LS – Chapter 92: Tea to start with

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Comrade was captured by a Great Devil.

Analysis: If we are talking about a Great Devil with uniqueness in their abdomen, it would be the Stomach of Perplexion, Feibyushasu.

Their objective is without doubt Comrade. I doubt there’s any sense of camaraderie towards Gugugeguderstaf who I ended.

The order of the Purple Demon Lord? No, if they seriously wanted to capture Comrade, there’s no way she wouldn’t use Dyuvuleori.

I should consider that this is an arbitrary action of these Great Devils.

I take out the stake connecting my shadow to the ground and free myself.

I then supply mana to the chains just like that and fill the sky and land with chains.

You can’t escape easily from the prison of chains, this barrier made prison.

With this, I will be able to seal the ability of the Great Devils being able to hide in the shadows.

“What a stupid attempt. Just free Comrade already. If not, I will crush you thoroughly, right here and now.”

“That’s pointless. The attacks directed at Feibyushasu reach even the assimilated person. If you want to kill the human with your chains, feel free to do so.” (Hasharyukudehito)

I have already heard of that ability. Father has told me about Feibyushasu who predates the allies of his enemies.

“I see, then you have nothing to do with that.” (Ekdoik)

“—Ah?!” (Hasharyukudehito)

Chains that branched out from the chain prison wrap around Feibyushasu and Hasharyukudehito.

The strongest trait of this technique is that I can attack from any direction and any amount of times I want by filling the chains in all directions.

If I add invisibility magic to the equation, it should be possible to attack freely.

“D-Do you not care about what happens to the hostages?! Feibyushasu!” (Hasharyukudehito)

Feibyushasu has been wrapped around chains just the same, but his state is weird.

There’s no reaction even after having been captured by chains. I heard that he can send his mind inside of him, but is he concentrating on that part?

I heard he can do both at the same time, but is something currently happening inside?

“Your objective is to use Comrade to negotiate with the Purple Demon Lord, right? If you were to threaten the life of my comrade here, your hopes of living are zero. Bring as much pain to Comrade as you want, but I promise I will make you taste far more pain than that to you all.” (Ekdoik)

Even Comrade should have his own resolve.

In this situation, what must be avoided is getting hesitant and obeying.

“Guh, are you getting conceited thinking that we can’t put a hand on him?! Feibyushasu, tear off an arm of the hostage or someth—” (Hasharyukudehito)

I close the mouth of Hasharyukudehito with chains so that he doesn’t babble anything unnecessary to fan Feibyushasu.

With the strengthening of the Pawn Mask, I really can’t kill him with just the constricting of the chains. But it is possible to restrain them in the chain prison.

“Choose. Will you let us concentrate in our competition with the Purple Demon Lord, or will you get in the way and die without any hope?” (Ekdoik)

But Feibyushasu doesn’t react. Just why? —is what I thought and his stomach moved.

Could it be that he has done some kind of attack…?


Comrade wrenched open with effort the closed stomach and showed up.

I can’t see any change compared to before he was captured aside from the fact that he is covered in saliva.

“Oh, got out, got out. Aah, my whole body is all sticky and gross…woah, the chains are getting in the way!”

“Y-Yeah, sorry. This is so that they don’t melt into the shadows and escape. I will move them out of your way.” (Ekdoik)

“No, this guy is already dead, you know?”

“What?!” (Ekdoik)

I ran to the side of Comrade and checked the state of Feibyushasu… It is true. This is…

The body itself may not be injured, but his internal mana has been lost completely and has died.

“What in the world did you do?” (Ekdoik)

“Aah, I will tell you that later. Can you maintain the restraints as they are?”

“Its effectiveness decreases when spread too wide.” (Ekdoik)

The fact that there’s no person trying to interject here must mean that the side of the Purple Demon Lord and the side of Taizu have not seen this situation.

Mix Taizu and the others that must have been tailing us probably confirmed that we entered a back alley and are currently going around it.

So their detour and the ambush of the Great Devils overlapped, huh. How unlucky.

“Got it. Then, it is the turn of this… Can you shower me with water magic?”

“I am going to wash you a bit on the strong side, okay?” (Ekdoik)

I create a water ball above Comrade and it float, just leave it there. I can wash myself.”

