LS – Chapter 258: As such, I have no intention of atoning

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Seraes Jastoa. 

This man that lost his parents due to monsters was taken in by an orphanage. It is said that he took on the Jastoa name from the cleric that managed the place. 

It is not like I am interested in the origins and life of this man, but this story is a big hindrance for me. 

This man threw away his original name given to him by his parents, so he can’t be targeted by Enticement. 

I can’t use it on the Demon Lords that used their name as the price and also the important people… 

It is a power that allows me to freely turn them into puppets by just calling their name, but it is unexpectedly unwieldy. 

Well, I would be able to make Arcreal and Raheight submit by myself if that were possible, which would take away the spotlight of Dear, so let’s take it positively. 

“I get understandably tired fast because I am not used to fighting, huh? How about you?” (Purple)

There’s no response from Seraes who I am clashing weapons with. 

If you were to throw a bit more anger and hatred towards me, there may be some sort of emotion coming from my heart, and yet…having this clash be repeated with such disinterest is rough instead.

“Looks like it is no good. I investigated the corridor ahead, but it is blocked by a barrier of some sort.” 

“There’s no choice but to have Purple-san win, I guess…” (Wolfe)

I may not be able to hear them clearly in the middle of my clash, but the merchant Ban had gone to the door of the church at some point in time to investigate and was already done with it. 

He was apparently a member of a famous adventurer team, but it is praiseworthy that he is doing what he has to do even at a time like this. 

{Then there’s you, Dyuvuleori? Have you finished what you have to do?} (Purple)

{I have finished a rough analysis of the spear’s traits. But it is simply reconfirming the current situation. Undoing it with other means aside from the official one is…} (Dyuvuleori)

{I have given up on that a long time ago, you know? That demonic spear seems to have been worked on quite intricately, but it is safe to say there’s no abilities related to battle? It seems to be a spear that was prepared solely for the desire of wanting one-on-ones?} (Purple)

I should be able to think of one or two fighting techniques to get through this, but that spear is the rules itself. It would be difficult to break the rules that are being strictly enforced with just any method. 

What I have understood after our clashes is that I am below Seraes in terms of mana strengthening and spear technique. 

I had a bit of confidence, but maybe I should have trained a bit more seriously? 

The other thing I learned is that if I changed the shape of the spear a bit, it doesn’t get acknowledged as a spear and is stopped by the barrier. 

It is irritating that I can’t take advantage of the special trait of a spear being made of devils. 

{I would lose if we continue like this? Wolfe can take over if I were to die, and that girl should be able to win without issues… Maybe I should just lose?} (Purple)

{That alone is…! I will think of a way to break this deadlock, so please wait for a bit longer!} (Dyuvuleori)

{I was kidding, you know? It is not like I don’t understand self-sacrifice, but if I am going to do that, I would like to die in the arms of Dear.} (Purple)

I am a Demon Lord that is under the effect of the resurrection magic’s curse, so I would resurrect even if I die. 

But that would be after who knows how many years. 

I would be able to offer this life without hesitation if there were an assurance that he would still be alive by then.

But he is frail and someone who wouldn’t be strange to die at any time. 

The chances of reuniting with him again if I were to die are extremely low. I would literally be parting from him for life. 

Spending my life together with him is something precious that can’t be traded for anything in the world. There’s no way I would just let it go. 

Even if Seraes were to buy time like he wants, I will try to think of a way to win until the very end. 

I must analyze the situation calmly. 

I understand that Seraes is currently better than me in spear technique. 

If he were to win against me straight on, what awaits him would be a defeat against Wolfe. 

In that case, there’s the possibility of him retreating after killing me, right? 

He just has to buy time, so he also has the choice of not dealing the killing blow… He would most likely do that. 

I thought of something I wanted to test out, so I took distance for now and approached Wolfe and the others. 

Seraes isn’t showing signs of closing the distance. 

Meaning that I can consult as much as I want, huh. 

“Ban, I was injured a bit, you see? Can you treat it with magic?” (Purple)

“Got it. Now then…hm?” (Ban)

Ban was going to cast healing magic and a barrier appeared between me and Ban. 

So you really can’t get assistance either. 

But I am a Demon Lord to begin with, so healing from normal mana wouldn’t work on me anyways. 

