates was the same; I would like to not bring in anger I don’t remember inviting. 

Well, she is disgusted at me, so let’s utilize it.

“That hurts. Is Ritial treating you that badly?” (Mix)

“—Die.” (Molari)

Molari showed up right in front of me in an instant and tried to stab my eye with her knife. 

I stop that with ‘dance’ and throw the ‘gouge’. 

But Molari was already gone from my vision by that time. 

Her position is…behind me! 

“Caught you-desu zo.” (Mix)


I grab the thrust coming from behind with my open hand.

I let go of ‘dance’ and grab the extended elbow of Molari. 

“It seems like your knife technique is self-taught, but your thrust that aims at vital points is reminiscent of the ones often seen in Kuama. The aggressiveness of going for an attack right after an attack is nice, but it can be dealt with using barehanded techniques if you know the direction it is coming from.” (Mix)

“Stopping a blade with your hand? Are you insane?!” (Molari)

“Knife users often grab the bladed side after all. It is natural to have protection to blades with your gloves-desu zo. It would still get through if I were to stop it straight with my palm though… Now then…” (Mix)

I strengthen my grip and break the elbow of Molari in one go. 

She won’t be able to control a knife with this arm anymore. 

“Ah, gah! …You…!” (Molari)

“I would like you to be grateful that I at least didn’t tear it off. To be honest with you, a very important person of mine was hurt because of you people. Even I have my own thoughts regarding this-desu zo.” (Mix)

I put strength in my other hand and bent the knife I was holding. 

If Mister Friend hadn’t come out alive, I wouldn’t have been grabbing the elbow but the neck. 

I throw away the knife that was already not in the hand of Molari, and punch her stomach. 

She let out a yelp and collapsed powerlessly just like that.

“One down. Now then, what about the other one…” (Mix)


Mix really is dangerous. She incapacitated more than 10 people in an instant.  

When speaking of Morgana’s dangerous people, Mix would be the one at the top, just like how the top dangerous within the adventurers of Riodo are Pashuro and Girista.

“Intruding. Let’s clean up the remaining ones!” (Haakudoku)

“Hey, Haakudoku, the enemies are mainly fighting with magic! You will just be an easy target if you jump in carelessly!” (Masetta)

“No issues!” (Haakudoku)

I would obviously be careful if they were all on the level of Rakura -or more like, I would run away. 

But I have already grasped how strong the people around are with detection magic. 

The only ones I have to be wary of here are the two Illegitimate and Seraes. 

I rushed in by myself and tilted my center of gravity to the right just when the opponent had set the target and was going to use it. 


I switched to the opposite direction the moment the enemies were about to do a barrage of shots. 

This feint alone is enough against a bunch that are not used to battle. 

The casted spells were shot at the opposite direction, and I jumped into range without issues, smashing my tonfas onto them. 

I then grabbed the guy that lost consciousness and was about to fall. Heave-ho! 


The enemy was flustered at how his ally was thrown at them all of a sudden and couldn’t deal with it in time. 

He can’t shoot him down with magic. It is either stop him with a barrier or catch him. 

You can also move back, you know? 

Whichever the case, you will just be done for anyways. 

“Oh, bounced him off with a barrier. That looks painful. You are heartless.” (Haaku)

I stand in front of the barrier and laugh lightly while looking at the unconscious guy at my feet. 

Putting up a barrier is basically making a wall. 

In other words, my attacks don’t reach but it also means his spells won’t reach me. 

There’s 2 options here. 

Undo the barrier and shoot a spell, or maintain your barrier and have your allies attack. 

I could smash the barrier together with him if I am allowed to do it, but I don’t really want to consume my mana here. 

“You bastard!” 

“Ooh, so brave. Here you go.” (Haaku)

What he chose was an attack with magic. He undid the barrier after he finished casting, so you could say he is skilled, but is weak against provocations. 

I kick up the guy that’s at my feet and bring him to the front. 


“Man, it is nice that the clerics are all so prim and proper since it is really easy to deal with you. You are merciless towards evil guys, and yet, you are kind to your friends.” (Haaku)

I sneak below the guy I kicked up and smash my tonfas on the other dude. 

Also, the defense of their bodies is low because they rely on barriers, making it easy to deal with them. 

This degree of power…Sis and Wolfe would be able to take it on with a totally normal face. 

Masetta also arrived by my side soon after, and I am now in a spot where I can see the face of Seraes clearly in between several people. 

“What a messed up battle style…” (Masetta)

“I would like you to describe it as being used to fighting. Oi, Seraes, are you going to just watch behind the small fry? When are you going to wield your strength as an Archbishop if it is not now?” (Haaku)

“You insolent…!” 

“…Right, looks like there’s the need to do that in order to get through this.” (Seraes)

Oh, so he has taken the bait! 

We have defeated more than half of the small fry including the ones Mix got, but there’s still the other half left after all. 

We would be dividing our forces if they were to run away while we are reducing their numbers, and even if I call them small fry, the power of their magic is good. 

If Seraes joins the battle, the small fry who can’t coordinate with him can only watch over. 

That basically means we would have dealt with the small fry. 

Well, the rough part is that, even if we defeat Seraes with this, we would have to keep energy to defeat the remaining small fry though.

“Seraes-sama, why did you do something like this…?” (Masetta)

“Masetta Noitch, huh. Asking the obvious. It is to maintain the order of the world.” (Seraes)

“That person is fighting for the sake of the people. He may be working together with Demon Lords, but he is doing so for the sake of an even more peaceful world with no conflict.” (Masetta)

“As expected of a disciple of Ukka. You only speak of the surface level beauty, but don’t think of the mud and rocks settled in its depths. What’s the point of a world for the people created by relying on the ones that have perpetrated serious crimes and are not even people anymore? The peace in the world of humans must be maintained by humans.” (Seraes)

“But—” (Masetta)

“Aah, sorry, but please leave the questions for later.” (Haaku)

I cut in because I felt like this would get long. 

Considering that we also have to capture the Illegitimate, we don’t have the leeway to just take our sweet time talking. 

“You…” (Masetta)

“Masetta, where are you standing? Seraes is already someone we have to capture by force. The time to persuade with words went away a long time ago. Or what, you telling me you have the speaking skills to lecture Seraes and turn him into a new leaf? I will leave it to you if you can.” (Haaku)

“…Right, this is the time to fight. Seraes-sama, I will be stopping you regardless of circumstances.” (Masetta)

“Then, I shall fight back. That’s the path I have to take.” (Seraes)

Now then, fighting is good and all, but there’s a lot of dangerous ones when we go all the way up to Archbishops. 

They are all monsters that can subjugate Uniques by themselves. 

I could tell that he is a dangerous opponent to fight, more than Holy Knights, since the moment I checked him with detection magic. 

This man has quite a lot of actual combat experience. 

But it is not like he has superhuman strength like Sis. If I had to draw a comparison, I would say he is the type that has mastered magic like Rakura. 

I have to first think about how to create an opening on him.

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