I didn’t think about that. I create a water ball again and let him wash himself as he pleases.

I blew hot wind onto him as an apology to dry him.

“It is the turn of this. A whistle used in emergencies. I didn’t want to blow it since it was covered in saliva, you see.”

Saying this, Comrade blew the whistle, and then, Mix Taizu and Caragyugujesta Domitorkofucon -who I met before- showed up with flustered looks.

They look awfully agitated most likely because an unexpected situation happened within the match and the help of 3rd parties was requested.

“What’s the matter, Mister Friend?! Just what in the world is this?!” (Mix)

“Aah, about that…”

I explained the situation and handed over Hasharyukudehito.

The restraint can be maintained if a certain degree of mana is infused into the chains. You need some skill to manage it, but it should be possible for Mix Taizu.

“Counting on you, Mix. We will continue solving the puzzles.”

“Lad, you said you were captured by the Great Devils. Are you not injured?” (Cara)

“Yes, I am okay. Rather, I now have a reason to finish this match as soon as possible, so that I can report to Marito.”

Comrade chose to resume the match just like that. In that case, I will return to my job as a bodyguard.

That said, even though I acted so confident with Ilias Ratzel, it ended up like this… We need to increase the means to deal with ambushes a bit more.


Man, that was some terrible stuff I had to go through there.

There’s me getting captured by Feibyushasu, but there’s also that man.

The Colorless Demon Lord. I heard about him from the Gold Demon Lord, but he is not acquainted with any Demon Lord. To think he would suddenly show up at a place like that. I wouldn’t have even been able to imagine it.

The way he appeared, his strength, and the things he spoke; all points had their own can of worms.

He destroyed the spiritual body of Febyushasu in an instant, and then, I don’t know how he did it, but he also took the life of the main body.

‘You will soon regain consciousness inside his stomach. You may have a lot of things to ask, but let’s leave that for some other time, okay?’ -he said this and disappeared.

I found new stone monuments and solved their puzzles, but my pace has lowered compared to the beginning.

Rather than saying the difficulty has increased, it is more that I am still shaken.

I feel almost the same as the time when I found the book related to the Blue Demon Lord that Dokora left behind before.

Intrusive thoughts were popping up every so often in my mind. I have to switch quickly here.

“This is…different from the devil statues until now.”

The 12th statue we found was not modeled after a devil.

There’s no detailed molding like the ones until now, and it even looks like a human girl.

It even felt like the silhouette of the Purple Demon Lord.

I placed the parchment on the statue for now and checked the question.

{I will wait for you until my last moments.}

“This seems to be the last problem. The last riddle that shows the location of the Purple Demon Lord.”

“…Where is it?” (Ekdoik)

“This match is from the rise of the sun to the time when it sinks. The last moments must refer to the evening sun sinking. The place where we can observe the evening sun sinking is on top of the west ramparts.”

The giant city walls that surround Taizu have paths so that you can see from up there in emergencies, and there’s a number of posts on the way.

When we entered the post furthest west, there was the Purple Demon Lord and Dyuvuleori waiting there.

“Oh my, that was fast. As expected?” (Purple)

“There was a lot of trouble, so I had to finish it quickly after all. Even though you must have wanted to wait patiently. Sorry about that.”

“—Right, I wanted to wait for a bit more, but…did something happen?” (Purple)

“We were attacked by 2 Great Devils on the way. Their names were Feibyushasu and Hasharyukudehito.”

The eyes of the Purple Demon Lord opened when she heard those words. Dyuvuleori also showed a reaction of surprise.

The Purple Demon Lord closed her eyes after that and ruminated for a bit.

“…I don’t see the two at the lodging. Looks like it is true?” (Purple)

“We have defeated Febyushasu and currently captured Hasharyukudehito. Is it okay to keep him in our custody?”

“Dyuvuleori, head there at once.” (Purple)

Dyuvuleori melted into the shadows and disappeared at the same time as she said this.

The Purple Demon Lord stood up and lowered her head deeply.

“This is not a development I readied. I admit the fault lies completely on my side.” (Purple)

“There’s no issues on my side, but what will happen in this case? We were in the middle of a match and we were attacked by your side.”

