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I am guessing the status quo will crumble soon, so I proceed with the preparations to find out the location of the Blue Demon Lord, but there was something I was waiting for aside from that. 

By the way, that very person has come to Lilbe. 

“Oh my, it has been a while. Has your face gotten better~?” 

“Hey there, you seem to be doing well, Girista.” 

Girista is one of the assassins that was sent by Raheight together with Ekdoik. 

After she escaped from Taizu, I have been contacting her minutely through Ekdoik. 

The moment we met, we bump each other’s fists lightly up and down, and then high-five with our right hands. 

Ilias was taken aback by this. 

“What was that just now?” (Ilias)

“It is a greeting of reunion that’s trending between adventurers-desu zo, Lady Ratzel.” (Mix)

That’s right. 

I was taught this by Mix before, but Girista just did that gesture all too naturally, so I tried matching her. 

“I was expecting to meet Girista again, but you are awfully close now.” (Ilias)

“Oh my, jealous? It is okay. He is an unmatched patron, but he is not my taste of man~.” (Girista)

Ilias is also not in a romantic relationship with me but one between bodyguard and escort, so she might be jealous in that sense.

I don’t do such a greeting with Ilias after all. I am not the physical type that would wake up in the morning and communicate with such body language every time. 

“I had her do requests for me through Ekdoik at the time when she was in Gahne. I would feel bad for the anbus of Taizu having to help me out the whole time through Marito after all.” 

“He made requests like natural despite us being in a relationship where we tried to kill each other, so I ended up liking him and accepted. Here, the thing you asked me for~.” (Girista)

I got a bundle of parchment and I checked the inside. 

Right, this is what I wanted.

Having this information and not having it will change how we can take advantage of our strengths when moving in Kuama. 

“We will make quite a lot of progress with this.” 

“Oh my, your face turned evil. By the way, can I get my reward~?” (Girista)

“Yeah, the money goes without saying, but I have one other thing prepared.” 

I then give her what I brought from Taizu for Girista.

“Ahaah, this is a nostalgic sensation~.” (Girista)

It is the demonic sword that we retrieved at the time when we fought off Girista. 

It is a greatsword heavier than even Ilias’s sword, so we had no choice but to use a carriage in order to bring this with us. 

Girista swung the demonic sword lightly and confirmed its sensation. 

The demonic sword that’s said to have been used by demons. According to Gold, the demons that served the Black Demon Lord were each given a special weapon. 

Considering this is one of them, this is a pretty valuable thing. 

Well, there’s no knight who would go out of their way to use a weapon like this with such a bad taste and is so heavy. If it is just going to rot in the treasury, it would be better to put it to good use. And so, Marito entrusted it to me. 

“Now! You will let me…test it out right away, right?!” (Girista)

Just when I thought she had finished confirming the sensation, she rushed towards Ilias.

The battle junkie Girista really shows no restraint when she has deemed there’s a strong opponent in front of her. 

Well, Girista ended up being flipped around and rolling on the ground just a few seconds later though. She is showing a dumbstruck face here.

“…Oh? Have you gotten pretty strong?” (Girista)

“I learned proper techniques from a good master.” (Ilias)

“Hmm, I like strong opponents, but getting dealt with so easily just isn’t it, you know?” (Girista)

“That’s fine and all, but fix that unsightly appearance you have.” 

I helped the flipped Girista up.

Even if she was dealt with easily, she still has barely any injuries. 

“I would like to fight against a strong opponent that’s just the right strength. A suitable opponent… Right, there’s the demi-human chick that fought Pashuro!” (Girista)

After that, she was made to roll on the ground again by Wolfe. I help her up and finish up the reports of our recent state. 

Wolfe has gotten strong too. I am happy as her shishou. 

“My my, you are crazy, joining hands with Demon Lords and all that~.” (Girista)

“I don’t want to be told that by a battle junkie.” 

“A battle junkie is far more sane, you know~? But that sounds interesting. Can I join in~?” (Girista)

“Yeah, I was planning on inviting you to begin with.” 

“Oh my, that makes me happy. But do you think you can control me~?” (Girista)

“It is okay. I have comprehended you once already. If it doesn’t work, I will just cut you off in a jiffy.” 

“That’s scary. But a relationship like that makes it easier for me and has more freedom~.” (Girista)

It goes without saying that Girista has high combat power, but what’s even more reliable than that is her experience living as an adventurer in the underground society.

I am extremely grateful to be able to deal on different facets from Mix who was a famous adventurer on the surface world. 

