LS – Chapter 47: The next move for now

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A few days later, we went to one of the bandit lair remains with the usual 3. There’s a bit of distance between the capital of Taizu and here, it is the place that has already been checked and has the most things left behind.

It is the best place to stealthily live in and it is the place where the attacker the other day, Ekdoik, is currently hiding in.

“So you are here, Rakura Salf!” (Ekdoik)

“Can you please stop shouting as if I am the killer of your parents every time we meet?” (Rakura)

“You are!” (Ekdoik)

“We don’t have time. Want to draw a portrait of her or something next time? If you do, you might feel a bit more attached…”

“…Fine!” (Ekdoik)

“It is okay?” (Ilias)

Even if Ekdoik does feel disgust, there’s already no bloodthirst and it took away the poison of Ilias. Well, from just the fact that it is bloodthirst towards Rakura, it was destined to not last long.

For now, we give him the ingredients we brought and direct my attention at the surroundings. There’s chains placed here and there. I don’t know whether it is a trap or just decoration.

“Ekdoik, Pope Euparo has entrusted me to look after Rakura. It must be good news for you.”

“Hooh, in other words, you can increase her reputation under your direction!” (Ekdoik)

“That said, I won’t be sending her to the battlefield or something like that immediately though.”

“Waah, as expected of Counselor-sama!” (Rakura)

“Muh… But that way my objective can’t be fulfilled!” (Ekdoik)

“Now, calm down. You should know if you are the assassin of Raheight, right? There’s the possibility he will send even more assassins. Stronger ones than even Pashuro.”

“True. It does sound like she would be hitting even bigger targets if she is close to you.” (Ekdoik)

“In the first place, there’s the shadow of the Demon Lord on Raheight. There’s no bigger shot than that.”

“Really?!” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik couldn’t hide his surprise. Even though he knew I was an Earthling, it seems like he barely knew anything about the identity of Raheight.

I decided to compare information with each other to understand the current situation.

Ekdoik was raised by a devil that used the scar of the Demon Lords in contact with the Mejis territory, the Nether, as his base. There’s several places called the Nether. The one in contact with the Mejis territory is named exactly as it is: the Mejis Nether.

Devils are different from demons who were originally humans. They were born purely in the Nether, and are a race that has high intelligence within the living beings. They have learned the common language of humanity that was most likely transmitted to them by the demons and are strongly cautious of humans.

Them being called devils sounds pretty dangerous, but wouldn’t they technically be pure demons?

Their characteristic traits are that they live long and have no need to mate. Due to this, there’s a lot of them who pride themselves in their individual strength. The newborn devils like to increase their strength and position, and spend all their time in battle, but once they reach a certain standing, they begin to settle down in their own turf, and lead a leisurely life.

And then, after their turf becomes a certain size, they begin to draw in other devils into their rule. When the number of devils following them reaches a certain point, they will begin to be called Great Devils.

There weren’t many who were called Great Devils in the past. The reason behind this is because of the Demon Lords that created the Nethers. There’s no other ones than the Demon Lords to rule them after all.

Depending on the Nether, there’s areas that are ruled by demons, but Hero Yugura defeated the Demon Lord that created the Mejis Nether at a pretty early stage, so contact with the demons that were their subordinates has been lost too.

The father of Ekdoik was the Great Devil Beglagud who ruled over 30% of the Mejis Nether. He was cruel and had outstanding power, with many influential devils under his rule. He also had a strong interest in humans. He has attacked human settlements in the past, and has caused a great deal of harm.

“Of course he would be subjugated.”

“—I won’t disagree with that. He attacked humans for the sake of superiority, raised the sacrifice they offered, and tried to have him attack them after all. But I hold no pity towards humans who offer a baby for the sake of self-protection.” (Ekdoik)

“Wouldn’t you have been able to live peacefully if that threat hadn’t existed to begin with.”