“Thanks. I managed to confirm one thing. Wolfe, can you hold this spear for a bit?” (Purple)

“O-Okay!” (Wolfe)

I throw the spear to Wolfe and create one other spear with the gem of devils. 

There’s no need to worry too much about how hard it is, but the issue is the weight. 

It would be tiring for my arms if it were as heavy as it looks. 

“I am ready. Can you give me back the spear?” (Purple)

“Yes, here!” (Wolfe)

I catch the spear Wolfe threw while stepping to the front, and I take a stance with both spears in both hands.

If I am going to be holding two spears, I should make them of different lengths to delineate their roles clearly, but…well, there’s no issue. 

“Dual wielding spears, huh. But judging from the fact that you didn’t do that from the very beginning means that it is not exactly your specialty.” (Seraes)

“That’s right? Let’s say it is a desperate measure to break through this situation?” (Purple)

I step in and thrust a spear to test it out. 

I may have lowered their weight, but the power is lower compared to using it with both hands. 

Seraes deflected the spear and unleashed an attack, but I immediately change the other spear into a shield to block it. 

“…What a petty trick.” (Seraes)

“I said it is a measure, right?” (Purple)

As long as we are having a one-on-one using spears, I can’t deal damage with anything aside from spears. 

But there’s no way there would be a rule that you have to use a spear to block a spear, so I thought it would be possible to protect my body with armor. 

{Enough groundwork, I guess? Dyuvuleori, prepare what I am going to be telling you, got it?} (Purple)

I give Dyuvuleori the order and attack Seraes again. 

I changed the shape of the shield into a spear again to attack, but it was blocked by a barrier in the middle of transforming. 

It would be obvious that I will be switching from defense to offense if I transform it in front of him, so I feel like dealing a decisive blow has gotten even further from possibility. 

“Well, I have no intention of winning upfront though?” (Purple)

I deploy a shield big enough to hide my body and thrust it onto the ground. 

And then, I let go of the shield and form a spear right after. 

I thrust the spear in the shadow of that shield, and the moment it was going to land on the shield, I turned the shield back into a spear. 

“A screen, huh. Pointless.” (Seraes)

Seraes didn’t seem to have much difficulty deflecting the spear attack that suddenly showed up. 

This is as much as you can expect from a one-handed spear. But there’s meaning in the action in itself. 

“There’s no telling if it is pointless unless you try it, right?” (Purple)

The number of moves Seraes makes has decreased after I switched my fighting style.

He may be able to deal with it, but he must be getting cautious in the off-chance. 

My aim is when he has gotten used to this fighting style. I have to continue mindlessly attacking him until then. 

I increase the number of spears and attack him while I repeat the switching to shields.

“What a stupid ploy. Did you think I wouldn’t be able to handle this degree of child’s play?” (Seraes)


“It looks as if you are simply attacking while increasing the number of spears, but you are purposely increasing the number of spears around me. You must be planning on changing them into shields to decrease the space for me to evade.” (Seraes)

Seraes makes a big sweep and sends the spears I left on the ground flying. 

I could have blocked his escape paths in all directions. That’s a shame. 

“Oh my, even though I went through all that trouble to do the groundwork… Are you that scared of my full power attack?” (Purple)

“I have already seen through the limits of your mana strengthening. But that’s different from letting you do as you please.” (Seraes)

“…I see. Then, try avoiding this attack, okay?” (Purple)

I threw one of the spears right near Seraes, and changed it into a giant shield.

I run to Seraes just like that, thrust the spear I am holding in my right hand, and undo the shield. 

An attack with the strongest mana strengthening I can do. 

“I told you I have seen through it.” (Seraes)

The spears intercept. 

My spear passed by the side of Seraes’ face, and the spear of Seraes pierced deeply on my right shoulder. 

My thrust was completely read and was answered with a clean counter.


“The training you and I have done is just different. The spear of a lazy bum that only lived for the sake of self-satisfaction despite being a Demon Lord that can live for eternity won’t reach me.” (Seraes)

“…Right, I can’t deny that one bit? But can you say that of others? Did you think you could stop the serious me when you are relying on a spear like that and getting overconfident?” (Purple)

“Wa—?!” (Seraes)

I place my left hand on the chest of Seraes. 

I know that magic attacks don’t work due to the power of the demonic spear. 

