LS – Chapter 275: As such, a stone statue or something

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“That’s all for the report, huh. Good work, Washekt.”

Father muttered those words coldly as usual and closed his eyes.

No words of anyone will reach him when he is like this.

If someone who doesn’t know about the king of Serende were to see this exchange, they might have a tactless opinion like ‘what a terribly cold king’.

But this is a necessary ritual for my father. It is calming even.

He organizes all the information he gathered in his head, separates what’s needed and what’s not, and searches for the best result.

In other words, entering this mode means he has obtained enough information to think of the future.

But it is unclear how long he will take thinking.

There are times when it takes an unimaginably long time before we get the next order.

“Let’s try thinking a bit too, even if it is just an imitation.” (Washekt)

The demon that used Serende as a base and tried to obtain resurrection magic has died.

But the resurrection magic was completed, and the spell has been recorded in two magic crystals.

One of them has been retrieved from the ruins, and was destroyed in front of the representatives of Taizu, Mejis, and Serende.

The Blue Demon Lord, who was the finder and the one who brought it to me, explained that they didn’t use the magic crystal on the way and haven’t obtained the construction method of it. The verity of this was confirmed by several Yugura Church clerics.

They may be allies, but I doubt they would cooperate in deceiving us about whether a Demon Lord has obtained the resurrection magic.

Then there’s the man calling himself Raheight, who was cooperating with the demon. He obtained the resurrection magic.

He then used the resurrection magic and became a Demon Lord, but the resident of Yugura’s planet had him lose the power of the resurrection magic and he perished along with his body.

Regarding the helpers of the demon that escaped, the whereabouts of the most dangerous one at present, Ritial Zentry, are unknown.

However, he is apparently going to be showing up again in a not so far future according to the resident of Yugura’s planet.

The swordsman Arcreal. His whereabouts are known to a certain degree, and the person himself doesn’t seem to be trying to hide, so it is easy to search for him.

But trying to capture him has shown pitiful results, so we have decided to not touch him for the time being.

That’s all the report from the resident of Yugura’s planet.

“What I am worried about at present is the actions of Ritial Zentry from here on, but…it doesn’t seem like he will be an immediate threat to our country.” (Washekt)

I asked them what they were going to do on our way to the ruins. They were planning on having Ritial Zentry leave Serende from the very beginning, and prioritized subjugating the demon.

I doubt that young man would simply push the issue for later.

He must have done something since he said Ritial would be showing up in the future.

Then, there should be no issues in just watching things unfold for now.

“In that case…they will be acting in Serende from here on?” (Washekt)

“Oh my, Washekt. Are you imitating Father?”

“…Well, well, if it isn’t Yumis-neesan. Is something the matter?” (Washekt)

First princess, Yumis.

She was the number one person I predicted would be appearing here, so the only comment I have about it is that I knew it.

“You should know even without me telling you, right? Foreigners have rampaged in our country, so I am here to confirm our plans for the future. Father is…doing the usual, huh.” (Yumis)

“Want me to tell you the information I have told Father?” (Washekt)

“You are going to prepare documents to report to Nuphsa-niisama anyways, right? Just give me the copies of it later.” (Yumis)

I already guessed she would be answering with that.

Yumis-neesan showed up here just to get on the good side of Father. She must hate even the act of having me do something for her.

Also, the first prince, Nuphsa-niisan, is the number one person I guessed wouldn’t show up here.

He hates verbal reports, so most interactions are done through documents. I can’t neglect the parchments thanks to that.

He is an eccentric person that doesn’t take a step out from his room, but his abilities are acknowledged even by Father.

If he had social skills, there’s no one who would question that he would be the next king.

“Right. Having Nuphsa-niisan hear…see this would be beneficial for us in the future.” (Washekt)

“That’s right. He really is a capable brother. He doesn’t even wish for authority, and has simply turned into a mindless tool that serves the country.” (Yumis)

Nuphsa-niisan has no intention of becoming the next king.

He doesn’t spread love and respect towards the populace, or try to gain favor with Father.

He is concentrating only on the state of affairs rather than fixing the bad impressions he gives.