“You have solved the riddles and found me, so this match is your win. I will prepare a one-on-one with a Great Devil as promised, okay?” (Purple)

This competition uses Great Devils as chips.

I was worrying that issues would arise in the competition when chips for the one-on-one are eliminated, but it seems like the matter of Feibyushasu will be dealt with as an exception.

“I see. I just have one request though. Can you postpone the one-on-one to tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind but…did something happen?” (Purple)

“I have requested the cooperation of the knights when capturing Hasharyukudehito, so I have to explain the situation and stuff like that. Sorry.”

Judging from her state, it should be safe to assume the Purple Demon Lord is completely unrelated to that man.

I could explain the circumstances here, but I want to avoid a situation where the competition gets pushed.

We separated from the Purple Demon Lord after that and regroup with Mix.

Hasharyukudehito was retrieved by Dyuvuleori who suddenly appeared. It was an action that was taken after we explained the situation, so Mix and the others apparently yielded obediently.

I hurry to Marito’s place just like that.

Marito, Pope Euparo, and the others were waiting there for the results of the match.

I tell them the results of the match first, and then explain the details about the intrusion of 2 Great Devils.

I told them while hiding the matter of the Colorless Demon Lord. They must have had questions about the Great Devil that died unnaturally, but that can’t be helped right now.

Yox was fuming at the ambush of the Great Devils before that.

“An ambush in the middle of a match. They really have no intention to have a proper competition!” (Yox)

“No, I saw no involvement with the Purple Demon Lord this time around. It was an arbitrary action by the Great Devils.”

“Are you seriously saying that?! Don’t you think it could be the Demon Lord seeing an opportunity to steal you away since she can’t obtain you?” (Yox)

“I don’t. If she did that, my worth would be gone. She can’t perform actions that would inherently erase the worth of obtaining me.”

“Do you think they have such a high sense of values?!” (Yox)

“Calm down, Yox.” (Euparo)

Yox calmed down with ragged breathing after being reprimanded by Pope Euparo.

“This is not a bad development. One Great Devil has died. We can have a one-on-one against a new Great Devil tomorrow. We can just think about this as being able to get rid of two Great Devils.”

“…I am counting on you to nominate me in the one-on-one tomorrow.” (Yox)

I don’t mind using Yox in the battle tomorrow, but I have to warn him not to be excessively confrontational.

I can tell he is not a bad person, but the Yugura Church reacts excessively when it comes to monsters and Demon Lords which stands out.

No, this must be normal.

I have to make them realize that they are way too aggressive when it comes to the Demon Lords.

“Also…I would like the Pope-sama and the others to take their leave for now. Same for Mix and Ekdoik. I want to talk alone with Marito.”

“Does that mean something you can’t tell us happened?” (Euparo)

“I want to consult whether I should tell you.”

“…Alright. Yox, Lilisa, let’s take our leave.” (Euparo)

Pope Euparo and the others left, and Mix and Ekdoik looked as if they were bothered by this, but left the room silently.

“Driving away even the top of a nation from the room to consult with me… Does it have something to do with the information you left out at the time when you were captured by the Great Devil?” (Marito)

“Yeah, I would like to tell you the details. You listen too, Anbu-kun.”

“Oya, me too?”

A voice echoes from somewhere within the room. He is not talking to me from behind as if trying to scare me.

It seems like he is reading the atmosphere here.

“I will be straight here: I met the Colorless Demon Lord.”

“…Really?” (Marito)

“Yeah, that’s what he called himself.”

And I told them the details.

How I was captured by Feibyushasu, had a certain part of my memories read, and a mysterious robotic voice rang.

And then, once Feibyushasu ignored that and continued doing what he was doing, he was killed in an instant by the man that suddenly appeared.

“There’s no doubt about it. It must be the Colorless Demon Lord.” (Anbu-kun)

“So you really did know him, Anbu-kun.”

“Yeah. Even so, I heard he is a harmless Demon Lord.” (Anbu-kun)

“But why did that Demon Lord do this…? What do you think?” (Marito)

“This is a guess I had from the very beginning, but Yugura Nariya must have created some sort of measure in order for humans in this world to not get the information of Earth.”

The origin of this was when I saw how opposed the people of this world were about japanese.

