LS – Chapter 39: The weight on my shoulders has been lifted for now

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Pope Euparo has finally arrived. 

Of course, the otherworlder that was involved with the book was forced to be present too. It is in order to prove that I can read the book. It would just trouble the other party if I were to say I don’t want my face to be remembered, so it can’t be helped. 

By the way, there was no call for Rakura’s presence. The ones on standby at the guest room are Marito and Lord Ragudo who know about the situation. There’s Ilias as my bodyguard and also Anbu-kun who can’t be seen for a total of 5 people. 

After being made to wait for a while, 3 men and 1 woman entered the room. I could tell from the appearance of one of them that he is without a doubt Pope Euparo. 

I would say he is around 60 years old and has the face of an openhearted person. 

The man by his side has the same archbishop necklace that Maya-san has. He has a small mustache that gives off charm. That’s most likely Archbishop Ukka. 

I don’t know about the other two, so I wait for the talk to begin.

And so the self-introductions began. I really did guess the 2 correctly. The last man was the bodyguard of the Pope, and is a Holy Knight Captain from Mejis called Yox. He looks like he is in his 30s, but I feel the same aura as Lord Ragudo aside from the fact that he is young. 

The only woman there is Lilisa. A quiet beauty and the caretaker of the Pope. 

“Now then, we have finished our self-introductions. Let’s begin our talk.” 

“First things first, I would like to apologize for our ineptitude.” (Euparo)

Pope Euparo apologizes for the matter this time around. He had Archbishop Ukka lower his head as well, and apologized for causing trouble to the nation. 

Marito forgave him completely. The reason Archbishop Ukka targeted us was because of Raheight who had evil intentions. He does bear responsibility for being taken advantage of by Raheight. But it is exactly because Archbishop Ukka was the one utilized that an airhead like Rakura was sent, and ended up with their existence being exposed. 

Yox didn’t say a word the whole time, but Lilisa added complementary information after the words of Pope Euparo. 

After finishing the apologies, Marito brought out the book in question, and returned it to Pope Euparo. 

“The ones who have read and confirmed the contents of the book from our side are me and Lord Ragudo, and this man who can read it. In regards to the contents, two of the knights from Lord Ragudo’s division and the girl. We have also told the cleric from your side.” (Marito)

“I have heard reports of that. You must be the traveler that came from a parallel world, right?” (Euparo)

The eyes of Pope Euparo were directed at me. 

Maya-san also has eyes that can see through people, but these are on a whole other level. I feel like my whole body will be stripped naked if he continues watching me. It is embarrassing, yup.

“I am sorry, but can you please hold my hand? By feeling the mana flowing in your body directly, I can feel just how that person has lived their life. I would like to confirm with my own hands just what kind of person you are, person from a parallel world.” (Euparo)

“Yeah, I don’t mind. Go ahead.” 

I give him my hand. 

Pope Euparo holds that hand gently. That hand not only had warmth. It feels as if something hot was moving around my whole body. 

“—I see, I get it now. You are a coward. You fear all events, and so you try to understand them in order to be ready for them. Earth must be a place where you easily encounter people with evil intentions.” (Euparo)

“…Yeah, it is as you say.” 

Looks like he is the real deal.

Rather, you can tell that much? The top of a religious organization really isn’t just for show.

“However, it was due to your cowardice that the malady lodged in our country was discovered. I would like to show my deep appreciation for this. We will do anything within our power.” (Euparo)

“I am fine with just not being faulted for reading the book. Also, if you aren’t returning to Mejis at once, please go visit the graves of the ones that lost their lives in this incident. We wouldn’t have moved without his death after all.” 

“Yeah, I promise. But it must have been rude to suddenly call you a coward. My apologies.” (Euparo)

“It is the truth, so don’t worry.” 

He is far more of a character than I anticipated. I even feel bad about being overly wary. I am feeling apprehensive about pushing even more truths onto him. 

“Right. Archbishop Ukka apparently contributed greatly in trapping Raheight. Thank you very much.” 

“Don’t thank me. I simply cleaned up my own mess.” (Ukka)

Archbishop Ukka averted his gaze as if feeling bad. Even so, his actions could warrant him an MVP in the Mejis side. 