Ekdoik was an adventurer that lived in the underground society too, but he apparently barely had any interpersonal relationships after all.

“But to think I would join hands with Girista in this fashion.” (Ekdoik)

“Right. But you have changed quite a lot, Ekdoik.” (Girista)

“—Yeah. A lot has happened after all.” (Ekdoik)

“If Pa-chan were still alive, would he have joined this group?” (Girista)

“I don’t know about that. I don’t really feel like thinking about him as the person who killed him though.” (Ekdoik)

Pashuro: the disciple of Gradona. 

I judged he was the most difficult to control within the assassins that Raheight sent, so I defeated him by causing a group fallout between him and Ekdoik, but…hmm, he is a whimsical guy in his own way after all. 

I wouldn’t want to leave a guy that could easily betray me nearby. 

On that front, Girista won’t show desire to betray me as long as I prepare a place for her to fight. 

She won’t be troubled with battles for the foreseeable future. 

“Now then, let’s resume preparations. I will be fighting with the souvenir Girista brought me for a while, so Girista, help out Ekdoik or something.” 

“Got it~.” (Girista)


I followed behind him and checked his state. 

He is mumbling something while looking with a pensive look at the information that Girista brought.

“Do you plan on using that with the Blue Demon Lord?” 

“No, I don’t plan on using it on the Blue Demon Lord. I have enough information after all.” 

His weapon is the action of comprehending his target. What I dislike about this is the act of throwing his values in the process of it. 

He used that at the time with the Purple Demon Lord, but he used it in order to face her. 

In other words, he didn’t throw away his own values, and faced her straight on with his true feelings.

At that time, I even felt gallantness from him, but this time it is closer to disgust. 

His eyes are currently faintly muddy. 

There’s still slight changes even without him using excessive comprehension.

The frequency is far higher than the time in the competition with the Purple Demon Lord. 

Basically, he is moving back and forth in the standing of ‘evil’.

“I feel like this time around, rather than the proper method…you are taking a position that’s closer to evil.” (Ilias)

“Figures. It is because of the opponent we are facing after all. Getting a bit sucked into that side can’t be helped.” 

The Purple Demon Lord desired him with pure feelings. 

There was no good or evil there. That’s why what he showed was his serious form. 

But the people moving right now cannot be wrapped up with just that. 

“…I am honestly uneasy. It is obvious you are scheming something that’s not good here, but I can’t help but feel like there’s something more lying beyond that.” (Ilias)

It would be faster to just voice out my honest emotions to him. He matches his attitude depending on the actions I take. 

In that case, I want what I have between him to be something straightforward. 

He placed the parchment on top of the desk and faced me. 

“It should be fine to tell you, Ilias.” 

“Tell me what?” (Ilias)

My current state. To be honest here, I am excessively tense here.” 

“…In detail please.” (Ilias)

“Every single factor tied around the actions of the Blue Demon Lord are not good. It is a situation where I can’t lower my guard on any direction. It is not only the Blue Demon Lord, there’s also Archbishop Seraes, Kuama, the Scarlet Demon Lord, and the Colorless Demon Lord to add to it. There’s way too many worrying factors.” 

“You are being wary of even the Colorless Demon Lord? I don’t feel like he is moving right now though.” (Ilias)

“He is the very culprit that stirred up the Scarlet Demon Lord, accelerating the current situation, and provoked the Yugura Church so the attention of Archbishop Seraes was directed at me, you know? The intent of this guy is felt acutely in all this.” 

“Are you trying to say that the Colorless Demon Lord is pulling the strings of this incident from the shadows?” (Ilias)

“No, a bit different from that. The Scarlet Demon Lord had prepared this beforehand to begin with. The Colorless Demon Lord is simply taking advantage of this. The bothersome part is that I don’t know for what reason he is using him though.” 

The Colorless Demon Lord is not simply dropping beneficial information, but also causing calamities. 

I don’t know what he is thinking at all. 

But I have a general idea for what the identity of this unease is. 

The only one he had to face was the Purple Demon Lord in the competition before, but right now he has to concentrate on several directions.

Due to this, he has to show caution over caution, and reflect several people in the mirror at the same time. 

That must be the reason why he felt more warped than usual. 

It is not like he has an iron will. He is scared of foreign enemies the whole time.

But I don’t think that is pathetic or foolish. 

He knows how weak he is and has the courage to struggle despite this knowledge. 

Then, what I can do is stand by his side and create a direction that he can be at ease with. 