“Stop the ‘if’ talk there. We would both just wear ourselves out.” (Ekdoik)

With all of that being said, Ekdoik is the grown form of the baby that was offered as a sacrifice by the village that feared the attack of the devils. Beglagud didn’t eat him and entertained himself by raising him to the fullest. It is truly the whim of the devil.

Ekdoik grew steadily while warped and, finally, he tried to enact his revenge towards the village that sacrificed him. In all of that, the clerics dispatched by Mejis attacked with a bizarre invasion. It goes without saying that Rakura was also part of that cleric party.

The original objective was apparently to subjugate the demons close to the border of the human realm and the Nether. But they ended up making contact with a subordinate devil of Beglagud, battled, and the devil ran away after being half dead. They ended up in the den of devils after chasing them.

Normally, that could only be called careless, but their enemy was bad. Rakura defeated a massive amount of devils there. Beglagud was caught up in that as if it had been an afterthought.

“Was there no difference?”

“Even if you ask me that… They were a group of abnormal looking beings with high mana and faintly humanoid which is a trait of devils, so…” (Rakura)

“Ekdoik, did Begladud not have any defining traits in his body?”


It is a different race from humans. They wouldn’t have readily available differences like the garments for humans. The ones that survived were the devils that were in other bases and Ekdoik.

The territory Beglagud ruled had returned to a lawless zone, and there are apparently many devils fighting for the territory even now. Looks like the amount of devils Rakura has subjugated is indirectly increasing even now.

Normally, the evaluation of Rakura should have spread within the devils as a fearsome being that defeated the Great Devil Beglagud. But with the accounts of the devils that infiltrated the human realm to investigate Rakura, things turned complicated.

Rakura’s usual uselessness and her evaluation within the human realm had come to light. After learning about this, the devils began to think ‘maybe Beglagud wasn’t really that big of a deal if he was killed instantly by a dunce like that?’, and the other Great Devils began calling Beglagud pathetic and unsightly.

The result was that Ekdoik lost his place. He took advantage of being human and lived in the human realm as an adventurer, moving his living place.

“Just how much of a troublemaker were you?”

“I was just acting normally though…” (Rakura)

“Even Pope Euparo knows about you despite being someone you shouldn’t be too connected with.”

“I have not messed up in front of the Pope-sama… At most, I would say it was when I broke the barrier of the Grand Church through a small mistake in the middle of a ceremony.” (Rakura)

“I don’t really get it, but what I do understand is that you messed up big time.”

If the ramparts of Taizu were to collapse due to a mistake, Marito would obviously keep an eye on her. Rather, I am actually impressed that she can stay a priestess after causing something that big.

Let’s go back to the main topic.

Ekdoik could skillfully use inhuman techniques, so he became a prominent figure within the adventurers in a short span of time. But Ekdoik hated human contact, so the people he got involved with were the ones living in the darkness at most.

After continuing such interactions, he made contact with Raheight.

Raheight noticed that the battle techniques of Ekdoik were taught by a devil, and not long after making contact with him, he even managed to investigate that he had been raised by the Great Devil Beglagud.

“The possibility would be that he has a devil acquaintance in the Mejis Nether.”

“Right. He is an unknown existence. It should be safe to assume that he is pulling the strings from various places.” (Ekdoik)

There wasn’t much new information from Ekdoik regarding Raheight. He at most was warned that I am an Earthling who is said to have created the taboos.

In terms of new information, it would be that he is currently moving as a young man. There’s the possibility he can quickly switch to a new body once the current one is inconvenient for him, so it is not like this info is that useful. I also share the information I have of Raheight with him.

“The existence of the Demon Lords is famous within the devils too. However, I have not heard talk of their resurrection. The Great Devils might be carrying secrets like that though…” (Ekdoik)

“So you were not told about it despite being raised by Beglagud.” (Rakura)

“It is your fault he died, you know!” (Ekdoik)

“But there’s barely any information about how Raheight is connected to the Demon Lords. Ilias, what kind of being was the Demon Lord that created the Mejis Nether?”