I doubt the standing of Nuphsa-niisan would get any worse than it already is even if someone else were to become the king.

“I don’t know about putting it like that, but…oh, these footsteps must be from Chisante-niisan.” (Washekt)

I hear the sound of clanging armor even when Yumis-neesan closed the door.

I am impressed Father can concentrate on thinking when there’s this much noise.

“Ooh, Washekt and Yumis! Father is…doing the usual! He is not sleeping, right? Dahaha!” (Chisante)

The 2nd prince Chisante-niisan is currently the closest to the throne at present.

He is always walking around with his armor and laughing out loud with that sweltering voice of his, but those are all calculated actions.

He would bring a sense of familiarity with the soldiers by always being in a stance ready for battle at any moment, and makes the populace aware of him by purposely making his armor ring loudly.

For the intelligent people who don’t like such behavior…he has made it so that they understand that such behavior is calculated, and shows the effectiveness of it to make them see he is skilled.

“Chisante-niisama, I think this all the time, but can you not lower the noise of your armor in the castle? I don’t think it is bad to show your presence to the soldiers, but you will hamper the thinking of Father, you know?” (Yumis)

“Sorry, but it has already become a habit to make noise when I walk.” (Chisante)

“I think it is cool to have a habit of not making a sound when walking though. Isn’t that right, Washekt?” (Yumis)


But I won’t say it.

If I were to criticize the manly behavior of Chisante-niisan, the impression of the people and the soldiers might change into something bad like with Nuphsa-niisan.

And so, I keep my agreement in my heart.

“I think being able to tell immediately where I am no matter the place is a good thing though. But as for me…I would like a bit more decorations in that armor.” (Washekt)

“I would like to so much! But if I made my armor more fancy than that of Father, I might get mistaken by the king if a war breaks out between other countries! Dahaha!” (Chisante)

I would like them to misunderstand and have you fall prey to arrows.

No good. My personality warps whenever I get washed by the atmosphere of Chisante-niisan.

Even these points are calculated, so it is nasty.

“—Washekt, you are there, right?”

“Yes, here.” (Washekt)

Father opened his eyes and looked at me.

He is not paying any intention to the noisy Chisante-niisan, and Yumis-neesan who is making a face to gain favor.

“The resident of Yugura’s planet will most likely come here to negotiate a longer stay in Serende. You will be accompanying him and help him out in achieving his objective.”

“Objective, huh… What would that be?” (Washekt)

“If you are going to imitate me, try to think at least that much with your own head.”

I felt embarrassed there and ended up looking away.

I can easily imagine the face of Chisante-niisan, and Yumis-neesan laughing behind me.

“Understood. I will compare answers with the person himself.” (Washekt)

“Father, this means we will be receiving them as official guests, right? Then, we will decrease the number of soldiers keeping an eye on them. Is that alright?” (Chisante)

“It is okay for there to be none. But decide that at your own discretion, Chisante.”

“Understood. The anxiety of the soldiers watching foreign soldiers for a long time can’t be taken lightly after all.” (Chisante)

So Chisante-niisan came here to talk about the soldiers keeping an eye on the soldiers of Taizu and Mejis, huh.

I explained that they are not a threat to our country, but…well, ignoring them completely would not be a good look for the people.

“Excuse me, Father, can’t I be the one who interacts with this resident of Yugura’s planet?” (Yumis)

“I don’t think seduction will work on him though, dahaha!” (Chisante)

“I won’t do that. But I can’t really guarantee I won’t be doing it if I get interested though.” (Yumis)

“I have judged that Washekt is the most appropriate one. But you can do as you please to a degree where it is not a hindrance.”

“Hmm, right. Got it. I will be greeting him some other time then.” (Yumis)

Yumis-neesan directed her gaze at me.

She must be telling me to prepare the place and to introduce him to her.

That would mean I would have to introduce him to Chisante-niisan, too.

This brother and sister of mine are truly slave drivers.

That said, if he really is going to be staying in Serende for a while, that would be a great opportunity to fulfill my promise of showing him around the ruins.

I could enjoy myself too while at it.

I heard he is currently resting because of his injuries, so let’s bring some gifts that might pique his curiosity.

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