“…That’s quite the understanding face you’ve got there.” 

“It seems like I myself have also comprehended what defines you to a decent degree, you see.” (Ilias)

“Things would go a lot smoother if you were to understand my thoughts too while at it.” 

“I will leave that as homework for some other time… Right, it is about what you are thinking. You are scheming something evil, right? I was thinking about asking you about it.” (Ilias)

“You are sharp. Oh well, you are right. I’m scheming something a tiny bit evil. I am keeping it a secret from the others too.” 

“Is it something you want to hide from me too?” (Ilias)

“I am fine with telling you, but you are bad at hiding things, right?” 

I am a knight that lived a sincere life, so I won’t say I am good at hiding things. 

But being told in that way bothers me greatly.

“Alright, speak. I shall do my best to keep it a secret.” (Ilias)

“Kay kay, then, lend me your ear.” 

It is not like there’s anyone listening in anyways. 

But I approve that you really gotta be sneaky like this when talking about secret schemes. 

I lend him my ear while internally excited about this. 

He whispered to me the explanation of his evil scheme. My ear felt ticklish.

I nodded after hearing it all. 

It really wasn’t anything decent. 

“You will eventually lose the trust of your comrades.” (Ilias)

“I feel like I already lost yours a long time ago though.” 

It is true that I do feel like it is normal for me to think there’s something behind everything he does as of recently. 

“That’s your own fault. Just give up on that. But I do have faith in you.” (Ilias)

“Is that so.” 

I can’t trust what he does, but I have faith in his will. 

It is a truly weird relationship. I would like to trust him too if possible, but…no, that’s not good. 

He has a tendency of getting happy when seeing me surprised or troubled.

I must correct that. 

“You really are a busybody.” (Ilias)

“Leave me be. I also pulled a lot of strings in your case too, right?” 

“Right. To think I would join in on your evil scheming this time around.” (Ilias)

“Don’t like it?” 

“It is not something to be praised for…but it is not bad. I see, it seems like I am being influenced negatively by you too.” (Ilias)

“I feel like Maya-san will get angry at me.” 

He smiled faintly. 

…I see, this is not bad.


A few days have gone by since the resident of Yugura’s planet has stayed in Lilbe. 

I receive reports from Lord Tokusado in regards to his actions from time to time, but I don’t know what exactly he is doing here. 

He gathered carpenters and gave instructions, but it seems the intention behind it is unknown to Lord Tokusado. 

I myself don’t understand either. Is it something you do in such a tense situation?

But it is not like he is completely incompetent. 

The lack of resources in the defensive walls has begun to grow conspicuous, so when it was ordered to transport supplies for assistance, Lilbe had already prepared the supplies we wanted. 

According to the report of Lord Tokusado, that resident of Yugura’s planet made him prepare them. 

It should be safe to assume that he at least understands the current situation better than the nobles that are simply on standby. 

We have also gained some leeway in the walls for now with the arrival of the clerics from Mejis. 

With an increase in people who can use high efficiency purification magic, dealing with undead isn’t that difficult. 

Of course, it is a current state where we don’t know when they will switch to an invasion in other areas, so we can’t lower our guard. 

But there’s no new information from the scouts sent there. 

The Blue Demon Lord is foolishly trying to breach a wall that it can’t get through. 

“Are they planning on turning this into an endurance battle?” 

“Can’t really say just yet. However, it would be better to assume they have some sort of plan.” 

Archbishop Seraes is thinking of the next move the Blue Demon Lord will be taking, but the Blue Demon Lord is currently continuing a foolish charge. There’s way too few factors to draw any conclusions. 

Shouldn’t we consider putting a more express effort in finding the location of the Blue Demon Lord to turn this around?

A messenger showed up while I was thinking this. 

It seems like a message from the resident of Yugura’s planet that was sent through Lord Tokusado. 

The recipient is Archbishop Seraes. It wasn’t for me despite it having been sent to the Kuama Castle. 

…The resident of Yugura’s planet must know the relationship between me and Archbishop Seraes. That must be why he made this move. 

He really must have something special to be able to get Demon Lords to his side. I can’t lower my guard with him.

Archbishop Seraes read the letter and made a dubious look.

“What was written in it?” 

“It would be faster for you to read it instead of me telling you. Here.” (Seraes)

Archbishop Seraes said this as he gave me the letter. 

What was written there was a simple greeting and…

“The walls will be breached the day after tomorrow…?” 

What was written there was the way to deal with the emergency that will be happening.

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