“They created the largest scar in the world called the Mejis Nether and is the first Demon Lord to be defeated by Hero Yugura, the Purple Demon Lord.” (Ilias)

“This is the first time I have heard of that Demon Lord. The one who created the Nether lying ahead of the Black Demon Lord Killer Mountain of Taizu was the Black Demon Lord?”

“No, the one who created the Taizu Nether was the Green Demon Lord.” (Ilias)

“Why did the Black Demon Lord die there?”

“It is unknown. The Black Demon Lord was suspected to be the strongest, but their origins were shrouded in complete mystery.” (Ilias)

That said, Mejis is purple and Taizu is green, huh… In that case, Gahne is red?

Amethyst, turquoise, garnet; they are all associated with gem colors.

The reality is that Taizu uses turquoise as their motif. The clothes of the Yugura Church have the purple color in them. I can’t deny the possibility that that kind of knowledge has been mixed in the establishment of the countries.

No, wait…

“Ekdoik, I would like to ask about the appearance of Raheight when you met him recently.”

“I told you he was a young boy.” (Ekdoik)

“Not their physical appearance. I would like to know about his accessories and the color of his clothes.”

“They were clean white clothes. As for accessories…he was wearing a scarlet necklace.” (Ekdoik)

This is worth confirming with Archbishop Ukka.

That’s good and all, but where did the other ruffian go?

“Speaking of which, what happened with Girista?”

“Girista finished treating her arms and headed to Gahne. Her face is now known in the capital of Taizu and she said the other villages were too rural, it was uncomfortable for her.” (Ekdoik)

The official statement given was that two people rampaged around Taizu, kidnapped someone, and attempted murder. They are being seen as dangerous as adventurers too, but with them rampaging in the capital so brazenly, of course they would be wanted people now.

But calling Taizu the countryside, huh. It is true that it is surrounded by mountains and forests, and there’s only villages. I feel like the capital of Taizu is decently developed, but I would like to check the other countries too one day.

“She said that she would appear in front of me after she can fight once again. That’s all she left as a message.” (Ekdoik)

“I see. Looks like we will have to make preparations for when that time comes.”

I then noticed the gaze of Ekdoik move to Wolfe. By the way, Wolfe has been directing a wary gaze at Ekdoik the whole time.

“What’s the matter? Bothered by the gaze of Wolfe?”

“—Rather than her gaze, I am curious about the amount of mana she has. I have seen demi-humans in other countries, so I don’t think of them as unusual, however, this is the first time I see this amount of mana.” (Ekdoik)

“Your daily life has been with devils after all. Is it really that impressive?”

“The mana you are born with and the mana you increase with training has differences. Ilias Ratzel has an abnormal amount of mana, but I can see traces of outstanding training in it. However, Wolfe, was it? Despite having equal amounts, her mana is barely trained.” (Ekdoik)

What’s trained mana? Does it look like muscles? If I could see something like that, Ilias would look even more of a gorilla, so I would like to refrain from that.

“Wolfe apparently has so much internal mana it would normally overflow after all. She hasn’t gone out of her way to do training to increase her mana.”

“Figures. But isn’t it a waste to not do actual training despite having that much mana?” (Ekdoik)

“We have taught her mana emission and mana strengthening though.”

“Really? I didn’t feel any skill aside from her body movements.” (Ekdoik)

Saying this, he lengthened his own chain by around 1 meter, cut it off, and threw it to Wolfe. Wolfe avoided that.

“…No, that wasn’t an attack. Don’t worry. Try this out.” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik poured mana into the remaining chain and made it move like a snake.

Wolfe observed the fallen chain with suspicion and poked it to confirm the sensation. And then, she tried pouring mana into it as told.

When she did, the chains began to tremble violently left and right. It is striking as if it found its parent’s killer.

“Who was the one who taught her how to control mana?” (Ekdoik)

“It was me.” (Ilias)

Ilias speaks out.