“Ukka-sama was worrying the whole time on his way to Taizu.” (Lilisa)

“Lilisa, don’t say unnecessary things!” (Ukka)

“Oh my, my apologies.” (Lilisa)

After lowering her head without looking apologetic, Lilisa showed a smile at me… Hm?

“Lilisa-san, was it? Have we met before?” 

“No, this is my first time coming to Taizu, so this would be the first time I meet you.” (Lilisa)

“Right. Sorry for the weird question.” 

…I might need to test this out. I take out the book and resume the topic with Pope Euparo. 

“By the way, I have heard the gist of this book from the transmission. I have also heard that you had information that must be told personally. Can you please tell me in detail about that part?” (Euparo)

“Yes, but before that…can I please do a little payback from before?” 

“Fumu? I don’t really mind, but…do you have that kind of specialty?” (Euparo)

“Something similar. You could say it is one of my few specialties… Since there’s the opportunity, I would like the others to tag along too.” 

Archbishop Ukka tilts his head; Lilisa laughs with an ‘oh my’; Yox doesn’t show much of a reaction. 

“It is a method to measure just how confident you are of yourself. First, please recite what I am about to say Pope-sama. ‘I am Pope Euparo’.” 

“‘I am Pope Euparo’, is that good enough?” (Euparo)

“Yeah, thanks. It is probably hard to understand the meaning with just this, so…the next is Archbishop Ukka. ‘I am Pope Euparo’.” 

“‘I-I am Pope Euparo’.” (Ukka)

“Next, ‘I am Archbishop Ukka’.” 

“‘’I am Archbishop Ukka’… I ended up hesitating in the first one.” (Ukka)

“Yes, but you may have already gotten it somewhat. You can recite your own name and position even if it is on the spot. It is a method that allows you to measure your confidence towards the truth by mixing truth and lies.” 

“I see. I kind of understand.” (Euparo)

“Then, next is Yox-san. ‘I am Pope Euparo’.” 

“‘I am Pope Euparo’.” (Yox)

“Next is ‘I am Archbishop Ukka’.” 

“‘I am Archbishop Ukka’.” (Yox)

“Lastly, ‘I am the Holy Knight Captain of Mejis, Yox’.” 

“‘I am the Holy Knight Captain of Mejis, Yox’.” (Yox)

Yox said everything without a single missed beat. Obviously, if I explain the concept of it, there’s not much need to get flustered. 

“When it comes to a knight captain, the changes are so small it is hard to read… Now then, the last one is Lilisa-san.” 

“Yes, go ahead.” (Lilisa)

“‘I am Pope Euparo’.” 

“‘I am Pope Euparo’.” (Lilisa)

“Next, ‘I am Archbishop Ukka’.” 

“‘I am Archbishop Ukka’.” (Lilisa)

“Next, ‘I am the Holy Knight Captain of Mejis, Yox’.” 

“‘I am the Holy Knight Captain of Mejis, Yox’.” (Lilisa)

“Lastly, ‘I am Raheight’.” 


The air around us got strained in an instant. The one who drew her sword instantly was Ilias, followed by Yox. Pope Euparo and Archbishop Ukka took distance from Lilisa too. 

The person herself is not breaking her smile, but her mouth is not moving.

“So you can’t say it. Figures. Pope Euparo and Archbishop Ukka can see through lies. In other words, they can also see through truths.” 

“…Since when did you notice?” 

Lilisa…no, Raheight’s smile turned even more artificial and creepy. 

“I was not certain. However, when I heard you were cornered by Archbishop Ukka and killed yourself, I wondered if you really were someone who would give up your life that easily. I simply tried to be careful here. You knew about the contents of the book, but not the details. If you heard that there’s even more secrets to it, I simply thought you would want to know about them and try to make contact with us. That’s why I have been wary about all the people I have met for the first time since then.” 

“That’s a weak reasoning to notice I was hiding as Lilisa. It is true that, with the possibility that the details of the book will be spoken here, the chances of me appearing would be higher. However, you doubted me…no, Lilisa, without hesitation. I would like to know the reason for that.” (Raheight)

“Aah, I told you about how this is one of my few specialties, right? I am good at gauging my distance between people. I was measuring the distance between us preemptively while listening to the conversation of Marito. The one that felt off within those people was you.” 