I also know that magic attacks don’t work. 

I am not placing my left hand for the sake of that. 

This is a mark. A target for her. 

I wasn’t the only one Seraes couldn’t see due to the big shield; he couldn’t see Wolfe and Dyuvuleori behind me either. 

If he has avoided my spear and is in a state where he can direct his attention at the surroundings and look at my left hand, he should have noticed already. 

Dyuvuleori who is directing a spear at Seraes, and Wolfe who has her fist pulled back. 

“Gooo!” (Wolfe)

My left hand was pierced by the spear flying from behind at the same time as Wolfe shouted. 

The momentum of the spear didn’t stop there and pierced the chest of Seraes. 

What I wanted to confirm was whether I could take the spears that my allies throw to me. 

I decided to use this method after the exchange of before with Wolfe confirmed this.

Seraes can’t avoid the attack of Wolfe. 

That goes the same with a spear she has thrusted. 

But if she were to do a direct attack, it would be taken as an attack from Wolfe and be stopped by a barrier. 

That’s why I used my left hand as an intermediary. 

If I take on the spear that Wolfe threw to pierce it on Seraes, it won’t activate the barrier. 

Well, there’s no way I would be able to catch a spear that even Seraes can’t avoid, so I instructed them to pierce my left hand along with it though.

“My Lord! Are you okay?!” (Dyuvuleori)

“…You idiot. There’s no way I am okay, you know?” (Purple)

Dyuvuleori immediately ran my way. 

I had Dyuvuleori control the direction in which the spear is shot at.

His hand took on the full brunt of Wolfe’s attack, so it is in an awful state, but…I am jealous of his regeneration. 

My right arm was simply pierced by his spear. The muscles and meat of that part were simply severed, and my bones are broken, but…my shoulder is in a terrible state. 

As for my left hand, forget the sensation, there’s not even the shape of it remaining. The shockwave of the spear’s impact tore apart not only my shoulder but also the muscles and bones all the way to my ribs. 

Cold sweat has been gushing out for a while now. 

Seraes has been sent a bit to the back from the impact of the spear piercing him. 

His chest was pierced by a spear, so it would normally be instant death though…

“Seraes-sama! How dare you—” 

Who cares about the subordinates clamoring at the back of Seraes. 

I hold my spear again with my right hand that still has sensation remaining and walk towards Seraes. 

“You are still alive, aren’t you, Seraes?” (Purple)


I had my family taken away by monsters. 

I did lament this unfortunate event, but I saw countless others with such circumstances when I looked around the orphanage where I ended up in. 

The scars left by the Demon Lords. 

It is not rare to take the path of a cleric after learning about the existence of the Nethers. 

I didn’t feel like emphasizing that I am different from others to begin with. 

I can’t do anything about what has already happened. I simply thought about improving the present at least. 

— “I am sorry, Seraes. We have no choice but to do this…” 

When I learned that my benefactor -the director- wanted to sell the orphanage, I couldn’t tell what I should be holding a grudge on. 

The director that raised me was kind, and guided me to live righteously. 

It is a world where I had no choice but to walk the path that the director gave me, but I couldn’t hate him. I already knew that hating him wouldn’t solve anything. 

I chose to do what I can -so that the ones with weak hearts won’t step in the wrong path, so that the ones with a corrupted heart won’t drag others with them. 

I did what I could systematically. 

My hands began to get dirty by the time I noticed, and I began to not want to talk about me to others. 

— “Seraes, why did you decline the nomination to become the Pope? If it is you…” 

— “My hands are way too dirty to stand in front of everyone. The one who will become their hope, the one who will offer their hand to them, must have clean hands.” (Seraes)

Actions of equal proportion are required in order to protect order. 

You can’t maintain order by simply taking actions to protect order.

I can’t leave that to others. 

I am the one who should scrape out the mud of the world as the one who can dirty his hands. 

“You are still alive, aren’t you, Seraes?” 

I can just barely pick up the voice of the Demon Lord with my ears. 

My ears have been ringing terribly since a while now. 

Even though my whole body is burning, it is shivering cold. 

Grasping my current situation… I don’t even need to think about it. My chest has been pierced with a spear. 

The impact of the spear that was strong enough to pierce through my body has left an irreversible deep wound everywhere aside from my head. 

There’s no diagnosis other than a fatal wound. 