Every time I showed someone documents written in Japanese, no one tried to seriously read it.

Even the studious Wolfe didn’t have any intention of learning it, to the point she even refused studying it.

The illustrations in the book regarding the Blue Demon Lord sealed in Mejis were used to learn Necromancy, but it bothered me that they didn’t try to decode the book in question at all.

There’s also the fact that, when I spoke in Japanese, most people wouldn’t listen properly.

At the time when the Gold Demon Lord used Ludfein-san, she tried to make her learn the pronunciation with care, but Mix and the others couldn’t hear it clearly.

“This may be a pretty large scale talk here, but I think Yugura did something in order for the people of this world to not understand the Japanese language. The reason is most likely because they might be able to put their hands on the forbidden -like resurrection magic- if they had the knowledge of Earth. I think he exists as the ultimate gatekeeper for this.”

I didn’t really reach all the way there at first, but with the stealth magic that interferes with concept that Anbu-kun employs, I can’t deny the possibility.

Those Demon Lords were readied by Yugura for a purpose. If I think about it in that way, it really does click.

“But I am being taught Earth knowledge and nothing like that has happened.” (Marito)

“It must be because of the agreement that we wouldn’t use excessive cultural knowledge that doesn’t suit this world.”

I had a secret agreement with Marito to provide him knowledge of Earth, but I try to avoid things that are far beyond the era.

It is mostly information that this world might eventually arrive at.

“It is somewhat hard to believe, but…what do you think?”

“As I am being spoken to in hypotheticals, I can’t say anything unnecessary.” (Anbu-kun)

“Figures. Let’s just be satisfied that we have been given certain knowledge of the Colorless Demon Lord.”

Anbu-kun would speak of things that we are certain of.

But he doesn’t say anything aside from that. I don’t know how much he knows, but he most likely knows most of everything.

“And so, I am thinking about calling him.”

“Are you insane?” (Marito)

“Anbu-kun is in the stance of a spectator only after all. We have no choice but to hear the details from the person himself.”

“But how are we going to call him?” (Marito)

“Well, I think we can manage somehow by giving you just barely enough information.”

“Uheh.” (Marito)

That said, it would be troubling if he were to become a second Feibyushasu.

We would have to stop at the warning or…

“Are you not going to stop us, Anbu-kun?”

“As of present.” (Anbu-kun)

“I see. You have a way to erase memories, Anbu-kun?”

“I do. I would need the permission of the target, but it is assured.” (Anbu-kun)

“In that case, when you judge it is dangerous, we can just take the memories away from Marito. We will be walking a tightrope here, but what will you do? We could do this later.”

“It is alright. Anything is an experience.” (Marito)

“That was instant.”

“I don’t want to carry any unnecessary worries while we are busy with the matter of the Purple Demon Lord.” (Marito)

“Is that okay, Your Majesty? The spell to take away memories burdens the person themselves to a certain degree.” (Anbu-kun)

“I don’t mind. But I won’t allow taking away unnecessary memories, okay?” (Marito)

We had Anbu-kun ready the spell to erase memories and prepare.

Anbu-kun cut off the sound and made sure he won’t hear what I will say. We will signal him with our hands the moment it is time to erase Marito’s memories.

“For now…let’s talk about the principles of splitting atoms and the fusion of them.”

It is just information I bit a little about, but I explain how you create massive amounts of energy from small amounts of materials.

And then, I connect that to nuclear weapons that apply this theory.

Marito listened to all this talk seriously and remembered it without letting anything escape.

“The raw materials would be uranium, pluto—”

[Warning: you have exceeded the amount of information someone in this world can know. Warning: you have exceeded the amount of information someone in this world can know. Please cut off the connection at once and erase the pertinent memories.]

The same female-like robotic voice echoed in my mind.

It seems like Marito can hear it too.

“Is it this?” (Marito)


“It is true that it is a fresh experience to hear a voice inside my brain… The next step to this would be me being eliminated by the Colorless Demon Lord, right?” (Marito)

If we move one more step from here, he might surely come, but it would be troubling if he were to become an elimination target.

If he doesn’t come with this, there’s no choice but to give up though.

“What a dangerous bridge you are crossing, Earthling.”

Someone sitting on the sofa spoke to me.

Ah, he came.

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