No, I don’t think that’s a scene where you come out proudly.

“There’s a limit to extreme… Even devils use it more delicately…” (Ekdoik)

“I taught Wolfe from the basics. The first thing to do is to exert oneself, right?” (Ilias)

“…I will give you that chain, so use it for training. It is a special one weaved with my mana. You can do a variety of things depending on the way you pour the mana into it.” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik moved the chain of the same length freely. The size of the rings and the length, even increasing or decreasing the volume. Change the color to rainbow, clad it with fire, wet it with water, tinge it with electricity; Wolfe was watching all of this with a serious expression.

Judging from her waving tail, she must be excited.

“Muuh, how skillful.” (Ilias)

“Even though you can do so many things, you didn’t use those in the fight against Rakura.”

“I maintained the hardness to its maximum, made it so it melts the flesh and bones of the one it touches, and poured it deadly poison and curses inside of it for my strongest attack though…” (Ekdoik)

“It was super dangerous?!”

“There’s no need to inject complicated elements to it. If you can move it like your limbs, the width of use should increase. I wouldn’t mind instructing you, but I am a wanted person, you see.” (Ekdoik)

“…Thanks, Ekdoik.” (Wolfe)

Ooh, Wolfe thanked him.

Looks like she managed to get along with him faster than Cara-jii. Or more like, Cara-jii hasn’t gotten a thank you from her yet. I should take this as Ekdoik overcoming him.

“There’s no need to thank me. I am simply here thanks to this guy letting me live.” (Ekdoik)

“Even so, a thanks is a thanks.” (Wolfe)

“…I see. I shall accept it then.” (Ekdoik)

“I also did my best to not kill you, Ekdoik-san.” (Rakura)

“Shut up. You are an enemy.” (Ekdoik)

“So cruel!” (Rakura)

There’s a lot of people who want to teach Wolfe. There’s the members of the Ragudo Division, and even the knights that discriminate against Ilias because she is a woman. Everyone must feel it is a waste for visibly obvious talent to just be buried.

On our way back, Wolfe tested out the chain Ekdoik gave her in a variety of ways. It at first was moving everywhere as if it wanted to run away at full speed, but after a while, it began to move like a dying snake. Looks like she quickly learned how to hold back and control it.

“This is hard…” (Wolfe)

“If you could do anything in just a day of work, there would be no hardships in the world. Hard work doesn’t always bear fruit, but what you have accumulated will remain. Do your best without getting impatient.”

“Okay!” (Wolfe)

“By the way, Wolfe-chan, can I try that out too?” (Rakura)

“Yeah, here.” (Wolfe)

Rakura holds the chain. When she did, the chain began to move flabbily, and eventually began to move as Rakura willed. On top of that, the shape of the rings began to change steadily.

“You need to get the hang of it quite a lot, but this does seem like it is good for training.” (Rakura)

“Ooh, you are amazing, Rakura.” (Wolfe)

Looks like the opinion of Wolfe towards Rakura has improved.

When it comes to using magic, Rakura is an expert overflowing with talent. Training like this is most likely right in her alley.

The one who was provoked by this was Ilias-san.

“Can I try it out too?” (Ilias)

“Okay.” (Wolfe)

Ilias grabbed the chain and poured mana. The chains showed drastic movements like the first time Wolfe did it.

“Muh, this is hard to use… But if I do this… Hmph!” (Ilias)

When she did, the chains expanded in an instant, made a strange scream, and exploded into pieces.

The air freezes.

Wolfe is trembling.

“…Ilias, go get one more!”

“S-Sorry!” (Ilias)

Ilias immediately turned back and came back with around 10 more to have spares. Maybe it might be an unexpectedly good idea to have Ekdoik as a teacher. Ilias can work for high level mana strengthening, but I am seriously worried about whether she can teach Wolfe the concept of holding back.

By the way, I tried my best to see if an otherworlder can control the chains too, but it didn’t move an inch. So sad.