Even if so, I have to stand up no matter what. 

I decided to protect it.

“…Obviously.” (Seraes)

It is a miracle that my mouth moved, it is a miracle that my body moved, it is a miracle that my spear is still within my hand. 

The world is still allowing me to move. 

I stopped the bleeding with simple magic, and look at the source of all evil in front of me. 

The Purple Demon Lord has also been injured greatly on the left side of her body. Wounds that a normal person wouldn’t even be able to stand from. 

But I can feel strong will from those eyes of hers. 

“I am glad I didn’t deal the finishing blow on a sleeping old man. But you are staggering all over the place, you know? What do you want to do? The Yugura Church wanted us to capture you alive, but do you have the intention of obediently lowering your spear?” (Purple)

“Foolish question. Such nonsense still comes out of your mouth at this point in time?” (Seraes)

“I simply wanted to establish the fact that I gave you the opportunity, you know? I knew the answer before you told me though?” (Purple)

The Purple Demon Lord laughs.  

Every single gesture of hers didn’t mesh and it irritated me. 

The one in front of me is the origin of the disorder in the world. The all-encompassing evil. 

But she is somehow different from the ones I have continued eliminating in my long years. 

“You created a Nether and created endless chaos and tragedies for ages. You are choosing to go the path of even further chaos despite being aware of it. You are a crazy woman.” (Seraes)

“Right. I am decently aware of how big the effect I had on the world from the books left in the present, you know? It is not only the direct harm like the Nether and the monsters. There’s also those that have had their hearts tainted from those and dirtied their hands in evil, right?” (Purple)

“You have no guilt despite knowing that much? Is there no heart remaining in you from the time you were a human?” (Seraes)

The Purple Demon Lord closed her eyes for a bit as if asking her heart. 

And then, she opened her eyes and said without hesitation.

“I do. But I have no intention of atoning.” (Purple)

“…What?” (Seraes)

“How would I be atoning in the first place? Don’t say my life. I have already died twice, you know? Should I be suffering for eternity? That would just satisfy your hearts, but it doesn’t solve anything, right? Why do I have to satisfy only the hearts of the people that hate me?” (Purple)

This woman, of all things to say…! Despite being aware of her sins, the responsibility…! 

“The Nether I created is the cause… Right, that might be true? But for how long are you people going to use my sins as an excuse for your own faults? I don’t want to shoulder each and every responsibility for the weakness of your own deterioration, you know? How long are you going to be dragging your feelings for a woman that was killed a century ago?” (Purple)

“But now you are here…!” (Seraes)

“Then, should I just hide? That’s awfully lukewarm? Should I have just kept it as if I had died and just left the monsters in the Nether? Oh my, who would you people put the blame on next in that case?” (Purple)

This woman is simply throwing away all responsibility. There’s no righteousness in those words.

There’s no arguing that this woman created a Nether by her own will, killed humans, and continued making them suffer all the way to the present. 

“We are living in the same world, so I will hear you out if you have any suggestions, you know? I will refrain from the encroachment of the Nether, and it is fine to use the monsters like livestock. But that’s all. I have no reason to be subservient to you people, you know? I will only offer myself by my own will. I don’t care about your circumstances.” (Purple)

This woman…this Demon Lord…has dirtied my whole life in mud…! 

“Seraes, you are standing here right now in that state as a result of your own choices, right? Are you telling me all of that -even this- is my fault?” (Purple)

“…!” (Seraes)

“Then, let’s settle this fight at once, okay? No matter whether it is my life or your own that’s lost, there won’t be anything left.” (Purple)

The Purple Demon Lord walks over. 

Her stride is far weaker compared to the battle before and her movements are dull. 

There’s no way for me to lose even if my body can’t move satisfactorily. 

I will lose everything I have aimed for until now if I die here. 

If this Demon Lord dies…my everything…will be rewarded? 

Would my life until now be liquidated just from killing this irresponsible woman? 

“That’s…not true!” (Seraes)

It is not something as flimsy that would be completely solved by just killing this woman. 

I have put my whole life to seek order in the world. Those feelings that I continued holding for the world…! 

This is not a situation where I can pull off techniques. 

I simply thrusted my sword with a straight mind. 

The spear I was holding pierced the chest of the Purple Demon Lord and—

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