“Felt off, huh. The 3 people here completely believed I was Lilisa.” (Raheight)

“You showed me a smile when teasing Archbishop Ukka. That’s how I felt our distance with eye measurement.” 

“That’s just being well-mannered.” (Raheight)

“The distance you chose to take for the Pope-sama was ‘not too close, but not hostile’. You also took an action as if gauging me. Archbishop Ukka showed a certain degree of pressure towards me due to this. An angry subordinate following up after a superior isn’t rare. But even though your superior is trying to interact in a careful manner, the caretaker that should understand her superior was acting in such a familiar manner. Isn’t that too unnatural?” 

“…I see. It seems like I unknowingly got satisfaction from having met you. And that ended up showing strongly in my attitude.” (Raheight)

“Also, I threw you a question once, right? ‘Have I met you before?’. That was a way of responding that tried to tiptoe around not telling a lie while deceiving the target. That’s why I decided to confirm it.” 

It goes without saying, but it is the method I used with Maya-san and Rakura. A line-up of calculated truths to deceive the clerics that can see through lies. It is because I myself use this method that it feels so familiar. 

“Color me impressed. As expected of an Earthling.” (Raheight)

“You bastard! What happened to Lilisa?!” (Ukka)

“Oh, can’t you tell with one look, Ukka-sama? This body is without doubt that of Lilisa. The knife that sliced my neck had enough mana to tear away my soul from my body just once. That’s how I escaped with only my soul. However, you need to prepare a destination for the soul beforehand in this ritual and you can’t set several, so it is not like you can use it countless times. Just for your information, I have already prepared for the next one, so there’s no need to wound this body pointlessly.” (Raheight)

What a convenient spell. So if you can’t escape physically, escape with just your soul? It is true that you would be able to escape even from the control of necromancy with that. 

But throwing away your own body without hesitation should require quite the courage. 

“Magic that interferes with the soul is taboo. To think you have put your hands to such boundaries already.” (Euparo)

“I wanted to hear more if possible, but it seems like any more would be impossible. However, I managed to see you with my own eyes. Let’s call that rewarding enough.” (Raheight)

Raheight was looking at me amused. Can you please stop looking at me as if you have found a good rival? I am a civilian here, you know?

“Now then, it is regrettable, but let’s meet again at another occasion.” (Raheight)

Saying this, Raheight vomited blood and collapsed. Archbishop Ukka immediately rushed to her and confirmed her state. 

“Looks like she had a blade shaped magic stone in her mouth. We must treat her at once!” (Ukka)

And so, he rushed out of the room in order to contact the members of the Yugura Church on standby outside. The other clerics entered the room without delay and took the body of Lilisa away. 

“To think he would trick us not once but twice… My deepest apologies, king of Taizu!” (Euparo)

Pope Euparo lowered his head deeply at Marito. They have brought a thief all the way to the king of a nation. Of course they have no choice but to apologize. 

“It is just that Raheight was sly. Right now you have to worry about the body and heart of the girl.” (Marito)

“I am deeply thankful for your consideration.” (Euparo)

After that, just in case, we checked the people in the place and the ones on standby outside. It was only after several hours that we were finally back on our seats. 

“He understandably wouldn’t take refuge nearby. Just in case, I have briefed the situation to the people near the sealed corpse at Mejis too.” (Euparo)

Regaining his own body would be the fastest way. That said, he wouldn’t do something so imprudent. However, we can’t deny the possibility he is once again posing as a member of the Yugura Church. They are apparently going to be busy with countermeasures against Raheight for the near future. 

What a pain in the ass that guy is. I would like to see the face of his boss -don’t want to meet them though.

Marito took control of the place again and returned the topic to the book. 

“Well then, let’s resume the topic of conversation… I would like to tell this solely to Pope Euparo first to deliberate on it. Everyone here, please leave the room aside from the ones who know. Lord Ratzel.” (Marito)

“…Yes.” (Ragudo)

Marito had Ilias leave the room first. Seeing this, Pope Euparo had Archbishop Ukka and Yox leave the room. 

“From here on, he will be the one doing the explaining. Please do.” (Marito)

“Okay. —Then, I will explain with this book open.” 

I opened the book in a way so that Pope Euparo could see it and do a rough explanation of the details that we have deciphered. By doing an explanation of the illustrations, Pope Euparo realized once again that I can read the book. 