Pope Euparo and the others returned to Mejis after a few days. They originally planned on returning at once after the Harvest Festival was over, but they apparently found a place to eat that they liked, and remained there, finding it hard to leave.

Just from the fact that it was Rakura who introduced it to them, I can pretty much imagine where it was. Gozu probably didn’t even imagine that the Pope would be on the verge of becoming a frequent customer.

Ekdoik will be hiding in Taizu for the near future and Rakura will be keeping an eye on him. He can’t come into the capital, so he is living a survivor life in the mountains and forests of Taizu.

I felt bad leaving him bored doing nothing, so I gave him the map of Dokora and requested him to search for resources. I have been providing him with food and daily necessities as a reward.

He is an adventurer that, not only wild beasts, even your average criminal wouldn’t be able to handle. He should be qualified enough for the job.

The remaining problem would be Raheight. Pope Euparo brought the book back, so he might put his hand on Mejis, but he might target us again.

The information advantage we have over Raheight is that we know that the Demon Lords will be resurrecting. Also the fact that the one who created the Demon Lords is someone related to Hero Yugura.

Honestly speaking, it is weak as a weapon. It would be pretty much useless to use this to corner Raheight. However, I have formed a hypothesis with what I heard from Archbishop Ukka. I won’t be able to welcome a peaceful daily life if we are always on the receiving end. We need to move on the offensive.


“And so, I would like to head to Gahne.”

“I would like you to explain it to me in a bit more thorough manner though.”

Marito answered calmly to the topic I suddenly threw at him. It is completely different from Ilias.

“According to the memories of Archbishop Ukka, Raheight had a bright red bracelet as an accessory. After that, Raheight has made contact with Pashuro and the others in the form of a young boy. He had a scarlet necklace at that time. If Raheight is a Demon Lord worshiper, wouldn’t it be possible that he is wearing the color that represents the name of the Demon Lord? -is the guess I have.”

“So you think the one behind Raheight is the Scarlet Demon Lord. And so, you want to investigate Gahne where the Scarlet Demon Lord has shown up before.” (Marito)

The Scarlet Demon Lord; the Demon Lord that’s said to have strength second to the Black Demon Lord and appeared in Gahne. Had an intense battle with Hero Yugura and apparently lost by a narrow margin.

“Even if I say investigate, I am still troubled from where I should begin though.”

“Isn’t there the possibility that Raheight simply likes the scarlet color? Or maybe it might be a necessary magic stone to move his soul.” (Marito)

“I can’t deny the latter, but the former is not possible. His type wouldn’t go for flashy red colors.”

The magic that Raheight used formed a transparent crystal. If he likes red to the point of wearing it on his body, the chances would be high that his likes should be showing in his magic as well. There’s no color he would consciously favor. Colorless is what fits him the most.

“Fumu, then I will send our Anbus first. If we feel any anomalies, I will make preparations for you to make an official visit to Gahne. How about that?” (Marito)

“I feel like that’s roundabout, but I can’t complain if they are going to be doing the preliminary investigation. Let’s do that.”

The cooperation of Gahne would be necessary in order to investigate the place. If there’s the recommendation of the neighboring country’s king of Taizu, the range of things we can do will be wider.

Of course, there’s the risk that Raheight will discover us if he is connected with the higher-ups of Gahne, but that would be easy to read in its own way.

“I will be sending you as people of Taizu. You won’t be able to stay for long, so make the investigation quick, okay?” (Marito)

“You don’t need to try to tie me down that blatantly. I won’t switch sides so easily.”

“No, no, you don’t know. There’s the possibility the Gahne king will take a liking to you.” (Marito)

“You are the only one with such peculiar tastes. Right, a month should be enough.”

That’s how Taizu Anbus were sent to Gahne.

The crime rates have decreased drastically with the new king taking the throne in Gahne. I would like Marito to learn about how he rules.

I don’t know if we will be able to find suspicious shadows in a country like that. But I would like to find a trigger that will allow us to break through this situation…

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