“That’s the contents of the book. What I have explained until now is just as we have relayed before.” 

“It doesn’t seem like there’s any room to doubt the contents of the book. It is certainly true that, if we were to proceed exactly as deciphered, we would be able to use even more advanced necromancy. The credibility of the Demon Lord resurrecting has increased. But that’s not all, right?” (Euparo)

“Yes. The issue is on the last page.” 

I opened the last page. 

What was written there wasn’t related to the title of the book. 

There’s just a simple scribble.

“It doesn’t look that serious though.” (Euparo)

“What’s written here is: ‘That concludes the summary of the investigation results’. And then, the last words. What’s written here is the name of the book’s author.” 

“Author… The person who created the resurrection magic and gave birth to the Demon Lord…?!” (Euparo)

“The name of the author is: Yugura Nariya. The name of the hero that defeated the Demon Lords and was the founder of the Yugura Church.” 

Pope Euparo was speechless. Understandably so. 

That’s because the name of the one who defeated the Demon Lords and saved the world is the same as the one who created the resurrection magic and Demon Lords. 

Pope Euparo continued silent for a while and eventually spoke with a heavy tone.

“What do you think? Do you think Yugura…the hero created the Demon Lords?” (Euparo)

“I consider there to be a 30% chance.” 

“…Can you please tell me the basis of that?” (Euparo)

“First of all, the one who wrote this book is an Earthling. There’s an Earthling here with you. How’s my mana?” 

“—Your mana is awfully low. It is on the level of an infant or lower.” (Euparo)

“That’s right. Earth has no concept of magic. Mana hasn’t even been discovered. The writing in this book is from around 100 years ago. Even if there’s a difference in the flow of time between worlds, that person coming here was just 100 years ago. Magic didn’t exist in that era either. That said, there might be differences of mana between individuals, but even so, I doubt that Yugura Nariya has an outstanding amount of mana. I would have to question whether someone like that can defeat a Demon Lord.” 

Even if Yugura Nariya were to be from a temple where they might have mana, or were to be raised in a shrine or from the occult. Would he still have enough mana to match the mana of the talented people in this world? If there was someone like that in the past, it shouldn’t be strange for such a person to be found in  the modern era too.

“It is true that you don’t seem to be suitable for battle, but there’s the possibility that it isn’t the same for the author of this book.” (Euparo)

“No, the people of this world are extremely strong. They are used to fighting with their bodies strengthened by mana. That alone creates a heaven and earth difference. Even if his mana were to increase from coming here and he began to train, I doubt he would grow to a degree where he would be called a hero.” 

“Then, what is it?” (Euparo)

“Hero Yugura wasn’t the real name of the person who defeated the Demon Lords. Maybe a resident of this world took the name of this Yugura Nariya who was the author of this book and had a relationship with him.” 

This is what makes the most sense for me. The Earthling Yugura Nariya thought out the resurrection magic and created Demon Lords. And then, someone related to him called himself Yugura, and defeated the Demon Lord. That has a lot of a higher chance to be the case.

I have a number of hypotheses regarding the background, but I feel some sort of regret in it. 

“However, there’s a strong chance that the hero and the one who created the Demon Lords have some sort of connection. That’s why we chose to only speak about this to you, Pope-sama, and have you decide what to do.” 

“You have pushed an unbelievable reality here onto me… What do you want me to do…?” (Euparo)

Pope Euparo was troubled. He has been pushed the reality that Yugura, who saved the world and left his teachings, had created the biggest of taboos or is related to them. 

Either of them is a troubling reality as the top of the religion that holds the teachings of Yugura. 

Marito placed a hand on top of the shoulder of Pope Euparo.

“Taizu won’t be publicizing this. Or rather, we can’t. Taizu has the most Yugura Church believers. We can’t cause unnecessary chaos. I want you to take your time and discuss this with people you trust.” (Marito)

“…Yeah, I should go back and consult with the others.” (Euparo)

And in this way, Pope Euparo was burdened with an issue that could open a hole in his stomach from the stress. As for me, I am relieved that I finally managed to relay this secret. 

That said, after bringing this matter in question to Mejis, it is not like it isn’t possible that there will be a development where they go: ‘This must be hidden. We must dispose of anyone who knows!’. No matter how great the virtue of Pope Euparo, that doesn’t make his surroundings the same after all.

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